Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yet another "untouchable" government officer of "high" position has showed his true colours from that breeding camp for racists that UMNO so passionately promotes....the BTN or in English, The National Civics Bureau ! ( here )

Najib plays the perfect dumbo or maybe .....just maybe, is secretly pleased with these "sacrificial bigots" for coming out to say what he himself secretly restrains from screaming out loud, yes ? That his very own boys are giving so much "slurry" fodder for the Opposition to play to the gallery with and why not, with all these morons within BN Najib sure don't need no other enemies. ( read my 3 earlier posts on this BTN here )

I actually think these scumbags have taken advantage of our DPM's recent statement that he has no power to do anything....and so this ! ( here ) How else can you account for this latest out-burst....don't they read the papers at all ? Opps, sorry.....the MSM hardly carry these kind of stories.......they are too busy spinning their own brand and quota of racist angles to please their respective political masters, right ?

And what has the MCA and the MIC gotta say about these ? Sure they'll come out and pretend ( wink, wink ) to protest but with extreme caution, lest "big brother" UMNO curtails their supply of their "daily fix", no ?

As for that strange picture above, of grown men pinching the other's ears from the back and probably running around in circles to the tune of that oldie "enjit..enjit...semut, sapa sakit naik di atas" or even the "Macarena", well I picked it out of the BTN website in a futile search for an image of that idiot deputy director Hamim Husin. Isn't that embarrassing for adult government servants......to be treated like school kids in these BTN camps ??

And did you say, we the tax-paying rakyat are picking up the tab for this shit too ??

Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Tetap & Berpencen"

Is there such a thing as "permanent government officers" ? As far as I am concerned 'tetap dan berpencen' does not mean 'they are indispensable' and most especially servants of the government (read government as the rakyat or you and me) and even the PM or the DPM.

Remember the many DPM's that were sacked/removed/put to pasture by the great Pharaoh, who now is the self-appointed gate-keeper and guardian of Islam, and who dictated us for 22 damning years ? With this
"groping for excuses to justify" attitude from this DPM( read here ) no wonder we are and will always be at the mercy of our own servants. Servants whose salary is paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of the tax-paying citizenry.

And still without an iota of shame, he continues to say his hands were never tied but he has to observe laws and regulations and the Constitution. For God's sake Tan Sri.....you ARE the Education Minister and you have no clout to put your foot down ?? Does not this slur from the 2 go against all that your boss is advocating for in his 1something something slogan ?

Hello Mr. DPM, you also said
) "all discipline-related matters that involve senior civil servants should be based on administrative regulations and the Constitution, adding that any disciplinary action should be based on fairness and justice".................and then added “Any decision reached should be accepted as well as respected by all parties.”
And you want to convince us to accept that so far these 2 bigot school heads need not be disciplined and that we, the rakyat must accept and respect that decision ?

Very sorry, Sir, right now your decision and inaction is not accepted nor are you respected by the tax-paying rakyat.........think of the hurt, shame and insecurities that was inflicted on those young and tender minds.......so how now Mr. Education Minister Tan Sri DPM....fair or not fair ?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

laugh tax anyone ?

Things are getting more and more shitty....as even cartoonists have become a National threat !! What ever you do, don't ever ever ridicule or walk or even allow your shadow to be crossed on the wrong side of the PM or his wife. So this is how 1Malaysia works. ( here )

With the arrest and remand of Zulkiflee Anwar Ulhaque or better known as Zunar ( picture above) and being paraded around 7 police stations in and around KL and Selangor, nobody is allowed to have a good laugh anymore. And I stand in solemn solidarity with him. ( solemn is stressed- in the absence of humour !)

Ever wondered how our Lat has evaded prosecution all these years for being even more "hilariously more ruthless" in ridiculing the government ? Maybe the government of yesteryear's had a better sense of humour or just did not understand his brand of funnies to really press charges ?

Whatever it is, this has to stop.....errhhh....in mean the arrests ! This new IGP is no different then all others in the past....subservient to the ruling government's short fuse for freedom of speech especially if the joke is on BN or UMNO. But you can say or write anything against the Opposition no matter how serious it is and no one will lift a finger to press charges. The list of criticism is endless and aimed from the senile old ex-premier to Perkasa to racist heads of schools to a DPM with hands tied and from porno stars to "blown-away" Mongolian models. And critics are a dying breed !

With so much of "shit" churned out everyday by this government, the future looks so gloomy and a good laugh at the end of the day is surely a big welcome, but looks like all that has changed because soon laughter will become a luxury when the government impose a gag-tax on it and then only the rich can afford to pay and have a good laugh.....whilst the poor like me will die sulking ! So all you jokers out there.....stop your damn jokes....you're slowly killing me !

Sighhhhhh !

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

goodbye seems to be the hardest word !

Let's do some soul searching here.

Picture this.....you are getting married tomorrow and today you are summoned by MACC as a witness, mind you not by cops but by officers from the MACC regarding your work. It's been a long day of questioning and you're tired and also stressed-out thinking of your big day in the morrow. No matter how close, good or bad your boss is, would you write a "suicide note" ( remember even you didn't know you wanted to commit suicide !) to your fiance'/wife-to-be or to your parents or to your best friend or to your boss ?

Every evening after work, my boss and I wish each other pleasantries like good night or have a nice evening or even GOOD BYE !!! Does this mean that one of us, no matter how stressed-out we are after a hard days' work, is planning not to see each other in the morning or even planning to kill ourselves tonight ? But as in the above imaginary scenario in para 1, even if I actually wanted to kill myself....my boss will be the last person I would write a "suicide note" to.....hey....I'm getting married in the morning....remember ?

You go figure out why you would even write a "suicide note" to your boss .....and tell me, does this even ( full story here ) sounds like a suicide note ?

Goodbye !

Sunday, September 19, 2010

the truth behind race based politics

Playing the race card has been the norm within BN for donkey years. Without splitting and talking for the various ethnic races, politicians were considered nothing. To stir up racial sentiments means a secured position in the respective parties within BN. Championing the races has always been the number 1 criteria for snaking up the ladder in party heirachy. But to bring this brand of crap into PKR or even PR is definitely a big NO NO ! I vehemently condemn and protest !

It sickens and upsets me to know even after 2 and a half years of PR rule in Selangor, this moron, Jenapala Perumal Subaan, supposedly sacked from PKR about a year ago ( here at Nik's blog ), still thinks he can be the mouth-piece to represent the Indians in PKR ! Just what does he think when he says there's no one to speak for the Indians ?

As for the reason this guy thinks he can champion ethnic minority causes could be that still unresolved issue of the word "bangsa" being used in the various official government forms in Opposition controlled states. It is sad that they have forgotten their promise. (Go here and be shocked or surf-on to a host of other prominent blogs then !)

Has the Opposition coalition forgotten that important gathering on 23rd. February 2008 at the then Bloghouse, already ??? The answer lies deep within this "People's Declaration" and it's best all are reminded of what I now consider.....double-speak by politicians !

I wish to be corrected.....but PKR and the PR has a lot of cleaning-up to do before they accuse this Indian moron of "race-base" politics. Can Anwar speak straight and put an end to BN style of vote "rigging" and stop suggesting "Islamic" candidates in predominantly Christian enclaves but let the local Malaysians there or anywhere else decide who's best to represent them by popular vote ?

Friday, September 17, 2010

the hypocrite speakth....

What kind of a silly man will say "we are all sinning if we put our money in conventional banks and collect interests but it's kosher in an Islamic bank !!" ( here ) This rogue of a ex-premier should save his advice for his son about his huge investment in the San Miguel Beer of the Philippines.....has he no shame or what ?

After all the plundering ( he was also know as Mr. 20% after his 2020 vision launch) of this nation and stashing it in some Jew-owned Swiss bank as some say, he now wants to suck-up to the "saintly" Arabs hoping for a "miracle" his haram money will turn kosher just by placing in an Islamic bank!!.....hahaha.....what a comedian !

And we are all sinners again to have a portion of our hard earned salary deducted each month and placed with the KWSP, huh ? His government then and now still uses the rakyat's EPF contributions, without our consent, as "bail-out" money of cronies and invests some elsewhere and the "interest" we derive each year for our money is
"haram", issit ???

Next this senile old man would suggest that if we applied for a safe-deposit box in an Islamic bank and placed a piece of pork in that box...voila !!....that pork will become kosher !!.....Duh !!!

Somebody please tell the Maha Tun to keep his mouth shut as 22 damn years is a long time to forget or forgive....and go do some gardening or play some golf with the "holy" one Pak Lah and let Najib do his job before the very last few of Tun's ardent followers too disown him !

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

living the twilight years....

There's no fool like an old fool or so the old saying goes, yes ? Isn't 22 long years of plundering and amassing millions if not billions ever enough for one man ? And while the rest of us laboured daily to make ends meet just to be above poverty line, this old and irrelevant ex-premier with a bloated ego now blames and curses another old man who has, I must surely say, retired proudly with dignity after taking his country to first world status. What old man Lee had done for his country is not for us to care or is any of our business. That's for the Singaporeans to worry or praise.

We must clean our own back-yard. It's stinking to high heaven already, yes ? No thanks to this aging patron of Perkasa and father of all racists !

Jealousy and hatred is eating away his old and tri-bypassed evil heart for the glowing success of our southern neighbours, the little red dot has achieved, by blaming everyone for everything that went wrong in our country from corruption to poverty to racism and reminders of race riots to become the totally failed state we now are in but never himself ! That's Tun Mahathir for you or still Kutty for others in the little red dot. ( read what this frustrated man has to whine here )

Me....I'm always proud to be a Malaysian first, even with this shit and all. I still live to see this other old quote realised someday soon.....: "we don't have to burn the whole house down just to get rid of a few rats.....we just get rid of the rats !"

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Najib's catch 22 !

'Perkasa is the public face of Umno's hypocrisy and its cunning aspirations for 'Ketuanan Melayu'. Perkasa announces what Umno secretly subscribes to.'
How true it is ! This very comment above in Malaysiakini sums it all up for the 2-faced 1Malaysia concocted by the PM. Again as UMNO claims to distance itself from the racists Perkasa, Perkasa with it's blessings from it's Indian patron, issues a warning salvo that UMNO will loose in the next GE if it did not embrace Perkasa ! Going by the same claim UMNO will loose the next GE if it did too !! You think the other race based groups though irrelevant they may seem, like MCA and MIC are going to come out in support of UMNO's decision ?? They must be suckers and masochists to again submit to such racially drawn trickery ! ( here and here )

Either way the next GE will surely see the end of the R.A.H.M.A.N. prophesy too because this mythical theory holds true as only for those who want to believe it......and there's an awful lot within UMNO who would swear by it. So while time is running out, the many opportunists within UMNO have resorted to go into over-drive and plunder to the max whatever they can lay their hands on. And in these days of instant flashes for news, mostly from the vigilante electronic media, our cyberspace is chocking of such stories and it brings a bad taste to the rakyat's mouth.

Perkasa is headed by a failure Ibrahim Ali who was kicked-out of UMNO then Semangat46 and PAS and reeks of racists. And who better then that old and irrelevant Indian man, Tun Mahathir, to give patronage and encouragement to boldly attack everything non-malay ? One plus point about Perkasa is.......all Malaysians of remote Indian origins and profess Islam as their religion can proudly boast and claim to be part of the 500,000 strong Perkasa now. Has anybody actually seen their membership roll ? Or is that just figures plucked from thin air and is also deemed "classified" under the OSA or something like that ? Hmmmm.....phantoms rule ! ( here )

As for the poor PM Najib who's caught in a catch 22 situation and who's short tenure will end abruptly, come the next GE, has to immediately do away with all race based parties and sincerely unite them as one in the "utopian" 1Malaysia or just plain BN or see the realisation of that prophesy ending the long over stayed welcome of the current, or if I may say so, corrupt government.

Change of power is imminent Mr. PM so deal or no deal, Sir ??

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

"drama" for the festive season

2 "dog-fights" are being played out in our midst, and interestingly enough all contenders are of BN stock with the exception of 1 suspect.

Yes, I'm talking of the sorties between the young up-start Khairy and the racist mongrel Ibrahim and the other between the
"soon-to-be-man-on-the-street" Musa and the "in-the-dark" Home Minister Hishamuddin. ( here and here )

3 of them have agendas and will not tolerate or be belittled in the face of the masses and the other one is comfortably numb as a minister.

What will the out-come be is anybody's guess. In the next few days they'd be bending low in hand-shakes and wishing each other
"maaf, zohor & batin" and everybody will have to play down these "adik-beradik"stories until another "diversion" comes along. Perhaps this "sendiwara" is for the folks to take back home to their kampungs and to mull over it in their warongs and wakafs over their "teh-tariks" before each one tries to convince the other and conclude that the fighting is not as bad as on the PR side.......or so they will be led to believe...but will they ??

May I also take this opportunity to wish you a "Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri" and I'm not asking mere mortals to forgive me ! Drive safe and have a pleasant holiday.
Cheers and Godbless !

Sunday, September 05, 2010

laughter in the court-courtesy of a 'jester' named Abdul Razak Musa !

I am not at all amused but very ashamed of this clip now seen all over the world !

There will never be a bigger bungling fool for a lawyer then this moron who has shamed the entire nation with his stupid line of questioning of Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand in the Teoh Beng Hock death inquest in the Shah Alam court recently. We have been made the laughing stock of the whole world with his display of such infantile quality of a noble profession. I just cannot believe MACC can actually be represented by this incompetent idiot Abdul Razak Musa ! Is he the best the government has to provide ?

I would like to draw your attention to the facial expressions and uncomfortable body language of those present and in sight on the screen. Go on and see the other clips of the inquiry at the end of this clip.

This is the product and living proof that smack reflects on our current education system ! What a shame !

Saturday, September 04, 2010

I am a satirist ?

...for the benefit of the lesser informed/educated see the real meaning of satire below :

Origin & History satire late 14c., "work intended to ridicule vice or folly," from L. satira "satire, poetic medley," earlier satura , in lanx satura "mixed dish, dish filled with various kinds of fruit," lit. "full dish," from fem. of satur "sated" (see saturate). First applied in literary sense to a collection of poems on a variety of subjects by Ennius. In classical L., a poem which assailed the prevailing vices, one after another. Altered in L. by infl. of Gk. satyr, on mistaken notion that the form is related to the Gk. satyr drama

sat·ire    /ˈsætaɪər/ [sat-ahyuhr]
1. the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
2. a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.
3. a literary genre comprising such compositions.

Such is what I am made out to be ....., unless you go by BigDog's definition of the word as "purely fictional" or the MalayMail 's misquote of my definition, which the reporter in question did apologise and promised a correction ! ( here )

I am a so-po blogger and that's what I've always been long before the emergence of the hundreds if not thousands of bloggers, post 2008. Of course I may or may not fit the bill of the real definition of satirist, but I certainly am not writing "fiction" here....so I leave to my readers to decide because sometimes a mischievous or deliberate print of a choice word would direct a reader to brush this blog off as "purely fictitious", yes...... but then again what would so many "cut & paste artists" around today know anyways huh, right ?