Monday, March 31, 2008

Samy: I'm not dead

Samy: I'm not dead

KUALA LUMPUR (March 30, 2008): "I’m still very alive, I’m not dead, you understand? I’m alive! I’m alive! I’m a workaholic and I will work for the community all the time," said MIC president Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu.

He made the more than 160 grassroots leaders from all over the country sit up in their seats while delivering his keynote address to a MIC Divisional Leaders' Workshop titled “Rebranding the MIC” on the party’s headquarters today.

Samy Vellu also issued advice and pointers for the party’s new journey at all levels – branches, divisions, for state executive councillors, and even for the three leaders who were appointed to the new cabinet.

He said among the people’s concerns were employment issues involving the Social Security Organisation, youth training, the welfare of estate workers, the lack of employment for Indians in the government and micro-businesses finding it hard to manage.

“In squatter housing areas, there will be 10 Indian shops but once they are relocated to flats or new houses, there is only one shop, if they are lucky.
“How are businesses to grow this way?” Samy Vellu cited an example.

Reminding the participants that the party is “guardian for the Indian community and only we can voice for the Indians,” Samy Vellu said the MIC will establish an Implementation Coordination Committee (ICC) to review and analyse community needs and requests through divisional leaders’ submissions.

He said the ICC will meet on a bi-monthly basis and MIC will continue its ‘Meet-The-People Session’ on Tuesdays from April to listen to the concerns of the people.

“MIC recognises that there are many unresolved community concerns and it is in addressing these concerns that MIC launched ‘An Agenda for Action to Address the Socio-Economic Disadvantages of Malaysian Indians’ which is comprehensive and will be implemented with the Federal Government’s assistance,” he said.

At a press conference later, Samy Vellu revealed his plans of going on a nationwide roadshow “from state to state and district to district” and expressed confidence of working with former deputy MIC president Datuk S. Subramaniam despite their supporters having disagreements amongst each other.

“Just because two or three people cannot see eye-to-eye, it doesn’t mean all of them cannot agree.

“I’m very confident that we will do well and if you want, I can call the whole membership in. You just give me a few months after I visit state to state,” he said.

Asked when he would hand the party reins over, he replied: “I will lead the party until I die. People want me to die earlier but because of you, I will not die”.
“If the opposition doesn’t care about race issues, why are they going back to what BN is doing?

“Why only one Indian (state exco) in Perak, only one in Penang and one in Selangor? There must be three fellows!

“In one month (since the elections), I learnt a lot about how to tell lies to people and attract them but we do not do that,” Samy Vellu added.

Well....folks let's take this moron's shallow quotes one by one and digest them slowly..shall we ?

In the opening line he says "I'm alive" twice and a "workaholic"... well I say he may be alive but MIC is DEAD yes...dead because of incompetency by selfish party head and branch leaders who were only interested in personal wealth acquisitions and had hardly anytime to "serve" the masses because each one of them branch leaders were appointed only to lift this man's ego to high heaven...and only then they will remain as corrupted branch heads and that flows through down the hierarchy of MIC politics !

And if that opening line got 160 grassroot leaders "sitting-up in their seats" Samy could get the whole country standing in ovation and cheering if he died !

Moving on... seriously would anyone take a "loser's" advice and "pointers" ? Hmmm !

On the welfare of Indians....hellooooo Samy, you had donkey years being in charge, yet only NOW you want to look into these problems ??? What were you doing ALL this time ?? Were you blind and deaf those years ?? How do think HINDRAF evolved about huh ?? A product of your arrogance and ignorance, Samy. Surely you and MIC cannot claim to be guardians and represent the Malaysians of Indians descent anymore.....all Malaysians of Indian origins can now fend for themselves in any opposition party in the coalition quite comfortably...and that's a fact ! And the HINDRAF 5 does not need your sympathy action want credit now, moron ?

And Samy, you don't "beg" for the states excos to include an Indian in their demand...remember HINDRAF ?? Yes... you are supposedly a leader, as you boastfully claim, should be seen to get those demands.... otherwise why call yourself a leader huh ? You don't beg but demand... comprendo ??

I am totally shocked that only now in 1 month, since the elections, you learnt how to lie...LIAR! only learnt how to lie from the oppositions too, huh ?? And the BN were saints who spoke the gospel truth all these 50 odd years ?? Then I am the Pope...understand ?
You've been lying through your teeth( dentures ?) for far too long and you have been suppressing the less fortunate Malaysians of Indian origins and you still think you are worshiped like you were a demi-god huh ???

My advice to you still remains the same as before, Dato Seri S. Samy Vellu- just get lost !!

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Comedy Court duo Alan and Indie !

The comedy never ends....enjoy folks ! Have a great weekend and Cheers !

*courtesy of the Comedy Court duo Alan and Indie !

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Another classic, courtesy of Comedy Court for your listening pleasure, mah ! Enjoyyyyyyyyy !

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hair today...gone tomorrow !

This was one cartoon that didn't see the "light of day" in the MSM ( in other words..."rejected") enjoy folks!!!
Quite the "light" of the 8/3 GE results !! hehehehe !

*with permission and courtesy of ReggieLee

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter !

Wishing all Malaysian Christians a very blessed Easter and Godbless you and your family ! Cheers !!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Birthday wishes to you !

Wishing All my Muslim brothers and sisters a

and to all Malaysian Christians a "Blessed Holy Week" !

p.s. this posting was done via my 3G h/phone hence the absence of images. Peace !

So this IS the Malaysian way..errh Pak Lah ?

All those times in the last 4 months or so when the citizens, NGO groups or the Opposition parties gathered to protest against the Judiciary, the Election Commission or the Hindu rights amongst other grievances , hundreds of heavily armed police personnel were dispatched to barricade and "trap" the marchers and fired upon with chemical laced water, tear-gassed and brutally arrested.

Road-blocks were set-up at all entry points to the city days before the march actually took place....frustrating other non-participating citizens in massive traffic-jams and in turn these non-participants or citizens who had no care for the aggrieved marchers cursed these "protests

That was the tactic of the BN government then and the holy PM, Pak Lah would trash out and condemn such actions of the marchers and hollered to the masses, in the medias about taking your frustrations to the ballot -box and labelled these marches as, " THIS WAS NOT THE MALAYSIAN WAY"...blah...blah....blah !

Until recently a turn of events at the ballot-boxes has got the BN in a catch-22 situation wherein the goons in UMNO still think they don't need a permit to assemble and protest as they please anywhere and anytime and the police as usual drag their feet in doing all those "nasty" things they did in a hurry back then ! Read here for the UMNO gathering in Penang recently.

Angry crowd: Umno members and supporters protesting in front of Komtar in Penang yesterday over Guan Eng’s remarks on the NEP.

And you don't hear a squeak from Pak Lah condemning UMNO's gatherings anywhere......... guess when it is UMNO it IS the Malaysian way, right ?? Sheeesh Mr. Prime Minister !

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pak Lah's Cabinet 2008

Well, there you have it, folks ..... the Badawi administration ! And looking at the line-up, my friend Janette , triumphantly "punched" her clenched fist in the air and yelled "MINGKAKAT DO KADAZAN"...(KADAZAN DUSUN) !!!

I'm sure that must mean positively alot to her, as she jubilantly raised her glass in cheer and proudly announced "Now we have more representation in the Federal Capital "!

Good for you Janette ! Cheeeeers !

*grapics courtesy of hard-T... (click on pic. for larger view)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The NST's Insider.

I didn't believe it when someone said the NST - yes, Kalimullah Hassan's fledgling tabloid - is french-kissing the new media and blogs. Read this article by Lee Siew Lian, this friend said.

So I did and, sheesh! WTF! I told this moronic friend of mine that if the NST writer wanted to pay tribute to blogs and the new media, she should be more sincere.

Lee Siew Lian was only interested in promoting one thing - the malaysian insider.
Scores of new sites and blogs sprung up during the general election fever, and the NST was promoting ONE site other then Malaysiakini. And everyone knows which are the most visited or "hit" blogs ! Not even Malaysia Today or rockybru had any billing, but this site....hmmmm...honestly I never knew of it until today !

Sheeeeesh. Know what? I found that all the staff at the malaysian insider, save for Leslie Lau, were all former NST journalists.
One of them, Joan Lau is an employee of Fox Communications, which is run by Brenden Pereira, Kali's machai and KJ's good friend. (Or perhaps she quit Fox after just a few months ?)

And you know what else?
This writer and Leslie Lau are newly-weds.

Now what the hell is NST trying to do? How can a writer be allowed to promote/advertise and sell and glorify a business concern which involves her own husband and sister-in-law?
Come on, Kali, where's the professionalism? Are we promoting cronyism and nepotism in and through the New Staid Times now?

And to think folks pay good money to buy this paper ! Over to you... people, you decide !

p.s. take a look at more "spins" by Dave here

Friday, March 14, 2008

Gimme a break, Mr. PM !

Aww...come on now, my good and holy Prime Minister, Pak Lah, surely you cannot spin this same old story again and again to the now newly formed Penang state government or to us rakyat, can you ? read here !

Surely you are not trying to shove down our throats another racial threat by what your administration had failed terribly to do for so long, when you were in power in Penang, are you ? And all of a sudden you want to make sure Guan Eng does not marginalise the Malays and INDIANS ? Sheeesh.....suddenly the Indians are also your priority ? Gimme a break, will you, Mr. PM ?

It is odd now that you mention it after all the years your boys were calling all the shots in Penang. You never cared to address their priorities then and now warn Guan Eng about fanning racial sentiments and marginalisation, huh ? You should have taken your own advice then !

The people of Malaysia have matured, sir, yes, and if you had been "on the ball" with your then state government, the people of Penang would not have rejected and voted your government out of Penang, now would they ???

It is the BN, with all the media in control, who have constantly reminded us simple and peace-loving Malaysians of the ever threatening propaganda of May 13 1969. So stop it!... my dear PM, please stop it ! You must face the fact that you cannot continue treating your rakyat like morons ! We the Barisan Rakyat are now more informed, by way of the electronic media and have a better understanding of all that's going on in your administration.

Change is good.....yes !! that I have always ventured and change we will, in engaging and living as a Bangsa Malaysia, condoning race and religious issues, and as you have witness in the recent polls results. Let the opposition coalition, who have all unanimously embraced that "People's Declaration" sort-out all short-comings and deal with teething hiccups as we the rakyat, pray will continue watching with a critical eye .

God Bless Malaysia !

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the "toupeed" king without a kingdom !

In the land of the bald even the "toupeed" man is king !....yes, Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu just does not understand the writings on the wall ! He is still in a state of denial and refuses to be pinned-down as the sole reason for the disgraceful out-come of last Saturday's election results. Read my earlier posting on him here.

Why does this "toupeed" or "implanted" man think he can soldier-on and rebuild an almost non-existent MIC party whose very members have now turned against him, accusing him as the main reason for their humiliating "non-performance" by voters of capturing any posts and even in his own constituency lost pathetically. A constituency he claims to have passionately hung-on to for nearly 30 years ? Why ? Complacency and taking the "Yindians" for granted was his biggest folly !

Does he not know when to quit and take the blame and make way for "new blood" ? Is he planning on dying as an almost non-existent post of MIC leader when the party is almost bare or bald of members ?? The ethnic Indians of Malaysian origin did not break-away from his party to form a new party, instead they just voted for any "bangsa rakyat" opposition coalition denying MIC and the BN of their votes. The people in his party were just fed-up of him and his "gangster-type" strangle-hold he had on their miserable and deplorable socio-economic live-styles.....comprising a big chunk of rural folks who eked an income in estates and less lucrative positions elsewhere.

"I vill kontineeew to champion the "yindians" four yes looong yes they wunt me..." was Samy's famous and continued claim for 3 decades ! This man has no pride nor shame even now when the "Yindian" populace has rejected him out-right and had booed, cursed and pelted him with slippers and other "god-knows-what" objects at recent gatherings after he blatantly ignored but condemned and criticised the rallies held by his fellow men and members demanding a right to march, protesting their dissatisfaction over several issues of marginalisation and side-lined by the then 2/3 majority government.

Now I repeat here......Datuk Seri S. Samy're flushed just GET LOST ! Comprendo ? Or do I have to say it in sentamil ?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Is Nini conveniently forgotten ?

Nini or Sharlinie Mohd Nasyar age 5, height 3'2" 5, missing since January 9, 2008. I f you have any information about her, please call RAKANCOP AT 03-21159999, SURAYA (016-2709096) OR MOHD NASHAR (016-2583450)

And while we are all excitedly celebrating the turn of political events and the formation of a new government, 9 weeks or 63 days have slipped by with no trace of little Sharlinie, the little girl whose face has appeared on more places then all the election candidates put together. You may want to ask if the police had done anything at all? Or have they forgotten her entirely !

Now the time has come to put the entire machinery to do some real "work"....Yes, we the tax-paying rakyat need to know what you, the "apolitical" police force have done in the search for this little girl ? Is her file still active ? Any leads or tip-offs? Any suspects hauled in ? Have you visited her family to reassure them that you are "on the ball" ?

All this while the police force had been busy, dispatching armed personals by the truck-loads, to monitor peaceful rallies and did their bidding to the "powers-that-had-been" ! Now I am pleading, on behalf of the rakyat, that you get cracking immediately, and in similar numbers too, with the search for this little girl before you loose what little credibility you have left or even sadder news akin to the late Nurin, surfaces !

Let us not loose sight of issues that affects us daily as a civil society and let us make this a safer country for all our children..... like when I was growing up !

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The tsunami of change is now !

Last night...well or rather early this morning saw ordinary Malaysians put on the greatest show on earth !
Yeesss!... a thumping victory by the "opposition coalition" in 5 states and many "hot-seats" has got the Badawi administration reeling in shock !

Big names and senior ministerial seats have been challenged and given the boot....and even my favorite Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu has been ousted ! That's how it has been and will be when the common tax-paying citizens (read you and me !) are taken for granted and are treated like dirt ! Others you know too have made us look like "monkeys" and it is time for these who are better known as dead-wood "Yang Berhormats" to change and be "Yang Berkhidmats" !

Damage control is the order of the day.... Good governance breeds good systems and in my contention, if the system has failed miserably, it is the head that MUST take the whole blame and do the responsible thing ! No blaming the down-line, pointing fingers or "passing the buck " !

It has been an awful long while since, when you could look at each other without suspicions and bias and treating each other as fellow more race and religious based doctrines stuffed down our ordinary throats ! Now is the time ! Let us live as Malaysians respecting each other's cultures !

Again I say "thank you" to all who helped make that change and for being brave enough to stand up to change this arrogant and corrupt system for your children's future ! There's a lot of work to be done now, fellow Malaysians and do watch that man you elected with a critical-eye !
Remember you put him where he is can and must remove him if he doesn't "walk the talk" and his promise for an honest and transparent governance, ok ?

God bless OUR country Malaysia !

Saturday, March 08, 2008

the people have spoken !

"POWER TO THE PEOPLE"....and the 3 people on the side-bar made it !...Yes....sweet Yeeesss !!! This is the moment of truth and all you dead-wood monkeys-in-suits....beware these 2, Wee and Jeff, when they make their appearance in that august house up on the hill !

To all those who voted with their hearts, I salute you for your courage and your honesty to see this here country of ours rise to it's old glory for our children's sake ! Cheers and Godbless Malaysia !!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Think Bangsa Malaysia !

After tomorrow night there will be no more "ceramas" and all fellow "thinking" voters of Malaysia will have a day to reflect on the "promised actions" of their wannabe representatives both in Parliament and in the State Councils.( click here)

This is the crucial time, people, so ponder seriously on the future of this beloved country and the future scenario for your children. Stay focused folks...Think "Bangsa Malaysia"..... Think the "Peoples' Declaration" and out with race and religious based politics please !!!.....and also a day some elections ago when, after Friday prayers, the faith of an opponent was sealed and buried with just one master-spin.....remember ??

But this time, No siree.... you are not going to be swayed by some cheap rhetoric's, right ? One thing is for sure, fellow Malaysians, you'd agree, this is the worst Election Commissioner money can buy..right ??

This is also weird but the latest word is, Bloggers Raja Petra and Haris Ibrahim have been "ordered" not to speak in any "ceramas" in Penang!!....can you beat that ??

Think, my fellow Malaysians, again think and vote with your heart ......and pray, VOTE WISELY !

Guess this will be my last posting for now till after the elections.

God Bless my beloved Malaysia and all Malaysians wherever you are !

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bloggers to the fore !

Did you notice the one thing glaringly new and different in this election campaign trail ?? The presence of blogger-speakers at "ceramas"(talks/speeches by political-candidates in the run-up of an election)....yes, this is a new phenomena that has taken a whole new dimension as an opening act or in fact at some instances, as the main act, at "ceramas" around the Klang Valley and mind you....they are making waves...erh... no,.. tsunamis in terms of public turn-outs !

Yes, these responsible bloggers, prominently vocal in their own right, have added that "missing" ingredient, coupled with a wealth of knowledge, passionately share their experienced views, night after night, voluntarily sacrificing their time and energy, with "joe public" at "ceramas". And for the record only "rakyat -conscience" and fair-minded politicians-in-waiting, are being courted and aided by these super-bloggers in their campaign trail !

I've been to a few around the Klang Valley and the word on the ground always is "who are the blogger-speakers in tonight's "cerama"?" It is amazing how the "average joe" can stand (some come prepared with umbrellas/raincoats ) braving stormy weather ( incidentally it seem to pour "heavily" at these "ceramas" every night !) for hours on end, absorbing every word these bloggers have to say amid thunderous clapping and cheering ! Trust me, I never saw this type of prominence and attention given to even seasoned politicians before !

Bloggers Raja Petra( Malaysia Today) and Haris Ibrahim (People's Parliament) armed with the "Peoples' Declaration" are two such sought-after bloggers for these "ceramas" everywhere, by "newbies" and even big-named and hardened politicians welcome these 2 to add "ooump" to their campaigns ! And boy... they draw the crowd by the thousands !!! Other bloggers too have lent their precious support for a new change demanding a "citizens'-first" government, at some if not all "ceramas" and this sure has given an interesting new twist and striking change from the "ceramas" of old ! I say "thank you" and "Syabas" to these caring and daring bloggers !!

And as I said before CHANGE IS GOOD ! VOTE WISELY !

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Last chance...babe !

Again goodfellow voting citizens of Malaysia I beg of you to vote wisely......WISELY and with your heart !!!

They come bearing "gifts" in many forms, speak sweet "bullshit" to your ears and promise you the stars and the moon and a "safer" and "just" government ..... but you, wise voter are not going to be fooled and be taken for a ride, as you have been for the last 50 years or so.......... enough is enough ! The buck stops here...boy ! Just say you're never gonna see these stooges spewing rubbish in the sacred house on parliament hill ( remember the old Confucious' saying "man who makes love on hill-slope is never on the level" ha..ha!) ! Uttering cheap rhetoric's to amuse their kind in precious Parliament time and always mocking your intelligence ( do you recall all the instances where you had to shy-away in shame knowing YOU put this moron where he/she is ???)! Make this their "Waterloo"....and you are gonna feel proud to see that change, YES and YOU be the reason tomorrow when your kids enjoy a brighter and safer future ! YES.... Change IS GOOD !.............. And your answer to the the FUTURE is in the poster, here below !!!

"3 stooges" posters courtesy of "Spanking DA monkey".....Cheers Dave !