Sunday, February 27, 2011

a "pendatang" does good !

As the title suggests, credit has to be given where and when due as I read of a Malaysian businessman who has done very well financially and now doing his "patriotic" contributions in giving back to society half his fortunes of what he has amassed in his lifetime. This is one of them. That's truly big of Vincent. Vincent Tan might not be the most lovable nor your favourite guy to discuss on a Sunday morning, but I got to say this....sybas Tan Sri Vincent Tan. (read here )

To Perkasa and other frustrated race-labelling racists, I say "go stick your head up an orifice where the sun don't shine"!

See, the empire this guy built was through his "high and tight politician" connections and shrewed (or even "dirty" as some of you might want to add !) business methods of depriving others of their rice-bowl also goes to show how easily people gave in to challenges. His rise to riches must be put down as "strictly a business strategy". And don't forget that it was the UMNO government who were weak and corrupt in principles and in aiding this "pendatang" to be where he is today, a multi-billionaire ! Thank you BN !

Now if only we can "collect" from all those other corrupt elitists in the BN government what they have robbed blind from us, the rakyat, for donkey years, we'd soon be a very rich country. We would, you know.....once we're committed to agree to change the government. We can start with the grand-master of corruption the maha Tun himself followed by the "tempe-faced" Toyol and very quickly make our way to Sarawak to nab the rogue Taib and over a hundred others ! Are you with me ?

In the meantime enjoy your Sunday tits and bits and pray we are not hearing another one of that "Ellie the compulsive lying and delusional Lebanese billionaire" similar pledging story all over again from this generous Malaysian tagged with a "pendatang" label !
Cheers to Vincent but no cheers to the police of the arrests made this morning in KL where the Hindraf rally is taking place right now !

Looky who's talking again !

With reference to and according to that fictional text-book used for today's Form 5 school literature "Interlok" all Malaysians of Indian origin are considered pariahs, right, so to be declassified as such you convert to Islam and voila ! are now suddenly a Malay !

So who is the father of all traitors to the Malaysians of Indian origins ? You guessed it ! The irrelevant and senile old Tun. But who cares what he wanted to be. That is his prerogative, but please don't condemn and run others down lah. Respect is in treating others first as human beings and created by the same God/Allah/Guru/Samy/Tuhan or any other name you deem fit to call your maker. Why must anyone be superior to another ? Tun is a Malay with all the special privileges as a Bumiputra (son of the soil) when even the indigenous peoples of this country that he plundered are not accorded. This man is going insanely scared and frustrated with what little time he has left. ( read here and here ) And to further understand the Tun's current status go read this article here !

Such is the fcuk-up of our Malaysian history, savagely butchered/ommited/edited/ distorted by corrupted and ambitious bigots within the-powers-that-be for the past 40 odd years by the likes of UMNO and now this racist bunch of idiots who also call themselves Perkasa.

Sheeesh !

Friday, February 25, 2011

Help me to help yourself !

A rather somber call to Bernard this evening prompted this posting. I don't know how to begin but here goes....

See...there's a very small and loose group of individuals who are bloggers and supporters who have made it a personal duty to be at all by-elections so far and report from ground zero not just of what's going on but also tits and bits of news of whats happening at the run-up of the by-election itself. I know of many who actually call me of news on the ground on polling day and I always direct them to the "nerve-centre" of elections up-dates i.e.zorro-unmasked ( blog-author Bernard Khoo).

So it came as a shock to me when Bernard told me in not so many words that he'll give this up-coming by-elections in Merlimau and Kerdau a miss. When pressed further for whys and why nots' he,in a dejected tone reluctantly replied
"for lack of funds" and for lack of "enthusiastic financial support" from all around. I want to put on record that at all times in past by-elections ( and you know there's been plenty already !) the presence of Bernard reporting from all those places had always been something everyone had looked forward to. I also know for a fact that being a retired man with what he gets only from some big-hearted well-wishers, he unselfishly sacrifices his time and his "stinging" in-your-face postings on his old lap-top to bring news from the "other side" to the comfort of your living rooms. There's no cash allocations from any political party and neither would he accept it but will welcome from individuals, be they caring politicians from any party or plain tax-paying citizens of Malaysia.

I don't think it is solely Bernard's responsibility alone to disseminate the latest news from every
"by-election town" but for everyone (read you and me ) to chip in, in whatever way be it in cash or in kind, their fair share as grateful recipients of "news" from the messenger. You have seen how he operates from cramped hotel rooms to sharing a small space in operations centres with minimum wifi-connection facilities

Don't get me wrong. I not begging here but I did send out an 'appeal' sms earlier today and the replies were not very encouraging. Mark L asked me for a figure but I replied "any amount would be welcomed bro" and Mark's promised to meet and give me a substantial sum today for Bernard's next mission. Thank you Mark and thank you Nada. (the first 2 to immediately respond to my sms )

See, more money means Bernard can stay longer from nomination day to polling day and it also means he can stay focused on the ground. There's hotel, petrol and food bills to take care off for a week or more. But good ole' Francis Y has always generously taken care off of our thirst with his wonderful "golden" brew. And so too Desmond T for the loan of one of his many cars which included the "Blue Blitz" !

Many a times when I was with Bernard at eating places in some "election-town", unknown strangers secretly pay for our food without our knowledge and leave without saying a word and it's moments like that, that really warms my heart and renews my faith in our society eager and appreciative to what this old man from Taiping does with an unselfish passion for so long.

I once again would like to make this appeal to you fellow Malaysians to "think" and if you cared, drop by at any Public Bank branch today and make that contribution from your heart to the account of;

Khoo Teng Swee (..that's Bernard's given name ! )
Account no: 4475 18 4333

But just don't expect any receipts from Bernard for your contribution please. He does not even know what I'm asking of you. Do it for "change" from your heart for a better tomorrow. Thank you.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

U.L.A.R. ( United-Liars And Racists )

What do you get when you put 2 compulsive liars of which one has a history of "memory loss" in a forum ? They'd spin yearns and yearns of lies to contradict and compliment each other. Such is the case of this recent gathering of Malaysia's foremost liars, the old and irrelevant ex-premier the MahaFiruan and his ex-partner in crime and "head-honcho" Hanif Omar !

A room full bullshit artists at their best is what I think of this forum which also saw that
"tarbused" racist and fork-tongued leaping lizard Ibrahim Ali giving his 2 sens. a gathering of snakes (U.L.A.R.) I would add. (read here )

Tell me who dared to disobey orders or toe the line when this now senile old man ruled this country with a dictatorial iron fist for 22 bloody long years, huh ? Everyone knew how vengeful and despicable a person he was, yes ? Everyone was shit scared of this tyrant then. Now in his twilight days before he goes to meet his maker instead of owning up to his crimes towards humanity and the peoples of Malaysia and beg for their forgiveness from those he
"fixed" good and also destroying the once united races of Malaysia from going for each other races' necks he continues doing what he has mastered in all those years-lying through his dentures !

Damn this symphatising patron of that racist group Perkasa !! He actually thinks we're all senile like him and have forgotten how he tore this country apart while enriching his cronies, himself and his families !

"Statesman" indeed, did someone say ?.........what a joke.....hahahahahahahahahaha !
Where was he when some of us were being water-cannoned, chased, roughed-up and arrested by the police for holding a harmless single lighted candle all these times demanding for the abolishment of that dreaded and draconian ISA, huh ??

Thursday, February 17, 2011

and the answer is blowing in the wind !

Hardly 5 days since my last posting on this subject and again we read of this "deaths in camps" camouflaged as National Service where another 2 kids have died and another is in coma. Can somebody give me the total tally of deaths in these camps run by morons since the very beginning ? Our neighbours Singapore too sends it's kids to NS but do you hear of any such mishaps or deaths of it's citizens ? Maybe Singapore employs real professionals and not out of job dumb "Rambo" wannabes who double up as "naughty" barbers in the night like here in Malaysia, huh ? ( read the whole story here )

Just scrap this NS lah Mr. Prime Minister, and save our kids lives lah please ! We are not going to war with anyone ! Don't hold our kids at ransom to justify the corrupted scam that's actually taking place so blatantly and yet NOTHING is done to scrape it ! All this is such a joke to the rest of us when we allow a few greedy parasites to cling on to reaping huge profits out of this stupid and shabby program at the expanse of our kids lives. Now click on this Joan Beaz's version of ......

And to Najib I sing....."yes and how many deaths will it take till he knows that too many people have died ?".... (to quote Bob Dylan )

Can Najib go and tell the parents of these little kids that their deaths was not in vain while doing their patriotic chores serving King and country ?

What a scam........this NS thinggy !

Sunday, February 13, 2011

phuddi dhia !

In my last post I touched on boogie issues of our "moral police" and fatwas that is run by totally misunderstood and ignorant imbeciles in JAKIM.
And again today another moron with no respect or understanding of religious or cultural values of other religions in this multi-national country of ours is carelessly justifying another boo-boo that happened in the very much highlighted call for abolishment of another crony venture called National Service or NS !
Now read here
but pay more attention to the many "curse" comments from irate citizens, please.

To say the Director General is an idiot is an understatement. NS is a
"death" camp for so many young and fragile kids, forcibily whisked away from the comfort and care of home and parents and lumped in isolated and mismanaged make-shift barracks in secondary jungles and controlled by morons who pass off as "camp commandants" and coordinators who have no idea whatsoever about sensitivities of religious and cultural traditions other then their own selfish and narrow-minded agendas.

Surely Najib would have scrambled immediate orders to the main-stream media to play down or even black-out this issue as accordingly to that idiot DG is an
"isolated case" ! Thanks to the alternative channels for news.

The issue of respecting other faiths other then Islam is also in the greater message of the Koran for all Muslims, yes ? Just look at the racial composition of those in authority running these camps and you'll know what I mean ! Najib has "1Malaysia-Unity" in terms of student participantion and only 1Malays desperately pretending to be running a camp to foster "integration and unity" in 3 months ! What a load of dung !

In sending our kids for 3 months of racial integration exercise after keeping them separated for fear of outside influences from other religions for 17 years throughout the vernacular school years what can the government hope to achieve in 3 short months, huh ? Zilch I'd say but a steady source of extra income for retired
"Rambo wannabes" who at most would have no proper educational certificates or counselling capabilities to become "camp commandants" in a country which never went to war with anyone !

In 2008 it was estimated that a whooping RM500 million of the tax-payers money was spent yearly to just maintain these
"camps" and their konchos ! With that kind of money spent you'd expect professionals, right ? But what we have is a bunch of irresponsible and prejudiced "ex-has-beens" bigots who have no control over the daily running of these 1integration camp ! Today that figure would have tripled....don't you think so ? I'll wait for that other crony and former Bukit Bintang DAP turncoat, now BN friendly, Lee Lam Thye to come up with an official statement of excuse !

I still, in very strong terms, maintain my stand to completely close/abolish this stupid imaginary
"integration" camps as a waste of time and money badly spent venture for cronies once and for all and save the rakyat's tax billions ! GE 13 is getting nearer and nearer and BN is running helter-skelter in blotched policies. We'll get our chance for revenge soon.

For my earlier posting on NS, from as far back as 2006 read here and here and here and here and here !

Have a pleasant Sunday..... or whatever is left of it !

beware the Valentine's Day sex romp !

"That is why a fatwa (edict) was issued to prevent and advice Muslims not to celebrate Valentine's Day because in reality as well as historically the celebration of Valentine's Day is synonymous with vice activities, " he said.....

Before we continue reading the rest of the story I would like to educate this idiot with the world's most comprehensive and free encyclopedia ;
wikipedia's take on Valentine's Day

I don't know what he meant by claiming "...historically the celebration of Valentine's Day is synonymous with "vice activities "....!

Hey moron, it is a celebration of love and sacrifice lah.....not fcuking ! A day of celebrating love for those who sacrificed a great deal through trying times and odds to warm your heart. Why must everything be seen as fcuking huh ? This fellow enjoys going on "khalwat" (close proximity) raids a lot, I'm sure !

It started with a simple note in the old days but in today's context it is a showering of love and appreciation with a loved one followed with a box of chocolates, roses, a card and maybe a bottle of fine wine accompanied by a romantic candle-light dinner for those who can afford it. Everything else is commercialised for the benefit of enterprising businessmen.

So for those of you who are Muslims and who are thinking of taking your mum or dad out for a Valentine's Day dinner this Monday, beware the "trap"!

For skinflints, this edict would be kosher and God-sent but if you are really poor like me, smes would suffice !

Only a narrow-minded and a dirty porno-minded simpleton like this man above would think of equating the beautiful meaning of love with a lusty sex romp ! Did I not say recently we have one ass-hole born every week in 1Malaysia ? this week's entry here !

Damn......and sheeesh !

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

...there was once a crooked man who....

Remember this very famous quote by the ex-premier the Tun ?
“I just don't think I should be around interfering with things.”
Well...what do you think of this, then huh ? ( here ) Not interfering....then what ?

What or when will it dawn on him that his 22 years old over-stayed "shelf-life" has expired long ago ? Opps...I forget he's got selective and temporary amnesia. At his age you got to forgive the old man, cos he still thinks he's relevant and it's 1988. Sad isn't it ?

His repeated requests to his successor Pak Lah and now Najib to make that "crooked" bridge is his "revenge" to make Singapore's Keppel Harbour less popular and irrelevant in the international shipping arena, thus crippling the little red dot's immense shipping trade value but was he not also the one who coined the "prosper thy neighbour" phrase ? But both Pak Lah and Najib would not hear of it. Najib is desperately doing "damage-control" and mending bilateral ties with our little neighbour for the strained relationship caused by this bitter old ex-premier.

Hmmm...just wondering who, when and what spooked his fetish for crooked bridges ? Otherwise we'd have more then a few in Putrajaya by now, yes ? Perhaps it must be the other old and "interfering" mentor south of the border, maybe ?

This must be the Tun's biggest regret and sigh.....if only he had stayed on for another say 20 years or so....we'd have a crooked bridge over every river in Malaysia !

Thursday, February 03, 2011

"smses" and Malaysians.

I received 3 same smses yesterday that read;
"very very urgent,fwd to as many as possible. Go to BeritaHarian Online under Bancian to batal. Now only 6% to batal vs 87% to stay. Pls select BatalPengunaan Interlok. Ini mungkin memberi kesan positif. Pass along now ! Voting is from now onwards. Tks"
See folks if this government is going to revoke a book written by a Malay that degrades and plays on the sensitivities of the Indian race in this here multi-racial nation as ours or to allow that same book to be used as a text book for Form 5 students based on a census carried out by a Malay paper that promotes racism and contrary to everything else Najib and his "1Malaysia-people first" promotes then we have to get rid of this government, yes ?

Then let this same poll be carried out in a Tamil online daily ( can someone tell me if there even is a Online daily first ?) and let's compare the percentages then, shall we ?

What a load of shit a poll can stir in this country if one gets emotionally sensitive to cultural issues. Folks, me thinks this is another clever ploy by telco-companies to boost their income via smses, agreed ?

So do you really think Najib's government is so stupid to allow controversial "educational" material such as this "novel" to be okayed for students and passed in parliament without actually studying the repercussions and back-lash from his own coalition wing of Malaysians of remote Indian origins like MIC, PPP, Gerakan, Makkal Sakthi etc. plus giving more fodder for the Opposition in the looming GE soon ?

I have never read this book....maybe I won't be able to grasp the essence (if there was any ) of what this writer is trying to convey but please lah I've read literature in school by renowned writers that appeal and meet international standards, not some unknown two-bit narrow minded fiction writer who might only appeal to kampung folks. By the way someone remarked that this is the first time a "novel" has been edited as "edisi murid" ("student edition") to suit the government's agenda and policy. Can this writer not protest and sue for desecration of his original work ?

Don't get emotional and get carried away with such smses please. Demand from your MP what he or she is doing about any such issues you might want to ask....or get rid of that MP or the entire party he represents in the next GE.
Easy ?

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

a heart warming tale in a flood disaster

The recent continuous downpour in and around Segamat and Labis and the Tenang by-election was an experience I'll never forget for a long long time. But even as I look back at the many pictures I clicked away before and during the floods now, one warm episode of the by-election made all my frustrations, fears and disappointments seem unworthy.
Yes I was a flood victim who had to nervously drive in the rain, murmuring a fervent prayer, through pot-holed roads that were flooded up to about 2 feet in some places of gushing muddy-water and in pitch darkness save the head-lights of my car and being alone.
Below and above are some scenes of the floods but in no particular order from the 30th. Sunday (Tenang by-election) to Monday the 31st. both in Labis town and on to Segamat about 24 kms away. Some of the pictures are of the residents who had to re-live the nightmare floods of 2006 all over again.....

....while others in the pictures are victims of circumstances, like me. We don't live in either Labis or in Segamat but were there for the wet, wet, wet week-end and were caught in the flood while trying to make our way back to Kuala Lumpur.
.....and about 1 kilometer away and under 4 feet of flood-waters was our "home-stay" and where our luggage was...and that I have been in my wet pair of shoes and jeans and t-shirt that has been damp since Sunday morning.
I thought I would make it by foot to Segamat town if I followed the railway tracks but decided otherwise when about 100 meters on, the tracks were submerged underwater.
But the reason for this posting are the pictures ( again not in the up-loading of pictures is not my favourite past-time) you see below here on.......just after reporting the status at the Dewan Kampung Paya Merah polling centre in Labis Timor, I was caught in a crawl trying to get to the next polling station at SMK Kamarul Arifin in Bandar Labis Tengah when I saw a young man in a red-striped shirt, jumping onto an already flooded rubber estate. Curiosity got the better of me as I sensed he must be up to no good. So I immediately double-parked between the already packed cars lined along the road in the rain and wrapping my wind-breaker loosely covering my camera from the rain, got into position to see what this crazy chap was up to.

At first I did not see the cow, but this bespectacled guy standing in muddy water up to his chest was using his hands and foot to hook the rope that was under water. Then it dawned on me that he was actually going for the rope the cow had round his neck and feel and follow the rope to the point that was tied to the tree.

I was shocked and ashamed to have judged him as he was actually untying the rope to set the cow free from drowning. By this time a small local crowd had gathered around me curious to know what I was photographing. Some one shouted to him above all the crazy din of by-election cheering and jeering and horns blaring and engines revving in the down-pour, that there was an angry young stud tied to another tree and also needed saving. So he waded in chest high water towards the stud and had a face-off for several minutes before he could get to the rope at the tree to free the stud. A man beside me remarked "memang lembu jantan itu marah....dia bukan tuan lembu itu" ("certainly the young bull was trying to charge at he was not the owner")

He managed to free yet another 3 more cows as he stood there in the muddy water, soaked and splashing water and shooing the cows one by one to climb up the slope to the road where we were standing and to safety.

He certainly turned a hero of sorts to me later on......see I was happy to see this young man do something unique which would be normal if the cows belonged to him, but as I asked where the owner of the cows was, an elderly man beside me said that the owner had gone earlier this morning to the other side of town to vote after tying his cattle to the rubber trees by the river bank. And I asked if this young man who saved these cows was a son or relative, he replied "ta tau siapa dia lah....tak pernah jumpa dia dari kawasan kampung ini. Mesti kenal semua di sini, abang saya ketua kampung di sini.." ( don't know who he is lah....never seen him in this village before. I'll surely know everyone here, my elder brother is a village head")

........and that folks was what that warm feeling was all about.......about this stranger who without giving a thought for danger jumped into a swelling and rising flooded field to save 5 helpless and innocent cows !