Wednesday, November 29, 2006

(Datuk) Nicol David?

Surely, surely, this Malaysian world champion, not once but twice, deserves something more than just a pat on the back. Lesser people have been given a datukship. Let's make her, if we are really proud of her as the PM says here, the youngest Datuk.

At least she will bring back the shine and the pride to the title "Datuk".

"Special Committees"

"We will set-up a special committee to look into this matter !"...........Whoaaa... this is the most popular line used by all (almost all the time, by those who, when being interviewed, by the media) in the government (read any enforcement agency !) when they can't get a grasp of what went wrong OR they don't have the slightest clue whatsoever, of what is going on!!

Why in the first place are they, there for ? You see, by pronouncement of this phrase, they are stalling, in answering the curious (need more time to know 'what the hell, is going on' from their underlings), wasting more tax-payers money, and at the same time, buying time, to cover-up or to clean-up, the so-called 'good' name of that department (as if there is ANY !) and apart from looking stupid ! Not that, we , the humble tax-payers, don't know of this SOP(standard operating procedures) but all avenues are blocked (fire-walled ??) from persons probing further into the matter as there is a gag order from 'way up there' !

For every misdeed, crime or corruption, reported by the public, against a servant of the government,(again, read, any enforcement agency !) the public relations officer-in-charge of that department , dutifully announces, with the same response ! Why, are we, as citizens and tax-payers, deemed not entitled and/ or qualified enough, to judge and point out the mistakes of the government (read whatever you want !!) ??

Give us a break-lah ! Try some new lines-lah, or JUST set -up a special committee to create new catch-phrases, okay ??

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Farewell Fredo-my friend" !

This morning around 5.10 I had a very distressing call on my cell phone, from my friend Tony, and come to think of it, any call, that early in the morning, is never good news !

Yes , Tony called, between sobs, to say his brother, Fredo, passed away a few minutes earlier !Oh my God , this can't be... but I only saw him the other night, at the National Press Club, his usual self, maybe a little slow ( because he had been sick of late with swollen feet, but hey !... nothing too serious !), but still so full of witty remarks and crazy jokes and he was not even having his favorite shot of whiskey or mug of beer !

Fredo Gayondato or 'Dato' Fredo to everyone who knows him, will attest that this is one helluva guy to have in any party ! Always so quick with his jokes and a damn good entertainer, be it singing or stand-up, off-the-cuff, bar-room kinda comedy ! When I asked him what was the out-come of his last visit to the doctors he replied " You know ....these doctors always say I'm very generous and have a BIG heart "!( he actually had an enlarged heart ) Yes...Fred you are a big fella with a big heart..Bless you !

So now...... it hurts...... it really hurts, when you loose someone, who has becomes a 'habit' to you, but I guess God too is bored and depressed, up in heaven,seeing and knowing the mess we are creating here on his good earth, and he needs a really fine entertainer up there, to cheer him up!!!!

To his 2 boys,who also lost their dear mother about 4 months ago, my family and I wish them strength and courage to face the future as they still have the families of uncle Tony, and aunts for comfort and should they seek us, we are here !

Your time is over, here on earth, Fredo but you will always be in our hearts and midst, everytime we raise a glass or two !! Cheeeeers, God Bless and farewell my friend Fredo !!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

World Champions-us Malaysians!!!!

Malaysia must be holding the world record for the most number of world record attempts and entries in the world !

We are so obsessed with creating a name in the Guinness Book of World Records that we will stop at nothing to get a mention there !We even created our own Malaysian Book of Records, remember ?

Why or why is it so important that we strive to hold/set the record to have the most number of people playing "gasing" in media, building the tallest building, cooking the longest lemang, largest dodol, highest flag-pole, largest satay, longest bridge(crooked?), most corrupted councillors , first developed state, most number of people playing chongkak, most number of "solo" journeys (of course accompanied by a tv crew!) to the south pole ,north pole,...(climbing up the tallest flag-pole??) most number of people doing the 'line-dance' in one padang, most number of 'mat rempits' on one single night doing the 'willie' with a 'pebonceng'(or pillion rider!), most number of illegals, deported and returning the very next day with a new and assumed passport, legally and NOW....yesterday, most number of people attending a training session in CPR at one venue or location !!!

What do we expect to acheive by all this crap ? Can all this, change our mind-set when we still over- take on the 'emergency lane' on highways ? Or will it stop us spitting, throwing things like soiled baby's pampers, used tissues, et cetera, out of moving vehicles? Smoke in a 'No Smoking' zone especially in goverment buildings ?( most times the culprits are goverment servants themselves), Honking for no damn reason at the car in front of you if he drove a wee bit slow from the traffic light that just turned green ? "Think" in our ethnic language and curse the rest of the population or still classify each other by our religion or race when filling up all goverment/official forms ????

I remember one year when a foreign poll listed Malaysia as the No. 27 th. "most corrupted country" in the world ! And boy ..or boy ....were we so pissed-off........yes, everyone was, cos we were No. 27 ...... we cannot be 27th.......we have to be number one... yes,yes.. ...surely, we are Malaysia and as Malaysians we HAVE to be............. "numero uno" !! Now you tell me why we have to be number one for all the wrong reasons !!