Friday, May 30, 2014

Now serving: Kosher Prostitutes !

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Flavour of the month !

In these crazy hazy days of much thuggish and brutally arrogant behavior by UMNO Youths in the Penang State Assembly and at the DAP-HQ in Kuala Lumpur, its so hard to guess what will happen tomorrow. In the midst of all this huru-hara comes one small shinning hope for the Malays. 

A hope in the form of a young lass who might actually change the skewered mind-set of the simple female village and rural folks for the betterment of their kind. A young thinking lady who actually threatens the very rice-bowls of religious mullahs and muftis for their no-tolerance of any female gender bending their rules.

Dyana Sofya, a name etched on so many men's mind young and old, from both sides of the political divide. A girl every mum would wish her own daughter will one day turn out  to be. Young, untainted, educated, candid, strong and pretty. Strong enough to put many a seasoned politician to shame. Strong enough to take on criticism and personal attacks with her candid retorts. And its certainly not fair to compare her with Nurul Izzah, right ? Dyana Sofya is holding her own.

Dyana Sofya has vowed to vote against the Hudud (a ridiculous and obsolete rule not written in the Holy Book but coined by learned men of the Islamic faith for harsh and barbaric punishment for sins and crimes) and Pas in particular for their idiotic stand to implement the same in the state of Kelantan. 

She certainly is not the sexiest or most gorgeous candidate to get on the political bandwagon, but if elected she will surely be the youngest Malay lass who at 27, to hold such a high office. And she needs all the help she can get from every voter in Telok Intan come the end of the next week. 

Dyana Sofya is indeed a breath of fresh air. With DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang as mentor, she might actually make her debut in Parliament soon. With that, we will surely be hearing more of her soon.

If you will still insist to look at the pictures below, cut and pasted here, from various news and social media, of how the youth from UMNO are behaving, Dyana Sofya will be a warmer welcome any time, even if she's not in DAP!      

Pictures above are from today's news@ DAP headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. Pictures below are yesterday's news @ the Penang State Assembly. 

And as the nation is going for each others throat over silly racial issues, rising costs on essential goods, missing native lands, the Allah and missing MH370 question, of ever rising crimes and hate crimes, the country's number 1one couple are busy choosing names for their first born pair of pandas from China.....(meanwhile his very own party members are screaming for the Malaysians of remote Chinese decent to "balik Tongsan" aka China, Mr. and Mrs. Najib have actually invited and given these 2 animals "citizenships" via the MalaysiaMy2Home status, all the while totally ignoring the plight of our pathetic orang ironic !) 

I wish Dyana Sofya a successful campaign and success at the polls. So should you, okay !

Long live Malaysia !

Monday, May 19, 2014

Walking on thin ice featuring Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.

KUALA LUMPUR, May 19 — Controversial columnist Ridhuan Tee Abdullah today suggested that Muslims infiltrate churches in Malaysia to witness what he alleged to be Christian condemnation against them.....continue the story here   

I am shocked how this half baked plagiarist can actually write and spread such sensitive rumours to create hatred and disunity amongst Malaysian. But then again in a paper called Sinar Harian a little known UMNO daily that hires the likes of this piece of shit and thrives on garbage passing off as news. 

This recent convert can also stir up the emotions of the Muslims against Christians even as we "live in suspect" harmony and on a very thin line in these trying times. 

Will the home minister instruct the police to haul this moron up immediately and charge him for spreading malicious lies and mischief leading to tension amongst the peaceful citizens of this country.....along with that other Isma moron, something  Zaik or Naik ! 

p.s. he's most welcome to come to my church any Sunday, provided the "holy water" does not burn a hole on his forehead when he puts the sign of the cross upon gaining entry.....and English is the medium of the mass.

Shalom !

Friday, May 09, 2014

There's more than one born every minute !

Call us Malaysians suckers or plain masochists, one thing we Malaysians of civil society have been allowing in the past week or so, is an overdoes of racist remarks. And that too from an unknown kampung idiot now known as Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman, the president of an equally relatively unknown Islamist group Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia or Isma. 

This village idiot comes up with the most stupid of statements and there are just as many media waiting to for him to start a new headline every day. He also thinks this is the ideal way into politics, ie...into UMNO politics. And to make his statement valid, this fool says any attack against Isma or him, is an attack against all Malays !! He certainly is too stupid to comprehend that apart from his small band of morons all other learned Malays think of this "lack of attention" fool, nothing but a real fool with a skewered Malay-medium knowledge of our rich history ! Have you ever noticed anyone wearing a jacket over a batik ? This clown does....take a good look at his face and remember it well  ! 

Read here, here, here, and here  for just a little of what this illiterate kampung valla has to say. Here's another bonus from the patron of Perkasa and soon to be of Isma too, none other then the evil MahaFiruan Tun with his 2sen mosquito-bite warning.  

Blistering remarks that would have landed any other person in this country, in jail, stripped of his citizenship and pinned with  a "terrorist" label to rot away in jail for the next 30 years or so without trial. So much so you'd actually think this Isma bugger might have been "sodomised" by a Chinaman when he was younger.

I pray or plead to all media to stop giving any coverage to this buffoon simply to let him go into oblivion and back into the hole he crawled out from. Henceforth I promise, I will never write about this moron.

And by next week we can all go back to bashing PAS for their stupid "who-dude" (Hudud) posturing and betraying the voters of Kelantan and elsewhere. 

In the morrow, I'm going back to the cradle of my town where the 27 "first' were recorded in history......too deep for that moron Zaik to understand, right  ? 

Shalom and have a good long weekend folks. 
Drive safe.