Sunday, December 29, 2013

The year that was....erhh...still is !

The year 2013 certainly was a trying one. The many mega-scandals directly involving the rakyat's money was again on the top of my and everyone else's list ( as has been in every year since 1982.)

While the ordinary citizen is advised to brace himself and be prudent, one retarded politician's (rightgot the gall to tells us frustrated ones to get out of Malaysia if we cannot accept the government's decision to increase various forms of hike in toll, electricity, water, petrol, public transport fares and basic commodities ! ( here ). There is no mention of anyone getting a pay hike to challenge the inflated prices we are going to face, except that the Selangor state government care-takers and company have heaped upon themselves a pretty tidy sum to weather BN's unscrupulous increase in the various forms. Any change that was promised, is nowhere in sight.....sigh !

That is a story for another day. In the meantime we also read about the son of FLOM from an earlier marriage, who bought a condo in fashionable New York City for a vulgarly sum of U$D110 million ( here ). Eyebrows rise forming ageing lines between the eyelid and the hairline at the mentioned of the names that are loosely linked and lead right back to prime minister Najib ! 

And then also we hear of the racist bunch of NGO ( Indians mostly in the northern state !) who are supposedly championing the rights of Malays - Perkasa,  getting paid handsomely with tax-payers ringgits while other Malay championing morons like ISMA and PUKIMAK not getting paid to create chaos and to keep UMNO relevant to the ignorant kampung folks ( here ). These fools are still begging for hand-outs from the government. When will this free loading and "rent-seeking" behaviour ever end in UMNO ? 

Well I could go on and on, but these few instances mentioned above are very recent and still sizzling in the oven....and 2014 is not going to get any better with the Allah policing encroaches into churches and the failed 1Malaysia issue getting shittier while the crime rate is getting to dizzying proportions even as Najib's BN is at its weakest point now with unity being the last or if not at all on UMNO's agenda as everyone is busy getting fatter and fatter in corrupt practises and getting ready to split the country when the hammer falls !  

I really don't have the mood to wish anyone a "happy" New Year, but just hope you pull through like I did in this yet to end 2013. All I have had is fairly good health and I must thank MY God for that ! 

But the bitching about everything else will certainly continue throughout 2014, that's a promise. Hehehehe !

Shalom !    

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Properties are like women, according to Ku Nan

Read what a typical UMNO/BN mind ( what little there is to qualify as brains !) thinks and spews for the whole world to know what they think of our women-folk ! Ironically no women in UMNO/BN would dare to challenge this moron neither would they take him to task. That's the government you voted in for, right ? Enjoy !

Amidst the furore over having to pay higher property assessment fees in Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor used a rather off-colour analogy to justify the increase.

"If you enhance your property, it is the same as women. If you don't wear make-up, the price is cheaper, right?

"If you wear make-up, it is pricier. Isn't it the same?" said Tengku Adnan during a press conference on the assessment rates today.

During the press conference in Kuala Lumpur, Tengku Adnan revealed luxury and commercial property owners will have to pay higher fees  while fees for low and medium cost property owners will remain at status quo.

Three wives

He also announced that there will be rebates for disabled people, pensioners and those who can prove that they stay in the properties.

To a question about whether the rebate will be applied to those who own multiple properties, Tengku Adnan replied in the negative, and again used women as part of his explanation.

"We only give for one house. The owner cannot claim that they live in more than one house. Even if they have three wives, we only allow them to claim one house.

"It is impossible that he can live in three houses," he said.

UP-DATES (22-12-2013)

And here is the denial/misquote that he now claims.....not an unconditional apology, so nothing changes and he is NOT  going to step down, so how ????

Monday, December 09, 2013

Will the real Mandela, Rest in Peace !

So many monkeys in our country are going ape and "likening" thenselves to be a Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela of sorts. This new found craze to associate themselves to such a great man who passed away 2 days ago at age 95 has gone viral here. Have they no shame to compare themselves with such a nobleman ? A man who served 27 years of his life in prison in abject conditions for a cause he believed in-to end apartheid and racism in a country ruled by whites. The stories of Mandela will be told over and over by those who knew and  lived with him. A good man.....but a few years ago this "metallic" man from Pangkor, likened himself not just to Mandela but also to Gandhi ! ( here
And more recently our dear prime minister likened UMNO's struggle to that of Mandela's fight against apartheid in South Africa. Come on now Mr. Najib, surely you must be out of your mind to even think about it, right ? UMNO a party that reeks of racism, patronised by presidents from the time of the MahaFiruan and is corrupted to high heaven is nothing but a party of hungry wolves waiting to devour anything remotely non-Malay. A party that takes "bashing" to new heights of any race or religion not Malay or Muslim at every annual general assembly. To "liken" this party to a man like Mandela is like slapping Mandela across his face while he's lying in state in his coffin. How dare they liken UMNO to someone like the great Nelson Mandela ? The REAL statesman !( here)
And while we're in the mood to abuse the loose word "liken" and link ourselves to some great personality past and present, our pm yesterday slyly sneaked in another "wammy" by proclaiming that nobody knows what goodness his beloved wifey the FLOM did ( here ) !.......hmmmm....did he also try to add that FLOM's contribution to the Malaysian society is likened to that of Mother Teresa ??? Hahahahahaha !   

So shy lah !    

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Thoughts control.

This was the same reaction we heard of, when the Malaysian government went overboard and rushed to "save" a young Malaysian girl who was a genius but went "astray" into high class prostitution in England ! We failed when she told our government mind our own business and to get lost. 

And now, this 69 year old slave, Siti Aishah, who was influenced by the Maoist political ideology and was allegedly held as a slave in London for 30 years. The Malaysian government is practically grovelling at her feet to bring her back home ( Malaysia or so they think) hoping she would "repent" her ways and return to Islam and Malaysia. ( here )

But this ex-slave would rather slap the government's generosity of an instant citizenship and to a heroine's welcome if she returned to the Islamic path ! ( here ) What a load of crap are we wasting tax-payers money on this woman for ? She is an adult and has been indoctrinated with an ideology of her choice, and its her right to think the way she wants. So why the heck does the government want to run half way round the world just to save one former Malaysian for ? Because she is Muslim ? Damn, she's a British communist now ! Opps, almost forgot....and fellow Malaysians are threatened by the top cop from writing about the double standards of who gets to be buried where and who gets to be citizens here. Even the foreign ministry is on the band wagon to determine her legal status ! This is also skimming along racial lines, no ? ( here )

Can't these morons in the government understand her rights to choice of beliefs ? Hey dumbos, she's not even a Malaysian citizen any more. She's renounced her citizenship 45 years ago. Why  the necessity to save a commie, huh ? Maybe to earn some brownie points from the kampung folks that this is a caring government ? And she practically told her "saviours" to fuck off from her face ! 

To start with, the government should "rehabilitate" and save the corrupt politicians in our parliament, past and present first without fear or favour. 

These type of stories reflects badly on the types of people we Malaysians truly are in this world....the stupid type. Time the Malaysian government learnt to respect individual's rights to thoughts and beliefs rather then make utter fools of ourselves. 

As usual I'm so shy lah !