Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Can we close Petaling Street after Jonker Street ?

Why not ban all "pasar malams" (night markets) through out the country ? I think pasar malams frustrate motorists everywhere in the country. These pasar malam traders who are actually part of a bigger syndicate think they have an absolute right to set up shop anywhere they please. 

Imagine a poor bugger who buys an expensive shop-lot in some "taman" ( housing estate) to start a business or a mini-market and with bank loans to pay. He'd need all the business he can get to stay afloat and he'd try and keep prices low to lure customers from his competitors. Then all of a sudden on a certain day of the week he sees some damn idiots setting up stalls right in front of his shop and in parking lots he'd thought was specially there for his customers' convenience. All of a sudden the place is crawling with all kinds of traders. From smut VCD sellers, cheap footware and attire, crazy music blasting from huge speakers, food-stalls, knick-knack flea marketeers  to even  sea-food catch from the wet market bought yesterday but well refrigerated and half dried green vegetables. All the stuff that he'd been are selling in his mini market but at a lower price than him. How'd he feel then ?

Pissed off, right ? If all this has been tolerated by our middle and lower class society for years, ( funny you'll never find these "pasar malans" in fashionable Kenny Hills or Damansara Height or Bangsar where the elitists and ultras live ) why do we now suddenly have the urge to be rid of them now ? Is it because they are all manned by foreigners such as Banglas or Indons ? But heck, they have always been run by Indons and until recently the Myanmars. So why the fuss now ? 

And coming back to the closure of Jonker Street on Fridays to Sundays in Melaka. Are these 3 days not the busiest days for business when tourists from as far away as Singapore and Europe come to spend their weekends and tourist dollars in historical Melaka ? 

As the newly appointed Minister of Tourism, Nazri stands by and allow such closure from taking place. Jonker Street IS the main attraction in the state of Melaka no ? Surely he can over-ride the state officials to retract that law, no ? It would be his first mistake as Tourism Minister if Nazri allowed the closure of Jonker Street unless he will also decree henceforth the closure of all pasar malams and also the notoriously infamous Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur too ! 

Would he have the guts to do that ?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Living life in denial....

6. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Malaysia also takes pride in its spectacular landscapes, a culture that begs to be discovered and explored and… a history of violence that made way too many victims. Presently, the state’s capital is said to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world, as the crime rate increased with 70% in the last three years. It wasn’t a peace on Earth display before either, but now things seem to keep getting worse. 
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Monday, June 17, 2013


Take some time out and reflect on the above "sins" you have or are about to commit ! I may have done some or most at different times of my life....or I may just lie and continue like I'm a saint ! Any which way you choose you know what you have done, right ? And that MAN up there knows, ok !

Cheers and happy reflecting !

Monday, June 10, 2013

The witch-hunt begins.....

I dread the day this "Malay first, Malaysian second" DPM Muhyiddin Yassin takes the rein as Numero Uno of Malaysia. That will also be the day Malaysia literally descends into the cess pool we now hover over. 

This simpleton who was once a lowly government servant is definitely not prime minister material with his kampung mentality. He should stick to heading branches in small towns as "Ketua Kampung" or UMNO head in a kampung. Here he's showing his true colours of a kampung valla !

How is he ever going to unite all the races with his vile hatred for anyone who voted for the Opposition ? Are we too not tax-paying citizens who contribute to the daily running of the government machinery. Does voting for anybody other then UMNO a crime punishable by neglect and/or banishment? Will he be a prime minister for ALL if he ever does take over the top position in UMNO and eventually becomes a PM ? Don't think that would happen or he would do it ? Be warned....the witch-hunt has begun !
Its a frightful thought imagining this self proclaimed "Malay first" ruling a secular and culturally diverse nation like ours with any fairness or righteousness. Gone will be the so-called dream of non-Malay Malaysians who will readily lay down their lives for their Malaysia.  Looks like Najib's 1this and 1that was merely lip-service indeed played to a gallery of idiots, no ? 

Watch the DPM clip below and decide for yourself.