Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Former MCA president Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik's controversial statement that it was not a problem for men to release their "extra energy as long as they don't talk about it or get caught" totally uncalled for.....hmmmm !!!Read here for the full text !

Now come on Tun....when is he going to learn to keep his big mouth shut, huh ? Don't the Tun know his remark might have an adversed effect if not a damned future for this self-admitted soiled "porn actor" with his now possible return to the cabinet ? Is there a hidden agenda for this suggestive remark ? Does he condone such behaviour as being acceptable in civil society ? Is he taking us back to the times of "war-lords" and "emperors" where being in high positions mean sex-romps and orgies where part and parcel of a victory jig , huh ? Wonder what the datin thinks of this....or......she knows too, yes ?

If you are in a high position in the top strata of governance, great responsibility, values and morals have to be maintained and dispensed to the strictest of order ! Only in Malaysia a top leader or minister in charge can get away without being held accountable.....cos ohh....when things go wrong......there's always God to be blamed, right ??

Take for example during Tun Ling's time, the mega-bucks airport had a serious electrical failure with flights interrupted but still he did not resign or when the old Subang airport tower burned, he still did not have to be responsible.....always God took the blame, right ?

In any civilised nation it will be the minister-in-charge who will be the first to hand in his resignation, taking full responsibility ! Now that I dare say... if we are indeed a civilised nation.......sigh ???

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

candle-light vigil for ISA detainees(26-10-2008)

for the third Sunday in a row the candle-light vigil for detainees was again held at the "padang" in front of Amcorp Mall.....these good people could have been anywhere else today ....BUT they chose to be here, with only one silently and peacefully hold a candle in protest of the dreaded ISA !
some decided to launch their musical career here, in humble gatherings to display their musical prowess like young Marcus Gan......and ahem...some help from Bernard...
or Basil Foo could well claim his shot to stardom was launched here at the vigil with his "instant" composition of liberating songs....
a candle is never high enough.....but the light shines through...
MP Santiago seen here with the ever present Bala with Gus Gan and another faithful....
around the campfire..... educational family outing for these young 'uns
and more and more ordinary folks are coming out to lend support and to help shape the future...for you and me, perhaps ?
Mr. Lim .... good man came all the way from JB (check out the number of t-shirts he's bought to take back to his family and friends)....
happy shinning people....listening attentively to poets and musicians on a humid Sunday evening...
camera-shy zorro....much to the amusement on the ladies.....
young and lovely lawyer couple Kelvin Loh and Siu Lin with their little girl Shynee.....glad to have met you both folks and thank you for being there !

and I promise you people....this is the last time I'm using my E71 h/p camera...because I am not doing justice to your beautiful faces with such blurry pictures here.....right ? Cheers.....people, you make things happen, so give yourselves a round of applause for standing up and being there for the RIGHT thing !

Godbless and goodnight !

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Deepavali !!

My family and I wish all Malaysians, here and the world- over a very "Happy Deepavali".....and Godbless !!

*p.s.-I am absolutely confused as to the "real" spelling of it Deepavali, Deepawali, Diwali, Dewali or Divali ?? For the love of all, will somebody please set the record straight......!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lesbians In Malaysia .

As one PKR member of parliament claims that islam is under siege, I think it is being undermined from within and by politicians too !

It is ridiculous when a foreign paper picks out a story like this (here) and makes news of it to create a "fundamentalist" view of our country with "fueled" quotes by our very own fatwah. Maybe they have to look in their own back-yards first before high-lighting stories like this !

I dread to think of the many lovely short haired and decent girls in sports who profess the muslim faith in this country, not to mention those in tight jeans and shirts, we men so like to nod with approval too ! There goes my introduction of beach volley-ball ala Brazil as a sporting event here in our country.... Sheeesh !!!

Where do we go from here now, hmmmmm ....??

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

candle-light vigil for ISA detainees ( 19-10-2008)

songs and poetry-in-motion....
simple and ordinary folks, out on a Sunday night with one purpose....and one purpose only...
to hold a candle and demand the abolishment of the dreaded ISA !
do these people look like a threat to civil society ??
the beautiful people... Alice from "wonderland" with Lokman@ the Flyer and son.....
Haris here thanking everyone present to continue and fight for the hopes of civil society and a better future for our children.....yes, yours and mine !
Haris in his passionate plea for the people to continue the fight for the release of all the ISA detainees...
more sing-along songs... for peace and harmony.
the candles and balloons add to the carvinal-like atmosphere.....
Marina with many colored balloons representing peoples of all races and religions to signify the many detainees.....
and to the count-down with prayers, hope, wishes,thanks and cheers from the ordinary peoples of Malaysia....
she finally lets go of the balloons, quite simply put.........FREE the detainees !!!!

And that folks was what happened last Sunday night at 8pm. onwards at the Jalan Timur field in Petaling Jaya until a heavy downpour drenched everyones clothings.... but NOT their spirit !

Cheers to all who where there ! Godbless !

*p.s.- all photos taken with my h/phone....pardon the "blurry" quality !

*p.p.s- for more and clearer pictures go (here) and (here)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cuba under siege ?

Malay Mail-20 Oct 2008
Terror in Qba
By Frankie D'Cruz Categories: News

Some 50 members of a martial arts group ran riot and wrecked one of Kuala Lumpur’s premier playgrounds for the rich and famous, Qba, at the five-star Westin Kuala Lumpur early on Saturday.

At least 50 others waited in front of the swanky Cuban Concept club along Jalan Bukit Bintang on their motorcycles and in cars as the terror strike took place about 2am.

The men, clad in black, were unarmed and one witness said patrons scurried for safety when the intruders barged into in the packed bar.

“It was terrifying. Glasses, bottles and chairs were thrown all over the place, and three of the thugs jumped over the bar counter and smashed everything,” said a patron, who requested anonymity.

He said it was all over in about 60 seconds.

Black appeared to be synonymous with this gang as the 100-odd members wore black collared T-shirts and black helmets.

Hoteliers said this could be the first time a club in a five star hotel had been wrecked by a mob. The motive for the attack is not known.

Witnesses said some patrons were slightly injured by glass shards that went flying when the attackers broke bottles and glasses.

They said the bar was awash with hundreds of glass shards, adding that chairs and tables were also damaged. The extent of the damage is still being assessed, but the club was reopened later the same day.

City CID chief SAC II Ku Chin Wah said police have detained three suspects and identified the attackers as members of a silat (martial arts) group. More arrests are expected soon.

Ku said the suspects, in their 20s, are under remand to assist investigations into the case, which has been classified as rioting under Section 148 of the Penal Code.

Initial investigations indicated the attack was possibly linked to a “personal” matter.

Police are reviewing CCTV footage in a bid to identify the other attackers.

Checks by Malay Mail revealed that the ringleader is a wheelchair-bound guru who had earlier been spotted with the mob at the Heritage Row on Jalan Doraisamy.

Witnesses said the man was seen being wheeled along the stretch, accompanied by many people. He was also reportedly seen outside the Westin.

The group went to the Westin in a convoy, leading certain quarters to ask how the police could have missed a mob on motorbikes wearing identical attire and helmets.

Further, they said, the police should have been alert to the fact that group members parked their machines by the roadside and left the helmets on them.

Patrons told Malay Mail that security at the club was insufficient and that the bouncers could do nothing to stop the rampage.

The matter will top the agenda at the Westin management meeting today.

Qba is located on the lower ground floor of Westin. It has two levels, the upper being the Latin restaurant and the lower a bar/lounge featuring a band.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Petrol price at RM1.92 ??

Yippeee ! Oil prices will be back to RM1.92 a litre and now we all have a reason to be happy ! Yes as the price of crude oil plummets to below USD70 a barrel ( here) and as our honorable Domestic Trade and Consumers Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad assured us, this would be possible if world crude oil price continued to dip to below US$72 (RM252) a barrel( here).

But wait a minute. Can we look forward to this much awaited today ? Or do we still have to wait till the end of the month for the necessary adjustments ? I for one would love to see an immediate implementation of revised oil prices from the honorable minister before the day is out ! Can I hold you to your word, sir ? My car's running on "empty" sir !

Cheers to the bear and you have a great week-end now, hear !

Monday, October 13, 2008

"so better let somebody else do it lah..."

I was watching Haris' video clip of this all time favorite song of "oneness" and somehow it struck an emotional tug at my old heart. The candle light vigil at the Padang Jalan Timor, P.J. last night was a rather emotional affair for me. And this morning when I heard this old classic again I decided to re-produce here on my blog too !

Yes folks, it's true we've been afraid of too many things we wanted to express for far too long, always living in our "comfort zones" and reminding ourselves of the "trouble" we'll land ourselves and our families IF we asked, IF we questioned, IF we were seen in the public, IF we had been honest in our judgement, IF we have done enough for our children's future, IF this and IF that....always the IF's and always succumbing to the old "...what can I do alone?....I'm only one person and nothing will change, so better keep my mouth shut, I shouldn't rock the boat or they'll put me in ISA better let somebody else do it... ", right ??? Wrong....and last night the ordinary peoples of Malaysia came out bravely to hold a candle-light vigil to demanded the release of RPK and to do away with the moronic ISA law !

For that I thank you all, for coming out of your comfort zone, to take back what was robbed from us ....our RIGHT as tax-paying citizens to ask, demand, question, and maybe even shape the future of our kids rights and most of all to not be afraid to be seen in our company and in public too !

As Gobind and Haris proclaimed at the top of their voices last night with clenched fist air-punching...."we must take back what is OURS..... our rights as Malaysians".........

Godbless all of you !

* I dedicate this posting today to my little baby who turns 11 ! Happy Birthday darling !

Sunday, October 12, 2008

......the lesser of the 2 evils ?

In the blue corner stands Anwar, a man who still vehemently claims of "trumped-up" charges by the former premier but subsequently charged and served 6 years of his life in jail for "sex against the order of nature" and in the red corner, Najib, a man who is presumed linked deeply but swears on the holy book of any such knowledge, to a case of an aide in the "blowing to smithereens" of a foreign national over purported "kick-backs" or commissions from government deals, a much publicised murder trial which is still on-going!

Yes, both have great designs and aspirations to be the prime minister of Malaysia ! And these two are currently ear-marked as the most powerful contenders for the premiership of this country ! Both are prime-minister's-in-waiting in their respective corners ! God......what have we Malaysians got ourselves into, huh ?? Can we bargain or arrange a trade-off ?.......of course not !

As long as these nagging "suspicions" linger on the minds of ordinary citizens, off these two, both swearing "innocent" and denying everything as hearsay and which is virtually impossible to prove too due to the highly "hypnotised" and mesmerised (akin to "idol worship") following, they command plus coupled with their high political profiles, what have we, the simpletons, got ?

Can we, the ordinary rakyat settle for the lesser of the 2 evils....if indeed they are and this stigma of guilt cannot be erased or brought to the open courts with solid evidence in a fair and just trial to implicate one or the other ? Do we put our entire future and faith of this nation in the hands of these two ?? Pheeew....I shudder to think of the out-come, any which way !

Of course, with your permission, we are likened as morons whichever side we choose to be herded in and although they are both still prime-minister's-in-waiting, there still is the questions of innocents in detention for demanding answers and truth on behalf of the ordinary joes and you and I, and the many "interfering" wannabe/has-been politicians waiting in the side-lines for the right time to pounce their two-cents claim in the fray !

What do YOU think or are you denied of an opinion, folks ??? Have a great Sunday ......... and cheers !

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stock Market Warning - LATEST BRIEFS

In view of the recent world-wide Stock Exchange crash, my friend John W.( with input from another W. (not a relative!) half-way across the universe ) came up with some classics which I am gloomily sharing with you...... for the "lighter side" for the week-end......thanks John !!


Malayan Rubber Industries - slipped (baby boom likely)
QANTAS - plunge averted
Olympic High Board - takes a dive
Humpty Dumpty - great fall
Obama Dems - dark daze ahead
Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel - Slip Slidin' Away
Elastic Inds - hold for long stretch
Wet 'n Wild - slippery slope
eBay - sell, sell, sell
Starbucks - off the boil
Avril Lavigne - falling to pieces
Jaguar - headed south
HongKong Tailors - bottomed out
Shell - in turmoil
Airship Industries - blown away
KLG - not a spark
McPalin - Receivers called in
AirAsia - heavily discounted
Meikok & Yaws - heading-up (data check requested)
General Motors - driven down
Speedie Tugging - blow-out expected
Virgin - eagerly sought.................... and my personal favorite....
Malaysian Government Inc. - laughing stock

and finally a joke....................
Judge Judy to prostitute, 'So when did you realize you were raped?'
Prostitute, wiping away tears, 'When the cheque bounced.'

Thursday, October 09, 2008

"don't work for with me"

Well....finally my holy PM has agreed not to contest in the up-coming UMNO elections BUT the man, in the beginning, in 2004 who humbly exclaimed "don't work for with me",( it sounded so beautifully refreshing then, ) still finds it hard to leave without first "promising again" to accomplishing his 5 initiatives ( here) before leaving office ! Can he ? Have you Mr. Prime Minister, been actually listening to the voices of your people for the last 4 years ? You mission now sounds so familiar, my dear Pak where have I heard it before ?

And while we're on the subject of initiatives, might I add a couple more pressing "initiatives" for my dear and spiritual "out-going" PM ? First and fore-most to rid, must be the abolishment of the dreaded ISA ! Surely the good PM must know by now, the matured and educated rakyat's total rejection of this draconian law which is obsolete and not acceptable with today's new media expose' or blogs of the citizenry on the local political arena. If going by the wanton arrests of harmless citizens in the guise of "threat to national security" and the recent March 8th. political tsunami of the people's preference, this is what Pak Lah MUST do away first, before focusing on all other issues. Otherwise my gentle PM will go down in history as the man who slept through his tenure ! Wake up Mr. Prime Minister, it's not too late to "fix" the wrongs and to restore the faith of your people ! This is your last chance !

And next my dear Pak got to rehabilitate the goons in your party, UMNO ! Yes the key word is REHABILITATE ! Better still, get rid of those around you within the next few sacred months, like your 4th. floor lackeys, your SIL,(unfortunately you can't, can you ?) that racist moron in Penang, Ahmad Ismail and do away with kris wielding ceremonies and National Service for youths BUT teach moral studies and unity instead in schools from standard 1 ! Make an example of these charlatans and then leave. Go and spend your retirement with you good lady, sailing the high seas or tending to your beautiful gardens. God knows how fondly you'd be remembered in the history of Malaysian politics ! Godspeed my Prime Minister ....time is not in your hands now, is it ?

And then again I really am wishing you had, from the beginning, kept your rakyat's interest at heart and had listened to the small voices of your ordinary people. I actually liked you, you know ! Is there a remote chance you might do a flip-flop again ? I will be watching and so are your rakyat and the world !

I don't want to talk about your choice of successor yet Mr. PM, until you put this "cancerous-to-the-core" nation which has been on "auto-pilot" for the last 4 years and the 22 years before you, back on it's feet and in order again, in the next few precious months, not just for UMNO or for the Malay race but for all the RAKYAT ! Comprendo ?
Cheers !

Monday, October 06, 2008

If a picture paints a thousand words.....

*only this picture:without permission from delCapo's blog this morning. The following pictures below... which needs no captions, were taken with my camera cell-phone.
The following photos below were taken discreetly inside the Sessions court (while the court was in recess around 1.20pm) of Pete.....we exchanged firm hand-shakes and I cannot remember what I whispered to him....cos it choked me to see him this way, very much leaner, with a generous growth of a silver beard and if you threw a checkered scarf on his head......he'd probably pass-off as Arafat ....or even Ringo Starr, but for the ordinary pair of blue "japanese" flip-flops on his feet ! Sheeeesh...what have they done to him ??
I'm not writing anymore captions for these pictures above !
Godbless Pete, stay strong !

*for more photos go to Haris-here and delCapo- here

something's not right with these pictures .....

Photo 1: taken today at the PJ Sessions court while waiting for RPK's sedition case. I caught this new court-house being built beside the old one. Strange when one sees a developer's flag flying along-side our National flag ! Inovative promotion or making a statement but..... in a government building paid for with tax-payers monies ??? Curiously the absence of the state flag has much to be considered too !

Picture 2:(2-10-2008) Now this is a classic case you'd expect in and around a "kongsi" or a working-class neighbourhood populated with foreign labour forces....but in rich and fashionable Bangsar ??? be exact along Jalan Tempinis off Jalan Ma'arof folks !.......come on lah.... give a break man ! Can somebody tell me if these pictures above are all "semuanya okay ?"

*photos taken with my hand-phone on picture for larger view !

Friday, October 03, 2008

For Pete's sake !

Date: 2nd. October 2008 @ 11.00am.
Location: Kamunting Detention Camp, Taiping, for ISA detainees.
At the entrance of the dreaded camp. On the left is Helen Vatsikopoulos (Presenter/Reporter) of Australian Broadcasting Corporation looking upset at the sight of the camp at the same time smiling approvingly to witness the curious mix of supporters present to lend support to Marina.
They came in their best dresses complete with sun-hats to present Marina with bouquets and warm hugs and wishing her to be strong!
Members of DAP (Taiping branch) including my uncle Joachim(partly hidden in the back-ground and with placard written in tamil) joining Marina and children and denouncing the ISA and the immediate release of all detainees ! Keeping the pressure ON !
Another section of the crowd......can somebody put some names to these wonderful Malaysians who had come from near and far to show their care and support for the abolishment of the ISA ?
The bouquets were aplenty and Marina needed more hands to carry them ! Of course as always Chris was there to "give"a hand !

I'd like to say....thank you so much folks, for taking your precious time-off to come from everywhere (again I was told apart from the many folks from Taiping, a lot of you came from Penang and Ipoh too ! ) just to show your support to RPK and Marina !

I arrived with Dino around 11am at the detention camp followed, in convoy style, by Bernard, Gus & Serena, Chew and Delcarpo from KL and boy.... a sight to behold it was !

What a beautiful sight it was to see so many well dressed caring Malaysians ( my guess was around 200 !) bright and happy crowding around, bouquets in hand and hugging Marina, whispering "hope" into her ears, at the entrance of the now infamous Kamunting Detention Camp( and in my wonderful home-town too....sheeeesh !!)! There were lots of photographers from various media and a handful of tv camera crew too( I was told they were mostly from foreign tv stations.....hmmmm...interesting !)

Of course I also gotta thank the police force (and under the watchful eye of a handful FRU personnel at a distance !) of Taiping under the professional supervision of one Officer Har Mun for a fantastic job, in directing (plenty of curious on-lookers in their cars, some honking their horns, others... erhhhhemm.... well....just giving "blank" looks !!) traffic in an orderly fashion and keeping the peaceful gathering of harmless but determined and passionate Malaysians, safe from being rolled over by passing vechiles ! Once again "thank you" sir !

Everything was over by 12 noon to the harmonious sounds of "NegaraKu" and bidding "good-byes and thank-yous" after which most of us adjourned for a well deserved lunch and some cold beers, including Marina and her family ( and to sample the much promoted "Taiping inche-cabin") to Eden Restaurant in Jalan Kamunting run by my child-hood buddy Lourdes and his wonderful wife, Winnie !

Once again, to all those who assembled in Kamunting Detention Camp.....I salute you ! Selamat Hari Raya and Godbless !

*for "larger" on the picture, please !