Friday, September 17, 2021

Stupid parents OR failed government?

Of course as the header goes, both will deny and be the apologist for one and the other. 

Are these parents so hard-up for a holiday at the beach, rivers and water-falls in the middle of this dreadful pandemic? We hit a high of 592 deaths in a single day! Still not afraid, aye?

As the saying goes, a few moments of pleasure and a lifetime of regret and sorrow. How then? I talking about shot-gun marriages? No, seriously to the folks who were there on the beach, rivers and water-falls, ask yourself this. Will it be worth it, if God forbid, you or any of your family members , especially little  and innocent ones contacted this deadly virus in that crowd? How? 

Still not afraid?

That being so, you better start praying. 

Happy Malaysia Day.

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Saturday, September 04, 2021

Queen's English anyone?

Time and time again I have been bitching about the FAILED education system in our once colonial ruled nation wherein our leaders spoke the Queen's English eloquently and could even throw in a hilarious off-the-cuff joke injected in a speech during a serious world matter on an international stage full of foreign dignitaries without embarrassing our country-folks who are watching on some remote electronic black and white screen back home. That was in a time before instant technology and smart phones. That was back in the 60s and early 70s. 

Yes, there are still a handful today who can sway an audience of foreigners in a forum or convention hall with their good English but they are certainly not representing the government but maybe some international company or firm who had head-hunted them here in Malaysia for their intelligence, proficiency and command of the English language. 

And do you want to know who represents us today at international forums and conventions where cameras from all over the world are focused on the speaker and broadcasted to their respective countries, who were never once ruled by England nor did they even speak English as a second language. What became of our colonial English standards? Who do you blame for this rot since the mid-70s onwards? I blame the racist old MahaFiraun and his then lackey Anwar for this rot that's both beyond repair and redemption. They were the belligerent recalcitrants who did away with English and altered our colonial history in our schools text-books to instill a false sense of "shiok-sendiri" Malay pride that denied the Malays of a good English education instead while they, the elitists sent their children to boarding schools in Europe and merry old England to study.   

Today, Malaysians are embarrassed by the likes of ministers who fumble pathetically in front of a hall full of foreigners and cameras, and who's only medium of getting their country's message across to the wider world is in ENGLISH! Plain simple English would suffice. No need for bombastic words even you cannot pronounce. Is there any chance to better our education system? You tell me.
Kindly listen to 2 such embarrassing moments and an extremely bungling signboard below, wherein our so-called highly educated but non-elected ministers struggled to appear like bright sparks! The entire speech itself sounded like that off-the-cuff joke I mentioned earlier above. Sheeesh!

Enjoy your weekend. God bless Malaysia. My Malaysia!