Saturday, September 29, 2007

Nurin a victim of a "snuff" syndicate ?

It is indeed chilling to read this story ( here ), now bring that story closer to home and read Pasquale's theory here of our very own little Nurin.....think it's unlikely, or is there a pattern or some similarities ? With the arrest of 5 persons by our Police with or without the help of the FBI or CIA...... this angle eerily fits the crime !
The police are in too damn a hurry to throw the book at all or any suspects and wrap-up this case which has drawn too much bad publicity and criticism from all a point of questioning the Polices' priorities, credibility and integrity. First it was a suspect arrested in Jalan Ampang but was vehemently and quickly denied by the authorities and the reporter was hauled-up for being over-zealous in his job......then now these 5 suspects and their 5 hand phones !!!
Why wasn't anyone picked-up during the 30 odd days that little Nurin went might want to ask ? The IGP together with a few other "distinguished morons" were quick to initiate criminal charges against the parents for negligence..until the good and holy PM stepped in ! Where there no leads to work on at all or were the Police just too busy "solving" other high profile cases ?
Let us tread carefully but surely with the help and assistance of the several "crime" agencies from abroad and our Police, with the blessings of the Internal Security Minister......we'll see justice to the wanton savagery inflicted on an innocent angel named Nurin Jazlin Jazimin .
In the meantime remember.... Nurin is in a safer place than Malaysia... and I surely can't say the same for you folks....that's for sure !
Amen !

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

the penguins walk....!!!

pheeeeeuit, guys... angelina jolie look-a-like ? (courtesy of Tan A.K.)
the long march.......
even Mother Nature was furious and crying .......of the rotten state of affairs ?
on my right, niamah, and left, zorro, rockybru and mr. anonymous.
all along the boulevard......
police presence as early as 10am
FRU presence too !
a part of the crowd-recognise anyone ?
from another angle of the early crowd around 11am around 11 am- a YB (yang berblog) politician at work !

The battery in my digital camera died about this time..................sigh ! (click on photo for enlarged viewing)
The top 5 photos were uploaded from around the blogs for your viewing pleasure.thanks-27-9-07

Whooooa........the winds of change is blowing, people and today I was in the thick of it at the "penguin walk" from the Palace of Justice to the holy Prime Minister's office in Putrajaya, a walk mooted by the Bar Council of Malaysia to hand the PM a "petition of dissatisfaction and rot in the judiciary" and yes !... I must say it was awesome people, to actually see hundreds and hundreds of learned people of a very noble profession coming together in solidarity and braving the numerous road-blocks all the way to the designated meeting point at the Palace of Justice or POJ, from as early as 9.30am. because that was about the time I was there !

5 buses ferrying lawyers , NGOs and other supporters, from Kuala Lumpur were denied entry ( another way to frustrate the marchers !) about 4 kilometers from the POJ and they all had to walk in the sweltering heat of the morning. By noon the crowd had swelled to well over 1,000 and the peaceful march began.......the start of a new day with the crowd chanting "justice" and "sack the CJ" to " rotten judiciary" !!

Heavy and threatening presence of the FRU in full battle gear plus M-16 and tear-gas weilding personal with the aid of a helicopter spying from the sky was the order of the day ! And one moron recently commented on my blog that the police don't take orders from the politicians ! sheeesh !!

What made me feel real good later on, as we slowly marched in the heat, the entire 1.5 kilometer from the POJ and gathered near the PM's office was in the "oneness" of this marchers as only 4 representatives of the Bar were allowed to proceed to the PM office from there on ...... and just as suddenly I was soaked to the skin by the unexpected thunderstorm that lashed on all !

The stand-off by the FRU personel barricading the entrance to the stairs to the good PM's office against the marchers, was admirable even as they observed the holy month of Ramadan fasting, first in the blistering heat.... then in the lashing storm....! But more so the brave marchers comprising mostly lawyers, bloggers, NGO's, journalists, activists, ordinary Malaysians and well-wishers who never weavered or moved away to shelter, under such horrid weather conditions ! Because they want to see changes in their lives and that of their loved ones !! And the chanting for "justice" continued.......

There is indeed a new wind of change blowing through the corridors of power and this certainly is a "wake-up" call to all pretenders, parasites, plunderers, slumberers and hippocrites !

To all who walked today......I'll raise a toast to you ! Cheeeeeeeeers !

*updates in some foreign press here and here and more here

Monday, September 24, 2007

Stop this rot....NOW !

It all started with a footage of a 8 minute conversation, showing a "lawyer tainted with scandalous history involving questionable dealings and conduct that brings disrepute to the legal and judicial professions",talking on the phone.......a very damaging call indeed, recorded in camcorder.... has been released and now the ever-present cancerous rot in the judiciary....has the wrath of the good and holy PM, Bar Council and ordinary YOU !!.... Malaysian !

As usual the denials are there from all around......what fools ! Thats what this government and the powers that are, think you are ! A fool ! Just how long are we to go on pretending.........???

Now try and explain the mess in our courts, the verdicts handed down for the 37 charges in the Deros' "ala Klang palace" case, the throwing out of highly sensationalised murder, corruption, abuse of power and graft cases for sheer lack of concrete evidence (whether tampered or not ?), fortunes paid out in compensation for certain blue-eyed boys "within the circle" and the police force at the back and call of other VIP crooks who have "afternoon tea" with top-notch cops !

Everyone in power, from Shahrizat to IGP Musa Hassan and the latest being Nazri Aziz, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (read Nuraina's here), is echoing the threat to charge little Nurin's parents for negligence now ........why, so that they can feel better in knowing they are more capable then the other moron beside him ? Sheesh !

I am walking ( here ) with my fellow Malaysians, come this Wednesday, 26th. September 2007 at 11 am to the PM office from the Palace of Justice (if this "palace" has any meaning at all !) NOT because of the video footage but because of the known ROT in our judiciary !

I need to make a difference !

Friday, September 21, 2007

In memory of little Nurin !

With wrenching pain in my heart I cautiously ventured into the archives to read about these 3 little angels in the photo above who have had met similar or even more horrific ends at the hands of social-scums who have this hell-bent fetish to inflict undescribable pain on innocents ! ( read here ) Or even Pasquale's theory on the !
It brings us back to the many other children who have dissappeared but have not got the same amount of publicity as these above and a few other more recent and popular highlights like little Yin and the 2 little Kampung Baru girls who are luckier as be alive,( even if they were abused sexually and physically !) as the entire nation cried foul of their dissappearance !
Why were those other kids (about 5 of them ) featured on the same full page as little Nurin,(on the day they splashed the photo of the dead girl on the front page) NOT given as much prominence and with nation-wide searches conducted by the many various organisations hitting the streets, distributing phamplets and forming search parties ? Are their lives not as important ? It is every parent's nightmare and are their families not important enough ? Is it because they were of a different race or ethnicity ? Or is this the media's way of playing-up of a certain type of peoples as being less responsible in taking care of their children ? Are they going to open up these other "missing" kids cases or have they forgotten about them altogether ? What are the police doing about these other lesser children of God ?
I'm writting this post after a certain gentleman ( mind you...he's a nice malay gentleman !) grilled me and dared me to answer all of the above questions ! I too am a parent and I fear for my kid's safety daily and I have no answers !
Do you ?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Mat Rempits rule...ok ?

Shocking and disgusted !! that's how I feel....just how bold and arrogant can these scums of society get ??...and imagine 2 "innocent" and armed-cops being kicked and beaten-up by "mat rempits" in full view of dozens of curious on-lookers ! read here !

People, this is the regular scene in every corner of the country...from big cities to remote villages...come the week-end all our "youths" seem to go into a crazed the need to pump-up the adrenaline level to a point of a "high".....coupled with some easily accessed drugs and a ready and willing, female "chick" to boot....hmmmm.... why not !...gonna get their kicks the best way they know !! Always travelling in packs too....see, there is unfounded "guts" and "power" in numbers, you know, and with whatever little risk known, scrounge the night-streets for their cheap 'week-end' kicks ! Anything goes...bully and hurl lewd remarks at any motorists staring at their antics, do stupid and precarious stunts at high speed, ride dangerously through red-lights, weave in and out of traffic, snatch hand-bags or hand-phones from unsuspecting victims and irritate all other road-users especially women, irrespective of race of age ! And when caught, their parents would swear their kids are innocent and were very mild mannered and fillial children at home !

There have even been cases when 2 motorists, involved in an accident, out of nowhere come these "mat-rempits" to intimidate one of the motorist and extorting, robbing and even beating-up the motorist without the other motorist (involved in the accident ) even knowing or being associated to, with the "mat-rempits"....they take it upon themselves to be judges and executioneers in metting of punishment.

After-all these "mat rempits" do have the blessings, endorsement and encouragement of the UMNO putera "top-guns" and an awful lot of silent sympathisers within certain quarters of the government...right ?

Let me suggest a novel way to stop this menace on our "trigger-happy" sharp-shooters (or snippers !) at strategic points at cross-roads all over town on Friday and/or Saturday nights and take them out as the ride past.....and if they run-out rubber bullets ...I think the majority will agree with me and not protest if they actually used live bullets ! I don't see why not? was generously used and for a lesser "threatening" situation in the so-called recent Trengganu riots, right ??
*photo courtesy of mob1900

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Menace in the streets !

It's funny how some people will go to great lengths to explain away a problem rather then to take the blame graciously and immediately go about solving the mistake.

Yes, Mr. Sammy, we now know it was the rubbish that was strewn on the roof of the august house by irresponsible contractors that caused the roof to leak but what can we do about the "rubbish" that is terrorising simple folks and the leaks in enforcement in safe-guarding your kinfolk in certain parts of the Klang Valley ?

Right now the gangster problems in the Klang Valley by a certain minority race is really at a 'daring' and alarming state...if you've read about the way armed youths attack families especially women-folk in the middle of the night and create numbing-fear and damage to properties and vehicles, in gangs too big for a few meek to retaliate ! Revenge attacks targeting the innocent....ala...Malaysians of Indian origin "gangsters" !

How do we put an end to this "terror" ? Do we go after the "head"? Are the police too afraid to catch these scums who roam in packs or are are they "closing one eye" so that these gangs will wipe each other out and thus have one "Malaysian of Indian origin" less ?

Will the leader of the pack, Mr. something before they entirely cancell each other out and you'd have no more of your faithful voters.....and I'm told too, you'd be robbed off your pants if you walk alone in certain "tamans" in Klang at that true ??
*photo-courtesy of Mob1900

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

So you think you are 50 erh ?

So we have turned 50 yes... yeah..yahooo ? Great to be 50 years old...but did you see ( or didn't ) the aftermath of the celebrations, the sights the tv cameras didn't show or the ugly reports not printed in the media or till later ??

Sure we can all act and talk like we're 50 and matured to stand up with the rest of the world and condemn anyone who criticise us....yes, but remember people...IF you don't think like a 50 year old , we are no better from the day we were born.... infantile, immatured and in other words just KIDS !
Just a few minutes ago I was at the Brickfields Post Office and with an envelope to buy a postage stamp. I had a number and was waiting my turn and after about 20 minutes (this is considered fast...and it is a shame the postal service has never improved in their service counters from way back then...that's why we all resort to alternative and super-effecient mediums - emails !) sorry to digress, but when my number was finally called, and by the time I could reach the counter, there was this burly fellow already talking to the staff manning the counter. I asked the staff at the counter at the same time flashing my number, why he was entertaining this moron, and looking sheepishly the postal staff asked the moron for his number. Yes he had a number but it was 5 numbers after I curtly told him to go back and wait his turn..(No...he was not blind, old, physicaly handicapped....well perhaps mentally...or even a lady !) So what was his problem ?? Just a plain idiotic Malaysian with an atitude, that's all !!! It's the mind-set people......the mind-set !!! We have not evolved much from that portrait on the top-right hand corner of this post !!

And that folks is one of the ways to be responsible and matured in our way of life......others are like throwing rubbish ANYWHERE...even from moving vehicles and spitting anywhere we please...most especially at public eateries, dashing across the road even if there is an over-head pedestrian bridge or never at designated places at junctions just to name a few ! Sad indeed to say we are 50 years old when our mind-set has remained on freeze-mode at 5 !
God save Malaysians !!!