Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's so Shanghai !!!

When you walk on Shanghai roads, you see and actually feel one really bumping line that is made of brick. It really hurts your feet and damages your shoes and heels. You find this bumping line everywhere you go - big roads, small, even metro has it. It's so annoying and drives me crazy, my poor shoes suffer so much. At first I thought it's separation line for walking and riding bicycles, something like you have in Belgium for example. But NO! I learned it later that this bumping route is for blind people ! How cool is that, ha?
....read the rest of Maria Gubka's posting here !

Well folks....ain't that a winning idea ? Now if only we can adopt this capital idea in our fair city ! We send many "officials" and spend millions of tax-payers money for "study tours" or if you like "pelancong sambil belajar" outings and what have we got to show upon return from these "escapades" ? Nothing...but another "holiday" feather for the councillors to "cap" ( read capitalise) in their tenure !

Simple yet beneficial ideas like the one above can greatly improve the quality of life for the blind and put KL in the ranks of 1st. world cities, yes ?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Najib's 1Malaysia dream ?

Somebody from within is under-mining Najib's 1Malaysia ! Why ?

Yesterday it was reported here, that Najib's 1Malaysia caters for all, regardless of race or religion and here we have Muhyiddin's battle cry, declaring UMNO will defend the Malay race till the last drop of blood !

Why this drama all of a sudden ? Should he have instead proclaimed that UMNO will defend the rights of all Malaysians, regardless of race or religion to the last drop of blood from any threats out-side of Malaysia ? Now that would be the right thing for a DPM to say, yes ?

And on another note, why should the PM wait for next year to implement the merit system ? Why not NOW ? If he was serious and not mere "feel good" lip-syncing, why wait till next year ? Issues like this, should take immediately effect, to forever silence the critics and re-affirm his seriousness of the 1Malaysia dream ( which is by the way actually a carbon-copy of the "People's Declaration", yes ! )

Going on road shows to promote 1Malaysia costs millions or as we are accustomed to these days- to billions even ! Money that can be saved from the tax-payers coffers and be distributed immediately to the many hard-core poor who are deprived of an education and other basic necessities, no ? Does anyone now how much of the tax-payers money is spent on making all these 1Malaysia contracts of logos that add to the organising expenditure costs ? I am sure many a crony will benefit from such grand scale events, which I say is a total waste of good money that can be utilised for a more noble cause.....like feeding, clothing and educating hard-core poor Malaysian of all races all over the country both here and in the East !

On another topic of 1Malaysia and one language, Bahasa Malaysia, much has been demanded of all of us to be fluent in the language. I know not everyone speaks the Bahasa fluently, agreed. But have you noticed Bahasa Malaysia other then what is taught in schools, is never spoken uniformly in our daily conversations ?

Can the chap from Kelantan hold a decent conversation with say a Johorian and comprehend and fully understand the same things spoken ? Of course not ! Or even the "Nogeri" guy can comprehend the Perakian's "2 kupang" as opposed to the native Sabahan's "duvo ngopod sen" ?

Each of us have a unique native or tribal mother-tongue as an added advantage over those who only speak one fuent language and a sputtering of the English language to face and survive in this competitive world, yes ? Who do you think has a better chance of survival, huh ?

Can we then all abandon every other language for Bahasa Malaysia ? As we are after-all, save for the original indigenous peoples, ALL immigrants here, don't forget that. 1Malaysia should be an exciting and diverse fussion of us.....yes,.... you, you you and I..... the way we have lived life differently as per our varied cultural, ethnic and social back-grounds but granted the same equality, honor and respect on a level playing field ! Agreed ?

So Mr. PM.....lets see some real "walk the talk" instances NOW before someone in your very own cabinet screws-up and robs you of your dream project !

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson( 29-8-1958 - 25-6-2009 )


(click on the link above-this song alone portrays his universal appeal)

It's been Michael Jackson on every tv channel all day long all around the world ! The greatest entertainer in my lifetime and in my book he sits on a pedestal way up there with the other "King" and father-in-law, Elvis !

Yes.... I too grew up with his music and in fact he gave me those crazy confidence to "grab my crotch" whenever I took to the floor to dance to his songs in drunken stupor ! I don't care if this man-child was involved in the many alleged scandals because to me he was the best entertainer who defeated "color of the skin" and to me he was pure magic !

Can we deny the fact that if you go to any part of the world no matter how remote, and in any language and culture, 3 things you can't go wrong with, with the natives there.....Elvis, Michael Jackson and of course the word beer !

Farewell my friend Michael....God bless and thank you for the many times you've kept me entertained ! May you now find absolute peace in your heart, peace that you never were allowed here on earth !

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

have you eaten today ?


click on the link above and take 6:09 minutes of your life to just "THINK" !

....we have heard this crap before...

KUALA LUMPUR, June 23 (Bernama) -- The government will investigate an allegation by Bukit Koman residents in Raub, Pahang, that a nearby gold mine is using the deadly poison cyanide in its operations, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Senator Datuk T. Murugiah said Tuesday.
He said officials from the Department of Environment and Pahang Health Department would be called for a meeting soon to discuss the matter, and the relevant ministers would be informed.
"If possible, we will call all the parties involved in the matter to meet in Kuantan, Pahang, on Thursday. We have to discuss the case because it involves people's health and I will definitely give it priority," he said after accepting a memorandum from the Bukit Koman Action Committee Against the Use of Cyanide, at the Parliament lobby here.
The memorandum, among other things, urges the government to set up a special body to investigate the matter.
It also calls for an immediate stop to the mining operation and the residents to be given immediate treatment. -- BERNAMA

See folks the key word here is "will investigate an allegation"... and here we go again, the circus begins with setting-up a special committee to investigate, then when we have almost lost more lives and are in our wits end, they will be setting-up another committee to investigate the findings of the first special committee and then call for the setting-up of another "independent" committee to investigate the findings of the second committee which had presented the findings of the first special committee and then the Deputy Minister will come out thumping his chest, exclaiming beamingly with the now ever famous (or infamous) line..."semua-nya okay" in the findings on the methods and poisons used in the mining operations in Bukit Koman !

Hey Senator TM ....just read this blog posting and the necessary links here and save yourself alot of bullshit and tax-payers money....and go kick some arses NOW........OKAY ?

Sheeeeesh !!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Blast from the past ???

I have been receiving emails from unknown sources, bits and pieces of information on a mining company Asian Rare Earth or ARE that has been in operation in Perak (my home state) and warning of the dangers faced by the residents. Then this bit of info came from the past like a blast ......

"Four members of the Perak Anti-Radiation Committee (PARC) members were arrested under ISA on Oct 27, 1987 under Operasi Lalang. So was their lawyer who was then CAP's legal adviser Meena Raman. All five were released two months later. The four PARC men had given press statements and held protests against the operations of the Asian Rare Earth factory which extracted rare earth the by-products of which emit radiation....."

and with some research, now I've got a better understanding from here and for further reading here !
How well-informed are we ?..... or now do I turn the other way ?

Saturday, June 20, 2009


It has started....

H1N1 Flu case detected in Wangsa Maju Section 1.

The MP for Wangsa Maju Wee Choo Keong, has personally checked e accuracy of the information with the Wilayah Health Department and they had confirmed to him that it did detect one case involving a Form 4 student of Sekolah Menegah Kebangsaan Wangsa Maju in Section 1.

He was also told that this case was detected on 18 June and the whole class of students had since been placed under quarantine until 25 June.

Where is the public announcement to warn the citizens of the out-break ?

Read ( here) for press release and for ALL the information and precautionary notes you NEED to know ( here )

Hmmmm....so much for our government ministries. Always keeping everything hushed and not informing the public of precautionary steps until it blows out of control and then the finger-pointing begins !

Friday, June 19, 2009

year of the "talking cocks"....

"There's more to it then meets the eye", Yes that's what I say regarding the case of foreign workers being abused by employers in this country. And I think this Human Resource minister is talking cock with his statistics ! (here) For every case reported I'm sure 10 or even 100 go unreported, don't you agree ?

Why then do you think we have so many illegal foreigners arrested in raids around the cities in the country ? Now add that to our new world ranking for "human trafficking" in the same pool as Zimbabwe, Cuba and North Korea and sheeesh.... as usual our Deputy Home Minister goes berserk and gets very defensive and protests of unfair ratings. So we hear him talk more cock !!( here ) Because no..... we are not used to being just any number...we must be NO 1..the CHAMPION ! Yes ?

Come on lah...anyone can walk in and out of this country and anyone can go missing so easily, so where's the "tight" control and good governance we are screaming about ? Ask PI Bala or RPK....they'd tell you how...If you know where they are !!

In the same vein, illegal foreigners (mostly females), with a promise of a better life and hefty debts to pay back home, are brought into the country so easily through corrupt authorities manning every entry and exit points and "sold" to agents who then supply to out-lets that exploits their expertise/trade whether it is as house-maids or turning "cart-wheels" in a bar or pumping petrol or "slithering" on erected-poles in flashy and expansive joints owned and controlled by underground king-pins who have the blessings of some very powerful "politician" whilst entertaining those cigar chomping "cabals" in authority ! Yes ? Everyone is happy.

So which of these foreigners dares to complain when abused ( sexually or physically), exploited or ill-treatment against their will , by their "employers" to the authorities ? They are held at ransom/threats at all levels of their "inanimate" existence in this country. Does anyone have the actual figures of foreigners both legal and illegal here in Malaysia ?

The ministers must seriously and sincerely first crack the whip on public-servants in the various departments before dishing out excuses on their behalf for blatantly abusing their power and position in running this country whilst taking the rest of us down the Zimbabwean path !

As I said in one of my earlier post..."fish rots from the head down". How true !

*click on image for bigger view.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What's good for the goose is good for the gander ?

Why waste time suggesting and "sizing-up" each other about "unity talks or conditional unity talks" while being on opposite sides huh ?.....just resign from your current party and simply join UMNO , yes ? If you think it is a capital idea why not come out in the open and say it ! (see my earlier posting here )

That is the only way to go Nasharuddin Mat Isa, Haji Hadi or Anwar Ibrahim or forever hold your piece/peace/piss !! Stop this "testing water" drama and bull-shit pretense and JUST DO IT !! (zounds like Nike promotion erhh ?)

The grand old "spiritual-adviser" of PAS Haji Nik Aziz has openly challenged Nasharuddin's persistant harping on this issue and will hear nothing of such planned "talks" without the unanimous blessings of the entire PR coalition ! (read here)

Hypocrites abound and we're surrounded by aplenty ! Go on and do it en-bloc and let's all belong and "live-happily-ever-after" as 1BN....okay huh ??

Sheeeesh man !

Sunday, June 14, 2009

bodoh punya Punchak Niaga !

I am in the foulest of mood today ! I have not done my routine "morning ritual" cos there's not a drop of water in my tap at home ! You know when you get older you'll understand what I mean....and all because this damn company who has monopoly of our water supply, decided not to give us any ! Damn !

Their tag-line goes like "Water is Life" and "Water is Precious" and I have been deprived of "precious life" it since 9am. yesterday ! Not a single drop, not a single warning, not a single notice and you can call their toll-free line 'till the cows come home' and it goes unanswered until this morning when a half-dazed operator proceeded to ask me stupid questions like "how many times did you call us, sir"and "have you registered your complaint with us, sir ?" and other totally unnecessary questions before offering me NO sensible solution/answer to my query....She said the water level "SUDDENLY" dropped in the Happy Garden Reservoir....now I am wondering where in Happy Gardens THAT reservoir IS !! Absolutely unprofessional staff !

The system has failed us, tax-paying citizens terribly and I cannot fathom the predicament and anguish other families in my "taman" are enduring !

It was never like this back in the 60's and 70's, yes ? Ask anyone from that era and they will tell you that we could drink water with our mouths pushed or plugged under the tap straight off and never got sick.....the water used to be crystal-cold and clear but then it used to be controlled by the Water Works Department before some idiotic self-serving politician decided to enrich a few cronies and privatised that too !

There has been plenty of rain and reservoirs and they cannot give me silly answer like a "drop in water level" shit and with today's technology too, no ? It all boils down to people ! Yes people who have no dedication in doing "public service" but live like parasites, lazying around without doing an honest days work but demanding higher wages !! The problem is cancerous and begins from the top level of management and rotting goes all the way down to the guy manning the security post ! Arrogance and smugness sets in when monopoly RULES !

Have you also noticed every house-hold MUST have a water filter for acceptable drinking water, WHY ? Are these water consortium's in cahoots with the water-filter suppliers ? Are they also doubling as agents with a hand with these water-filter suppliers ?

My mind is "foggin-up" already because of a "disruption in my morning ritual " and I cannot continue for now....!!!

Sheeeeeeesh......Punchak Niaga shame on you !!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

another one bytes the blog !

Finally this passionately feisty and hmmm....curvy woman did a long over-due favor to the nation......yes, my friend and former Star journo who now teaches "journalism" in a private institution of higher learning emailed me earlier of the best thing she did today.

Vanitha Nadaraj aka Doreen, "Wanita married to Lelaki" (actually Devid Rajah ) has an awful lot of stories and "secrets" to share with us ! Trust me, in the days to follow you too will 'bookmark' her blog-link.
Enough said.....go on and read what she reveals in her first posting here.

Cheers darling and welcome to the "other" media !

what unity talks huh ......rubbish !

Sighh...somethings never change ! It's true, they are beginning to show their true colors already !

I'm pissed-off with Haji Hadi Awang of PAS and his unholy stance for a "unity" government with UMNO ! And with Anwar too for suggesting "conditional" unity talks with the same !

What happened ? In Trengganu just before the by-election the 3 top dogs of the PR met and collectively agreed that "there will be "NO GO" to any decision taken in the Pakatan Rakyat coalition even if any one partner disagrees ! It has to be unanimously agreed and okayed by all 3 before any resolutions is passed, yes ?? And before you know it ,this Hadi is twitting away about "unity talks" with the 'sworn enemy' ( to quote the Tok Guru ) like a caged canary !

Only Karpal has the balls to speak-up ( here) and the respectable wise old man of PAS Nik Aziz has vehemently rubbished away ( here) any talks with UMNO !

The ploy, with the help from hidden hands has worked in UMNO's favor and now only UMNO is rubbing it's palms in glee !

First create mayhem within PR by suggesting fool-hardy talks of unity along racial and religion lines and then see PR killing each other. See how easy it is to create anarchy when half-baked moronic leaders get emotional with sensitive issues regarding race or religious superiority is being compromised !

I'd suggest Haji Hadi to listen to Haji Nik Aziz and apologise to all PR parties if he expects to realise "any"personal dreams of the future NOW !

And the only plus point here is ....there is "no sweeping under the carpet" of issues when it comes to party leadership within PR.... for screwing-up ! They are immediately identified and openly discussed for all to read and comment ! Better now then later.

At least that's transparency and accountability at work !
Sigh !

Thursday, June 11, 2009

1Black Malaysia for all Malaysians ?

Last night I was invited to a forum at the Chinese Assembly Hall in Kampung Attap initiated by DAP on the PKFZ scandal. And no I was not invited to the other RNC gathering.

Anyways hearing CaptainYusof's pledge during his speech, to take it upon himself to see some semblance of justice to the crooks in the PKFZ scandal was the only refreshing news for the day as opposed to the more prominent stalwart of DAP YB Lim Kit Siang and newbies DAP Economic Advisor Teh Chi Chang and Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua together with celebrated economist /author Tan Sri Dr. Ramon Navaratnam.

And to borrow the good captain's words........"heads MUST roll !"

But what irked me more was the sight of this printed "Perak fiasco" tee-shirt sample that was displayed for sale at the entrance of the forum hall ! (pic. below)....what do you make of it ?
Somebody in DAP better explain to me the reason for such blatant discrimination ! Why is the wordings in only 3 languages ? You call this 1Black Malaysia for all Malaysians ? You serve all races in Malaysia, yes ? I also understand you have a substantial number of "Malaysians of remote Indian origins" members in DAP and you print tee-shirts in only 3 languages ?

Look here I'm not a being petty bigot or being unreasonable but DON'T DO THIS ! This smacks of being racists !

My advice is either you print them in English alone (now that our honorable Education Minister is suddenly stressing the importance of that language) OR in English AND Bahasa Malaysia !
Don't do this kind of "cheap crap" to all your faithful members who are "Malaysians of remote Indian origins" !

Somebody remarked in jest that they printed the Tamil words with black dye ! Funny yes but definitely a bad joke !

Me, I'm neither a card carrying member of DAP nor am I "black" !....I'm a "hot-chocolate"....if you get my drift....kapish ??

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

so who killed cock robin ?

Expose's of anonymous bloggers or even commenters has been making it's rounds in the cyber-world and it is really turning ugly ! More so if accusations of these expose' are back-fired and absolute innocent by-standers and family members are dragged into this "web-war" between so-called pro-BN or pro-PR bloggers. Please stop this trend !

There is a very thin line between who's a plain socio-political blogger and one who belongs to either of the 2 above mentioned pro-BN or pro-PR bloggers divide ! Sure I know alot of bloggers both by name and their nicks from both sides but I will never claim to be of being either a BN or PR blogger ! But revealing their identities (whether true or false) and their families is a big NO NO ! We have to respect that individuals right to remain so !

Trust me I will not spare any politician or political party who has betrayed us, the tax-paying rakyat, of what they promised us, the rakyat, during the run-up from the last elections !! It just so happens that there are more "fcuk-ups" in the current government, thus giving me a larger playing field of trash and screw-ups to write about !

Does that make me a PR blogger ? That's the label I'm often branded with by certain "bird-brained" quarters ! But let me assure you folks....no way will I let-up on anyone, most especially politicians, be they BN or PR ! I will not hesitate to scream or squeal if there is a betrayal of the rakyat's expectations and promises broken ! I will remain watching and writing about all and NOBODY pays me to blog ! Get it ?

I am all for good governance and in justifying the rakyat's hard earned taxed-money paid to the government machinery and for creating a safe neighbourhood for our kids to grow-up now and live in their future !
That's all !

Saturday, June 06, 2009

try "analytical questioning" for a change !

Patriotism (pa·tri·ot·ism (pā'trē-ə-tĭz'əm) is defined as love of and/or devotion to one's country. The word comes from the Greek patris.[1] However, patriotism has had different meanings over time, and its meaning is highly dependent upon context, geography and philosophy. Although patriotism is used in certain vernaculars as a synonym for nationalism, nationalism is not considered an inherent part of patriotism. .[2][3] Among the ancient Greeks, patriotism consisted of notions concerning language, religious traditions, ethics, law and devotion to the common good, rather than pure identification with a nation-state.[4] [5] Scholar J. Peter Euben writes that for the Greek philosopher Socrates, "patriotism does not require one to agree with everything that his country does and would actually promote analytical questioning in a quest to make the country the best it possibly can be."[6]-wikipedia.

Now read what our champion Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi wants to promote to our kids in post-National Service(NS) programs here.

I for one would go along with "analytical questioning". Similarly what this program is for is to instill blind faith to our young without questioning, yes ? And not discounting the additional "tax-payers" mega-bucks involved in such a promotion. Lets not waste good money in the first place, okay ? Going back to the now almost "conveniently" forgotten "The People's Declaration" would be a far better and cost saving alternative. (see here and here....long before 1Malaysia came about !)

I know I sound cynical but don't you think simple moral values be instilled in kids from the formative years at home by the parents ? My parents groomed me and so too I, to my kid, everyday.

Why and what can be achieved in 3 months anyway when each child is categorically isolated from kids of other cultures and religions right up to the age of 17 huh ? Our politicians are the culprits, yes ! They dictate, alter and manipulate the education system to their whims and fancies and whooosh....come up with this grand and "profitable" idea of a program they deem fit for our kids !

I may not be a rocket scientist nor did I go to NS and I was not "brain-stormed" and conditioned to swallow everything I read. I was allowed to decide what was best for US, Malaysians by the various colors of people I interacted when growing-up in school, free and untainted in Taiping in the 60's and long before some "moron-in-suit" pointed-out the color of my skin and the race and religion I professed !

Duhhh....Sheeesh !

Friday, June 05, 2009

Road Bully Alert !

The Star: 5-June-2009

PETALING JAYA: A drive home from the bank turned violent for a 72-year-old retiree who fell victim to a road bully in Damansara Damai.

M. Edwards, the father of one of The Star’s journalists, suffered injuries to his head and body after he was punched several times in the 10am incident yesterday.

He received outpatient treatment at the Sungai Buloh Hospital.

Edwards (pic) said he had just finished paying some bills at a bank and was driving home with his daughter when a van cut into his lane.

“I sounded my horn at the driver because he had swerved in suddenly without using the indicator,” he added.

“The man then started driving slowly and kept swerving to prevent me from overtaking.”

This continued for a while and then the van suddenly stopped and the driver got down.

Edwards said he then stopped his car and got out to see what was the problem, adding that another man seated in the van did not get out.

The driver, who looked to be in his 30s, walked straight to Edwards and, without saying a word, started punching him.

“I tried to fight back, but he was huge. He punched me in the face, head and body several times before getting back into the van and fleeing,” Edwards said.

He added that as the bully drove off he challenged him (Edwards) to report the attack to the police.

Edwards lodged a police report at a nearby police station.

Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamed confirmed the incident and said police were investigating.

This road bully has challenged the helpless victim to lodge a report, and moreover Audrey is a friend of mine ! I appeal to you to help!

People, please be on the lookout for a green Avanza bearing number plates WRW 8402 and call the police immediately or comment on my blog ! I need to see this monster's reign of terror end !

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

so this is 1Malaysia ?

Yet another case....hmmmmm !.....why ? (read here )
We cannot live in harmony when alive....or even in death !......Sheeeesh !
So when will we ever start respecting an individual's religious beliefs as "strictly between him and GOD/ALLAH" ?

Is this part of Najib's 1Malaysia huh ? Pray tell !

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

live and let live lah !

The Ex-Servicemen's Association president, Datuk Muhammad Abdul Ghani has called on the government to use the Internal Security Act (ISA) against anyone, including politicians, who proposed or supported a move to allow former communist leader Chin Peng to return to Malaysia. (read more here...)

Whooooaa.....now what is wrong with this fellow ? Why does he fault anyone who does not think and support his stand, no matter how idiotic that stand may be ? There seem to be "hate" spewing from his big gab ! Of course I do not subscribe to Chin Peng's ideology nor could be bothered to sympathise with the communist struggle, but hey...that's history, yes ? It happened and twisting the facts now and claiming otherwise would not alter the past......communism is passe'......I am more secured in my religious beliefs lah..moron !

And with todays tools in technology who needs communism anyway ?

What is sad is the hatred this ex-serviceman has of another man dating back to the warring times, who, might have been then, a real threat during the building of this nation, but not anymore, so as far as I am concerned .......learn to forgive, treat this weak old man, Chin Peng like the "prodigal son" not a leper....as we too have embraced other "former" communist back in our society, have we not ? Can you recall any ? And is that not what all religions teach us ?

Love and not hate....Hate eats at your very soul ! Am I sounding like an angel ? Hmmmm...far from it ! We have in our midst bigger evils who preach like saints and do the most vile things...and mind you, they hold and sit in very high positions and have the masses ( read you and me) eating out of their hands ! Do we hate them too ?

And by the way are we still in a "state of emergency" ? The ISA was for that sole purpose only way back then, BUT if we are as of now not declared "an emergency state" then this obsolete ISA should also be disposed/lifted off, yes ??

Which brings me back to this "loose cannon"..... is this not the same "rambo" who's son was involved in the AP cloning scandal, huh......here ?