Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time...

Is it me or has anyone else noticed that there used to be many "beware of snatch-thief" signage boards located strategically around the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur which has gone missing now since the SEA Games. I cannot even find that sign board on Google image search. Why ?? Are we too shy to warn tourists  of such mishaps ? It can happen in any big city anywhere in the world, no ? Perhaps we are so accustomed to living in denial, we'll remove all "negative" signboards and invite tourists to visit us at their own peril. 

We have had our top cops claiming crime is at a low in Malaysia and that what we read on social media is mostly exaggerated or blown out of context. But when I read this latest robbery in a bank in Damansara Heights, I though this must be the coolest heist I've heard in a long time (read here ). Imagine this guy, grabs RM600,000 in cash and walks out cooly and he must be intelligent too as he knew what he was doing by placing a magnet on the vault's locking system. A quick face-job and new identity could have got him out of town or country by now. 

And further reading ( here ) takes you to another solo robbery recently  at the OUB branch in Jalan Imbi wherein a machette wielding manager robs it of RM46,000 in cash and walked out of the main entrance. But unfortunately for him, he was arrested too.  

And on the same page I read with glee about that video clip that went viral  ( here ), of a 26 year old solo mat-rempit snatching "something" (it may be a phone or a wallet, I don't know) from a tourist at the Majestic Hotel entrance being caught. Now the police have to say thank you to social media users in giving the legs-up.

Well I'll be damned.  

Friday, September 15, 2017

Being politically correct and living in denial.

We as a nation stood by and allowed corruption to flourish in the name of religion. We have been too long politically correct in hushing our comments when corrupt authorities approved anyone to operate anything from schools to eateries without any care for safety in the name of religion. While illegals walked in and out of our country, we remained silent because we have to be politically correct as to not question their presence here because corrupt officials allowed them in all in the name of religion. 

Strange the Islamic religious departments in Malaysia is hell bent on curbing and/or banning the infidels' beer festivals, Valentines day celebrations, wishing the infidel "Merry Christmas", exercising with arms resembling a cross or Chinese sundry shops having alcohol drinks in the same tray as soft drinks in fridges BUT never never ever addressing CORRUPTION. What are the holy sacraments in Islam ? Is everyone okay with what happened yesterday at this religious school ? 

Yesterday a tafiz ( these Arabic terms are flooded in our vocabulary today, again to "konpius" the simple Malay folks into believing any word in the Arab language as holy text.) got burnt and within it 21 children and 2 wardens were burnt to crumbs, each piled one on top of each other because they could not escape as there was only one door to enter and exit and the fire engulfed those escape routes. ( here)  

As sad as I am to hear such tragedy, what shocks me is when a minister comes out telling us tax-paying citizens of all races not to judge the school operators too harshly as they have suffered enough trauma and what is even more appalling is the attitude of parents of those who perished in the fire. These unfit parents are saying their child died as a martyr. 
Wtf is wrong with these parents ?? Your child died because some damn illegal and greedy person with no license to operate a school and with no safe emergency exits had their school burnt to the ground and you call that martyrdom ? He died cursing everything and everyone for sending him there in the first place and you think he died for God ?? Hello stupid, don't give excuses for being an unfit parent and start suing the school operators and everyone who allowed them to run the school illegally. That was murder and corruption of the highest order. ( read here)
Here a kafir advises Muslims on how to run a school. I have also always wished to ban or close down ALL religious schools outside of temples, churches and mosques. 
Is anyone even bothered  to hear me ??

Friday, September 08, 2017

Arul Davasagayam Arokiam - Age 54.


 Arul Davasagayam Arokiam Age 54.
Born: 7-7-1963 
Died: 6-9-2017
Leaves behind wife Sandana Mary and sons Melvin, Kevin, Edwin, Elwin and daughter Angeline
A quiet and talented musician. I have searched my very large collection of photos of Arul from the days in the NPC but could not find any. That's how he was, always in the back-ground.
At the funeral in the Cheras cemetary his sons, all accomplished musicians themselves who have performed in the NPC many times and call themselves The Nobody, sang "Let it Be" and "I wanna hold your Hands" from The Beatles which was Arul's all time favorite band. I was touched. And so must be Arul.
Today we miss another good friend.
Rest in peace Arul, wherever you are. Cheers !