Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Merdeka wish !

What would you do IF (God knows I don't wish for this !) you are put in a position and cannot ...for the life of you , and try as you may, find a solution to over-come the ever increasing problems....see there are mouths to feed , no roof over your head, a loved one in urgent need for medication, you have not a penny to your name and are still reeling emotionally over the death of your own son who earlier succumbed to injuries of a fire which robbed you of your entire business and savings and left you in this depressing and hopeless state ! And your wife too is nursing third degree burns all over her body !!(see here !)

Would you be harbouring thoughts of a welcome escape ? Perhaps even suicide ? See you cannot go out to the streets yourself as the heat ( and disgusted stares from fellow Malaysians !! ) of the day does strange and crazy things to the third degree burns on your body !

What will you do ?

This is the real deal sucks for Jeffrey Suah ! His modest "cottage industry" batik bussiness didn't afford him a luxurious life or frequent over-seas holidays or dinning at fancy restuarants or even a bank account......nothing.....for he had some "real" and ready-made monthly expenditures and responsibilities which cannot, not even for once, be tilted or ignored-medical bills for his 78 year old cancer-stricken mother ! Then came the FIRE !

Perhaps our good PM Pak Lah can nominate Jeffery as the first recepient of the Datin Seri Endon Mahmood Batik Foundation ! Afterall she had big plans for Malaysian batik and nows the chance to make her wishes come true ! She'd be so happy !
Such is the fate of Jeffrey Suah's life, folks..... and you thought you had major problems huh ??.......and do continue to pray for him please and do your bit this Merdeka folks, for a fellow Malaysian, thank you and good night....pleasant dreams !

Monday, August 27, 2007

66,Lorong Setiabistari 1, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.

Courtesy of TV Smith.

Official home and address of bloggers and the ultimate wish for this 50th. Merdeka celebrations....and to everyone else......"wish you were there..." ! (by sheer coincidence or what...the No. "6" corressponds with the alphabet "w" in numerological terms !...wierd huh... 66 or ww or 'world-wide web' ?)
Cheers !

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Open season on monkeys !

Freeze this picture in your mind's eye......this will probably be the last you will see of this little fella, thanks to our caring politicians for the generous gesture to trap and ship this little fella off to China where he would either end up in a laboratory or more likely in a cage, chained underneath a table with his head exposed and fitted tightly through a hole on top in a diner for diners to clobber his skull and expose his brains, whilst the happy diner also pours a dash of brandy or rice wine and then stir evenly and scoop-up in little spoons and gleefully eat this poor fellas brains raw while he shrieks and screams in agony till he goes out of his mind and die a cursed death !! Bon apetite !

You might want to ask what crime this little and innocent fella commited ? Nothing...absolutely nothing , that's what !
TV Smith has a photo essay here !

We have these defenseless buggers in abundance here in Malaysia and those found in urban areas have become a nuinance, ( see... it is man-the greedy moron- who encroaches and tears down this little fella's habitat and leave him with no place to live ) we have the whole "intellegent" cabinet withdrawing the protection accorded under the Wildlife Protection Act , while some crony sets up a company and offers RM 30.00 per "live" monkey to bounty hunters as reward.

A little 'monkey' also told me, this "export company" has an agreed contract to market this prized easy pickings for up to RM300.00 per head ! I wonder how much of this is true.... but then who you ?? Does anyone know the name of this company ? The directors or share-holders ?

Looks like everything has a price, right ? try and imagine how much we can profit if we were to market these monkeys' bigger "cousins-in-suits" who walk the corridors of, not much lah...cos the sale is priced according to brain-size lah ! Nope...surely not profit, but I like the thought and am willing to forego any profit !

I cannot stand tall as a proud Malaysian this Merdeka for I am ashamed and I bow my head in mourning for the fate of this little fella who incidently is a relative....... and yours too !! It's okay if you still want to deny......afterall we do live in a state of 'DENIAL'...right ?

Caring Malaysians to everyone else...Merdeka ! whatever that means anymore !

Friday, August 17, 2007

Good diversion from real issues !

What a load of bull......this mass diversion of the rakyat's attention from the real issue.... the many scandals and the raping of billions of RM by the powers-that-be, to direct our focus on an almost innocent rap version of the National anthem by a frustrated but patriotic student in Taiwan !! (I hear it was quite tastefully done by this talented young man !) Shame on you guys to even discuss and waste Parliament time ( read here) and MP's salary for such a so-called non-issue !! That young man has sincerely apologised.....accept it and move on...!! I also know of bigger men (both in age and position) who have not the guts to do the gentlemen thing !

I dare Parliament to get the real unpatriotic swindllers and morons who are robbing my country blind and bring to book all those arrogant and self appointed "little napoleons" first, as the issue sizzles-up in the Port Klang FTZ bail-out, the unwarranted expenditure of tax-payers funds used for organising the CYC, the screw-ups in road/transport tragedies daily, the Proton sale issue or even the absolute rot in our double-standard police force (click Rocky on blog-roll )....shameful to discuss this "Negaraku ku" thingy in Parliament.....get a life, all you monkeys-in-suits and make me proud of your position by displaying your intellegence in that august house !......go for real issues about racial harmony, transparency, national unity and intergrity and honesty in discharging of the laws and rules without fear or favor by the police !
Don't use this "Negaraku ku" as an excuse to stall or buy time to do cover-ups ! Enough is enough ! We are 50 years old....enough of bullshit, please.....we know how to address an insult when we hear one....and right now in all honesty, there is a little truth in this angry and short-changed young man's version ......okay but now let me divert your attention back to the REAL issues mentioned above !! And that's my Merdeka dream wish list !
God Bless homeland !

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

move on.....its only fated, right ?

What a sick and bizzare week this has been....first I deliberately left my CYC posting on, just so I can say... "there you have it folks...just 1 point from 3 games".....and we are kicked out even before we can start bragging...and you...yeah you and I...........dumb tax-paying suckers !!... still think we can save this poor excuse for a sport from lining the pockets of some very "FORTUNEate" people within the inner circles of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and their cronies ! Forget it and lets just move on, folks......okay !

If that was not bad enough for the week.....then comes this tragic bus accident in Bukit Gantang near Taiping !

It tears me to read these heart-wrenching stories (read here). So who's going to explain to the near and dear of the critically wounded or dead persons to move on in life......get over it or it was "fated" that it happen ...?? The bus operaters, the licensing board, the Minister of Transport, the police, JPJ, JKR or CVLB or the innocent mother of the dead driver, who still swears of her son's innocence and responsibility despite having had 13 summonses and 2 warrants of arrest ??

Everything will be done now to pass the blame from one department to another whilst all heads of department maintain a perfectly balanced composure of a guilt-free image !

And if all avenues are exhausted......then point a finger skywards....and declare the ever famous "act of GOD " tagline !!

And no questions or inquiries will arise, just some huhah pretenders disguised as committees investigating and wasting more tax-payers monies as the bus operators continue to milk the poor, lowly folks who still need to take a bus, the JPJ will continue to be "closing one eye", the police will not comment as investigations are still under way , the minister will still not miss his golf game every morning, and the mother will still love and terribly miss her devoted and innocent bus-driver goes on...move on and get a life... and thats the reality of life in this doomed country !

God bless Malaysia on her 50th. birthday and we continue to move on........sigh !

Sunday, August 05, 2007

we are suckers..again...yes ?

At a time when Malaysians are looking for miracle answers to the woes of Malaysian football, I find it very ironic, if not hypocritical of the Malaysian Government, in this case the Ministry of Youth and Sports, to hold an insignificant tournament that costs a whopping RM17 million of yours and my tax-deduct money !!!

Yes...I am talking about the
Champions Youth Cup under-19 tournament from Aug 8-19. Can you imagine that RM17m of our money is spent on a 12-day tournament? I believe the Ministry has signed on a 2+1 year deal, which makes it three years with a total of RM51 million ++ folks, over a combined total of a 36-day period .

Will somebody please answer these few awkward yet pertinent questions ???

How can a 12-day under-19 football tournament, even involving the world’s best clubs help elevate the status and standard of Malaysian football ?
Is there some kind of twinning programme where our under-19s can live, train, and compete in Europe ?
How does training with the Arsenal Academy for a week or two help improve the quality of our national under-19 team that went there ?
Isn’t that eyewash just to show that the CYC is beneficial to Malaysian football ?
If this was a showcase event for the celebration of 50 years of Merdeka, then why this isn’t a tournament that parades the stars of these clubs ?
Do Azalina and gang believe we the Malaysians are going to fill the stadiums to watch these matches when there are no big names in these teams ?
Are we being again conned by the "certain foreigners" with the help of our own kind who are probably profiteering out of this too ?
Who is going to question Azalina and her gang on this ?

But what stuns me the most is that the same Cabinet Committee for Sports that has demanded an explanation from the FAM, has not questioned the justification of spending RM17 of taxpayers’ money on a tournament that is in no way going to help develop Malaysian football.

Shouldn’t that money be channeled to football development? If Azalina and the Cabinet are truly interested in seeing our "juara kampung" football improve, and if they are sincere about wanting to help, then shouldn’t they have been more thrifty than spendthrift ?

Everyone knows that Malaysian football needs that money more than the "white men" who own this tournament. Here’s Malaysian football crying for help, and the Malaysian Government is pumping its money into frivolous ventures.

Sure hosting the CYC is good, but at this cost, it’s a sheer waste of money, At the end of the day we will be paying the "mat sallehs" RM17 million to humilate and demoralise our under-19 team right in our own backyard ! And then what is the Cabinet Committee going to do, ask for another report from FAM....or the usual post-mortem again ??

I am no fan of the FAM, and I know it has not done much to make its defence good. But how sincere can Azalina and the Cabinet Committee be about wanting to see football development in this country when they keep focusing on money-making ventures ?

A little bird also told me that a certain officer of the Ministry’s communications department is going to financially benefit from this tournament too ?.....heheheh...ya baby... Malaysia Boleh !!

I know the mainstream media can’t question the justification of the CYC because Azalina basically has them by their balls by investing in the various papers on advertisements. On top of that, the organizers have invested more than RM1 million in advertising in yet another main -stream paper.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but what it simply means here is, instead of sending the under-19s to Arsenal Academy, we should send our National team to Brasil for maybe 3 weeks or even 3 months (never mind the cost !!) and voila'...!... we'd have a world class team ready for the next world cup !...yes ??

So I believe we should say our piece and help put an end to this tournament being played here again for that kind of money. This year’s RM17m is lost, but I, Shanghai Stephen, hereby propose we still can save the country from being "screwed" of another RM34 million of our hard earned tax money !!
Cheers !

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Developed State...Selangor ???

I am pissed off...really pissed off with the attitude of the government servants in the Land Office in Banggi, Selangor. It is 9 months now, since payment was made to extract a document and get it certified by a moron who alternates as a Assistant District Officer, with no sight of the document or a firm answer from any of the staff as yet !(Tell me , how long does it take for you to take a page out of a file, photostate it and get it signed by your boss and then give me a call to come and collect it ???)...OR do I have to 'grease' someone's I really,really, please tell me ?????

Why and what do these government servants, who live off, tax-payers money, do all day long in the office is beyond me !! I have tried all avenues as to contact an idiot within that "small estate" claims office but he's never in or always telling me he's busy or his collegue will say he's out for a hearing or "khursus" or "meshuarat" or some other bull-shit excuse !

By a stroke of stupidity by a certain over-zealous moron of old, certain properties or parcels of land in the Ulu Langat district are misplaced/shared between 2 land offices, i.e. the Banggi Land Office and the Salak Tinggi Land Office in Sepang.

As the saying goes "caveat emptor" or in layman's language "let the buyer beware", all those who have purchased properties whose original titles lead back to "Extract from the Mukim Registry"(or E.M.R.) and have a "Restriction-in-interest" clause,( today they have it in so many other names in Bahasa Malaysia !!) in the Ulu Langat region in Selangor , you have to juggle between these 2 land offices IF and WHEN you are faced with the misfortune of inheriting your beloved's property in that district, upon their demise ! God help you !

I am actually hoping these "government servants" who are being paid by my tax deducts try and contact me after reading this post ( ahhh... now I know,maybe they spend their day reading blogs, sheesh... I should start writing in Bahasa !)...or can someone tell that "Developed State"-Chief Minister with a dentistry background to go kick some arses or asses in Banggi Land Office ( Harta Pesaka Department on the 1st. floor !) and then contact me !!

I'm sick of the arrogance displayed by these morons at that land office when contacted, and who act like "I owe them my life" and have no decency to do a days "honest" work !

Developed state indeed...just wait for the next election !