Monday, May 31, 2010

It's that "non-issue-Malay-issue" all over again !

CORRECTION: Ling Liong Sik was the BN Chairman from the day UMNO was declared illegal till the day the new UMNO was formed and it's application to join BN was approved with Liong Sik chairing the meeting.
This means it was more then 1 day and technically Dr. M should have resigned as PM and Ling Liong Sik should have taken over since Dr. M was now an "independent" MP


Oh yeah...right !!! ....the big deal these UMNO goons make of a
"suggestion" by Anwar, of a Chinese DPM. Huh ?...big deal !!! (here )

Have they forgotten that all past premiers of this country right from the days of independence were of non-Malay and of mixed parentage ? Tell me what was Mahathir before he became a
"Malay" or who were Pak Lah's grand-parents or Hussein Onn's and Tun Razak's roots or Tunku's ancestors were, huh ??? The only common and binding factor was they were all Muslims. And none of us "pendatangs" ( read you and me save the Indigenous peoples ) made any why now ? Must be another cheap shot by those PERKASA idiots who themselves are either of Indonesian or Indian lineage who seem to be championing this "non-issue-Malay-issue" again ! Why ?

Or have they also forgotten that this country was, for just one day, lead by a Chinese...that MCA chappie Tun Ling Liong Sik.... remember ??? UMNO mudah lupa kah ?(
*hint* when UMNO lama was de-registered way back in 1988 ?) Aiyaaa....why so stupid one ?

And the many times this country ran on
"auto-pilot" when both the PM and the DPM and a host of other senior ministers were "holidaying" out of this country and was left with the then most senior minister Bernard Dompok in charge ? If these morons want to find fault with everything PR, so very easy la....anything suggested, even if it was for the betterment of the tax-paying civil society, it must be criticised and politicised by some "wannabe", just to draw some attention and gain some cheap "brownie" points ! Sheeeesh !

As far as I am concerned as long as anyone, of any stock, be they from BN or PR, can deliver their manifesto with good governance and rule with respect, accountability and transparently...... you have my vote !
Period !

Saturday, May 29, 2010

"CHIPS" on that chip off that ole block !

Tuesday May 25, 2010 Samy Vellu’s only son also lashed out at Umno for promoting inequality among Barisan Nasional component parties, saying they were only the passengers while Umno “drove the bus”.
Tue, 25 May 2010 17:06 Vell Paari is unfazed and remains steadfast in his opinion that Umno's policies and actions were the catalyst for Indians voting for the opposition in the last general election.

Saturday May 29, 2010 MYT 1:24:00 PM Vell Paari who is MIC central working committee member apologised to Umno on Friday for making the allegation earlier in the week.

He had also clarified that Umno was not involved in anyway with Gerakan Anti-Samy GAS).

Just look at the 3 media reports above ( click on the dates for full story) and you my dear readers draw your own conclusions as to the kind of principles (if in fact he has any) this son of the "corrupt dinosaur" Samy Vellu ( he's been busy sacking anyone who opposes him now !) would carry with him into MIC..... if and when he slips his tainted feet into his father's shoes as President !( This trend has becoming fashionable amongst past ministers and ex-premier...i.e. grooming their half-baked kids to follow in their corrupt foot-steps ! ) Can you imagine him being your leader, huh ? Surely he or his father never will be mine !
Okay, okay.....I might have over reacted here....let me re-phrase it this way......"when he slips his tainted feet into his father's equally dirty shoes !"........hmmmm....better ?

What brought about this sudden change,huh, you might want to ask, yes ?? One minute he's thumping his chest and roaring like a silver-backed male gorillas Aficanus after mating for the third time for the day and the next he's wimping like a pussy and begging for forgiveness ! Was he "gently" persuaded by the "powers that be" (aka UMNO ) that they might reopen past "ghostly" files ( kept in "conditional" abeyance by the other "powers that be"....or read PDRM and the Judiciary )......errhhhh ??
And to refresh your memory click here for that long now almost forgotten case ......!

Guess that's my personal opinion for this "neutralised and compromising" moron's flip-flop !

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Al Jazeera English quitting Malaysia ?

Did you hear the rumour about Al Jazeera's English network's "slow" departure from Malaysia ? A strange man asked me if I knew the reasons why the Kuala Lumpur sector was down-sizing their KL out-fit and I replied in the negative. Sadly he offered a few "conspiracy" theories but I don't think any mattered.

We have had Al Jazeera KL since 2006 and within a few months they had a huge following and personally I think they did a damn good job here. It would be a shame if Riz Khan or 101East or People Power are being "phased out" of KL and they then would only be focusing on more news from Qatar, the US and UK. They were the darling "live" channel to watch during the Iraq war before the Iraqi government raided and shut down their office there. And they did some really interesting interviews with our local "heroes" too ! tell me this is, but a rumour only, please !

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My vote for the"best joke of the new Millennium" !

I have finally decided on the best joke for the new millennium. But sadly, I'm flustered as there seem to be an undeniable tie between the two final entries. So I'll let you folks vote !
The first entry, contributed by a "down-under" buddy living here in Malaysia for as long the irrelevant and ex-premier's dictatorial term and my friend, dear John W. and it goes like this.....:


The Australian Poetry Competition had come down to two finalists, a university graduate and an old aborigine.

They were given a word, then allowed two minutes to study the word and come up with a poem that contained the word.

The word they were given was ' TIMBUKTU '

First to recite his poem was the university graduate.

He stepped up to the microphone and said:

Slowly across the desert sand

Trekked a lonely caravan

Men on camels two by two

Destination - Timbuktu

There was rapturous applause.

No way could the old aborigine top that, they thought..

The old aborigine calmly made his way to the microphone and recited:

Me and Tim a huntin' went

Found three girls in a pop up tent

They were three, and we was two

So I bucked one, and Timbuktu

....and the second "Best Joke of the Millennium" and still tied-up comfortably with joke No 1, at press time, contributed generously by the "rakyat" of Malaysia is.....


The Malaysian Government !

Your vote please !

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Go get him Mr. IGP....surely YOU can do it !

Well now that everyone knows where RPK is, why is the IGP still not apprehending, arresting, extraditing and bringing RPK back to Malaysia to face the "music" ?? ( here )

Mr. IGP was so "gungho" in telling the us Malaysians that it was a matter of time before Pete is brought back here to face the sedition charges....IF he knew where he was "holed-up", yes ? So what's stopping him now ? Surely our "hero" Musa can squeeze the British Interpol and Scotland Yard's balls by demanding them to issue an extraditing order, no ? Afterall he IS the most powerful man in Malaysia, right now, yes ? So why Mr. IGP ? Why and what's "missing" now, huh ? Just realised the UK has done away with this Jurassic law of the ISA eons ago, issit ? Seditious laws are not a valid reason to grant an extradition order in the UK, issinit ? Did Pete commit any murder or robbed and raped this country or blow anyone up or was involved in any under-world activities ??? You really want to imprison his thoughts, that's all, yes ? Sadly all demands by the ordinary tax-paying Malaysians is making our "champion" IGP look like a clown, yes ?

Sorry Mr. IGP, I was hoping your "type" of justice was universal, but it seems now your "macho" bragging only belongs to our third world mentality and not outside of Malaysia ......"your power tak laku lah di England, skarang macam-mana ??? " and to quote Pete.....
“The ruling party asks why we complain when it is the British who introduced the ISA. But it was tabled in 1960 and Malaya gained independence in 1957,” there ! ( here ) and I leave you with this classic quote from the greatest racist and dictator who walked the corridors of power for 22 damn bleeding years, here in Malaysia on the ISA, the Maha Tun himself....
“You use it to detain people before they commit a crime. We detain them while they are thinking about it. So it prevents you from thinking......!!!

Sheeeeesh.......what a joke this country has become !

Thursday, May 20, 2010

M.I.C. ( monkeys in confusion ) !

It's not that I give a damn about these so-called youth leaders. I've seen them at their worst "low-down" and rowdy behaviour at so many "buy-elections" that I've covered in the past 2 years or so. They are loud and love to attract as much attention to themselves and champions in jeering and menacingly threaten anyone who does not stand on their side of the political divide and certainly are very courageous when in great numbers. These are the ingredients needed for later in their climb to "power" and as a general rule, they must be vocal in their demands keep up their flavour and market value.

Their SOP is to garner as much support from their underlings and be seen as displaying great
"leadership" qualities. Of course financial funding too is well taken care of by their "masters". These confused "monkeys" are lackeys to their master aka Big Brother and will go to great lengths to please them. Now you are confused too as to what my point is, yes ?

I'm ranting about UMNO's other lap-dog ( MCA being branded as ungrateful traitors now !) I'm talking about the stooges in the now irrelevant MIC !

Just see how low this
"dinosaur" Samy Vellu is conducting himself with this young loud-mouthed "youth leader" who's characteristics are as described to the tee in paragraphs 1 and 2 above. Maybe these 2 deserve each other as they now show their true colours for all to see and the type of leaders they are to a party that has been written off as "history"! (read the rest here )

It's show-time !!! Woooooohooooo........wakakakakaka !!

MyKad shocker for Sabahan non-Muslims

Since my last posting on the Sibu bye-election I have received a few calls asking me as to what I meant by the MyKad "screw-up". For the benefit of all below I produce the story in full for you. Thank you Patricia Ny... !

MyKad shocker for Sabahan non-Muslims
Joe Fernandez
May 14, 10

Sabahan non-Muslims in their thousands have been registered with 'Islam' as their religion on their MyKads, revealed a Sabah PKR leader today.

According to PKR Sabah deputy chief Christina Liew, they were assumed to be Muslims by the National Registration Department (NRD) solely because of the bin or binti in their names.

The situation has also arisen because many Sabahans have Muslim-sounding names though they do not profess the religion, she said.

NONEJust as it is common for non-Muslims in Sabah to go by names commonly used by Muslims, many Muslims in Sabah also go by names usually associated with Christians, noted Liew.

What is disturbing, however, is the refusal by NRD in the administrative capital of Putrajaya to budge and address the unique situation in Sabah, the lawyer added.

The problem has long affected the Orang Asli in Peninsular Malaysia.

Many non-Muslims have complained that their religious status in MyKads have either been left empty - with the words tiada (none) for 'religion' - or a religion which is not theirs is entered in their identity documents.

The difference this time, according to the opposition activist, is the magnitude of the current problem.

“The federal cabinet should issue a directive on this issue to the NRD in Putrajaya,” said Liew.

“It has been bothering people for quite some time now, and it's time that something was done at the administrative level to fix the problem.”

Liew has gone public with the matter after the state NRD director failed to meet her as promised yesterday, said Liew, and this after several postponements to discuss the complainants that she has recieved.

“It's most unfortunate that the state NRD director went back on his word to have a dialogue on the issue,” fumed Liew.

“The government of the day must be open, transparent and accountable to the people. It would not hurt anyone to have a dialogue on the issue.

Federal to state 'warning'?

According to sources, the NRD in Putrajaya had warned its Sabah office against going ahead with the dialogue with Liew out of suspicions that she may also raise the issue of illegal immigrants being issued MyKads meant for nationals.

Liew had also proposed to NRD that the Sabah Islamic Affairs Council (JHEAINS), the syariah authorities and other relevant bodies be represented at the dialogue with the Sabah NRD.

NONEThere was no response to her proposal, however, from the government agencies beside the state NRD.

Liew also disclosed that the PKR Public Complaints Bureau, which she heads, has been swamped with several hundred cases of mistaken identity among non-Muslims ever since it was set up recently.

Liew said her own independent research suggests that the problem runs into the thousands.

Further compounding the problem is the practice by the NRD of unilaterally giving Muslim names to non-Muslims in the rural areas of Sabah and Sarawak “to make it easier for them to get birth certificates,” alleged Liew.

Their problems begin, she explained, when they have to collect their MyKads and find their cards stating their religion as 'Islam'.

Liew said she will embark on a signature drive among affected MyKad holders and seek to submit them together with other relevant evidence to the federal cabinet.

Father and son

She cited the experience of Adenin bin Ahmad, a Christian Dusun from Tuaran, as a case in point.

Both he and his 82-year-old father Joseph Ahmad – who still has his baptism certificate - were listed as Muslims by the NRD years ago after they changed their old identity cards in 1999 for the MyKad.

They had sought to change their identity cards to reflect their Christian profession.

Attempts by father and son to rectify thee mistake on their MyKads went unsuccessful, despite having filed statutory declarations to assert that they were not Muslims.

Adenin has been unable to obtain a certificate for his marriage as well as a birth certificate for his three-year-old daughter due to the confusion over his religious status.

Strangely enough, his two other children have birth certificates.

Adenin said he had officially written to JHEAINS to seek its declaration that he is not a Muslim.

On Aug 4 last year, to a letter requesting the department to declare that he is non-Muslim, JHEAINS replied that it could not find Adenin's record in its records of Muslim converts.

Unable to determine his religious status, it was paradoxically suggested to Adenin that he liaise with the syariah court to resolve the issue.

To add insult to injury, the state NRD wrote to him on Jan 25 this year to advise him that his application to change his name and religious status had been rejected.

He was then advised to obtain a declaration from either JHEAINS or the syariah court that he was "no longer" a Muslim, though he has never been a Muslim to begin with.

“Is there such a thing as a 'Muslim' name?” asked Adenin.

“Omar Shariff, the famous Lebanese actor who was born in Egypt, is a Roman Catholic. He's Omar Shariff because he's Arab and Arabs, no matter what their religion, prefer to have Arab names,” he noted.

Adenin said he feels the reason he's been passed around like a football between the various authorities is to "make an example of him" and, in the process, make his life miserable.

Adenin also expressed fears that there would be further complications when a family member passes away, as the authorities may seize the body of the deceased for burial as a Muslim.

Double standards

For Muslim Sabahans, however, Liew said the problem of mistaken religious identity has never arisen.

<span class=

Muslims with 'Christian-sounding' names are said to not have faced problems in having 'Islam' registered as their religion in their MyKads, she said.

The NRD in Putrajaya, thus, practices double standards on the issue and is making things difficult for the rakyat "for no rhyme or reason."

“What happened to the 'People First, Performance Now' pledge of the Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak under the '1Malaysia' theme of his administration?” asked Christina.

"He should not allow petty bureaucrats to run circles around him and frustrate his administration," she added.

Muslims have their religion stated as “Islam” on the MyKad and this apparently includes non-Muslims with “Muslim” sounding names. Non-Muslims have their religion stated in the chip inside the MyKad and this can only be read by a card reader.

Sabah NRD Director Abdul Jaffear bin Henry, who is Muslim, was not immediately available for comments.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

UMNO 's gets a 2nd. slap.

Okay finally DAP has won it's first "by-election" by a very narrow margin in a very very long time, but a win is a win even by 1 vote. Congratulations DAP and PR in general. A win for DAP is surely a win for PR, but a loss for SUPP would mean a loss for SUPP only. Not UMNO or BN !

As I said in the Hulu Selangor, it was the Indians who "screwed" PR big-time and the Chinese who showed "half a peace sign" to UMNO. Again they have done it and Najib better put a "muzzle" and a tight leash on that evil axis racists comprising the great Tun Ding and village idiot Zul Dong and the wannabe racist who is doing in Nazib's "1someshit", Ibrahim Dung from PERKASA !

Back to the drawing board, BNboys and get ready for the East Malaysia elections very soon. And as for DAP...... you're walking on very thin ice and we, the simple tax-paying citizens will be watching you. So start cracking on that MyKad screw-up of religions for the illiterate and rightful "tuan rumahs" by Putrajaya first. It is shocking revelations and you better be on top of things IF you want to continue being on TOP !!

Thank you people of Sibu. You did vote with your heart and head and wisely so, indeed !

Friday, May 14, 2010

wanna bet ?

So now it's pay-back time ! After all it is common knowledge that this man with his gaming outlets throughout the country, has indirectly paid millions if not billions into the BN machinery and the BN government owes this "little" favour to him yes ?

Tan Sri Vincent Tan's Ascot Sports, ( here ) the recent recipient of a gambling licence (with conditions ) is after all a businessman. Shrewed and sharp, this man knows which side his bread is buttered. Personally I got nothing against him. But why should the BN government who champions against all forms of gambling, issue him the licence in the first place ? Here is a classic avenue for anyone to gamble, with the World Cup looming near everyone would be placing bets, even via sms ! Yiiipeee ! Bookies rule !

Where is PERKASA and all those holier then thou moralists ? Zul Nordin and Ibrahim Ali and their foot-soldiers .....not a squick....where are you now, dumbos ? of them hypocrites is sitting on another of Vincent's gambling board as a director, right ? So okay, are excused or you'd be out of job.

For some ultras, even as muslims, it is okay to buy shares into breweries ( ding....dong !... errh...San Miguel Philippines !!) and gambling houses, huh ? Sin is but a sin only if you are poor and lack education and funding. But if you are rich and well connected everything can be justified as "halal"....that's business mah !

In fact all government servant's collect their salaries every month from some kind of sin tax. But cleverly laundered by this government and justified as "hard" earned wages ! So every Malaysian irrespective of race or religion must be grateful and thankful to GAMBLERS, right ?
Go for me, I come from Taiping where anytime 2 or more of us are gathered, we gamble, from the rain to anything that moves ! And that's a fact !

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Give a child a loaded gun (pt.2)

See these 3 pictures above ? Notice anything strange ? I was at the RHB bank on the ground floor of Menara Yayasan Tun Razak along Jalan Bukit Bintang and spent a good 25 minutes there today. There were 2 cashiers and about 9 customers as I noticed this empty chair behind the cashier counter but thought nothing of it at first......until my number was called some 10 minutes later and I was shocked to see the shotgun leaning against the wall unattended, by the empty chair through out the time I was there !

Talk about responsibilities ! Anyone could have just jumped over the counter and created havoc, yes ? That's the type of security this bank employs ? Where was the guard and why was he not there ? Imagine if I was a bank robber and spotted an idle and loaded shotgun. Would I not help myself to it ?

These are the kind of things that happens only in Malaysia !
1Malaysia Boleh !! Shocking !!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the "suckcess" of 1Malaysia

The reason Najib's 1Malaysia is considered "pure rubbish" is because it is truly being undermined to the max by one particular newspaper Utusan Malayu and the father of all racists and now irrelevant ex-Premier, the great Tun.

A paper that disseminates propaganda and hatred of fellow men and a man who systematically divided the races and himself denounced his roots is surely a perfect partnership for great success. What a shameful combination this is for Najib, even as we speak, he's bragging to Sibuites in Sarawak about his
"suckcesful 1Malaysia" right now ! You wanna think the simple people of Sibu are not connected to the rest of the world ? Think again ! ( here )

From the very beginning Najib's 1Malaysia was a failure because it pointed out to us normal citizens of nothing new when what we had been doing for so long from the 50's as Malayans and we did not need his 1 this and 1 that to tell us how we should live as 1 ! There was genuine respect and brotherhood then ....until May 13 1969 and the rise of a "simple doctor from Alor Setar " ! And everyone knew about it but Najib ! Can somebody up there tell him who's doing him in ?

Then comes the other one kissing a keris and swearing to spill the blood of all others in the name of wanting to unite the Malays ! And yet another Iblisrahim who wants to be a watch-dog for everything non-Malay ! Does this make any sense anymore ? Of course this gives birth or rebirth to extremist groups like PERKASA, GERTAK, GEMPAH, KETUANAN or MAMPUS and with who better to boost this
"half-baked morons and foot soldiers" crusade then the old manipulator from Kerala, India as grand inquisitor, who now himself comfortably goes by as a Malay! Damn !

There were many of us, posting in blogs on how to shed the May 13
"fear factor" long before March 8, 2008 that saw BN loose heavily and now this reenactment of May 13 by these idiots is surely screwing Najib's 1Malaysia big time, and with tax-payers monies too !

Can the PM put a stop to these gatherings ? Has he the guts to arrest these goons for they are a threat to national stability and messing his 1Malaysia plans ? Should he order water cannons and FRU to stop this "uncivilised" gathering ? Can he warn the IGP to
"stand-down" ? Can he summon those responsible including the Tun to face him or his momma, immediately ? Remember, the world and the rakyat is watching you !

If he cannot do any of the above suggestions that will surely rock his 1Malaysia plans, then he can take his 1Malaysia crap and shove it up in his 1hole where the sun don't shine !

Monday, May 10, 2010

Pidato bebas,...errrh, anyone ?

Ahhh...this is so the Penang government has finally joined in the ranks of the 1st world community ! Let's also hope the mentality of the general Penangites also "up-grades" in tandem !

Speakers' s Corner or Dataran Pidato ( curious to know why "pidato" or speech in bahasa Indonesia is used and not Bahasa Malaysia !!) is finally opened to the general public at the Penang Esplanade grounds yesterday as a handful "braved" under the ever suspicious and watchful eyes of a few plain clothed coppers mingling in the crowd ( frankly these SB's stick-out like a sore thumb anytime and everytime....for all to know....sheeesh !) with cameras and notebooks. Good for you daring folks who spoke there.

As long as your speech steers clear of profanities and racial slurs you're okay to bang-away at the powers-that-be at large ! Looks like a place you won't see the likes of that PERKASA morons and some monkeys-in-suits (read MPs) who enjoys banging his open right palm on his clenched left palm !

So there you go, Penangites, if you have an axe to grind with just about anyone or about anything, even if it is about your mother-in-law this is your "avenue". Just be warned that you will have a "thin" file stamped 1DP opened immediately with a recording of your grouses and your mug-shot in Peace Hill !

Cheers to the Penang government for this great initiative !!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

If PERKASA is not racist then I'm a Malay !

If it is rightfully enshrined in the federal constitution, is there a need to create an off-shoot organisation to safe-guard and champion that right ? Certainly I would not worry, right ? It is a written law that must to be up-held in any court in the country, yes ? ( here ) So why now PERKASA ?

We who are born and breed here, only want to be treated with respect and as equal without our origins being screamed and branded upon us. I have always maintained I am Malaysian first (unlike one Indonesia origined DPM who wants to be a Malay first and Malaysian there-after) and I have no allegiance to any foreign sovereignty nor do I pay my taxes to India or China or Portugal or even Timbaktu for that matter.

Now every dumbo wants to justify and defend the despicable agenda of PERKASA and what it stands for now. If PERKASA is not a racist movement then Hitler's Third Reich is a Shoalin monastery, Utusan Malaysia is the Koran and I am a Malay. How about that ?

Alternatively we can all also sing the
"NegaraKu" without a candle and not get arrested but be praised as model citizens....more crap ! ( here )

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Mayday...mayday....mayday...this country is in deep shit !

This protest surely can one, everyone's so well behaved, ya ? ....anyways who dares stop the "chosen" one ?

...and this protest against Blair's presence in Sunway Pyrimid also ok ! Endorsed by the great "mamak"....and carried out by his faithfuls.......this "defaced" poster of an ex-leader of a nation is deserving yes ? ....because again "blessed" by the "evil" racist and now irrelevant ex-premier, right ?

when in the march against Aussie lawmakers.....ok....because got UMNO can't touch this..."aping" some Middle Eastern shoe thrower...sure can ! After all it is lead by that bangsat of PERKASA, so who can touch him, betul ?....memang betul....semuanya okay ! No need to be ori !

....burning an effigy of "bush", yes ! problem ! BUT..................... today's peaceful Mayday gathering at the Dataran Merdeka......hmmm...cannot ! No UMNO flags also ? Where's PERKASA ? Where's the "mamak" ? Where's Najib, Khairy or even Kamal ?.....cannot see anyone also.....hmmmm sure cannot one ! ( please subscribe to Malaysiakini to watch the fracas on video)

these "anak bangsa Malaysia" faces.......not good enough....too violent and dangerous to civil society........ and why is there no UMNO flag, huh ? Nope...not allowed ! Period !
Arrest semua in 5 minutes !

.....then the arrests started on 6 fearsome and "bad" trouble-makers....not good for society....certainly and a "threat" to National Security ! Did I hear somewhere before one moron of a minister who remarked that "street protest is not our Malaysian way of life " ??? And that idiot we have for a IGP today saying he'll recall his men from patrolling the streets ? Oh....I see....only to his master's bidding......will he surely work ! Yes ???
Damn and double damn you bloody corrupt fascists of a government !