Saturday, January 21, 2012

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

shame on you bad cops (pt.2)

I'll vote for that government who can guarantee me that the streets are safe where I can drive my car and stop at traffic lights and no one will smash my windows to grab anything from me ! I'll vote for that government who can assure me that I can leave my house unlocked and no one will walk in and ransack my it. I'll vote for that government who can guarantee that a policeman is doing his job patrolling the streets and not hiding around bends to stop me and "extort" me for not wearing a seat-belt.

Heck, I could go on and on and on but tell me honestly.....when was the last time you actually saw a cop chasing a snatch thief much less see a cop anywhere near a robbery ? I have heard about snatch thieves being beaten to a pulp by passer-bys before handing over to the cops and that's real street justice if you ask me but our boys-in-blue right are now too busy
"implementing" the latest Road Department ruling on "back-passengers buckling-up" then catching "mat-rempit" snatch thieves. And these scum-bags, who most times are in twos on motorbikes, are so farking daring in their bold activities that they'll put our cops to shame at the lightning speed they get-a-way ! Reading reference at "hot hot chicken shit"

I have nothing nice to say of these government servants who are supposed to be our guardians and our neighborhoods. Of course you'll say there are some good guys in the forces too.... but damn, who gives a rat's ass for such talk ? Everyday hundreds of snatch thefts happen and only a fraction gets reported and nobody gets caught, so ?? Every month these cops collect their pay shamelessly without flinching that they did not earn that money for their integrity or honesty but had sat on their asses the entire month doing NOTHING !! Don't they have any dignity in carrying out their duty and jobs ?

And all this rot is because our police have forgotten who their
"real" masters are....we the tax-paying rakyat ! I must blame this shit on nearly 50 years of BN rule and the arm-twisting and "held-at ransom" tactics from the time of that old, senile and thoroughly corrupted Tun. I did write in my earlier post "shame on you bad cops"....about what I think of them.

I find it so easy to believe the police never cared why they joined the forces for. Maybe it was for the
"perks and favours" they get when stopping foreign workers by road sides to check for their passports or to hide behind bushes to spot motorists on the cell phone or without safety belts. That is the impression I have of our overnment servants in blue....and surely many out there agree with me but are too ashamed to admit it.

So going by this shit in our neighborhood alone ,I say ABU....anything but UMNO ! Yes, once UMNO is thrown out of Putrajaya, then maybe.....just maybe, these servants-in-blue will learn to serve the people who pay for their food, their holidays, their kids' education and the cloth on their back.

Until then I'll keep my options on
"who to vote" closed and patiently wait for....ABU !

Saturday, January 07, 2012

our problem....

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