Saturday, May 30, 2009

.....creating a "Humane Selangor" arse !

UPDATES: read a 15 year old's take ( here) on the same subject ! We can learn something from her....perhaps ?

Malaysians by and large are a "caring" lot ! Yes...a "selective" caring lot with ulterior motives indeed......if I may say so !

We are willing to spend millions of tax-payers ringgits to assemble entire battalions, donning "state-of-the-art" equipment and shipping/flying them off to "save" the world ! And this too is to very "selective" nations only........if you get my drift......hmmm !

We have pledged more millions of ringgit to those "selective" countries and supplied "experts" to rebuild entire war-torn countries.....BUT we have not lifted our sorry arses nor a finger to the plight of dogs abandoned on an island right in our own back-yard !

Read here and here why only a very small group of really caring individuals are doing and you tell me the many fcuk-ups we (read you and me) have done and failed as a "caring" society ! It equates to mere lip service !

Why the indifference ? Are human lives more important then dogs, you might wanna argue, yes ?? Are we ALL not creations of God or Allah ?

Surely these animals have as much right to live on God's good earth just as you and I are and frankly
hey, these dogs are more grateful/loyal then us, human beings. Don't you agree ?

I want to call on Ronnie Liu ( Selangor State Exco for Local Government Committee chairman) to give me answers fast, now ! I guess this blooming shit started with this committee when the caring "stopped" after 8 March 2008, yes ?

I want to remind this committee not to fail us , the tax-paying voters
and take us for granted of the promises made pre-8 March...kapish ?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

of missing "fugitives" and kids !

For some very strange reason these 2 persons, RPK and PI Bala (pics above) have disappeared into thin air !( read here)

I find it rather suspiciously strange that the immigration records of entry or exit from our country which can boast of having the best surveillance force in the region if not the world, can let these very high profile (now known as fugitives and linked to the same mystery ? ) personalities slip through their network ! Or is there "more then meets the eye" reasons to it ?

Well at least we know of one who came into Malaysia and was blown to smitterins with absolutely no entry records. Hmmmmm....but that's a different story or is it ?

Is our Immigration department so relaxed that anyone can actually come and go as they please without proper documentations ? Are there some "traitors to the King and Country" within ? And are they not supposed to be working hand-in-hand with all the other relevant agencies e.g. the Police, the Home Ministry et cetera ?

We have a "super-highway corridor" where our computing technology is "top-of-the-range" in the region, so surely information linking and records are accessible to all the different agencies with a click on the key on the how come one does not know of the other by just clicking on-line, yes ?

It sickens me now to know that all those unsolved missing children could have been abducted out of this country too ! And hey...who knows that guy standing/sitting beside you right now could have come here from anywhere.....and can just as well leave (after having his way with you... or even after murdering you !) the way he came in !

Still wondering huh ?.......... Frightening, yes ?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

...if only Gandhi had our boys in blue.....

The great Mahatma would have been so pissed with shame by the actions of our police in Perak today but then hey... he'd probably still be alive today !!

Nope...I'm not talking about that Pangkor fellow turned MB sireee... not by a brizillion eons can he measure-up anywhere near to anything remotely Gandhi.

I'm talking about the arrest of the 14 hunger-strikers in Perak ( here) !
Imagine now cannot even go on a hunger-strike without someone arresting you even before you begin ! Guess our boys in blue really wanna make sure you don't starve....ain't that a nice, caring and thoughtful gesture ? Who says they don't care huh ? And they even took in 3 Myanmaries ( is there such a word ???) to boot !

What next...anyone wearing black tees and with a cake to celebrate the "death of democracy" gets arrested too ??? is indeed a sad day and to make matters worst, the last para as quoted by a Gerakan Youth chief moron Lim Si Pin made me wanna puke again and again .....
"that the police action could be misconstrued as having been sanctioned by the Barisan Nasional". Hahahaha !!!

Sheeeeesh.....get outta here, you idiot !

We are a POLICE STATE ! Get it ? Period !

Monday, May 25, 2009

A "little napoleon" in MCA Taiping ?

There seem to be a "little napoleon" in the MCA division in Taiping who has been working "overtime" and who I believe begs a thorough investigation.

The following letter below was sent to me via blogger Capt. Yusof, with the hope that I, as fellow Taipingite could garner the help of someone in Taiping to assist and solving Allan's predicament as he is due in Malaysia in less then 10 days time. Can somebody help ?

Dear Sir,

I am hoping that you can help me, my name is AllanS. (as to protect his identity)

I was seven years old when my sister CT had a mental breakdown and was committed to Hospital Bahagia, Tanjun Rambutan. I am now 57 and she is still there.

In 1971 I left Malaysia for further studies in New Zealand. I made a new life for myself and became a New Zealand citizen.

In 1986 my father died and I returned to my roots and family responsibilities. I am the only son in a Chinese family. The trustees of my sister were uncaring and abrogated their responsibilities.

In 2002 my wife and I took the advice of staff at Tanjung Rambutan, in line with Malaysia’s mental health policy and made preparations to try to partly de -institutionalise CT.
We reopened and renovated the family home in Taiping, retired from full time work in New Zealand so that we could spend several months each year in Taiping and hopefully have CT to stay with us from time to time as her condition allowed.

Today all our efforts are in vain as the family home is virtually ‘land locked’, the entrance (which we need to be able to drive up to with CT) is not accessible to vehicles because of the business practices of a local “Orang Besar” His business operation is illegal with no consideration for the law or common decency. The building is constructed with a temporary building permit (5 years ago) and contains 6 stalls, 1 toilet and no provision for parking, consequently he and his stall holders park in or across the back lane blocking my only access to my home. They park here, are rude and aggressive if they can be located at all and often refuse to move their vehicles.

The man in question is amongst many things:-

=Chairman of Taiping Lions
=Chairman of M.C.A. Taiping
=Chairman of Chinese Chamber of Commerce
=Chairman of the Board of Governors, Hualian High School
=Area Manager ING Insurance

He also has a close association with the High Court staff through his wife who is a Court appointed interpreter.

We have followed due processes to no avail:-

=Written appeal to Yang Di Pertuan, M.P.T.
=Organised a neighbourhood petition to M.P.T.
=Appealed to local M.P. state assembly man.
=Written appeal to Yang Di Pertuan, Hospital Bahagia
=2 meetings with Yang Di Pertuan, M.P.T.
=Sought legal advice.

In a meeting with the Yang Di Pertuan it was stated that ‘Mr Lim is an Orang Besar in Taiping and that some of the councillors and staff might lack the political will to act!”

Indeed the “Politics of Power “ Rules.

I have endured verbal abuse, intimidation from “Tarzans” and threatened with physical violence. My visitors have had their cars broken into, their cars scratched or been blocked in until the early hours of the morning.

I would appreciate any suggestions you may have to deal with this problem and if possible the names of local contacts in Taiping who may be able to assist me. I am very much the new, old boy in my neighbourhood and I am bewildered with the ignorance and arrogance of ‘new money and power gone mad’

I return to Malaysia in 10 days time and I am fearful that the prevailing madness in Perak politics could lead to more problems from Mr Lim and his ‘Who Dares Wins” attitude.

I thank you for any help you can give me.

Yours faithfully,
Allan S.

Over to you folks in Taiping, please !

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Shanghai Fish is 3 !

Without prejudice.

Yes folks it's been an eventful 3 years since I started this blog and time and again, much of my very personal views have been expressed in this here blog.
As we swim further out to deeper waters, I want to thank you for your comments/views even if I have had not agreed cos like you, I too will continue to, in all honesty, agree to allow you to disagree with me !!
Cheers ! And Godbless wherever you are !

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

of shrubs...and nohair Sam !

MIC chief Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu held nothing back when he engaged NSTLive readers during a two-hour session this morning. He was straight forward to the point of being blunt with readers who asked questions which he had answered many times before. But he was also indulgent, giving a detailed reply to a question on his his hair — is it real or planted?

"My hair is real, normal hair, not what you think. I have not planted any hair."
* See that little chimp below ? My reponse and expression exactly !

With that declaration, MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu laid to rest much speculation and rumour about his "crowning glory".

The colourful former works minister's hair was a hot topic during the NSTLive session yesterday.

Samy Vellu admitted to readers that he had undergone surgery to regain his head of hair.
*must have cost a bomb of the rakyat's money !

He revealed that he had had two bald spots at the centre of his head.
When he discovered them, he went to Australia for surgery to pull the scalp from both sides and stitch them together.
The method, called scalp reducing, closed the bald spots.

Samy Vellu said he underwent eight operations before hair started growing on the bald spots. "When I was returning home from Australia after the surgeries, an air stewardess saw me and was so shaken that she dropped the glass she was carrying," he said, referring to the stitches to hold the pulled scalp together.
* Hahahahahaha....check-out the photo above and judge for yourselves, folks ! I cannot comment on that Australian "shrub" for a "crowning glory" !

He brushed off questions on the MIC leadership succession plan, saying he not dictatorial like Adolf Hitler.

The colourful former works minister also let NSTLive readers in on what makes him happy — Indian food and singing. And after a lifetime in public life, Samy Vellu has one regret: that Indians don’t understand what he has done for the community.

Extracts from the NSTLive session. For the full version, visit

Kumar: Datuk Seri, do you know that Maika Holdings is the only company which started with more than RM100 million hard cash yet it went down the drain under your very own eyes and stewardship. Is this among your achievements?

Samy Vellu: My friend, you are sadly mistaken, it has not gone down the drain. The money is still there. Maika Holdings owns more than 70 per cent of United Oriental Capital insurance company. Why don't you read and understand all this?
*Yeeeaaaah....righhhhhhht Sammy, tell us more !

MSMRK: Do you think MIC can still survive in the next general election?

Samy Vellu: Very few people know the grassroots (referring to its working class membership) nature of the MIC. We have survived even the times of emergency. I don’t see any reason why we cannot survive under new brilliant leader (Prime Minister) Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.
*He has often-used this line "new brilliant leader" even during the tenure of the last 2 premiers.... Datuk Seri, get original lah pleeeaze ! MIC is dead and buried since March 8 lah...!

IQBAL Hassan: What have you done to date to hand over to the next leader of MIC?

Samy Vellu: The MIC has a president, deputy president and vice presidents. They were elected democratically by the members and I am surprised you don't know who they are.
*Democratically "eliminated" by your dictatorial iron-fisted rules, yes, we know who they are !

Tamilselvan: Do you agree you “finished” your opponents in MIC with iron fist, like what you did to Muthupalaniappan recently?

Samy Vellu: I don’t think you understand politics. You talk through your nose rather than talking through your mouth. Nobody finishes no one in the party. Muthupalaniappan is still safe and going around giving a lot of statements against everybody. I’m not Adolf Hitler. I’m just an ordinary Samy Vellu.
* This guy is a really funny fellow....but hey...don't we all know they were all comfortably disqualified on "technicalities"? Hmmmm....!

Raja: Datuk, years ago you told Tun Sambanthan to leave because of his age? Why are you still holding on to power?

Samy Vellu: Thank you Mr Raja. I have already decided and fixed my time to leave. Not because of my age. But, I want to hand over to a younger man. But please do remember, old is gold.
* Yes...old is gold....You have been busy "fixing" your challengers all the time and on gold, you can only buy them aplenty if you hang on to power and being able to stuff your bank accounts in whatever corrupt means, right ?

Josephine: We like you so much but don’t overstay as we need new leaders. Maybe people like Murugiah to lead MIC.

Samy Vellu: I don’t want to say anything about Murugiah (Refused to take questions on Murugiah as it would seem to be interfering in the affairs of a component Barisan Nasional party).
* No comments errh.....Murugiah is another "untouchable" to him perhaps ?


Paul Nathan: There is widespread belief that Hindraf was born of the failures of the MIC, especially under your long but dictatorial and corrupt leadership.

Samy Vellu: I think you have an affected mind where you do not understand how Hindraf came into being. They just want to tell the government on the dissatisfaction of the community on a piece of paper with some 18 or 19 requests and changes that they want. Whereas, the MIC, had carried out for the past 29 years several matters for the government with research papers where it has mentioned about the community’s backwardness, their educational backwardness, the poverty ratio of 30 per cent, the Tamil schools... In 1983, I started building Tamil schools after having studied the conditions. Many of the news of what was done was mostly published in the vernacular papers. If you can’t read Tamil, it is not my mistake.
* so you do admit the communities' backwardness huh ? Then why do you keep bragging you have done soooo much for the community in the past 29 years ? Hey Sammy.... we, the rakyat, don't have to read of things in the papers....we can see it with our own eyes lah !


Kumar: What is your take on the political limbo in Perak?

Samy Vellu: Well, I must say, it is not the mistake of BN. It’s the PKR who started and went on a long campaign to rob members of parliament and form a government on Sept 16. I think the best solution will be to test their strength within the assembly.
* sure...shift the always ! Sudah laa...

Trey: Is MIC shameless? Why is your party fighting to be the speaker of the Perak assembly?

Samy Vellu: We are not fighting to have the MIC speaker. He is a BN speaker who represents the BN majority. I’m sorry to see your ignorance.
*Of course....No shame what...we got thick-skin....we are all ignorant dolts, and you alone, Datuk Seri are the "wise old one"....deiiiii !

Kumar: To recap Datuk Seri, MIC was rejected in Perak?

Samy Vellu: If you feel that MIC was rejected, you are wrong. But, it is the policy of the BN government to provide opportunities for every community and that is the reason the BN leadership of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has approved this appointment (Speaker Datuk S. Ganesan).
* Sure.....go on, blame BN and not MIC......MIC is still in denial-mode, yes ? Forgot the first rule of leadership ?


Nothing but wind: Many say that it was you who wanted one minister for MIC. Is it true?

Samy Vellu: It is not true. It is already been there before I became president. It was done by my predecessor. After I took office, we had one minister, we have talked to the BN chairman many times to increase it to the previous status quo of two. But, we had three deputy ministers, three parliamentary secretaries during my time.
* And you keep to remain as "numero uno", in a non-existent party yes....don't you know you have become irrelevent Sam ? Blaming everbody else but yourself ! Poaaaachie.....dah !

BRE Anthony: Dato Seri, you have a good voice and sing very well, do you practice in your house with karaoke?

Samy Vellu: I don’t do karaoke but I do sing sometimes. Singing makes me happy.
* Nero playing the fiddle whilst Rome burned !

SRS: What are your regrets if any in political life

Samy Vellu: SRS, the regret is, that people don’t understand what has been done for them. Under my leadership, the Indians have progressed very well and today in this country, only 30 per cent of Indians still under poverty. The MIC is continuously pursuing the matter with the government.
*But MIC is irrelevant....don't you get it ? Makkal Sakthi is "in" and so is HINDRAF ! MIC is "OUT".
Period !

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Perak impasse' continues....sigh !

Here we go again !!! (here)
The Court of Appeals has granted a Stay of Execution and so Zambry who likens himself as a Gandhi/Mandela alter-ego is still the Menteri Besar of Perak ?

Just wtf is going on in my state ?

Can somebody tell me HRH will shake, shock and roll me of a dissolution of the Perak State Assembly and give Perak back to the PEOPLE to decide !!!

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh !!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Nizar declared rightful MB of Perak ?

The High Court here ruled rule on Monday that Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin is the rightful Perak Mentri Besar, and not Barisan Nasional’s Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir.

In his ruling, Justice Abdul Aziz Abd Rahim said that a mentri besar can only be dismissed by a vote of no confidence, and he upheld the Stephen Kalong Ningkan ruling.

He noted that the Perak State Legislative did not hold a vote of no confidence.

Read the rest ( here )

How now ???........ Do we have a repeat of the "fiasco" all over again ? Or is power going to be handed over after much appeals in any respectable manner ?? Hmmmm... !

Remember...the world is watching us in real time !

Pulau Ketam residents had trapped and dumped the dogs on the island in early March with allocations provided by MPK councillor in charge of PulauKetam Tee Beng Lee.

Blogger TV Smith,( here ) who initiated and heads the Furry Friends Farm (FFF) rescue team, said it was not possible to rope in Pulau Ketam residents to help in the rescue work due to their apathy.

"Most of them still don’t think they have done anything wrong,” he added.
(read the rest here and up-dates on mycennews hyperlink on side-bar)

Why this indifference to dogs huh ? Why is the state government silent on this issue ? Who is in charge of protecting these innocent animals ? All I read is of one Sabrina of FFF who initiated this rescue mission together with my blogger-buddy TV Smith, going all out with almost minimal funding to save these mutts from sure starvation and death. Are they adequately funded to under-take this huge "mission". Are we getting the so-called other "societies against the prevention of cruelty towards animals" help in anyway ?

Remember , with todays technology, everything we do, the world is watching us in real time !

It is sad to know we (yes, you and I ) as a society, too caught-up with the politics of the day, have sat back , ignorant to the plight of these "mere animals" until it is splashed all over the blogs before suddenly everybody jumps up to proclaim "they care"!
I salute all who have tirelessly done their part in helping in this "save the dogs of Pulau Ketam" mission.

Maybe we should rescue all the dogs from the islands and replace them with the entire Klang municipal council members who voted for and passed this motion of "okaying" this despicable and ghastly act of cruelty against "man's best friends" !

And I will up the RM 90.00 paid for each dog to the residents of Pulau Ketam to RM 1,000 for each councillor, captured, stripped of all worldly amenities and banished on these godforsaken islands for good !

"the greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the ways it's animals are treated"- Mahatma Gandhi

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Zorro arrested !

*the arrest of zorro ! As the world watches us here
here (For larger on photo)
(pic. forwarded by NaSTYBOB )

7-5-2009 (5:30pm) Just spoke to Haris, who received an sms from Bernard who was just released. Guess all your prayers were heard by the "Good Man" above. Thank you.
Just spoke to Bernard on the cell-phone and he said that there were 48 of them arrested and they are being held in a large hall. No restriction to move about or chat freely with the others but within the hall and under the safe and watchful eyes of the "armed" personnel in blue. Their personal particulars were recorded and photographed ( like convicts, huh ?) individually and are soon to be "interviewed" by the SB ! Food was served in "bungkus" but Bernard hasn't the appetite to eat. As of now he's okay and not sure what to expect as yet !

Another blogger Helen Ang was arrested and has joined Bernard in the "holding" area .
(11:05am) I am told there's chaos in the streets around the state Secretariat building in Ipoh. Plenty of arrest of "citizens-in-black" and inside the Dewan the sitting is in a dead-lock as the Speaker, Sivakumar has ordered 7 BN aduns including Zambry out and "all hell is breaking loose" in pandemic proportions !

Even the "Camry" Hee is demanding the sacking and ousting of the Speaker, Sivakumar !
REMINDER to all Malaysians:
(here, here )

Blogger buddy and fellow Taipingite was arrested along with more then 20 others this morning in Ipoh for wearing
Just spoke to him a few minutes ago and he is being held at the FRU Headquarters in Sg. Senam in Ipoh !

My personal worry and concern is for the safety of bloggers ....politicians can and will take care of themselves I'm sure, yes ?

Sheeesh ! So much for 1Malaysia and all that bullshit !
Shame on you 1Malaysia !

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Enough is enough !

Should and can we take anymore of this menace ? It breaks my heart to hear of yet another "snatch-theft cum death" (read the whole story here !) Imagine the trauma the family has to go through ! Damn !

What has our society come to ? Is there a single day when we don't read of these "motherfcuking" murderers committing some kind of crime or other , on wheels ?
I say , not only do we confiscate their bikes but also flog them in public if and when they're caught before passing sentence....which seems like a grand idea BUT can the police really get them ?

I am too distraught to continue !
Sheeeesh !!!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

How I wish.....

I was robbed at "parang-point" of my wallet, gold chain and cell-phone 9 years ago, my house was broken -into and my hi-fi and palm-top and some cash stolen about 6 years ago and my favorite pair of shoes were stolen from my home in January last year.

Yes, I made a police report dutifully, each time and twice my story was reported in the newspapers and till today nothing came out of it and neither was anyone arrested nor were my items ever recovered, especially my shoes !! Hmmmm.....sounds bad huh ?

And the reason for this post ? Read here
Only early yesterday this happened and already 3 men are detained and in custody ! Shucks !

Now how I wish I was that important !