Saturday, January 26, 2013

Malaysia-bigots rule !

If this message above is not inciting religious tension and hate and further erode the once unspoken unity we had back in the 60's, then I can safely say Najib speaks with a forked tongue with no guts to run this 1country. Step down please.                                             
Since when can this ultra-racist Ibrahim Ali speak on behalf of the King  and all Muslims in this country ? Maybe he thinks the "father of all corruption", Mahathir  will be there to protect him ? This is akin to waging war against all Christians, no ? 

This village idiot defends his slur of burning all Bibles as he now "stresses that he had never intended to hurt the feelings of Christians with his statement" kind of excuse is that ? Bibles and  Christians are like Muslims and Koran, moron, gettit ? You cannot separate them and say its okay to  burn the Bible and not hurt the feelings of  Christians, idiot.

As long as you burn any Bible, irrespective of the language it is written, a Bible is a Bible and a holy book of all Christians as is a Koran is to Muslims. Respect that Holy book. Period !  

The Koran  was never translated in another language but Arabic, but since Christianity appealed and missionaries taught it reached every corner of the world, that's why the need for translation was a necessity. Even the Arabs have no problem with the use of Allah in the Bible but Ibrahim "katak" does. Do we need this kind of aggravation ? I say no ! I know the average Muslim would never have a problem too. And there's a whole lot of them out there who would silently curse the likes of Ibrahim Ali and his bigotry.

Security and steadfastness in ones own religion has a lot to do with the likes of these morons who are ready to go on a "jihad" and even kill in the name of Allah but preach of peace and unity to fool the people to win some brownie points come election time. We will NEVER make the same mistake to vote a party that inculcates hate. Again a big "thank you, kind sir" to Mahathir the patron and advisor of Perkasa, for propagating HATE successfully ! And UMNO with its allies is a shinning example of one such hate machine. And a word of advice to those holier then thou in PAS, watch it you morons or you're out too.

A vote for anything BN and UMNO is a vote to the devil himself. Shame on the government.    

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

it's pay-back time !

I'm no big fan of Anwar myself but I am very curious and itching to know what terrible dramas would unfold IF and WHEN Anwar becomes prime minister. 

And Anwar will have his day soon too if the current air of funky hopelessness that is sweeping through UMNO prevails. Everyone in UMNO is so jittery if Anwar gets the prospect to appear before the Royal Commission of Inquiry board to testify the recent confession by the EVIL one Tun Mahathir. Anwar is his arch nemesis. Anwar will sing like a canary and Mahathir will squirm like a worm.

Mahathir the evil manipulator  is caught in a faux pas by opening his own filthy mouth regarding the "neutralising" of Filipinos and Indonesians as Malaysian citizens and to vote in the state of Sabah when he was still prime minister. By his own admission he said it was okay and legal to grant citizenship status to foreigners and fumbled to justify his corrupted act by claiming that Tunku  Abdul Rahman had granted 1 million citizenships to Malayan residents of Indian and Chinese origins before Malaya got its independence from the British. This was also a mandatory condition the British crown had issued  to the Rulers if Malaya wanted get her independence anyways. 

The blunder this corrupt Mahathir  did was that his "citizenship"operation took place just 2 weeks before the 1994 Sabah state election as opposed to what Tunku Abdul Rahman had to do, to qualify for independence from the British back in the late 50's.

Mahathir will now exercise his lame escape claus of  "erhhh....apanama dia...tak ingat lah" and slither like a snake to escape from his illegal act. In the meantime Mahathir is pulling out all the stops in his arsenal to discredit the entire PR Opposition and he has also unleash his rabid dogs of war like that racist Ibrahim Ali et al to create chaos, hate and diversions. Now that is what's happening today here in Malaysia, no ? 

And so IF and WHEN Anwar does come into power as prime minister, he will rekindle himself, remembering the long years as an ISA detainee in Kamunting. He may even kid us to believe its all water under the bridge now, but heck.....this man may say he has forgiven Mahathir BUT we know as humans, he'll never forget that 6 lost years of his life in jail, right ? For Anwar it will be "pay back time" ! And pay you will Mahathir, you will pay dearly for all the dirty actions and crimes you committed for 22 long bleeding years !

The world will watch the best "showtime"  unfolding then ! 

editor's note : I was "taught" to hate not everything or everyone but certain individuals....because I had the best teacher for 22 long years. Thank you Tun Mahathir sir, thank you !

Monday, January 21, 2013

4 "hot' stories to screw up our lives.

1. My blogger buddy Patrick Teoh of Niamah fame gets hauled-up by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) for posting a note on his Facebook page criticising the PAS-led Kedah Government and its guidelines for Chinese New Year performers in the state. (here

 As Patrick had posted on his Face Book page why must these morons demand Patrick to apologise to the public ? Isn't an apology on his fb page enough ? To start with, what the fcuk is happening in PAS and Pakatan Rakyat ? There is a very heavy price PR will pay in the next GE if these bleeding mullahs don't stop issuing unwarranted "fatwahs" curbing every damn actions of the rakyat.    

2. The Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) has ordered the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple committee in Pekan Bangi Lama to reduce its level of noise and cease religious activities after 6pm. (here)
Now is the time to question what is enshrined in the Federal Constitution regarding "freedom to worship". Sure every Christian church, Sikh temple, Buddist temple Hindu temple and Muslim masjid or surau have prayers and at prayer time, bells ring and speakers blast. As Malaysians, for a very long time, we have been generous enough not to make a fuss just so some faithful of another religion can celebrate  and give thanks to their Almighty. It is called religious tolerance. On the same vein can we also kick up a fuss of the Muslim mosque or surau that blasts their speakers at the wee hours of the mornings ? Surely not. Because that is called tolerance. And to command all religious activities and prayers of non-Muslims to cease after 6pm is pushing it. Can we non-Muslims demand the same from Muslims to cease religious activities after 6pm ? This will also mean that the Muslim cease all religious activities after 6pm.  This will also mean end of the 3 azans after 6pm. Fair or  of no deal ??  And why is the rest of the bleeding PR keeping so bloody silent on this ? And that PAS tag-line "PAS for ALL" means nothing, right ? There certainly are many mini mullahs within screwing-up this "tolerance" level for the future of PR and Putrajaya. GE is around the corner. Don't fcuk it up Pakatan Rakyat !

3. Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali has called on Muslims to seize and burn copies of Bibles which contain the term “Allah” or other Arabic religious words.(here)

Mr.Najib Razak is shit scared to touch this ugly village idiot  for issuing such a seditious remark. If indeed 1PM Najib wants anyone to believe his 1Malaysia crap now is the time to prove it. And this "call" by this bucket of shit Ibrahim instigating Muslims to protect their religion by seizing  the Bibles, including the Malay editions  and burning them is akin to a "jihad" against the Christians and the Sikhs. Ironically even the Arabs have no problem with the word Allah used by others, because long before Islam existed, the Christians and Sikhs who had already "found" had a God and used terms like Yahweh, Abba, Allah and Samy. So why is this ugly pug so special and feared by even the prime minister of this country ? Maybe he has got everyone in UMNO by their balls, perhaps ? And it surely cannot be less "dangerous" the my friend Patrick's comparably pale remarks, which he, like the true gentleman he is, apologised for his one frustrated moment of intolerance. 

4. And finally ex-premier and fake Malay, the old and senile Tun Mahathir, confesses of a citizenship-for-votes scheme in Sabah that supposedly occurred in the 1990's, when he was prime minister with the active collaboration of the crooked Election Commission (EC).(here)
So this "nyanuk-man" sold citizenships to any foreigner as long as he was Muslim and promised to vote UMNO to stay in power. Should he not be tried for treason, corruption and impersonating a Malay in a court of law ? 

The above stories alone this past week is enough fodder for the rakyat to chew on till the next General Election. Lets not go into the corruption in this country, Sharizat, Mohamad Taib or the "listen, listen, listen" story that took centre-stage last week okay ? Or you actually might want to migrate to Cuba....btw, did that stupid moronic lecturer Jorah Miskin pronounced it as Chuba ( try ) ?

Shalom and may Allah help us to choose wisely and vote !

Saturday, January 12, 2013

KL #112-in pictures.

There you go folks, the mega gathering ( I dare not say how many ) of peaceful Malaysians all gathered inside and outside the historical Merdeka Stadium. 

One point interest I must stress is the total absence of water canons and tear gas carrying Light Strike Force or FRU and any arrest of the rakyat. With the presence of about 5,000 Unit Amal boys you can rest assured there will be order. Another happy point to declare is that the police have suddenly "matured" or have come to realise that they have been wrongly addressing earlier gatherings with unwarranted use of force. This is the way to go PDRM. Let the citizens meet at any designated place, say their piece and just as soon disperse.

I was also certainly on the look-out for Perkasa or UMNO youth or even suspicious looking Bangladeshis and I must confess there were none. Actually no one dare ! I pity Perkasa if they had even toyed with the idea of being agent provocateurs. This crowd would have swallowed them whole.

 Now enjoy what was the most uneventful and peaceful yet damn encouraging "peoples" rally in pictures below. 

Cheers and have a great weekend !

p.s. somehow I got all the photographs in the opposite sequence. Start from the last photo and work your way up please.

boy oh boy.......what an afternoon....simply great folks. The massive crowd inside the stadium with the boys from PAS, the Unit Amal. Kudos guys !

 It was like one big party... 

 The pertinent statement.

 I was awe-struck....

....inside the stadium....
 This was in the car-park area, the spill-over crowd.

 And of course Datuk Ambiga couldn't resist this bunch.....almost like old times.  

 ...even Ironman made an appearance.....

 And this said it all...Game Over BN !

 The crowd inside the stadium were more interested with what was happening in the car-park area  outside.

 Now this is certainly a suspicious looking "Singh"....didn't quite gel with the rest, no ? 

 meeting of old compardes. Haris and Anteras of "Magick River" fame.  

......flying high on change

 faces of the rakyat who want to take their country back.

ohhh....lookey....what crawled out of the wood work....the Carpetbeggar himself !

 most likely to be PM....say what ?

 ...taking time out to perform their daily prayers....and facing Mecca too.

 and business was brisk.....

 did someone say protests and rallies are bad for business ?

 more stall doing roaring sales....only the lazy one will complain of poor business. Screw them. 

 ...look at all the heavy equipment, but first a hearty meal, okay ? 

the crowd building up as I made my way from the Chinese Assembly Hall....

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm a happy infidel.

The stupid things that are happening in this country is hitting a new high and is getting totally out of hand. We are looked upon as RETARDS by the the world at large, thanks to the  Department of Islamic Development (Jakim) and The Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) and His Royal Highness, the Sultan of Selangor ! 

In fact some Muslims here are more arabic then the Arabs to a point of Talibanism !  But I must say a huge percentage of the average and educated Muslim must be irked and ashamed of the increasingly constant  fatwah bloopers created by a handful of so-called "keepers" of the Islamic faith.

First we have these 2 guardians or bodies of Islam, the  Department of Islamic Development (Jakim) and The Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) refusing to renew the license of The Crystal Crown Hotel in PJ because they have a Chinese restuarant in their premise that served pork, The management of the hotel came up with a signage on all 3 lifts from the basements with this sign board below.  
This was the result but these stupid Jakim and Jais were not happy because they said the signage was not bigger, brighter or at eye-level. So now they want the hotel to put this signage in huge neon coloured and blinking lights I guess. What kind of shitheads do we have running Jakim and Jais ? These morons are not addressing the mega scandals that's chocking this country even once. They don't care if corruption is bursting at the seams of our government. They ignore the fact that every single dollar note in this country has sometime or other been passed on from someone who had eaten or handled pork. They don't think it is haram if Muslim men fucked China dolls for entertainment courtesy of some Chinese "tau-kay" as "kick-backs". They don't mind being paid fat salaries from money earned as taxes from liquor, gambling and gaming houses like 4D outlets. They are blind to the fact that Mahathir's favourite son is a major share-holder of a famous brewery in the Philippines. They are very, very silent when it comes to all the shit that is splashing from the spinning fan in the form of scandals. They also think corruption and rape and murder is okay but pork suppliers must walk up 3 floors to supply the outlet or they will not renew the hotel's operating license. And in case of fire, everyone takes the then ???  

Are we not made to look like a bunch of village idiots in Medieval times ? This is 2013 morons...just in case you mutts are still struck in the Islamic calender ! And that equally stupid Selangor government is keeping their bloody traps shut by not doing anything about this annoying stupidity. Ooiee MB Khalid......damnit.....say something man !

Haram, my arse....damn these hypocrites. For the benefit of the idiots in Jais and Jakim, you morons forgot to check-out the halal "RM88 breakfast outlet" as my late buddy Freedo used to say, situated on the 5th. floor of this hotel. My arse is more halal as it has never swallowed anything haram before, hahahaha !
Read the rest of the story and comments here.   
As for His Royal Highness, the Sultan of Selangor issuing a "fatwah" on the usage of the word Allah, by non-Muslims, the most relevant reply to the irrelevant comes from this Bishop Paul Tan ( here ) and all I can say is Allah....mak, what a duh ! 

And for all its worth go here and draw your own conclusions.
I rest my case !                              

Saturday, January 05, 2013

1comatose re-lived.

The scandals are heaping-up. Sorry, not scandals but accusations and allegations of mega-scandals are piling-up.The spin-masters and cyber-troopers are busy banging away on keyboards refuting or adding fuel to the whole hullabullah. And the elections are a mere 90+ days away. Although campaigning and ceremahs are not in fashion yet any politician from both sides, has with a small audience, makes it a ceremah of sorts for themselves to remain relevant.  An air of pompousness seem to exuberate from them for being privy to inner-circle "facts". That and the chance to spew hatred against the other is enough to be seen as a winnable candidate by their leaders. Or so they think.

The subject of Musa, Deepak, PI Bala, Rafizi, betrayals, corruption, land grab, SDs', cows, jewellery and UMNO is brought up in every conversation in any meeting of 2 or more friends or persons. Political scandals in Malaysia top the list. No politician on both sides of the divide gives a shit if there has been an increase in burglaries in your neighbour-hood or if there are more snatch thieves and robberies then ever before, right now. There's no mercy or any decency left. It's a free-for-all !

And to top it all our 1PM and his beloved FLOM have taken ala Pak Lah's "elegantly silent" stance on all of the above going-ons, and the silence is deafening ! Not a single word to counter those allegations have been recorded. Not one word. Surely  any man or woman who was even remotely innocent and worth his salt would have come out with guns blazing by now, no ? No, but our Mr. and Mrs.1Prime Minister have chosen to ignore or sue these "perpetrators" by brushing these extremely damaging accusations as frivolous barking of mongrels at the moon. 

Or have they actually fled the country to seek asylum in Paris or Ulan Bator ?  Your guess is surely better than mine. 

Have a pleasant week-end. This could be the last "pleasant" week-end before hell freezes over when he finally wakes up from this comatose !