Saturday, November 24, 2012

of incy wincy "hard-ons" and others !

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak urged Malaysians to continue championing the rights of women and take the necessary steps to eliminate all forms of violence against women. 
He said Malaysia has a strong track record when it came to women’s rights and he was proud of the progress made so far in ensuring equality in the workforce and government.......(continued here
I want to ask him only one 1question. How can he brag about such claim when he cannot or dare not even reprimand/take to task, his own men who utter down-right filthy and uncouth sexist remarks against women (read here). And even more alarming is when one actually looks like a retarded toad. 
In UMNO such lewd innuendos seem to draw much laughter and encouragement from fellow party members both male and female when the person in the mischief is from the Opposition. And Najib thinks this is fair game, yes ?  And mind you there has been many such sexist and vulgar remarks hurled subtly at the fairer sex, irrespective of age or race. Bung Mokhtar was infamous for vulgar most foul on many occasions and the picture below, note the jubilant expressions of those surrounding this chief minister who was slam dunking one open palm on his other clenched fist. Amused ? 
Now Mr. Prime Minister, what were you saying about respecting and protecting women and their rights in your speech titled “Eliminating Violence Against Women” to mark the United Nation’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women tomorrow, on your latest 1Malaysia blog posting, sir ?

I leave you dear readers to refresh my memory and invite you to add the many misdemeanors of our so-called "respected" and elected representatives with an instant "hard-on".  Shoot. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mr. PM....please don't beg from "pariahs", sir !

Give us new mandate, Najib tells Indian community


Najib being greeted by residents during the national-level Deepavali gathering in Sungei Siput on Saturday. Najib being greeted by residents during the national-level  
Deepavali gathering in Sungei Siput on Saturday. 
SUNGAI SIPUT: The Government will intensify efforts to help the Indian community and the people should give it a new mandate, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.
You mean "pariahs" ( me included ) must vote for your BN before you intensify efforts Mr. PM ? What "efforts" have you taken in your education system about me being labelled a pariah in the "Interlok" school literature text-book, sir ? 
"We have done a lot for the Indian community but it is, however, still work-in-progress.
Yeah....right ! 55 years ( while everyone else is pensioning-off ), of work-in-progress and yet you allow your education system to brand me a "pendatang" and a "pariah".....nice one, oh mighty-one  !

"If given a new mandate, I assure that we will continue and intensify our efforts to help the community," he said at the national-level Deepavali celebration at Ladang Infoternak here on Saturday.
As usual "brokering" a "deal -or-no-deal" offer, Mr. Najib, sir ? Just what do you really think of us Malaysians of remote Indian origins.... bohkanas ??? As your former premier, the corrupt Tun Mahathir confessed... "better the devil you know.......", story ah ? 

He said the Government had allocated a lot of funds to help Indian students in pursuing their education at all levels.
"The Government has approved RM500mil for SJKT since 2009.
"We also gave out RM100 to each Indian students and will continue to do so next year," he said, adding that six Tamil schools had been approved for Johor, Perak, Selangor and Kedah.
But isn't that the responsibility of any government of the day, sir ? You and I must expect that and more even if PR became the government of the day, no ? Education, health care and safe and conducive environment for ALL  tax-paying citizens irrespective of cultural and religious back-grounds ? Didn't your father teach you that, sir ? Didn't you learn that at St. John's Institution too, sir ?  
"We have also given full scholarships to 100 students to continue their Masters and PhD," he added.
Same blah,blah,blah reply as the above comment.

Najib said that about 6,590 Indians were given citizenships through the MyDaftar programme in February.
So Mr. Prime Minister sir, you're actually thinking these 6,590 pariahs are going to vote for your BN, huh ? Nice thought sir, BUT I'm sorry to say you're wrong. As long as your education system reserves their  right to continue and  teach our young minds about caste, race and religious via "Interlok" and your constant reminder of instilling "FEAR" of a recurring May 13 and unleashing bullying thugs in blue uniforms to disrupt and arrest innocent citizens exercising their basic birth-rights in this country of can only bank your hope on those Indons and Banglas your EC has instantly "cooked-up" for you. I most certainly hope even these alien "mercenaries" you so hope on, won't sell you out for a better deal. 
He reiterated his hope to wrest back Sungai Siput from the Opposition.
Dream on sir.....just hang on to that dream. I too sincerely hope you can trust pariahs ( again yours truly included )

 "This is where Tun Sambathan and former MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu had represented the people. "We are confident and believed that Sungai Siput is prepare for a change when the time comes," he said.
So you do admit Sungei Siput must prepare for change, yes ? You forgetting Sungei Siput, by some strange "magic" of yours, is still in your BN state of Perak, sir. 
And so I guess your dad's old compadre Sammy also didn't bitch about the "Interlok" issue to you, huh ? Hmmm..either he's shit scared of your Perkasa boys or he is very happy to be classified a pariah ( as per your education system) I guess. But I am sure if Tun Sambathan  was still alive, we Malaysians of remote Indian origins would have seen the light of day a long time ago, just as many heads would have rolled in your education ministry re:"Interlok" issue.... and you, my dear Mr. Prime Minister won't have to stoop this low begging votes from pariahs.

Take care, and pleasant "dreams", sir. 

*parenthesis in red, mine.     
** click on STAR headline for link.

Monday, November 12, 2012

tested and verified ?

I was born a Catholic in Malaysia but I cannot/dare not lay claim to be living a good Christian life at that. I cannot quote any verse from the Bible although I did read some but I am very bad with numbers. I marvel at any "miracle" and will be happy for the believers yet prefer to be steadfast in my own beliefs. In other words I cannot be easily convinced or converted. To a Muslim I am an "infidel". I have no problem with that tag. To moderates and friends I'm a brother. And to you my dear reader, don't be too hasty and judge me a persona non grata Catholic....unless you are sinless.(the parable of Jesus and the prostitute against the "holy" pharisees comes to mind from somewhere in the Bible !) Otherwise I hope I can considered myself a Catholic.
The above images or apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary that appeared on the glass windows at the Subang Medical Center in Subang Jaya is the talk of the Catholic community at mass this morning and throughout the Catholic community in Malaysia. This "apparition" sighting has caused much chaos and traffic jams over the weekend around the Subang Jaya area inconveniencing plenty. Now news of this "miracle"  has also gone viral via social medias and some foreign news-portals have picked it up too. But the Catholic Church in Malaysia is withholding an official comment until the image is "tested" (I really don't know how  or what they're going to do the testing here) and verified by theologians and church authorities. 
See here and here for the full story. 

But of course you won't read about this "miracle" in your local daily like the Utusan Malaysia or Berita Harian until it "spins" out of control, right ? 

With all the "cooked-up" crap we read of in our main-stream dailies, from the recent Nurul's declaration (here) to Guan Eng's alleged "Christian state" (here) how are the Islamic authorities (especially the state religious body or JAIS ) going to handle this issue ? Will they be fearful of mass conversions and unnecessary persecution of innocents or are they going to be matured and civil about such sightings. A steadfast and secured believer of any religion needs not worry about out-side influences but an insecured and weak minded person will certainly go on the defensive, no ?

So my point is, will these so-called church theologians come clean or will they be "coerced  and compromised" to be politically correct in  this once secular but now Islamic country (as that corrupt and racist ex-premier Tun Mahathir had declared) on their observations and "tests" as to verify this "miracle" ?  

Will they say its a plot hatched by Guan Eng and company to pave and "christianise" the road to Putrajaya or will they say its a hoax by the hospital authorities to hasten the sick Catholics of the country to seek treatment here or will they say it was the genius stroke of fraud to hood-wink and convert the Muslims ? Whatever the outcome, I hope I can still be considered a Malaysian Catholic without prejudice.

Shalom ! 

Divali or Deepavali...Obama joins me to wish all.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Veteran's Day Special

This Sunday 11th. November is Remembrance Day or Armistice Day or Poppy Day or Memorial Day or Veterans Day. The photos above don't need any words and show of elderly citizens who once had served  protecting their country and are a proud and dignified lot.

So for this Sunday's Veteran's Day celebration, the government must slot a special performance by the one and only so-called "veteran's" team of 1Malaysia butt dancers in their program for all the world to see.


To all other soldiers (irrespective of rank) who have served the  King and nation with pride and honour,  I salute you and wish  you  
                             "A Happy Veteran's Day" 
                                   and "Thank you"

Friday, November 02, 2012

mother of all UMNO quotes !

“I am a rich man, I am powerful, good-looking, wealthy... So what can I do? My son has also asked me - Pa, is it...? (I tell him) Look, you are my son.
“It doesn’t bother me, I am popular... you know, I have film star status here. A celebrity... not a local one but Hollywood level... there is nothing I can do if they want to follow me,” he said.

Pheeeweeet, you da man Nazri ! the full story here  and for an UPDATE read this story here !