Saturday, January 29, 2011



It was a wet and cloudy afternoon when we drove into Labis....the poster war has been going on for more then a week now and those who had contracts to make these are already laughing all the way to bank to "cash-in" of their sudden windfall I guess. I chanced upon visiting the local MIC operations office.....and it was a sad sight perhaps only see these "over-worked" (sic sic ) staff manning it, having their lunch.

...and just outside of town was this "camping ground' for our boys and girls in blue. What a sight ! I was told that the owner of this plot of "prime" land is getting RM136,000 for the duration of this buy-election. Now isn't that a tidy sum for a few days ?

.....even the flags were fluttering in full the chilly winds came in with the south-west monsoon season.
ahhh....this banner is really funny as it speaks volume of Cikgu Mala's edge over her opponent's irregularities involving a land auction scam when in his capacity as assistant district officer of Segamat. Heard also that the case is up for hearing this February 7th. Well.......if he wins this election tomorrow then "semuanya will be okay" !

Meet young Amri Azahan with "kong-kong" zorro. Already a party worker helping out his dad to secure HIS touching !

....and outside the DAP "bilik gerakan" helpers getting ready to assist anyone.

....and across the road is this sign urging all those who have not collected their "present" or "hadiah" to do so. Incidently this is also the branch office of the Segamat MCA ! Wonder if Chua Soi Lek knows what's happening on the ground floor.

...hmmm...the out-come of this by-election is best predicted by these locals. They told me that last week the odds were at a 3,000 majority in favour of BN. Today they said it's dropped to 1,500. But then one "taiko" interjected and gave his 2sens, that by midnight tonight he's be able to actually gauge a more precise percentage. I really believe this guy. I'm very curious and keen to meet him later tonight after the final "ceremah" or I will not be able to sleep tonight....come to think of it....I WILL not be able to sleep tonight HAVE to hear Bernard's snore !! they taunted and cheered in amusement at the sight of some UMNO Wanita doing their walk-abouts distributing oranges.

while some of them even stopped to view up-close the poster of the Tenang darling.

....and it was back to our 3-to-a-room "operations centre".... a modest suburb home-stay in Segamat. Guess our humble and crammed room is a far cry from the luxury afforded by bloggers from the "other" side. .......sigh !

Friday, January 28, 2011

they come to Tenang bearing "gifts"

Ahhhh.......again 'tis the season for politicians and their "machais" to suddenly take a very serious and personal interest in your affairs as they appear at your doorstep or in the street with promises of what you and your family would reap and benefit if you would only cast your vote for them in return, come Sunday in Tenang, yes ?

Yes, we've heard them all before many many times, have we not folks ? Then they disappear for a long long time getting fatter and arrogant till it's time to come back again with fake smiles and limp handshakes and be like that long lost buddy you've not seen for a long long time, right my friend ? Hehehehe !

We've all heard our dear PM Najib making one such "promising deal" speech in Sibu are the people of Tenang getting any goodies this time round ?

What about this promise (below) to the people of Tenang deal meh ?....... Opps....forgot that the Chinese and Indians are only "irrelevant customers" here in this fair country of ours ! Their votes are not important to BN and UMNO in particular, to win cos they have the "buying" power in every buy.....errhh by-election, yes ?

So vote wisely this Sunday, dear "customers" of Tenang.....and not be cheaply short-charged again and again......unless you are an incurable masochist. In the meantime.....take whatever goodies offered to you by these false "prophets of doom", BUT vote with your head and heart and not waste your vote out of fear of change and the "indebtedness" of being bought !

Change is good.....but do it without fear and being "irrelevant" as Malaysians ! Go Tenangites... go for change NOW !

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Monday, January 24, 2011

by unpopular demand- a replay !

People of Tenang......especially the Chinese and the Indians of remote origins in China and India respectively should pay extra attention to the going-ons at UMNO meetings. This is just one example of a "towering and ketuanan" racist who undermines Najib's 1Malaysia hypocrisy plan, yes ? The sad part is we all think Najib is unaware of such goings on. In actual fact if the PM was sincere in his 1Crap, you'd want to ask "why was this idiot Johari not sacked or hauled up under the ISA", right ? I did put up this clip last November 1st. But this is too degrading to all self-respecting non-Malays to forget or let it pass off so easily.

As long as this type of free speech is allowed in UMNO circles, I'd consider all component parties of BN especially the MCA and the MIC as cheap parasites waiting for hand-outs from the corrupt and worm-infected UMNO cake. We are cheap and shameless if we allowed such belligerence from anyone. Ptuiii !

Did any leader of the BN parties even confront Najib with this video clip ? I got pissed every time I heard his "nak, tak nak" shit ! And the non-Malays of Tenang are now reminded of this UMNO Titiwangsa moron's arrogant dare on how irrelevant the rest of us rakyat are to the joyous applause of his ilk.

Let the people of Tenang have their sweet revenge on vermin's like this Johari and the rest of toothless UMNO lapdogs like MIC and MCA and PPP or Perkasa too and show it in the ballot-box come this Sunday !

So I want you learned folks out there to direct the people of Tenang to this video clip and if they still see it fit to licking/sucking-up by voting for UMNO then they shall forever be damned ! They probably deserve each other.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nomination day @ Tenang- 22-1-2011

This was the sight that greeted me as I drove into Labis town...heading south from Segamat.( above )

the morning call for prayers from a loud-speaker froze these men immediately to stand in solemn prayer...

...while these 2 took an interest in me.... others were in "hopeful" prayer for their "cikgu Mala" the Pas candidate, as she is affectionately known to the locals.

across the street these men were deep in conversation either planning, plotting or just greeting and wishing each other...who knows ?

ahhh....the candidate herself. The lovely Cikgu Mala ( in 2-tone Pas green attire) posing with her campaign team. She looks lovelier up-close and in person....who cares if she does not want to "shake hands' with ugly lecherous old men.

hmmm.....BN or rather UMNO folks getting a "harass-free' passage through Opposition territory. I cannot say the same if it was vice versa...

.....introducing Tenang's "elephantman" in Palestinian garb.....

.....and another plucky "physically challenged" die-hard supporter...

....recognise the chubby fellow with his arms at the back in the middle-right and with his entourage waiting to join the march to the nomination centre about 1.5 km away......?

and here I assure will be a sight of the past before the week is up. Filthy and badly damaged main drain that runs along the MCA branch office. Sponsored by the rakyat's money but laundered as BN's goodwill gesture for "I'll upgrade/make your drains in Labis but you must vote for BN. Deal or no deal ?"...or so you'll hear from Najib and his goons in MCA Cawangan Tenang......wanna bet ?

allow me to also introduce the lovely but serious and "no nonsense" Inspector Sylvia Martin from the JB police contingent on duty.....

...the Opposition team begins the march towards the Nomination Centre and building in size along the way as other supporters and coalition party members join in......

....and in the far blue corner and on the other side of town.....the BN crowd. I read in the STAR that they had a 12,000 strong group. I had a clear view from this pedestrian bridge where I snapped this picture. 12,000 huh ?? hmmm......maybe they must have had a "cock-eyed" photographer who saw double....and they sure know how to share a good joke too....hehehe !

while on the opposite direction, Cikgu Mala's entourage with drums and banners for as far as your eyes could see.......still I wouldn't dare tell you folks that there were even 15,000 people......

the drummer boy direct from the Batu Caves and still in the Taipusam mood to pump-up the volume....

notice the heavy police attention only on the Opposition side ? And the barbed wires for good measure......preventive measures or police intimidation or double standards ?

....and this was the centre where the 2 candidates filed their nomination papers successfully. And so now begins the battle to win hearts and buy votes all in 7 days.

....MCLM was represented by this motley group in black "Bangsa Rakyat" tees.
( l-r : Claire,Lillian,Duke,Rodi, Angela,yours truly,Dave,Richard and Bernard) Small group yes.... but making a powerful statement.


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Thursday, January 20, 2011

our very own Neanderthal man !

Still manipulating the Malays and Islam to his advantage to stay relevant. That's what this now irrelevant and ex-Indian and Perkasa championing racist is still doing to this country of ours. Does he not know he has over-stayed his welcome by over 22 years and is now a non-entity ?

What kind of man would tirelessly confuse the Malays with his neanderthal thinking and playing on race policies and religion ? Even Pas, the champions of modern Islam have moved into the 21st. century by embracing a wholesome attitude with moderate thinking men willing to shape it a party for all Malaysians. That Pas was once not
"hugging" non-Muslims and now does is an issue ?? And the fielding of women as candidates in elections is wrong ? That in keeping up with modern times in a plural society is unthinkable for him ? Can't he see the big picture ? What a chauvinist he is !

Hey, I'm no card carrying member of any party but if it was a choice between UMNO or any other BN party and Pas, my vote will surely go to Pas any day ! ( read here )

But seriously these BN morons who have
"controlled" our lives since Merdeka in '57 can only play-up on issues such as these and give out "goodies" during elections to stay in power. It's not about the rakyat at all for BN. It's about staying corrupt and in power and being corruptly relevant always. Godamnit....what's worse is now they are talking "proxy" voting ! Sheeesh !

Just see the crap Najib
"reinvented" with his 1this and 1that 1Malaysia. Unity has always been ours as Malaysians of diverse cultures, race and religion is concerned from way back in the 60's. There is nothing new Najib could teach knowledgeable Malaysians like you and I don't already know, right ?

But my concern is this old and senile ex-Malaysian of remote Indian origins and ex-premier, the Tun. See how he still wants to inject his 2sens worth of cynicism in every turn of event in our country. Was he not the one to have divided and tearing apart this country by ridiculing and belittling the Malays as a race as well as criticising and complaining about the Chinese and his own former race ? His methods of manipulation are comparable to that of maybe fellow
"Jew-hater" Hitler or Ide Amin or even Mugabe, but he has had his fair share of "brownie" revenge on anyone who opposed or challenged his motives and preferences both in the world stage and locally.....with his blatant usage of the ISA law, the May 13 "fear-factor" and the infamous "Hotel Kamunting".

I don't hate the man. See my up-bringing and my religion does not teach me such. And I'm sure yours don't too, yes ? I just want this old man to just shut-up, that's all ! Maybe I should also suggest here he take up gardening or go sailing in one of his many luxury yatch or ride his horse into the sunset in some far away place and leave us Malaysians to decide who would best be running the country now. It's game over for him now.

The Tenang
"buy"-election would be another litmus test for the ever growing in popularity PR. So folks.....change and challenge the mighty "fatted cow" called BN. And please don't forget to take whatever "goodies" BN has to offer. After all whatever money they hand out is yours, laundered as UMNO goodies, okay.
But remember YOU are the "3rd. Force" and only you CAN and MUST be seen as the CHANGE that the BN so wishes otherwise, yes ?

Happy holiday and a Blessed Taipusam to all Malaysians.

p.s. drink yes and drive too but keep doing them each on separate days, one without the other, okay.

Cheers !

Sunday, January 16, 2011

there's one moron born every week in 1Malaysia !

Why does UMNO always have to run one race or the other down just to have a "shiok sendiri" feeling of being superior ? Does any non-Malay and non-UMNO person ever ridicule a particular and fellow Malaysian ( irrespective of whether BN or PR ) just to poke fun and create hatred for the sake of feeling like a champion of that particular race ?

Only morons in Perkasa and UMNO in particular take a very insecured and defensive stand in every issue, be it cultural, religious or political.

Take the latest case by this old and senile Malay novelist from Kedah ( I also know of another old and senile "Indian" from that state !) writing a literature textbook called 'Interlok' for Form 5 students. Just why and what he is being defensive about now really pisses me. (read here)

He makes it a point to paint ALL Malaysians of Indian origins to have been brought here by the British to work in the plantations. How stupid can he get ? Even the great Tun won't agree, yes ? If you don't believe me ask him.

Of course this old coot is a racist trying to leave his mark before he passes on. But being a so-called National Laureate he should have the decency to at least refrain from using such derogative words that even Oxford Dictionary has removed long ago BUT this here Interlok is a text-book for young and dangerously fragile 17 year olds, right ?

And you'd think Najib will encourage this as a plus for his 1Malaysia crap ? Imagine 17 year old kids learning such "rubbish" and then are packed off to NS program afterwards. How would they react or interact with one another without eyeing one and other suspiciously ?

There goes Najib's 1Malaysia.....again !

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"mini mullahs" in PR Selangor.

Maybe Perkasa's got a hand in this or even UMNO, but this thing about Muslims not allowed to work in places that sell/serve/promote alcohol is getting ridiculously stupid and cruel to many who's very livelihood for themselves and their children depend an such "unfortunate" jobs in a place that serves or promote "minuman keras" or alchohol and liquor.

Recently a directive was issued to all pubs and entertainment outlet owners in particularly PJ, Selangor regarding guidelines to strictly adhere to when renewing their business and premise license and this week some of them met with their state assembly representative Hannah Yeoh protesting the absurd rules and conditions or "syarat-syarat" contained in 3 pages for pub and entertainment permits that the state municipal issues annually.

Order no. 11. No Smoking....hmmmmm....this is a direct violation of the fundamental rights of all individual cigar, cigarette and pipe smoker.
I protest on behalf of Zorro and Dino !

Condition 14 on pg.2 takes the monkey out of us all.
my translation reads.....
"Drunks are barred from entering a pub/entertainment outlet OR allowed to remain in a pub/entertainment outlet"....pray tell me where he/she should be ? Driving in a car or in a place of worship ?

And directive no. 19 meticulously spells out items to the T in a "first aid kit" and is really hilarious.

And the bomber of all is ruling no. 26.
So where does that leave Muslims who are working in the airlines, hotels, 7eleven outlets, pubs and restaurants and in beer breweries industries ??? Out of earning an honest days' wage and out of a job. How now PERKASA ?

But the real reason for this post is...... when the group confronted Hannah Yeoh.....she was shocked and upon immediately making some calls, she replied that neither the Sultan nor the MB's office had any idea of such a directive being issued ! So who actually prepared this notice and sent it out to all such pub and entertainment owners ? Smelling already huh ?

Did I not say in my earlier postings post-March 2008, that in order to have loyal government servants, PR MUST first uproot all traces of the old cancerous "moles" of the past government completely ? See, there are many symphatisers and die-hard faithfuls of UMNO and "tempe" Toyo who are still operating "under-cover" in the current PR government, undermining in any small way to discredit the hard and good work that the current PR is doing in Selangor.

So now don't say you were not warned.

** for no particular reason, names and addresses have been "cropped". Click on pages for larger viewing.
p.s. Thank you MM.

Monday, January 10, 2011 everyone can be thrown out of buildings huh ?

Ever since the "no verdict" judgement of the Teoh Beng Hock case was issued by our "independent" courts, even the police are now threatening to throw photo-journos who are doing their jobs, out of buildings for no apparent reason.

Is the Inspector General of Police just a "sotong" with no control over his men ? Have these so-called "protectors of the tax-paying" citizens no shame to don a uniform and instead of being guardians of the rakyat, go around threatening, arresting and intimidating the very same people who pay their salaries every month ?

I condemn the dirty actions against this photographer vehemently in this latest episode and want to put on record that we have the dirtiest police force money can buy. Is the Home Ministry going to come out with an apt explanation for this high-handedness by these mongrels who ride on motor-bikes and without a leash or are they going to be punished severely ?

Read both the conflicting reports here and here and draw your own conclusions and tell me if I am wrong to condemn them.

By the way I read in one report the "perpetrators" were auxiliary policemen and the other as plain-clothed policemen. Either way are auxiliary police issued hand-cuffs too ? Are they issued firearms too ? Educate me please cos this episode frightens the shit out of me for no reason.

Friday, January 07, 2011

hahaha.....Woodstock "halal" !

The UMNO funded racist wing of morons aka Perkasa is really desperate to be actively back with main-stream BN that they would go to great lengths to suck-up and be noticed as truly UMNO friendly.( here )

Tell me now. What is never political about Perkasa or even UMNO ? Everything IS ! So now they want to gather 15,000 scums of society or
"mat rempits" into a stadium for 2 days and call it "Woodstock" ! Get original la please ! Woodstock 69 was for real man....not for kids, fakes and crooked politicians !

No sex, no cigarettes,no drugs and no music and no motor-bikes ! Yikes !!!...and you think you can keep those
"mat rempits" inside a stadium for 2 hours, not 2 days without any of those ? They'll start screaming and tearing at their t-shirts and chew on the stadium seats, man.....and then of course they'll start "snatching" each others bags and wallets in musical chair fashion, yes ?

But I'm still wondering why the deputy chief of UMNO Youth, Razali Ibrahim, stressed these youths were not being paid any money to attend ?
Smelly already ?

This is your invite.

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