Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Learnt nothing from our founding fathers?

Today is Covid19 "lockdown" Day 36. 

Its bad enough to know our PDRM is practicing blatant double standards against the "haves and the have nots"  wherein ordinary folks being caught, cuffed and brought before a court and fined RM1,000 whereas government ministers and officials gather for a tablige style (eating with fingers and 4persons-to-a-tray of dishes) feast in close proximity and birthday celebrations being pardoned because they said they were sorry to the PDRM but we're also seeing many UMNO and PAS muscling in on mainstream politics dictating terms on pm Muhiyuddin's weak and bloated shotgun government. If this is the best Muhiyuddin can muster for intellect in his backdoor government, God help us all. Its like an interview for jesters, with each candidate trying to outdo the other to get to perform in the king's court, with each new passing day.

And it looks like everyone in UMNO and PAS will be some "special envoy with ministerial powers" in any one of the "305" new countries, the PN's ''new'' Ahmad Mazlan or better known as Adham Baba has discovered among the other ground-breaking research he has claimed, in this blue dot  in space known as Earth!
And speaking of 'blue', Ismail Sabri has thrown in his request to turn the city 'blue' (it has to be BN blue, please as the colour red has been spoken for, by the Jalan Chow Kit  and Jalan Alor areas, if you get my drift!) in the city, in honour of all front-line workers. A commendable suggestion if I may say so myself. But who is going to appreciate this "night of blue" while we're all locked down at home? 

For a little over 20 months, we never heard of so many of UMNO and BN's former minister or leaders saying a thing for fear of having files oped up by PH's MACC for investigations. Today out comes their Rolls Royce and a short brag of their achievements as in the case of a video clip of one MIC youth head, in circulation. 
Another UMNO minister even proudly  displays his collection of a bumper Playboy issue in his library while claiming to have talks on Twitter, with regards to future economy and Covid19 control with other world leaders.
And elsewhere the kleptocrat Najib now wants to sue Sarawak Report knowing so confidently his 1MBD case will soon be thrown out from the courts, dare we say courtesy of the PN government. At the time of this posting, it has not been established which Tuesday he is going to sue as we are still waiting for that Tuesday of about 4 years ago, that he is to sue the DoJ of the USA after making America great again! 

While in the case of one who is crying foul against the double standards of the PDRM, may I also ask why this "accidental" PKR politician Prabagaran, had to only visit an "out-of-bounds" Sri Murni flats at such an inappropriate time? This fellow must be an idiot to have gone to that Covid19 hotspot like he never has a smart-phone to up-date the going-ons in the city. He was surely there to pick-a-bone with his former back-stabbing member turn traitor Dr. Santhara (now Dep. FT minister) who now also has defected to join PN, to garner some brownie points, no? 

This young accidental law student turned politician has a lot of learning to do or he'll go down the Gowe Burne way. (Does anyone even remember that hopeless "correct, correct, correct" cameraman turned politician?)  I am still waiting for this simpleton, who is now surrounded by local muscles to prop him up, to return to my church to say a simple thank you to the congregation, as he did the last time he came with Tian Chua fishing for votes, a few days before the May 9th. GE14. 
How soon they forget! But these idiots in PH forget, we the voters, won't!

This quarantine is a time to heal and ponder what went wrong in all those years! The years of our founding fathers and the wonderful and simple life they created for every rakyat then. A multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious rakyat living in harmony. Nobody spoke ill of another nor was there racism or hatred in our lives. And even if it was uttered, nobody took offence as it was always said in jest poking fun of each other as everyone lived in a very mixed neighborhood....happily. 
    I grew up in those times and by God I miss them!  

Friday, April 17, 2020

The dis-empowering of the voters choice.

  Photo "grabbed" from Maria Chin's facebook 

I wrote here first about 6 months ago how Pakatan Harapan or PH, then under the "on-sympathetic-grounds" wily and racist old Mahafiraun will be a one-term government! A few weeks later the Covid19 lock-down came. Today is Day 31.

The actors were the same and with a few name changes and horse-trading here and there...WOOOSH....PH died a little after 20 months in power! A ploy the then Opposition BN and PAS, marveled on with the race, royalty and religion cards to perfection... (after all, I admit, they DO have some 6 decades of experience at playing dirty and at pitting one race against another, no?

Amid all this chaos emerged a break-away Perikatan Nasional or PN. Only this time they are rejoined (after much secret negotiations and impunity guarantees, perhaps) by their then Opposition i.e. UMNO and PAS wherein many of whom still have active files currently under investigation by MACC for past corrupt and abuse of their past positions. 

And so now the PN government under the somewhat questionable "leadership" of Muhiyuddin is hell-bent on bringing back the glory days of UMNO that so many fought so hard to get rid off after 6 decades of "glorious" corrupt rule is creating one big circus again as the wolves are back in parliament and the witch-hunt on what the PH government has put in place for the past 20 months, has begun. Revenge must be sweet for some!

Don't you feel betrayed? Anyway I will always blame that old racist Mahafiraun for everything that went wrong. It was him and only him who betrayed the rakyat's votes and buggered us blind and with eyes wide open too! Nobody cared to believe me.

What PH did in 20 months in empowering more strong-willed and educated women (and then some men), in key positions of government GLCs is now being (using the "lockdown" as a red herring), removed from their positions and the good work these ladies have been doing thus far only to be replaced by "unqualified" cronies in PAS and other yes men of the old BN regime. 

Even private companies have joined in the lockdown fray in begging for government bail-outs without shame when they have constantly declared billions in profits all these years or were those audits just "shiok-sendiri" Quarterly Reports? 

By the way, we all read about the return of USD300 million or RM1.3 billion last week, BUT the report also goes on to say, the US DoJ has assisted Malaysia in recovering a total of USD600 million or RM2.6 billion from the sale of assets of the 1MDB case so far. Does anyone know what happened or where the earlier RM1.3 billion is "parked" right now? Just wondering. And its a shameless shotgun PN who is taking all the credit of this returned monies, I hear! Hmmmm!

Out of all this "lockdown" gloom and politics, comes one really happy news though. We are indeed proud and grateful to have the best Director General of Health, Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham and he's constantly being praised both here and the world over! Syabas Datuk! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘  

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Presenting some Covid19 "kelakar" moments.

The USA has Trump and the UK has their Boris.
When it comes to laughter here in Malaysia, we don't have to look very far too for comics to throw-in their "words of wisdom". 
Below is a sampler of easing each stressful situation we all have to put up with from these ''brilliant'' minds that dictate our mundane lives as we remain locked-in during these unproductive times of the Covid19 pandemic.Enjoy.    

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Purr like a Doramaen during Covid19 (read here)

Haircut can bring down high blood pressure (read here )

Ramadan shopping hours between 3pm to  3am ( read  here)

Only 1% chance of dying from Covid19 (read here)

Saturday, April 11, 2020

The mansions the Indians stole...A Covid-19 tale.

Its Day 25 today of the Covid-19 lock-down and I'm pessimistic its just not going to end in the next 14 or 18 days for sure. What I can be sure off is, that we have got about 6,000 highly suspected individuals locked-down in the infamous Selangor and Malayan mansions of Masjid India (read the whole story herewhich is currently a hive of activity as the continuing contributor of the spread of the Covid-19 right NOW. 
It is from this converging hub "the Masjid India area" as we all know it to be, that they make a bee-line upon arrival into KLIA these foreign ''tourists" seek out and come to  live with in the dirty, over-crowded and cheap lodgings to thereafter merrily make their "pilgrimage" to places like the now known Sri Petaling mosque source. You will not be faulted if when there you mistakenly think you were in Chennai. Almost everyone in the Masjid India area converses in Tamil or Hindi. The Indian Muslim population has ballooned to bursting points and almost all businesses have been taken over by the cash-rich Indian traders. Any given Friday at noon will confirm what I write. As the name itself suggests everyone who gathers at this mosque is Indian. 

To house these hundreds of "tourist-workers"  employed by Indian traders, almost all of the local residents have moved out and rented their units to these business and their workers. And with the locals moving out, so too did the hygiene and health standards fly out the windows! Government health and enforcement authorities look the other way, perhaps some well "rewarded" for doing so and a nearby police beat-base is just there for some personnel to rest after a tiring day of patrolling and to write reports if indeed a crime has been committed. 
Across the road nearby on Jalan Munshi Abdullah is Wilayah Complex and City 1 complex which house even more business owned by Indian Traders and the Lucy Supermaket in Capitol Square sticks out like their Harrods. Only that most customers are either Indians, Pakistanis or Arabs residing in the Masjid India area. 
Now, with all that in place and these 2 Mansions are barb-wired around the entire perimeter, "can I advice the police something?" Now is the best time to strategise the next crucial move on these two mansions. 

In a concerted effort by the Immigration department together with the military and police to orchestrate the perfect crack-down, perhaps not today but with ample time till the 28th. April 2020 to plan and execute while nobody can move out, and to actually CLEAN this slum once and for all! You'd be surprised what else one might stumble upon when one combs these two mansions with a fine tooth-comb. I can confidently say I am only referring to the tip of a "huge iceberg" here. 
And perhaps also charge the landlords for harbouring these tenants and their activities in court. God knows this government needs the money most now.

It is in times like these 25 days lock-down that even the devil😈will be claiming "permanent resident" status in one's mind.🍺🍸 

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

The impotence of our education system.

Unless you can dribble a ball like Lionel Messi as what the commentator here says in his running commentary, you best go back to school and learn how to read government lock-down orders and stay home, instead of loafing the streets like the idiot this guy is...although personally I think he should also work on his talent in a sport like rugby or a snatch thief..........OR

.......... don't need to get a good education but instead go into politics and speak like this bungling fool (πŸ‘‡) as most politicians do and perhaps even succeed in amassing enough wealth to buy a degree from some dubious university and cling on to political power.

Incidentally both the above clips are not scenes from our country so as to not hit a raw nerve and create any controversy to the many sensitivities of all Malaysians living in denial. 
It is always good to have a good laugh in a stressed situation this Covid19 lock-down has brought about in our nation. 
But if you ask me, the quality of our education system here is in a deplorable state and if this shot-gun government of the day does not focus on science, math and technology but continue with propagating only in religious studies to the young minds at an early age, we will be (and are already) surrounded by such idiots both in government and in public sphere. 

Curiously, we read about almost every civilised country in the world trying to solve or find a cure or an antidote for the virus that is ravaging the world in worrying proportions on a daily basis. Tell me something honestly, what has, if any, Malaysia done in finding an antidote or a cure currently? Do we even have any allocation or expertise for medical research in R&D for the scourge of the Coronavirus as a program in any institute of higher learning or in government? 

I am grateful for the many brave medical front-liners attending and helping the inflicted, and the military and police in monitoring the general public in maintaining law and order, yes, but what has this government done beyond what they are already doing as in medical research? 

Or do we all sit back, stay home and say it is our fate and leave it in the hands of the Almighty?              

**NOTE: You read the title post right.

Thursday, April 02, 2020

...and the award goes to Doraemon!

All over the civilised world
In this age and time of 4G and 5G speed of the internet, nothing escapes the curious eye and mind of the ordinary people, even if the entire world is in partial lock-down or in Movement Controlled Order (MCO) due to this dreaded Corona virus or Covid19. 

Closer to home
What's even more important then is when directives and advice come from the government of the day to the millions who are cooped up in their,( ahhhemm....) respective homes with their families 24/7 and are obediently adhering to their Orders that be precise and totally sensible without creating any undue ridicule and confusion. That we would be respecting such executive Orders as the responsible citizens we are and in turn keep safe and healthy. 
It only takes a few seconds when these said "executive" Orders are broad-casted for some mischief fellow to copy or "screen-shoot" in entirety and play it world-wide poking fun and having a good laugh at what our "learned minister" in charge has to say.

One such Order that's become news and perhaps a joke is the Minister of Women and Family Unity. It is good to not be so serious in this crazy isolation period we all are in and for some, the idea of a wife play-acting to being submissive and seducing her husband can be a turn-on too. Don't get me wrong, but I know some would really welcome this new fore-play BUT how the hell is the screechy voice of a cartoon character called Doraemon going to get things UP, given the imaginary fact that Doraemon is also a pussy?

In the home-front
I cannot bring myself to play-acting with such a ridiculous directive from a minister which also says "when working from home, Women must be "passionate" as always, dress-up neatly and wear make-up"! And to go easy on nagging your husband and instead purr like Doraemon?? (now hear Doraemon's voice on that video clip above again, please.) Do you not think this is such a sexist remark urging wives to be submissive to their husbands, no? Now maybe you know why some wives have "relationships" with their bosses too, right? Okay lah...the last part was meant to be a joke, okay! See, being in quarantine and in isolation and NOT working from home, allows the devil to occupy your bored mind. Below are also some pictures (but I must confess that the model in the posters below is certainly meant for other more "pressing chores" then what she is "play-acting" here for!) that netizens are quick to add for more "oomphh" and emphasis to what that minister had decreed! 
By the way, the government has since apologised for that directive, but that won't stop the world from having a good laugh, right?

In closing
My 2sen advice for the shotgun prime minister.....if this is the best you can scrape out from the bottom of your executive barrel, God help us all when your other ministers of the more important ministries start giving directives and certainly do have a very shallow gene pool Mr. Muhiyuddin!   

 Wonder why that "Birkin" is for?
 Making fish curry or parpu-kari?
No washing machine meh? 
Updating profile photo on Face-book or playing Candy Crush? 
 Using a glass-cleaner as Air-freshener?

There you go folks, I'm just sharing some light moments with you and to your already bored and stressed-out lives. Jangan marah!

My over-used advice
To all Malaysians everywhere, stay safe, stay healthy and most of all STAY HOME!πŸ˜ŽπŸ’•