Friday, September 20, 2019

a one term wonder called PH!

Zuraida: 'One-term gov't' critics are traitors

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Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin described as "traitors" detractors who have labelled Pakatan Harapan as a one-term government.... yeah rite!
She said before GE14, Harapan leaders only knew "half-truths" about the real situation of the BN government....then why did you go to ceremas and accused the then government BN like you knew the whole damn truth?? That's fitnah, right?
"Now that we know the other half, we are in the middle of things, we have to see left and right before we make decisions as we want what is best for the people," Zuraida said in Tanjong Tokong, Penang today....EUREKA ! Don't treat us like kids lah, moron. 
"It is not that we cannot do this or that," she added, referring to Harapan's GE14 manifesto which remains mostly unfulfilled....speaking like a true forked-tongue politician now! Kipitup, Dongibap!
"Those who keep saying we are a one-term government are traitors to the country," she said....Go tell that to your boss, the MahaFiruan! 
Zuraida made the remark during her speech as PKR vice-president at the party's Tanjung, Jelutong and Bagan divisions joint AGM (photo, below).
Critics of the new government had labelled Harapan a one-term wonder due to its shifting policies and reversals of several key policy decisions....I admit I am one of those you are now labelling as traitor BUT where were you when I was tear-gassed, chased by FRU and water-cannoned from ALL the demonstrations and by-elections I attended with my like-minded brothers and sisters since 2006  for change and reforms in my country? 
Even DAP senior leader Lim Kit Siang asked if Harapan could still win the GE15 in 2023...and for once, this old man is NOT lying or living in denial, woman!
Some quarters are also sore with Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad for defending controversial foreign preacher Zakir Naik although several police reports have been lodged against the latter accusing him of racism....YES! that MahaFiruan MUST resign/step down immediately because HE is the real traitor to the rakyat. He lies and speaks with a fork-tongue and puts a pariah from India's presence before that of the tax-paying voters of Malaysia. He betrayed every non-Malay by protecting that pariah from India who has insulted every citizen of Malaysia and their religious beliefs. And you must adore both the pariah from India and the racist MahaFiruan,no?  
Zuraida cited the case of the National Service Training Programme (PLKN) which was nearly abolished by Harapan after winning GE14 in May last year....sure, copy and paste BN's modules and award these "child-killer" NS camp contracts to YOUR cronies now. Same shit different packaging! Stupid! 
However, the decision was overturned when Putrajaya said the programme would be reformed rather than abolished outright....yadayadayada...

"Yes, Umno has gained much from it so we wanted to shut it down but then we thought of all the poor workers from the kampung who will lose their jobs," she touching ! Your kampung relatives must be queueing up for hand-outs now!  
"So we had to find a better solution, we will take time to reform, this decision may not please everyone but it would be the best for all," she said....are you sure you know what's best for ALL?? Seriously? 
She said the government was now led by Dr Mahathir Mohamad as the prime minister.... WOW, another EUREKA !
"I am often told that I do not know Dr Mahathir Mohamad and yes, of course I do not know him. But we are in government now and we must follow whatever decision has been made (by the cabinet)"....Don't get your knickers-in-a-knot woman, nobody knows that old MahaFiruan for sure. He lied and ruled everyone for 22 years and again we are idiots to "give him that second chance" to lie to us again. What fools we all are! And that includes you too Zuraida!
Zuraida said it was too early to judge or punish the Harapan government and label it a one-term administration, adding her ministry was rather fast in implementing policies which were ignored by the previous administration....yeah, like selling our "unsold homes" to the Hongkies? What is wrong with you dummy? Do you know how many in our population do not even own a house? As it is, a sizeable amount of land has already been sold during the then BN government era to the mainland Chinese under the guise of "foreign investors" both in a Southern state and prime areas in Kuala Lumpur. Have you no shame at all?         
"We must not judge so soon, we have to defend the government," Zuraida said....14 months and still crying for more time. Even a baby out from the womb walks in 14 months!
Zuraida also downplayed the latest PAS-Umno collaboration which the two opposition parties said was done for Malay Muslim unity.....Who cares about those frustrated losers of UMNO-PAS? What unity you talking about? Do you know unity today is worse then the time of plunderers, thieves and rogues of the BN era?
Asked if the tie-up would threaten support for the Harapan government, the minister said, "No, as the rakyat on the ground are still multiracial" arse, Zuraida. When was the last time you really went "down" on the ground? As long as that pariah preacher from India remains here and the MahaFiruan and your cabinet are deaf of the tax-paying rakyat's pleas and demands to send that pariah back, start uniting ALL as Malaysians, close down JAKIM, sack Mazlee, Wan Azizah, Syed Saddique and the MahaFiruan, I promise you, PH will be a 1 term wonder party! Go ahead and call me whatever! 
Its not that I hate PH, BUT I love my country, Malaysia more! 
**parenthesis in red, mine.