Thursday, August 30, 2012

Haka anyone ?

I've always been fascinated with this native Maori Haka Tribute of New Zealand. Fierce and threatening facial expression and swift hand movements ending with quivering fingers and tongues stretched to the maximum, ala Mick Jagger, and eyes popping out like Marty Feldman, adds to the message for the interpretation of the audience.

Malaysians will remember All Blacks of NZ most of all when they did the tribute before a rugby game, anywhere. Of late this tribute ( remember Haka is not referred to as a dance but a tribute. Don't ask me why !) has been adopted by many countries.

Below I give you 2 versions. The first clip is of course performed by members of the New Zealand army personnel for a fallen comrade. The second is performed by our very own boys in green with a pinch of local flavour to boot.

Happy Merdeka Malayans (remember Merdeka is strictly for the Peninsular only !) and Malaysia Day is September 16- the day we will celebrate together with our brethren in Sabah and Sarawak.

Pump up the volume and enjoy !

Lyrics with translation below.

Ka mate Ka mate
It is death It is death

Ka ora Ka ora
It is life It is life
Ka mate Ka mate
It is death It is death

Ka ora Ka ora
It is life It is life

Tenei Te Tangata Puhuruhuru
This is the hairy man

Nana i tiki mai whakawhiti te ra
Who caused the sun to shine again for me

Upane Upane
Up the ladder Up the ladder

Upane Kaupane
Up to the top

Whiti te ra
The sun shines!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yes Mr. Prime Minister....way to go !

Yes Mr. Prime Minister, you're right ! We the rakyat are certain that we will make the right choice of not voting in a party we are NOT certain of. You have our solemn promise on this. We are a matured people with diverse backgrounds and know the devil well.

And we will most certainly not flirt with the devil for various reasons even you, in your busy political schedule, disbursing money, like it was yours, know. ( read here )

We will not vote for a party which treats the "People First (not just one particular type of people BUT all Malaysians irrespective of race, religion, culture or creed ) Action Now" as mere lip-service.

We will not vote-in a party which screams of the ethopian 1Malaysia which actually means 1Malay. (and even that too as ONLY Malays in your party !) as a national slogan.

We will not vote for a party which "sells" our country and citizenships to aliens for a promise of votes in return to any one party.

We the people, will not vote-in a party that robs and rapes its citizens to enrich a few favoured ultras close to the inner circle of the higher ranks in any particular party.

We will not vote for a party that lies through the teeth claiming the crime rate is but a perception in the minds of the simple, frustrated and angry citizenry.

We will not vote-in a party that robs the original natives of this land (here and in West Malaysia ) and their native rights and alter and fabricate history in the national education system to suit their agenda.

We will not vote for a party that is corrupt to the core and continue to think the tax-paying citizens are plain stupid and have no understanding on how to run a country.

We the rakyat will surely not vote for a party that suppresses religious freedom and freedom of speech.

We will not vote for a party that uses race and religion to sow seeds of hatred and divide the peoples of our multi-national country as has been from the time of our founding fathers.

We the tax-paying people of Malaysia, will also not vote-in a party that blatantly manipulates the electoral roll system to cheat and coerce the police from acting without fear or favour to safeguard the neighborhood and protect its citizenry.

And yes Mr. Prime Minister, thank you for openly sharing this gem of an idea with us, mere simple tax-paying citizens of Malaysia, AND we will certainly not vote for a party that protects and harbours idiotic self-serving ministers, robbers, racists, gangsters, hypocrites, bullies, fanatics, embezzlers and religious bigots.

Mr. Prime Minister, we, the citizens WILL wake up, perhaps to a new Malaysia tomorrow as we will indeed cast our votes wisely come the next general elections.

We may even vote the sweet talking fool we don't know for the next 5 years then the devil we have known all our lives !

Good night Mr. Prime Minister, and thank you.

Godbless Malaysia and all Malaysians, where ever you are !

Saturday, August 18, 2012

...soreneh kateh anjedhi....

Most of us have sometime or other visited government agencies all over the country. But have you ever noticed how the landscape and plants are neatly trimmed and cared for ? Even as you drive around town especially in the big cities, the roads that have trees or potted plants in boxed concrete beds in the divider are well maintained and groomed. Some take pride in their job while others do it because IT'S A GOVERNMENT JOB LAH !!......and they look forward to a secured monthly pension upon retirement !

Who do you think "packs" this category of menial jobs within the government ? Have you also noticed one particular ethnic group is always recruited for these lowly paying jobs within the government like toilet cleaners or janitors, gardeners, drivers and peons ? These are also the lowest position in the myriad of jobs in the government administrative system. And which also brings me to a point of this post with regards to a yelping "pariah" who claims to be the leader of this particular ethnic group-MIC president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel. ( read here )

G.Palanivel, who is also one of the ministers in the Prime Minister's Department claims to have brought up the matter of Malaysians of remote Indian origins not being selected for upper echelon positions of the government services many times to the Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak too.

But may I remind this moron Palanivel, that is the only way the BN government ( read-not MIC, MCA, PPP, Gerakan or any others in the BN coalition but UMNO ) looks and treats pariahs ! Yes I say pariahs because that is what this BN government ( again read the definition as above ) thinks of all you so called Malaysians of remote Indian origins and they have even gone so far as to add insult to injury by educating kids in government schools via "Interlok" the "literature" text book today and yet these so called leader of Malaysians of remote Indian origins has never protested nor withdrew from the BN coalition altogether but choose to remain with BN ( again read the definition as above ) as their subservient and lowly mongrel who'd suck-up to anything his "master" demands ! And he is the leader of MIC ? So who are you trying to hood-wink here you bloody pariah Palanivel ? In the eyes of UMNO you will always be a pariah forever and ever for all generations of your party members. You got balls to do otherwise and challenge the PM, Mr. President, G.Palanivel ? Hahahaha.....over my dead body lah !

These are the days of end for all pariahs who want to continue sucking-up ( which incidentally has been mastered by these Malaysians of remote Indian origins and who choose to remain with the BN coalition ) to BN and not leave ! Maybe they deserve each other or maybe they cannot live without each other for what little scraps UMNO throws their way in terms of mini government contracts like gardening and toilet cleaning.

If these fellows in MIC or PPP which is largely made up of Malaysians of remote Indian origins have any pride (or in Tamil "soreneh" ) then they must demand from UMNO, they be treated with respect and be equals in the coalition, starting with the removal of that offending and most insulting "literature" book Interlok, in schools. 1Malaysia huh ?

But that's a tall order to expect from your "master", issenit Palanivel, no ? So just shut-up and live with it and stop bullshitting the simpletons of your dried-out party ! We know a "sendiwara" or drama when we hear one !

"Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri" to all my Muslim friends and to the rest "happy holidays" !

p.s. as for the translation of this Tamil titled post, it simply means.... "a lowly scum/bum with absolutely no PRIDE living on the five-foot way !"

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

war of the hypocrites !

The time has come to see if you, yes you... the 3rd Force or the ordinary tax-paying rakyat will finally walk the talk ! Show them you love this country !

UMNO has secretly recruited an army of bloggers to do their dirty job.....that is to continue to stay in power ! 55 years of corrupt rule and yet they won't let go even when we're faced with hundreds of unsettled/unsolved scandals, up-ed food prices to a point of no return, abuse of power, alarming crime rate and a feted police force and raping the country's wealth to enrich a few privileged elites ! We have been had for 55 years !

I'd not even bother to mention Barisan National cos the other component parties like MIC, MCA, PPP, Gerakan and other BN friendly parties in Sabah and Sarawak are but toothless and without balls to speak on behalf of the various ethnic divisions that once made up the "beautiful and multi-cultural Malaysia" of old. Today UMNO rules. UMNO is boss and all those other parties in the BN coalition are but slaves to UMNO. It's all about UMNO ! Always has been and always will be as long as they can stay in power ! And UMNO has clearly divided the Malay majority too. As far as UMNO goes, if you are a Malay and not a UMNO member, then you are an "infidel" Malay !

So folks, ordinary Malaysians who have to work our butts out to put food on the table for our families, that means you, wake up and unite as Malaysians and reclaim our country from these hypocrites !

Like to digress a bit here......funny how 2 nights ago we were supposedly ONE as Malaysians when we were watching Lee Chong Wei being beaten by Lin Dan for a gold Olympic medal. And Lee Chong Wei was proclaimed as a "national hero" ! I know I'm going to get a lot of flak here....but be honest with yourselves please. Yes Lee Chong Wei is a very good player and it stops there. Everything else was tainted with political flavour. In other words, plain UMNO politics ! And anyone who did not agree with BikMama's enthusiastic hug is labelled a "traitor" and is called un-Malaysian, right ? Gimme a break lah !

If only these very same people who praise Lee Chong Wei to high heaven did the same for our real true champion, not Olympics but World champion for 6 years consistently as numero uno of the world...Nicol David ! Why does Nicol not even get any live coverage or any support from this UMNO government ? Why ?? We should have got 6 public holidays over 6 years too lah !

Back on track now...... all of a sudden we were NOT "pendatangs" or "pariahs"....what hypocrisy was that for just one day ?? Where were these fakes within BN when UMNO wanted to bathe their kris with Chinese blood or politicians screamed for Ambiga's blood and Perkasa told us to get lost to countries we have no allegiance with or insulted all Malaysians of remote Indian origins as pariahs ?

So vote these fakes out and we watch the new government with an eagle eye thereafter ! Vote FOR change and now is your last chance !
Hear it's coming soon, very soon before 31st August, no ?

p.s. click on the ABU picture for tips to oust this hypocrites !


Thursday, August 02, 2012

Introducing the EVIL trinity !

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad repeated today his plea to Malaysians not to vote for a change in government, alleging that US President Barack Obama also made promises four years ago with no results to show, and suggesting Pakatan Rakyat were “Greeks bearing gifts” seeking to win power....(continue here )

.....the forked tongue man speakth again !

This senile old coot makes me wanna throw up my sushi dinner. For 22 bloody years he plundered and corrupted the entire system of this country and look how "divided" we Malaysians have become. A man who has perfected the art of disseminating only one thing- HATE ! When is it enough for this EVIL old man ? When is he going to just shut up ! Does he not know he has gone way past his shelf expiry date and is absolutely irrelevant now ?

I've added 3 pictures here. They are all one and the same person - collectively known as the EVIL trinity !

See the resemblance ?