Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Buat Kerja aje lah".....Pt.2

"I can tell my men to not take any action, including conduct inspections on vehicles or arrest Mat Rempit who ride without licences," ( here ).....this is perhaps the most ridiculous and conceited statement spewed from the mouth of a top cop in any nation !

But here you have it....only in Malaysia, the IGP threatening the rakyat like an "infantile" being mocked by his peers of buggery ! What has that senseless shooting of a 15 year old got to do with just carrying out your job.....if everyday you don't stop giving conflicting statements.

All we, your pay-masters, want is a thorough investigation and not hold us, the citizenry at ransom. It is best you should just resign lah ! Why can't this brother of Mr."who wants to be a millllllionaaaaaare" just do an honest day's job ?

Sucking up to the ruling government and arse-licking the BN politicians is never a problem and a job done with a swift and happy note......but keeping the streets safe and crime-free is like doing us rakyat who pay your monthly salary, a bloody conditional favour, issit ?

Damn ! If you Mr. IGP think you are doing us, tax-paying folks a favour and continue to make threats to take your men off the streets then you have committed a grievous crime against us simple tax-paying Malaysians and is now guilty of having acted contrary to all that "bull-shit" oath you so solemnly barked with your right hand raised in attentive salute, of serving us, the rakyat and King and up-holding the law, at your investiture ceremony, yes ?

Either you do your job with honesty and integrity ( hmmmmm.....I am sure you have NO idea whatsoever what those 2 words mean, right Mr. IGP ?) OR alternatively hand in your resignation and be begone from this here good land of ours.....forever ! OK ?
Amen .

wishful thinking..... !

When I read this article (here) and tried to engage it in the local context, I wanted to laugh, because I must confess this is almost impossible to happen to anyone in our shores. For one very simple reason, who is going to prosecute who ? We have a Judiciary system which is rotten to the core and an equally rotten Legislative and unless these are removed from the root up and onwards.....nothing can happen !
And by the prison is big enough to hold that many inmates our government has churned out right from the Jurassic era of the great Tun, the "godfather" of corruption.
So there.....see how fair and just our neighbours and also relatives of all of our Malay brethren here have become now ! That's moving up and marching on ......into the 21st century. Great !

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The ugly side of BN politics

Last night's fracas in the Kg. Pertak Orang Asli Settlement near Magick River @ 12.30am this morning, was the first time I witnessed BN's "thuggery" arm in action.
Just one word-DISGRACEFUL !
But that's a story for another day !

For today, those hungry for real time up-dates of the Hulu Selangor by-election go to :

Thursday, April 22, 2010

chi..chi...chi noooo la, where got ???

After all the initial denial....this thamby's lowly kiss on Muhiyudin's hand translates to his "respecting" the elders and according to him, a supposedly very Indian and Malaysian culture it seems.....poooohdah ! Dei....macha....all I know is it has never been the Indian culture to kiss the hand lah !

Indian culture demands you to bow down to the elders bare feet and with both hands touch his/her feet and bring your hands back to wipe across your eyes or face while at the same time the up-right elder will place both his hands on the back of your head and shake his head in approval from left to right and with both eyes wide open and rolling in true "bharanthenatyam" fashion ! You want to bullshit who la, Naythan ? Just look at the expression on Sarji and Apdal's bemused faces and I am sure they are secretly thinking.....
"good doggie...good boy, down boy down! " And most certainly approved by PERKASA !

What la suddenly became Filipino ah ? Even they also "amin" the elders with their right hand brought to their forehead only, yes ? Or maybe you have become a "fenchie" huh ? Or a Latino eh ? Then your other hand must be pinching the buttocks, no ? Hahahahaha !!!

I hope he kisses his elderly parents and beloved wife like this every time he meets them.
I better end here now before some BN joker accuses me of being petty and sensationalising everything, okay ?

But it surely is hilarious to see someone "seriously" treating our "mere mortal" politicians with so much undue respect like they were saints and holy men.

Goodnite folks !

Monday, April 19, 2010

PR's man for Hulu Selangor and "Cheap Sales"

Remember the first photo I posted in my earlier posting and on my early arrival in KKB ( still cannot understand why in different parts of this town the word Baru is spelt as either Bahru and Bharu ?? Now which one is right and why didn't any local representative for over 50 years notice this ? Can they now correct and streamline this spelling nationally ?) with my comment about this "YB for sale" promotion ?

Clever and timely I said...and true enough the 2 independent"rejects" who knew they could cash-in on this by-election have been "sold" !!! Hebat la YBs....and speaking of YBs....did you also hear about that Jelapang "frogie" Hee got "whorenoured" with a Datukship....Hehaw...hehaw....hehaw !
Now that local thamby who's grandpa came here as an immigrant to BEG has shot himself on his foot even before he starts, with him declaring his undying support for that Mahathir
endorsed racists mutts called PERKASA ! Wonder where all that "edjucaxion" went to ? Bloody disgrace to all Malaysians of remote Indian origins, and you think any Malaysian of remote Indian origins worth his salt would vote for this PERKASA lover ? I spit on this idiot for "whoring" with this cult who themselves are immigrants to dare label us "begging Indians" and "whoring Chinese" !! And why is PERKASA now supporting this Indian "beggar" ? Thought they vowed not to support in any campaigning other then a "Malay" ? Or I know why....that Maha Firuan and ex-Indian immigrant would have convinced PERKASA that this thamby is actually a Malay... same-same like him oso la "....tengok...namanya pun Kamal....kita sokong ajela...orite"....hahaha ! And tell him not to counter by saying the media misquoted him ! We're no fools !

Like I promised on Sunday I'd post the "walk-a-bout" pictures with the "not-for-sale" and the rakyat's choice "calon" Zaid Ibrahim, it is folks for your viewing pleasure.

p.s.Sorry if the pics are not "great" cos it was snapped with my Nokia E71 !......

.... oopps yes, before I forget, this little gossip I heard it from the "grapevine".....sober and gentleman Zaid's gonna name all his former "drinking buddies" not to get even but just for the heck of it.....hehehe....and that too, during his "happy days" in UMNO !!! Oh....NO !

Sunday, April 18, 2010

SPR......sucking up as usual !

With UPDATES below.
Today is the DAP's super Sunday ! They will visit 18 new villages in and around the Hulu Selangor constituency.

Bernard, Danny and I went for a "walk-about" with the PR candidate Dato Zaid in the KKB wet market @ 8.30am. after which we alerted to adjourned to the PKR Media Centre. We were shocked beyond belief when MP for Kuantan Fuziah Salleh and MP for Batu Tian Chua revealed that the SPR or Election Commission had for cunning reasons of their own had transferred the polling stations venues for 13,488 voters in the Hulu Selangor constituency. Now why did the EC do this ? Is this exercise done to frustrate, confuse in the hope the voters will not go out to vote ? Remember this stupid EC is so manipulative and would go to great lengths to please their master, the BN ! We also know that they are in cahoots with the ruling party and somehow see PR to fail in Selangor and returned to BN, as promised by Najib.

Of course lah they will have an excuse and reason like , not enough voters in a particular polling station lah or these voters opted voluntarily to be transferred to a station to suit their address of residences and blah blah blah..... ! But why do this now ? And some voters ( mostly from the lower income rural folks in and around these parts ) have been sent to polling station A and have replaced polling station B's voters who have to in turn vote in polling station A ! Is this not a stupid and devious move by the EC ? Is this done to turn the voter from exercising his right to vote and go back in frustration, while his/her unclaimed vote is replaced with a "phantom" vote ? And this will make that "durian-eating", son of an Indian immigrant "beggar", who'll sell his soul and compromises dignity for votes and who approves the racist PERKASA's ideals and also your "local thamby".....Kamala Nathan's campaigning game-plan cut out for him, yes ? Think again EC !
13, 488 voters have to double-quick check the venue for casting their vote before polling day. Dirty trick but then's the EC we're talking about, very Najib's failed 1Malaysia move and to mix and mingle the displaced voters in the various polling stations ! Hmmmmm !
Shame on the SPR, shame on Najib's failed 1 this and 1 that Malaysia !

UPDATED 19-4-2010: And for all those who still have doubts and want to help a friend or relative who's constitutional rights have been voilated.....go HERE here and check......!

p.s. : as the internet connections in KKB sucks bigtime, I apologise for not up-loading the "walk-about" photos as yet !
Watch this space !

Saturday, April 17, 2010

*Dedicated to Julie & Al of Taiping.
Hang in there !

just another nomination day in Kuala Kubu Bharu

Arrived early around 5.30am into Kuala Kubu Bharu and was greeted by this "sale" banner in a shop.....clever and timely, yes ?....YB's for sale already ? usual, they came to flaunt their designs....some are pure imagination.. favourite and the rightful MB of Perak.....and as usual, always exchanged pleasantries to all and even to yours truly....

...and these posters were the work of a genius....

...and more of these banners appeared all along the road, right up to the nomination centre....

....and yet another......
....and I was told someone wearing this eye-catching outfit was the creator of those banners this one of them ?

.....hmmmm....a little too young for politics, or is it ?

...then I walked into a coffeeshop ( not like the one which Najib had tea in, wherein the simpleton coffeeshop owner of KKB who then wrapped the chair in which Jibby sat on and returned to Putrajaya where the chair came from in the first place.) and politely asked the owner if I could get up to her balcony for a better shot at the crowd below....which to my surprised I realised that about 5 other photographers had quietly sneaked in behind me.......

...and this is 13 year old Ms. Liow Meng Jee, our host who quickly caged the dog which roamed the balcony while we happily took photos from a really good vantage point. Thank you little Ms. Liow.....from all of us.

a view from the 3 floor balcony....

...and another angle...

.....and yet again another angle.....nice !

The Internet connection here in Magick River (now that's a story for another this space !) is slow and frustrating for the many bloggers and reporters filing their stories back to base. So bear with us.

Cheers !

p.s. I'm sure by now you know who the 4 candidates are, right ? Otherwise go to the many other blogs for that, ok ?

Friday, April 16, 2010 2

Hahahahahahaha.....wakakakakaka...what an idiot !!! If there is a prize for begging he's da man !!! ( here )Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. How much lower can one man go ? Ask Samy la ......wakakakakakakakakakaka.... as much as I've said before this man who "thinks" he is the messiah to lead the Malaysians of remote Indian origins he is soooo wrong ! He has no shame !

But reading the link above, I'd like to also tell that moron MP in Kapar S. Manikavasagam, and if he knows whats good for him or PR to shut his bloody mouth and not suggest drop-outs from MIC to jump to PKR ! Have't we seen enough of "wolfs" coming into PR with their BN mentality ? That is why the PR is still struggling to right the wrongs of the then Toyol's government in Selangor until today. These corrupt and greedy MIC fellows will bring their "same shit" trying to package it in new party clothing's if idiots like S.Manikavasagam continue to invite them with open arms. Who needs them ? They are just old buzzards and hyenas waiting to scavenge whatever scraps they can get their filthy paws on. They have no love for the rakyat or give a damn for real party issues.

So S. Manivasagam, listen up and listen real good. Just shut-up ! You are no better then Samy the beggar if you "invite" these MIC fellows of the now defunct and so-called MIC ! Comprendo ?
In the meantime.....hahahahahahahahaha.... wakakakakakakakak... hahahaha... wakakakakakakakakakakakaka .... more stories of the most disgraced man in Malaysian politics ( here ) doing what comes naturally.....arse-licking !

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the art of licking !

These are the 3 young men or boys who would one day lead the respective component parties within BN. These are also the 3 "abduls" ( with no disrespect to the true Malaysian P.Ramlee !) who have dreams to be among the top 3 "leaders" whom the rakyat ( read your kids and mine) would depend on to speak on behalf of their respective races. These are also the 3 morons who have not grown a spine or testicles. Yet they are out there echoing and parroting each other showing how "1Malaysian" they are even if they sound like idiots. Have they no independent opinion or view or idea of their own ? Read here first !
For a long time, from during the jurassic era of that now totally irrelevant and the father of all racist, Malaysia has ever sadly bred the great Tun, our people have been moulded and conditioned to never question that dictator's dubious matter how idiotic or prejudiced his opinions and remarks were, we were systematically conditioned and instilled with fear of harassment and even imprisonment (ISA) by his goons-in-uniform that has kept everyone from you to his several No.2's on a "be careful what you say in public" mode, yes ?

In the same vein, today ( now that you have read the MalayMail article above ) we have the 3rd. Ah Kow parroting the 2nd. Thambi who obediently agrees and echos the 1st Ahmad's call to denounce all who are not in agreement to the other new racist in the PM's department Nazri who has gone ballistics in declaring the good Dr. Pornthip's reason for not attending court here in Malaysia as baseless LIES ! Go here for the doctor's version.
As far as I'm concernered these 3 wannabes with their herd mentality would one day lead their own pack of herd (read your kids and mine) with these same conditioned fear and unquestionable loyalty. You folks also know how and for whom our goons-in-uniform operate and serve, yes ? We also know who calls the shots as far as the uniformed goons are concerned, yes again ? And the goons-in-uniform know where their bread is buttered and to take their orders from, right ? (wink...wink....flashes of C4happy-hooded-cops-in-courts and "missing entry records at airports" to missing PI's come to mind ! )

So none of these 3 morons above are ever going to investigate or even doubt what their "master" has spoken and will only go on the defensive to protect their ilk even when they know how low this government can go in conspiracy. And these are the 3 leaders of your kids and mine. And in other words and simply in plain language this is called classic arse-licking ! Do we need them ?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

in the absence of PR reps....1Malaysia ?

Both pictures above and below share one similarity.....notice ? ( read more here )

Why were the PR members not invited to this summit ? Is this 1Malaysia ? Does Obama and the Americans know the Malaysian delegation is incomplete and not fully represented ? Is that the reason why Najib is so happy and grinning from ear to ear ? And in that second Biden actually smilingly "strangling" Najib from the back of his collar or is it just my imagination that Najib is "twitching" and laughing in "pain" ? Hahahaha ! Maybe I let my imaginative mind run wild sometimes....but hey......he does look all peculiarly "funny" when he laughs like that, yes ?
Ahhh......don't mind me anyway !

Sunday, April 11, 2010

if a picture paints a 1000 words....

Ah ha...!
The time has come for another By-Election..... and these pictures speak a thousand vote with your head and heart too ! Time for the goodies.....take them, by all means, they are actually yours but vote wisely !
You think you can spot the hyenas in your midst some coffeeshop owner in Kuala Kubu Baru wants to showcase a particular chair that Jibby sat on BUT that particular chair sure don't belong to any Chinese coffeeshop furniture inventory anywhere in Malaysia . And you can trust me on this....I've been to enough already in this here my country to know a coffeeshop chair ! What a scamming shame ! (more here )

...and presenting Tan Sew Sewan....the simpleton of KKB !

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Sunday, April 04, 2010

BN's best offer for Hulu Selangor.

MIC president S Samy Vellu is leaving it to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to decide on the BN candidate for the Hulu Selangor parliamentary by-election.

Why spine to be decisive or the gall to demand your candidate be running for by-election ? Because even Najib knows MIC is irrelevent, yes ?

Samy (on the left, next to DPM Muhyiddin Yassin) said that in every by-election there were bound to be overlapping requests for candidacy.

Yes of course....but only if MIC has got the clout to produce honest winners, right ?

"It's for the prime minister to decide. As for the MIC, we are fully prepared to face the by-election on April 25," he told reporters after attending a seminar organised by the state MIC here today.

He said that from feedback received so far, it was clear that the BN had a bright chance to win back the seat.

Hahahahaha....good one Samy......

<span class= "The signs from the voters are good indeed. Our election machinery has been going round to villages and Felda settlements.The voters are returning to the BN," he said.

Hahahahah......even better Sam ! Now only "going around" dishing out "goodies" ah ? Even in the face of certain defeat too you still got a good sense of humour lah.....I must hand it to you lah, Samy oh Samy !

The Indian community in the area also supported the BN, he said.

That is a damn lie Samy.....ask Mani or Ananthan la !

Samy Vellu has previously proposed that MIC deputy president G Palanivel (right) be fielded as the BN candidate in the by-election.

Then Najib shot your proposed candidate down issit ? Leader of a BN component party also no power ka ? Najib must have checked your credentials with reference to March 8 2008 GE and decided to not take you seriously ya ? Then who recommended Kamal lah ?

Palanivel was the four-term member of parliament in that area until his fall in the 12th general election in 2008.

That year.... even if you had put a monkey against Samy Vellu in Sungei Siput, that monkey would have won la ! But then again we do have lots of monkeys in suits already in Parliament right ?

banner <span class= Several Umno leaders have requested that someone from Umno be chosen as the candidate and among the names being bandied about was that of the former Selangor menteri besar Muhammad Muhamad Taib.

This Mohamad son of Mohamad who cannot read English is all UMNO can offer ? Is UMNO so pathetic and bankrupt of quality candidates that it must juggle between thieves,bandits and robbers for a candidate ? But then again who isn't one in BN huh ? Try Toyol maybe ?

The seat fell vacant following the death of incumbent member of parliament Dr Zainal Abidin of Parti Keadilan Rakyat on March 25.

Bless his soul !

The nomination day is April 17.

Amen !

- Bernama

Thursday, April 01, 2010

take a good look at a racist !

Everything this village idiot does is filled with hate ! Would you teach your kids to be suspicious of any other race other then your own ? And this racist is doing everything contrary to Najib's 1Malaysia . What this social outcast failed to do is commit harakiri after that humiliating exit from PR. And he is welcome by UMNO with open arms. And his actions are blessed by the father of all racists, the Tun himself !

Surely now he IS the reason for the "death" of UMNO and the rebirth of Perkasa, yes ? (*read here )

Would you teach your kids to HATE anyone irrespective of race clour or religion ?