Saturday, December 30, 2006

Of flag-poles and Poles !

Call me ignorant, but yes, can anyone please tell me how many support personnel accompany Datin Paduka Sharifah Mazlina Syed Abdul Kadir on her expeditions to all these poles she hikes and ski-sails "solo" and now has been honoured and immortalised in the nations postage stamps ?

And why does she have to be funded by the everyday' tax-payers' and not by private corporations like everybody else, for her expeditions with a portion of the sales of stamps and first-day covers ? Look here I'm not being critical or as some will label me "unpatriotic". But seriously I do certainly support any 'daring' and darling of an adventurer undertaking such a dangerous mission just to get our flag, the 'Jalur Gemilang', planted on a barren, god-forsaken sheet of ice where nobody else but fellow adventurers visit. So what are we actually gaining from all this ?

As the DPM said, the government supports anyone trying to boost the country's image !Maybe we should let our "masconaut"(a malaysian astronaut!!!) to float our Jalur Gemilang in space to infinity, when he is out there on his space-walk instead of playing 'chongkak' !

Pray tell me how is this so ? And is she on her own though-out the entire journey or as a little bird told me, she's got her medic, luggage-carrier, publicist/communicator and photographer tagging along her "solo" trip.... otherwise how else can she get all those beautiful shots of her ski-sailing the ice on her own..!!!

The government should really take a damn long look at their priorities and grant due recognition deservingly, and not to anyone embarking on ambitious 'record breaking' feats !

Just wondering-lah....... why that 'sailor' Datuk Azahar or that whatshisname 'English Channel' conqueror or even that Everest climbing duo where not given the same accolade-lah ......hmmmm, thats all..... to all my muslim friends and brothers "Selamat Aidiladha" and to all a very "Happy New Year"!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

"Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year"

This certainly is a cost saving idea too..... this blog of mine! cos you can never say I didn't wish you this Christmas and the new year.

As long as you have been to this site....... "Merry Christmas and a very good New Year"to you !
And even as we celebrate this blessed occassion lets bring to our minds and hearts the less fortunate fellow Malaysians who are in great pain and misery in alot of states with heavy rain pouring everyday and flood-waters not letting up and to all those who have lost their loved ones in the floods.

It is times like these that we are put to our greatest test for genuine humanitarian help from those who lend a helping hand and it broke my heart when I read (here) there was looting and break-ins and hopefully an isolated incident where a rescue boat demanded money for ferrying a family of 9 stuck in the floods !

And that, fellow Malaysians....... we shall keep in our thoughts this Christmas !

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Do'a for SUCCESS !

Helloooooo NSC, Doha was a success and you are happy with the results...huh ? (read NST report here and Bernama report here ). Just goes to show how easy it is to please director-general of NSC, Datuk Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz.

He should be held accountable of this shame !! 8 gold,17 silver and 17 bronze and that makes him so happy ?? You and I know what great sports facilities we have here in Malaysia, curtesy of the already, poor tax-paying citizens.

War ravaged countries with little or no 'world class facilities and ammenities' have produced better athletes than us ? How come Kazakhstan has 23 gold, 19 silver and 43 bronze and they are 4th in the medal tally?Or Iran has 11 gold, 15 silver and 22 bronze making them 6th and Malaysia is NO 10 !!! And this man expects the rest of us, to be "elated" like him while he brags Doha was a SUCCESS ! Helloooo......Datuk, we are number 10-LAH and we are soooooooo happy ???

As usual, we are always fed with lies by these poor excuse for officials and are told the same 'semuanya okay' spin to pacify us, lest we raise the question of 'how much ringgit' of the poor tax-paying citizens' or "public funds" was spent in total to entertain the "entire" entourage to Doha!! Stop it, shape-up or ship-out, all you free-loading excess baggage! We won't accept No. 10 to be a proud and "elated" nation!!! We are Malaysians... remember we have to be NO 1, so go... and make me proud! I'll not settle for anything less !!!

Sleep well, Datuk ! Say your prayers and "Good night" !

Friday, December 08, 2006

A Truely Malaysian Celebration ?

With great interest and renewed hope I read about our PM's wish (here) for next year's Merdeka Celebration as the nation turns 50 !

Indeed this is a very noble gesture coming straight from the man himself but on reading further I see him "instructing" the Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein to ensure racial unity be forged and nutured at the primary school level !

You gotta be kidding me,right?... this kris weilding, fire-breathing, wira melayu thinks he gives a damn about national unity ? Did an exemplary role model thinggy (with a dangerous weapon too !) for all the nations kids to see and exemplify !

Did you also hear what he and a few "young and ambitious" up-starts said in their speeches at that same UMNO meeting ? Or was everyone fast asleep while they bragged about the greatness of their kind for no apparent reason.There was no necessity to touch on racial issues in the first place..let alone talk of the malay race! This is land of multi-ethnic, multi-religious,multi-cultural and multi-coloured nation living in almost perfect harmony! The rest of us citizens in this country are fully aware that only muslims and/or malays belong to UMNO ( we are not morons!).........or maybe that was for the televised live coverage bravado !

To get the desired results for unity at all levels of our society, you gotta clean at the top and if need be, remove or replace these shit-stirrers. I am still reeling from Hishamuddin's oooohh so recent theatricals at the UMNO meeting!! You think he is going to dance to a different tune now?

Monday, December 04, 2006

Sending Donkeys to Doha !

Malaysian football is a damn joke!!(read Bernama report here ).And I am not at the least bit amused !!

And to think our esteemed Sports Minister has got designs to spend millions if not billions of hard-earned tax-payers money on this bunch of maggots who pose as footballers (not to mention the entourage of trainers, officials, therapists, politicians, machais, girlfriends, hangers-ons, make-up artists, parasites, relatives, orang kampongs et cetera et cetera...)

And another clown says we can only improve if our boys trains with the best (that was the reason we HAVE to train in that mega-ringgit sports complex amidst English footballers). Now are the English the best footballers?... I know that the best players are ALL in Brazil ! (oooops! we have to source for a sports complex in Sambaland !!!)

Scrape this dammed sport and let us use the money to finance an English language, sports channel on our local and free tv station, like RTM, giving 24 hours coverage on only sports to educate and entertain that poor kid in that remote kampong or estate, from anywhere in the world BUT here! (not on the other stations, where you have to pay to view! ) At least we will know where our hard-earned tax money is going to !

Are we sure we actually sent a MALAYSIAN team to Doha ?? Just looking at the list of players(correct me if I am wrong) I feel, we sent a 'Thai' and 10 Malays to represent our plural and diverse nation. With all due respect, I'm not a racist- but honestly, is that the composition reflecting our great Malaysia ? Now.... come to think of it, now the world will know of only 1 type of people who play such lousy football !

As I said in one of my earlier posting...."you just can't make race-horses out of asses "!!!