Friday, December 30, 2011

Latest: 7Malaysia !

Now if you think this is the number 1 that the prime minister Najib holds dearly in promoting then I think something 's gone awfully wrong. Maybe the contractor was stream-lining the numero uno to appease our FLOM who is so keen on all those aerobic exercises she indulges in or maybe that the contractor had run short of funds to "fatten" the all important number Malaysians especially in BN are so fixated with.

But my guess is, 7 is that "back-door" local bred chief minister's Zamri's favorite or lucky number. I really thought 7 was what I was actually looking at and never the number 1.

Well maybe Najib has never set foot on this island cos if he did, he would be so insulted and infuriated by this thamby for making such a mockery of Najib's all important 1this and 1that !

You tell me.....if I should be forgiven for saying it's a 7 !

Cheers and a "HAPPY NEW YEAR" to all !

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

with no CONSULTATION whatsoever...

The RAHMAN prophecy certainly rings true and nigh this Christmas. And Najib , being a beneficiary of a Christian missionary school education himself, will be the last Prime Minister from UMNO/BN. That's the way I am feeling already.

I attended a "rare" mass this evening and at the end of the mass a young priest read a short but crucial message from the Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur to a packed cathedral from all over the world and from all walks of life, regarding Datin Seri Zavirah Mohd Shaari, a Muslim, who has been appointed principle to the SMK Bukit Nanas Convent ( here ) ! I remind you, the key words stressed were " of grave and serious trampling of religious rights of privately owned schools" and as, in the title of this post.

PM Najib as usual will play dumb because he has no idea what his cabinet or Muhiyuddin is "cooking". And 1million Catholics have a date and "an axe to grind" with Najib and UMNO come the next General Election. Wonder if, in the same vein, what UMNO would do if a non-Malay is appointed perhaps, to be the next prime minister of Malaysia ?

This issue is certainly an added bonus for conversation at all open houses this Christmas ! Way to go Rahman....erhhh.... Najib ! Just like to wish you and the missus a Merry Christmas ! Take care of yourself, okay.

And read ( here ) what another Muslim "orang lama" blogger writes on this topic ! Brilliant !

p.s. the original school badge (right) was sent to me a few minutes ago. Thanks Lita.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

all the looney's men, stand up !

Who do you think is the most frustrated idiot in Penang today ?

Ever since the new government took the reins of power in Penang from Gerakan back in 2008, one man or rather one totally frustrated man with a despicable attitude or to put it in a "nutshell".......a local idiot who has made it a "jihad" to tarnish and attack whatever good the new government can do or is doing. His target is none other then Lim Guan Eng, the chief minister himself.

This simpleton must have had a very violent and deprived childhood to be so vile and uncouth. My first guess is, he must have lost out heavily on a lot of projects dished out on a platter to him by the previous government and is now facing lawsuits from uncompleted project which came to a halt when the new government scrapped all crony favoured contracts of the past government. and introduced a level playing field and transparency. Then again, he being who he is and bankrupt of ideas, need as much free publicity as he can garner to climb up the ranks in his puny political career in an equally dubious UMNO. He comes on as a strong runner-up only to that frog, Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa and the father of corruption and racism, the MahaTun if gauged with a "looney-meter" for absolute stupidity !

He is also the Komtar Traders Association vice-president apart from being the chairman of Pertubuhan Suara Anak-Anak Malaysia and a host of other silly NGO groups and is always surrounded with young and like-minded suspect "Malays" ( I'll give you the benefit to judge for yourselves) and an "untouchable" to the boys-in-blue.

He was one of two "Malays" ( the other being Perkasa Youth of Penang) who demanded former Bar Council president Ambiga's citizenship revoked ( here ) for spear-heading the July "Bersih" walk.

Again he was the rouge who chanted anti racial slur and disrupted traffic as usual after Friday prayers ( here ) while the cops looked the other way.

In July he caused a stir with bras and panties ( here ).

Then he made another stupid publicity stunt ala MG Pandithan ( here )

And now with this latest cheap and shitty stunt ( here ) we can confirm what this village idiot is made off and where he's heading to.....if not to the mental hospital, flushed into the sewers and out to the Jelutong river!

And this cretin is the "hired" product of UMNO, a party Najib claims as moderate, modern and unifying, yes ? With these type of crass creatures vying for party post to govern us, UMNO is doomed and Najib will be dumped come the next GE ! And the favour of who to vote next is nicely cut out for the Opposition. Go figure Mr. Prime Minister.

One thing's for sure, he's definitely somehow related to that old and senile ex-prime minister the Tun. I can see the resemblance somewhere or they could both be from the same "kampung" back in their native Kerala but I'd also bet my last ringgit, the old "paw-peh, paw-peh" geezer would say otherwise and that he cannot remember this particular village idiot from Adam.

Need I say more ? I rest my case !

Sunday, December 11, 2011

...what would have been " a-walk-in-the-park"

It should have been "a walk in the park" yesterday 10th. December 2011, was instead a gathering round some Christmas trees in the atrium of the KLCC, no thanks for the advice of the learned lawyers of the KLCC advisory body. Correct me if I am wrong, but should not an injunction from any court name the individual persons and not a loose gathering of people in an injunction ? Maybe there was no injunction in the first place but then who's going to know anyways, right ?

There were about a hundred donning tees in bright and "Bersih" colour and maybe a few hundreds more who were in muftis with streaks of yellow somewhere in the design, but nevertheless they were there in numbers and gave their support wholeheartedly. Below are some pictures of some light moments at the peaceful assembly of our rakyat for your viewing pleasure.

...the management decided that Saturday would be an ideal day to wash the lake-side walkway of the KLCC park. So barricades were put up to keep anyone from peacefully "loitering" around the area..... the crowd decided to mill around the Christmas trees and making a statement to the management of KLCC that nothing is going to stop our citizens from assemblying, meeting or gathering peacefully anywhere in OUR country.....

....most came to shop, meet and gather and sing songs as they pleased and I was glad to see a good mix of tax-paying citizens of this country spending some time away from their computers and out there.....

...this blogger even went to greet the security head with a warm hand-shake....

while our very own "mother teresa" of Madagascar beamed approvingly.....notice that yellow shopping-bag on her shoulder.

....ahhh.....cup die for ! And yellow cream topping too. All 300 cups specially made and distributed to all present here at KLCC by Dian Abdullah....for free ! I even saw some tourists happily helping themselves to some.

...this guy gobbled a whole cup cake and nearly choked....

....I did not ask these beautiful ladies ( left to right: Lita, Claire and Doreen) permission to publish their faces here. Hope they're not thinking of suing me when comments from lecherous dirty old men start coming in....

...2 not so angry birds.....going by the expression on their faces....

....with reference to the last "yellow" gathering in the KLCC park which ended in a "storm" by a certain over-bearing chaperon of yet another lovely young girl on facebook, I'm putting up this picture of this stunning young lass here and without her consent too. I hope she sues me ! Then at least I'll get to see her again....even if it is in court.

.....Kamal and his lovely family.....out to lend support to peacefully assemble anywhere they pleased.....

this "yellow" family even got a photo-op with Santa.....hey darling , get off of old Santa's lap, will you ? Good "perks" for Santa, no ?

....and last but not least.....Duke the Whisperer with Malaysia's No. 1 football fan !

Have a good Sunday....what ever's left of it !
Cheers !

Saturday, December 10, 2011

This government is walking on very very thin ice !

Who's bloody idea is this again ? Is it JAKIM or the police or the government of the day who's behind this new directive ? This is the last straw. Either they withdraw that damn "directive" immediately or face the wrath of the citizens come the next GE. Treat this as a FINAL warning BN. And don't give us that stupid "security" reasons shit again !

And I am still waiting what that MB Khalid of Selangor is doing about this ugly episode (here ). Get off your corporate-arse and "fix" this immediately MBKhalid or you too will know what will happen in the next GE too !

Back in November 2008 I did this very disturbing post prompted by a comment from one commentor, of zealots poking their filthy noses and messing religious festivities with their bigoted "conditions". Today they want particulars and addresses of the head of houses these carollers go to. Will these idiots never stop ! Again after 3 years I'm upset once more....sheeesh !!
Go and read my post from the past here .................

Anonymous said...

Unrelated – Stephen, may I ask if in your area the BEC leader have to get a police permit for “Christmas Carols” sung from house to house during Advent ?
Over here, we go around the blocks for 4 days the maximum in a group of 20 i.e., children and adults, dressed like Santa, carry a guitar and other smaller musical instruments. Never have loud speakers. How much of noise can we be making ? The police had last year asked for list of the Christmas songs, not enough that they want the lyrics also. Is this fair ? And the Government is calling USA racist !!

Yellow Rose of Texas

11/07/2008 09:24:00 AM