Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Today a child's life was taken away.

Time and time again I have protested that the so called National Service Programme for kids here in Malaysia is there only to fatten a few cronnies and keep some over weight ex-servicemen gainfully employed. Millions of tax-ringgits are spent annually from transport to  food to clothes to rental of camps. All run by some  who's got "friends" in high places. The programme itself is a scam ! 

We are never going to war with anyone. Not in the near future or in this millinium. History has proven that this country is rid of communist with the death of Chin Peng. We have no colonial masters to wage war against, as history clearly says  that Chin Peng took care of that too. The undeclared war between Chin Peng and our then colonial masters in pre-Merdeka days ended with the colonial masters inviting us, as 3 major races, to England to accept our independence. 

Little skirmishes with some rag-tag out-fit known as Suluks from the Philippines  too has ended with some warm hand-shakes and smiles all around re-affirming the Suluks rightful claim of Sabah with our acknowledgement of that annual "rental" fee our government pays to the Sultan of Sulu for the occupancy of Sabah. So there !

Why do we need this silly NS program ? Has any good come out of this 3 month stint a child has to undergo ? All we can see is the children of the lesser people ( read you and me !) has to spend 3 months of their lives at around the age of 17 or 18 and hope to "inter-grate"( a word mostly used by politicians to make them sound intellegent and astute, perhaps ? ) with children of other races when for a given fact, from a very tender age of 5 to 17 years, these same children are segregated in schools by way of the education system, religious systems, at home and in neighbourhoods either by parents or teachers who'd pass of as racists and/or bigots. 

What can these kids achieve in 3 months when we grant them 17 years of a flawed education system ? There's been 22 deaths since December 2003 in these NS camps. Most were by drowning. In 2004 there was a rape of a teenage girl by a guardian of the camp.

Today we read in the news how a child's life was brutally taken away from him for simply jumping a queue during breakfast last Sunday. A murder.

Who wants to tell that child's parents that their son died defending the country ?  Read here .

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The shit we put up with daily !

Here in our country, we have ministers who spew venom/rubbish on a daily basis. The standard reply for any BN minister is "if you don't like/not happy/have issues/think its not fair/want to put a stop/ are against"........ choose any answer in the picture above ! 

Thank you BN and particularly Mr. PMNajib for awarding us with your "scintillating" personalities whom you call your cabinet. 

Shalom !

(for English translation..... ask a friend who speaks Bahasa Malaysia.)

Thursday, September 05, 2013

This one's for you, Sir !

For all you Pink Floyd fans.....understandably this classic will bring back a tsunami of beautiful memories. Certainly one of my favourites. But more importantly, today I want to dedicate this masterpiece to one man. 

- one man many would wish will wake-up to see the mess that's happening all around him. 
- one man who has lost touch with reality. 
- one man who has lost control of his own men.
- one man who has refused to comment on all that shit that's hitting the fans on a daily basis. 
- one man who's very fate and future lies in the hands of his so-called "friends".
- one man who just might be ousted by the many who have daggers drawn before the next election.
- one man with much excess baggage.
- one man who's got a crazy fetish for the number 1 ! 

To you Mr. Prime Minister I dedicate this soothing song.....as it befits your "inaction" to a country gone mad ! 

Turn up the volume to the max, sit back and enjoy this sensation Mr. Najib Razak ! 

This one's on me, for you Sir.