Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dracula sucks.. So does Sammy !

Dato Seri ( loosely equates....Count ) S. Samy Vellu-click here -hehehehehe... I'm still in a fit just looking at this guy and I actually thought be was wearing a 'french-beret' ! You too.....go ahead and enjoooooooy !

Actually I did this posting just so you can see this sucker in the different angles and man... it is funny and aptly worded "he's speaking his mind"... erhh...duh.. man has none after the " hair-planting " season was over ! Che wannabe, hehehehehe.. ??
Come to think of it ...with all due respect, don't bother reading the exclusive... it's the same crap he gives in every interview... Just enjoy the visuals..if you can 'read-visuals', in one of the shots, he's index finger is saying "up- yours"(my interpretation) to all the tax-paying and voting rakyats, who dare disagree and question his level of reasoning (does that make me "anti-government" ??..Rubbish !! ).....and now.....that's entertaintment !!

Have a great Monday...and to all Malaysians, good nite and God bless, where ever you are..!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I am Tagged ! are"deleted"!

This is like saying "choope" ! remember the game of "achi-choope " anyone...??? helllooo....??
Well,... when my dear Nuraina tagged me on her blog, yesterday I was wondering...what?? what in the world was she talking about.. in fact I even thought tag meant I was linked to her blog... BUT wait.. I WAS already linked to her blog.. thanks to TV why did she sms me, to say she's tagged me on her blog ??? Is it like saying "YOU ARE DELETED"??

Well after last night's meeting with her at my favorite "
watering-hole" and a little unwarranted imput from Rocky I finally got a clearer picture of this game of TAG ! Me thinks it's a lot like "a feel-good" post once in a while (away from the morbid mess that surrounds our miserable everyday lives !) to bring the curious readers' attention to the blogger him/herself confessing to some dark, juicy and wierd (6 ?) me here please.. cos I don't think I got 6 'weird' traits to write about... in fact I can't think of even ONE !

Well... ehhm...maybe one...okay.. I snore in my sleep!...well... is that bad or what..? everyone snores right ? yes.. but loud enough to wake you up ?Ehrr.. No.. but I do sometimes wake up and wonder who's making all that noise to wake me ..only to find IT was my own snoring that woke me up in the first place....Oh. No...why am I saying all this bedroom secrets for anyways !!! choope !... folks thats all... and the other weird things as Rocky readily suggested were 2.)I'm weird that I don't remember I'm supposed to cite 5 more weird things, 3.) wierd I'm not a "weirdo" 4.) even weirder I can't recognise the wierd company I keep... 5.)Now...what's wrong with the company I keep anyway ? If you see my links on this blog ....NOW there's a wierd link already !!! 6.)...but seriously... this may sound WEIRD.... they are my BEST brothers and darlings and I'd think this screwed-up world needs more people like them anyday !!!

Now over to you...
malay-male,tell them all, Amir... stand-up philosopher, Tony, vapourising crap into intelligence,... zorro-unmasked, Bernard the si-fu,... skthew, another blog savy brother, sheih,.... needs no introduction in cyberspace and lastly BUT definitely not the least... Rocky... heh...heh... try and wrangle out of this one bro !!

YOU GUYS ARE ALL TAGGED !...don't ask me ...ask Nuraina , she started all this, guys !!!

What the heck... I'm just warming-up and am beginning to enjoy this...sheesh... !!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"Happy Birthday- Bloggers United " !

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOGGERS UNITED"- YOU ARE ONE MONTH OLD TODAY !! and come the 22nd of February 2007 @ 2.30p.m. at the High Court in Denmark House - ROCKY ! we will still be walking with you bro ! You are not alone the whole blogging world is watching us... man!
*help....this is where I'd need sheih's or mob's flair to do the lay-out ...but the message is clear and will be written on the walls of the High Court of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur ! Cheers !!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Ai...yo..yo..Samy !

He wears his "hair" like a crown ( clown ?) and is the mouth-piece(with an unmistakable accent!) of a major group of Malaysians of Indian decent...the longest serving (surviving !) cabinet minister in this country or probably the world... A post he will cling on to, for all he is worth, to his grave I believe !
With all due respect(?).... Sammy to me, Semi-Value to some and names too obscene to be printed on my blog, by the masses ! Yes, he is the ever infamous, Minister of Works, Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu- A very Godly name too !

And now that our beloved jet-setting PM has agreed .... in principle to allow toll concessionaries agreements to be made public...Sammy's dancing a different tune(
here ) ! He's making it look like it was our beloved and pious PM who was responsible for not allowing the tax-paying citizens from peeking at the agreements.
Why the about turn of events suddenly ? Only recently we, the law abiding and tax-paying citizens were threatened with ISA and OSA if found with a copy of the toll concessions agreement....why ? Ah ha!... Elections coming near, right ? Because our beloved PM said so..yes ? Come on Sammy, you can do better then that lah, stop this hippocrisy !...every time I pay the unrequired highway toll-tax at toll-booths I curse you and the people who elected you to this position,and for the unnecessary hike in toll charges, YOU have imposed on me and the populace! Can't you bring down the price of road-tax at least ? And kick those motor insurance companies (your friendly GLCs) to reduce the premiums on our vehicles ? Are you out of your mind.. with all that foreign agents sticking out of your scalp ???
Don't do this crap just to garner votes Sammy...don't just review toll charges in desired places only.. like Sungei Nyior, Butterworth... just to apple-polish the PM's neighbourhood/constituency or in Sungei Siput...! Did you not hear the cries of the rakyat at IOI recently or at Sungei Long or in Cheras et cetera??? Are the voices of the rakyat falling on deaf ears ? You got a problem hearing, Sammy ?
The rakyat and I will be watching you this coming elections, Sammy ! (and so will God !)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chastity Belts and Dick Sheaths !

It never fails to amaze me of the many "moronic" remarks, so called scholars and moral-guardians of Islam come up with ! Take this suggestion mooted by Islamic scholar Datuk Abu Hassan Din.. !

Come on I'm no religious scholar and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to rebut this 'mother of all "idiocy"- cock-eyed view on women' in this 'Islam Hadari' country of ours ! And I tell you, it is these same men of "cultured" religious backgrounds that hold the same dick-eyed view of a rather "simple" and "honest" gesture of a clean hand placed on an exposed arm of a famous international starlet !... ahemmm..more so if that hand belonged to an honest and pious leader like our beloved jet-setting PM !

To thwart the rising rape and incest cases in this country (and NOT only in the east coast of this peninsula) and as to what the 'holy-cow' had suggested... I pronounce ...IT is time to castrate all men found guilty of the misdeed instead and not blame the women only. Maybe an iron-cast dick-sheath bolted round his waist and weighing 10 pounds to be worn by this sex-fiend for eternity ! Sheesh... this Datuk Abu Hassan Din has taken our fast progressing country, in the name of religion, smack !...back into the Dark Ages ! We are independent 50 years today and this is the dung we have to put up with...hhmmm... Shame on you "Datuk"!!

You don't have to go to university to learn to protect and respect your family ! For God sake they are your own flesh and blood man....respect life.. guard them from the evils and protect them from all dangers.....NOT rape them ! And you really don't NEED religion to tell you that, you idiot !

This should not be the topic today, I'm upset and I apologise I have digressed... To all Malaysians here and to all Chinese the world over, my family and I would like to wish you a Very Happy "Gong Xi Fa Cai" and speaking of wishes....... how come in the old days we spelt it "Kong Hee Fatt Choy " huh ? Well I guess thats in keeping with the times and not the reverse ! Learn Datuk !

YAAAAAAAM SEEENNNNG !! Go easy on that nasty stuff, folks ...hic......hic !!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mat Dohfus !!

Mat-Rempits are in the spot-light again, going by what our UMNO Putera Movement Chief Datuk Abdul Azeez Abd Rahim says ! Go on click here and choke yourself with a good laugh at what this "dohfus" has to say !!

For the life of me , how is a parachute jump ( by 10 mat-rempit sympathisers) from 1,500m over the North Pole, on the 19th of April, going to make our "princely youths"(i.e. Putera UMNO) into "glocal human assets" as this Datuk AAAR ( I'm tempted to add a se ? ) claims, and as what our beloved leaders say and expect of, of them, beats me ! 'An expedition like this would instill a sense of responsibility and resourcefulness in them' ....hmmmm (money wasted on this fool-hardy expedition, can be used for the many still suffering families of our recent floods ! ). Where do our glocal politicians learn to talk like that duh !... Oxford ? Cambridge ?
For crying out loud, who's paying for these goons in the first place and why can't these UMNO princes do something more responsible like "KICKING THE ARSES OF OUR MAT REMPITS, OFF OUR ROADS AND STOP THEM FROM TERRORISING AND ENDANGERING THE INNOCENT TAX-PAYING AND RESPONSIBLE MOTORISTS, WITH THEIR BLOODY IDIOTIC STUNTS" !!!
These mat-rempits are brave only in numbers and roam the streets all night, like 'scums-on-a-high', usually without any legal documents or drivers license and a majority are illegals from neighbouring countries masquarading as Malaysians, and if these "princely" youths want to do anything resourceful "GO WEED THEM OUT ", and then we can have "cemerlang, terbilang and temberang"! Yes Datuk AAAR, please don't give us this kind of crap and maybe you should change your speech-writer and PR person too...!
Like make them all go and donate the victims of accidents they cause, on any given night ! that will be responsible and resourceful, right? (oops... sorry... cannot lah ...must take blood sample first, right ? and then maybe, just maybe,can find traces of prohibited elements in blood sample......opps... sorry bad idea !)
Well, Datuk AAAR, do think of something stupid to keep me 'in stitches' again , as you are after-all the new "glocal comedian"...ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..!!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Shanghai'd !

Time and again many have curiously asked this question as to my blog name... "why Shanghai Fish "? From my first ever "Hello" post (23rd. May 2006) I did try to explain something to that context.

Well to begin with I'm a darter and a pretty unpredictable one at that too ! See in dart terms there is such a thing as , if you finish a game with the last 3 darts all in one number or slice of the dart board i.e. the triple, normal and double of say a certain number then you have done a "shanghai-finish" e.g. if the balance point was 120 and you threw a first dart on a 20 then a second dart on 60 (triple 20 ) and checked-out in 40 (double 20 ) .

On the 4th. of September 2005 in the 6th. Merdeka Invitational Darts Tournament championship hosted by the Royal Lake Club, Kuala Lumpur, yours truely did just that and it was reported the following day in the Malay Mail that, yours truely ( representing the National Press Club) was the only one in the tournament who did a "Shanghai Fish" ....yes, maybe it was a typo error, I won't know, but that was exactly what was reported and printed in the papers. See the photo- clip and story above !!

So you see folks I did not realise this but that name stuck on me. There you go......hokay ??
P.S. By the way I've got a name and my name is Stephen Francis, and yes, I hope I am a responsible blogger !

Saturday, February 03, 2007

"With blazing guns"

Wow.. I already like this lady lah... the way she's taking on this heads of government who are either irresponsible and/or corrupt ! I'm talking about our newly-appointed Perak Anti-Corruption Agency director Samsiah Abu Bakar.(read here )
Imagine the gall of some of these heads of government departments who "close one eye" to the perpetrator of graft and refused to take action against them for lack of evidence, et cetera, et cetera !! Were they in partnership with this scum of a government servant, or were they related or were they from the same kampong or were they threatened in the first place ? Or were they afraid if they took any action against these crooks, these crooks might spill the beans on them because they are crooks themselves.....sort of 'blackmailed'?
Oh......we could work on a thousand theories. But the refreshing thought is there is now someone "new" who is going to change all that and open a few old 'cans of worms' that has been quietly concealed and hopefully forgotten by the powers of our corrupt little 'napoleons'.
This gutsy lady was also born in the same town as I was, Kuala Kangsar, and I'm sure she's gonna clean up my kampong state Perak, with the same passion as I have for Perak if in her position !It's not like I want to preach but "Walk in the path of rightousness and God walks with you"!
Welcome and "Cheers" to this good lady !

Thursday, February 01, 2007

No Geography lah!!

This is simply amazing how our esteemed Ministers announce the setting-up of "committees" to a fairly , straight and honest answer to a problem, any man in the street can give in 2 seconds !

Read this and you tell me, do we need a 'technical' team of experts to study the recent cause of floods in the country ?? As far as I can remember, Kelantan was always flooded every year around December !

Blaming God has always been our "divine right" as nobody will admit to the blatant abuse of our enviroment for monetary profits by the respective authorities in cahoots with their crony, as the real answer to the floods itself ! How much of raping of our hills, forest and entire green-lungs have been ,with a quick stroke of a pen (and with always an expensive and branded pen !) turned these nature's gift to mankind into residencial, industrial and commercial prime property ??

Of course it rains the year round here in Malaysia. Thats a fact, we live close to the equator, where there are lots of countries with lots of 'green' . How else can we have so much 'green' if not for rain...huh ? And we are used to tropical storms in some parts of this region, yes ? Funny how once an Irish visitor actually came to our country to witness a "torrential thunderstorm"(his words ) as he had heard so much of it back home !!

But for the last 20 years or so we have had mega projects and massive population build-up or influx of immigrants(our country offers great 'dreams' for foreigners!) and we have seen this growth and demand in every state and at all levels in local councils through-out the country.
Stop wondering please... our drainage system is from the 50's era (built for a country with about 5 million then !) and our highways and roads linking towns and cities with towering building structures are from the go figure out where all this crap is choking its way to.....!!! Go tell your local councillor to stop screwing "mother nature" !
Have you also noticed, we do not have the NE Monsoon from November to March and the SW Monsoon from April to August as in the past and was documented in our geography books ?
Still need a "technical committee" to figure this out ? Gimme a break ! Maybe with "Visit Malaysia Year" we can quickly turn these flooded places into water-theme "Venice of the east" tours for tourists and even make a quick buck in the process !( just kidding lah... my heart feels sad for all those families affected!) As my dear late 'amachi' (grandma) would always tell us when we were growing up ..."no geography lah"...wise words, now you ponder on it too !
God Bless Amachi and to all city folks "Happy City day" and to all Malaysians all over the world, "Happy Thaipusam" !