Monday, September 24, 2012

a bridge too far !

I'm sure you would have driven around Putrajaya and admired most of all the many splendorous monoliths, buildings and bridges. Bridges that linked one side of the lake to the other. Millions if not billions have been spent ! After-all it was one man's utopian dream to build mega-buildings using tax-payers money to leave a mark of his 22 years of ruthlessly dictatorship and in power.

Many a contractor became an over-night millionaire by being a part of this mega-project. Millions of tax-payers money were spent, to some foolishly to others as a need to keep up with the rest of the developed countries. Putrajaya  was even labelled a "white elephant" by critics and some even called it "Banglacity", perhaps referring to the hundreds of Bangladeshis who worked there and spent their off days roaming the almost deserted city. 

I must admit the architecture and spacious road planning is commendable, but what caught my eye is this bridge in the photos above. You will notice that this bridge has no road connected nor tarmac and ends abruptly with both sides hanging on air. It is ridiculous to think why on earth this bridge was even built in the first place. It does not "connect" to any side and thick under-growth on one side with huge cables dangling with no real purpose. 

Does anybody really cared if we have here an "abandoned" project by an absconded contractor ? I'm sure somebody has the answers or is answerable. Or maybe nobody cared because they were diverted to looked at all those other humongous buildings around or maybe, just maybe this huge bridge looked perfectly okay from a distance, no ?   

Now the question of why, who, what and how and it demands  answers. Who's accountable ? Tun Mahathir ?  Ain't that a shame ?

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Who's minding the kids ?

Time: @ 3:05am
Location: Changkat Alor, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. ( to be continued.....later)

Okay folks, here's the story....How does it feel when you are "emotionally" blackmailed by kids as young as your own kids ? Children who have to go to school the next morning need a good sleep for at least 8-10 hours. And here in the pictures above are wide-eyed kids who tug at your sleeves and heart begging you to buy single stalks of roses for RM10 each so that they can go home to sleep at 4 in the morning and then off to school at 6-30 am.

Crooked syndicates engage these innocent and stateless Myanmar children who carry a UNCHR card and pay them pittance to peddle flowers to  drunken patrons both tourists and locals, in bars and restaurants along the Changkat area these days. Just as you would have noticed handicapped Chinese adults crawling on their all-fours in busy wet markets in and around the Klang valley, these syndicates have a "tight" operation living off of helpless foreigners. It is these scums in syndicates who thrive on the plight of the unfortunate foreigner who came to this country looking for greener pastures or have themselves been victims of civil strife in their own countries. 

Whatever  the reason for their being in our country, should not the authorities do something about child labour ? It's always a busy stretch, this Changkat area. In fact this is the new Bangsar. And the police patrol this area in their cars every few hours daily. And they are blind ! Can you turn a blind eye to this children ? You now it's way past midnight and you see angelic little faces in neat and clean clothing and speaking decent English selling flowers to total strangers, and you still think it's okay for them to be out on the streets ? If perhaps it was your own child. Think ! And we have heard of corrupt old "pharaohs" sending flotillas laden with goodies to far-away places to save lives and yet wouldn't lift a finger to right the lives of displaced children in our own back yard. What a shame !

My friend KP would have spent about RM100 just buying those flowers and giving to the waitresses, just so these children can go back to their homes in Ampang about 8 kilometers away. He just couldn't bear the thought of kids working so late for so little. One kid even told us that she had to sell all the flowers ( sometimes as many as fifty ) allocated to her daily or she would have to face the wrath of the syndicate. But more often they say it was their mother who makes them go out and sell and sell these flowers to protect the syndicate. I do believe that is so.

See that evasive shifty-eyed fellow on the first picture ? That's Mohamad Hussein the care-taker to these girls daily. He's like the "mandore" who reports to the syndicate. 

Sleep tight and pleasant dreams Malaysians .....whilst these little children peddle their bouquets to enrich their syndicates till the wee hours of the morning. Good 9.                    

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hollywood, Bollywood, Pinewood and Mallywood

Desperate times demand desperate actions ! In this case "actions" should be read as "spins".
Have you noticed the latest high-lights in main stream media and pro-UMNO blogs the use of race and religion to create hatred and prejudices between the various races ? And certainly a temporary diversion from all their own on-going ills and problems within BN.

We have had a local movie producer,
Datuk Shuhaimi Baba ( fyi: incidently she is also the daughter of Ghafar Baba, who "fell from grace and favour" with that corrupt puppet-master and racist extraordinaire Mahathir and the former dead-wood Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia ) distorting the historical facts of that much used "fear-factor" and of slyly insinuating and reminding of racial clash between the races back in May 1969 and now as Tanda Putra. The review of this movie also subtly skirts on the crucial question of DAP's stalwart Lim Kit Siang "alleged pissing" on the the Malaysian flag in front of the then Chief Minister's house.

Then again the recent world-wide protests by Muslims condemning an idiotic, in poor taste, low budget, third rate, fictitious and unknown producers ( my personal review) of a Hollywood movie Innocence of Muslims, that insults and portrays the prophet Mohamad - peace be upon him - as a womaniser and a fool thus sparking fury and hatred in the hearts of good and ordinary Muslims everywhere including Malaysia, against any American.

UMNO's biggest fear today is losing Putrajaya to the Opposition and with their corrupt-ridden mega-ringgit scandals and the unsolved crimes against the ordinary Malaysian, defeat is inevitable.

So how do they counter that imminent fall ? Easy, just sow the seed of hatred against the non-Malays in the hearts of the ordinary Malays in the Opposition by using religion (as has been done time after time in previous elections ) to break away from the Opposition pact in religious frenzy to join BN. It has always been UMNO's hope that PAS would become an ally and to first break away from PR, due to religious favour over national administrative policies and priorities.

So UMNO again systematically engineers and exploits this stand (as has been done time after time in previous elections ) to pit the religion angle to anger the ordinary Malays in the Opposition. But for UMNO to think that the Malays in the Opposition especially in PAS would fall for that, is the biggest mistake and move so far. UMNO arrogant as always, still thinks the Malays in the Opposition are an ill-informed lot. They will have to probably re-think their strategy again. Sorry UMNO, it's pathetic you still think your manipulative ways will work and you have totally lost the plot.

And with todays "instant" social mediums available at your finger-tips, the ordinary Malays in the Opposition are not biting or buying your more bigoted views anymore. They can still read about all the atrocities you in UMNO ( for 54 long and dammed years !) have done and will readily demand for change no matter what you say or write. As for Sabah and Sarawak, even if UMNO dreamed of holding on their "fixed-deposit", they can forget about it and should wake up and apologise to all East Malaysians.

Happy Malaysia day to all true "Malaysian first" citizens.
I salute you ! Cheers

Friday, September 14, 2012

Wishing you a "happy and gay" Malaysia Day !

most Malaysian men would like to trade places with.....Antonio Banderas

the "1st. lady's" heart-throb "Datuk" Shah Rukh Khan

The "must-have" t-shirt for all die-hard gay fans of Man. United.

Cassius Clay, better known as the greatest boxer....Muhamad Ali.

...and every other Malaysian lady's darkest sexual fantasy, George Clooney !

What have all these macho men and one t-shirt above worn by millions who also think they are macho, have in common ? They are all "GAY" ( merry and happy person )and in V-neck tees !

Yes gay because the "philosophers" here in the Malaysian education ministry think so. Deputy Education Minister Mohd Puad Zarkashi said gay men have muscular bodies and like to show off by wearing V-neck and sleeveless clothes. ( read here )

So this is how our geniuses in Putrajaya have identified "abnormal" traits and tendencies in students and have even printed these guidelines to be circulated to all schools to be on the look-out !

Now if only these idiots can do a study on how to identify "future" corrupt politicians, rapists, embezzlers, crooks and racists at a tender age in schools, we're set for a "bright future", no ?

The guy in the picture below is neither mascular or good-looking nor is he wearing a V-neck tee. In fact he's plain ugly. He is the Deputy Education Minister of Malaysia who decreed the notion in the link above. What incorrigible UMNO goons ! We're surrounded by !
Have a "happy and gay" Malaysia Day, you all !
Cheers !

Sunday, September 09, 2012

carnal abuse of Sarawak.

Kuching, Sept 8, 2012: Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian slammed former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for his blatant statement in the people of Sarawak and Sabah to be patient with the Barisan Nasional (BN) government. This old man was said to have uttered “just be patient and wait for the resources to be extracted and soon your earnings (and development)” will increase. (read here )

The gall of this senile old racist ! When is someone going to tell this geezer everytime he opened his filthy trap meant a speedier and imminent downfall of BN and Putrajaya. It's like when a rapist "with a bright future" reassuring his victim after his despicable act, not to worry and that she might not get pregnant after-all.

We know that in desperate times, desperate measures are indeed employed. But if BN does not stop and shut this corrupt ex-premier who single-handedly and systematically divided us all by sowing the seeds of hatred and pitted one race against another for 22 long and bloody years, then we are, perhaps deserved to be damned.

We must not and cannot all sit on our sorry arses and allow this beloved country of ours to go down that road to Hades. Just look at the current state of shit we are in now. I don't want to go into the "belligerent" details this BN government has been doing again and again since Mahathir came to dictate over our miserable lives.

You are an educated person and I'm sure touch base with the daily scandals and dramas of UMNO and BN we read about only in social media networks and but never in mainstream media. Think !

Change is good. What are you waiting for ? Unless you are an incurable masochist, be the agent of change now !

Shalom and have a pleasant Sunday.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Hate, hate and more hate-welcome to Malaysia !

What's wrong with all these pictures above ? For one they all have hatred written all over them. Acts such as these are to be condemned by all, irrespective of your cultural, political or religious backgrounds. Period.

We have a government that picks and choose who they want to condemn and who they want to keep sheltered from exposure in the media. If you look at the pictures above again, I'd say all those performing any of the despicable acts above are from the lowest strata of society. Life forms not worthy to be given a place in society.

All day today in the news everyone including the prime minister and the police have gone on over-drive mode to condemn the 2 young men who carried a flag that looked like either the Singapore or Indonesia flag but with a 13 point star and a crescent moon resembling the Malaysian flag or "Jalur Gemilang". The 2 young men have also claimed it was their own doing to gain some cheap attention and without any political affiliations or instigation by any one political party. The 2 have also denied they had designs to replace that Sang Saka Malaysia( that's the name for that flag ) with our national Jalur Gemilang.

With that the entire BN government have hurled all sorts of accusation against the Opposition in trying to derail the Malaysian flag. That and other photos of youths squatting on a picture of the prime minister and his innocent "First Lady" wife during the recent Merdeka eve celebrations. That's just 2 ugly acts by angry youths with hatred against the ruling coalition. Thanks to our education system.

Has everyone else gone crazy ? Take a look at the other pictures of disgraceful acts of hatred and vile intentions displayed here. Don't you think those other pictures too need every Malaysian with even an ounce of self-respect to come out with guns blazing to condemn the perpetrators ? And these acts be shown over and over again in prime news networks to shame their act of such lowly behavior ? Hmmmm...not quite but on the contrary.

Our PM Najib went dumb and blind when all the other ugly incidents took place. Why ? Because the targets of attack were all from the Opposition and don't count as Malaysians. Selective hatred and pure racism. That's BN for you. But what about that filthy ugly feet sprawled on a "holy" book ? That too.....not a comment or condemnation from our prime minister or the media. Why ? Who gives a damn, yes ! So we move on for now, in forgiveness for that ignorant idiot perpetrator, but never forgetting. Election time is dawning on us soon. And time is not on PM Najib's side. We'll take our revenge there and then.

That folks is what's happening in my once peaceful and beautiful country where there was genuine love and respect between all our peoples from diverse backgrounds and religious beliefs. We now call that old school values.

Shame on our government for systematically breeding so much hatred amongst the various races. It all started with that old and evil dictator who ruled like a tyrant for 22 long and hateful years. Tun Mahathir bin Mohamad (formerly known as Mahathir A/L Kutty )

I hope he'd live long enough to see it all the evil he created crumble.
God save us all !

p.s. the first picture above showing the Gerakan wimp, Koh Tsu Koon's picture being mutilated by UMNO members was uploaded today (9:15am-4-Sept. 2012) by popular request by one commentor herein. Cheers !

Sunday, September 02, 2012

from kollaveri to gangnam style...duh(:

I have seen alot of dance crazes from limbo rock to macarena to moon-walking in my time. In fact I still do a cool rhumba or line-dance with the right partner accompanying once in a while. Now there is this silly dance craze called "Gangnam Style". I believe it started in Korea and caught on very quickly in most parts of Asia.

Fine, dance is an art form but to think a national newspaper owned wholly by a political party to give this, I repeat, silly dance craze as the head-lines today is plain like its bankrupt of news. What was the chief editor thinking when he allowed an entire front page splashed with only stories related to "gangnam style" ? The paper even treats the PM's interest in this craze as news-worthy. Me thinks the Star has totally lost it's plot. Read here !

There are a hundred political issues begging for probing/investigation and this paper publishes this clear diversion for all to "loosen-up" from serious bread and butter issues. Was it also Tourism minister, Ng Yen Yen's red-herring from addressing the "cynide" protest/issue today in Raub, Pahang, no ? Or our ever in-the-news Information minister Rais's latest "shiok sendiri" one million cloned Merdeka tweets to get into the Malaysian Book of Dubious Records ? Our politicians are on a multiple orgasmic surf-ride and the sad part is they think we and the rest of all Malaysians find this amusing. Do we honestly need such buffons as representatives in the august house to better the lively-hood of the man-in-the-street ? Sheeesh !

Come on lah folks, this paper is mocking us into believing our country is run by a bunch of "gangnam styled" idiots by citing the PM Najib's personal interest in this dance ? What this country needs is a kick in the ass to right the hundreds of wrongs it has committed and here we have the MCA owned Star with a head-line today reading "Gangnam Style" !

Who the fcuk gives a damn for a stupid dance craze on an entire front page ? Surely that dance is not going to make all the corruption and abuses go away or pay our taxes or put food on the table, right ? Luckily I only read the on-line version. This type of news as a head-line in a major tabloid is a total waste of money. Am saddened to see the Star's quality of news hereinafter. I have a lot of friends employed in this newspaper.

What happened to my friends Veera or David ah ? Or even Datuk Chun Wai ?
Chee Sin !