Friday, October 30, 2009

smoker's nightmare...SM Mohamed Idris !

And we have morons and then we have IDIOTS ! Today we have S.M. Mohamed Idris. (pic.) And I want to come to the defense of smokers !

Yes the call for fixing the price of cigarette packets at RM 30.00 per packet by a stupid man who claims to head the consumer's association of Penang thinks smoking is a social problem! He has not heard of "mat & minah-rempits" and drug addicts who snatch bags I'd guess ! ( read here )

Does he know the millions of ringgit as loans awarded by the government to tobacco farmers both here in the peninsular and in the East Malaysia ? If smoking is sooooo so bad then why does the government of the day grant the loans in the first place ? How many of the farmers depend on smokers to put food on the table and send their children to school huh ? How about repayments of that loan ? How many of our parliamentarians smoke ? Opps...sorry....our parliamentarians chomp on expansive, branded and imported cigars that are hand-rolled on the thighs of and by 80 year old virgins in Cuba !

Excise tax duties from cigarettes alone help maintain so many government ministries stay afloat and this president of CAP is supposed to protect the rights, rising costs and choices of the citizenry and what does he do but put more hardship on the lower and average "cigarette dependent" and tax-paying citizens who have a habit to smoke ! Next he'll go for the price of beers, yes ?Alternatively the ganga trade will flourish !

There is just so much hypocrisy and double standards in the government. One ministry offers loans to tobacco farmers, then another ministry spends millions campaigning "anti-smoking" efforts, another ministry collects millions as revenues from taxes of the consumers who smoke and yet another ministry welcomes foreign cigarette companies to set-up businesses here. And another ministry to collect millions by putting traumatic and gory photographs on cigarette packets and make a "killing" by monopolising the market producing these packets. Typical crony action at it's best and at work here !

Now tell me why would millions of ringgits be spent both by the government and foreign cigarette companies as investments in this country, not to mention advertising revenue for healthy sports for this "preacher" to prophesies the dangers of smoking ? It is a fundamental and constitutional right of an adult individual to choose as he pleases ! And we don't need any from you, Mr. SM Mohamed Idris ! Get it ? Go for the retailers who sell cigarettes to the kids, okay ? You want to stop anyone from smoking go find out how many in your family are smokers first be it cigarettes or marijuana !

Sheeesh....the gall of this moron just to get some cheap attention for his waning popularity ! There's one born every day in Malaysia ! excuse me while I light-up !

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

when oh we ever learn !

Here we go again...another "quick-fix" project awarded by the state education department to some crony company to a build suspension bridge that collapsed with the weight of about 30 playful children !

Now don't go blaming the kids for playing on a suspension bridge ok ? Kids being kids are by nature boisterous and playful....otherwise something's not right with that kid.

But why should this happen ? What kind of contractor was given the project ? How many more kids must die before we STOP playing with their innocent lives ? How many deaths has the NS program claimed ? And that too with 18 year old kids. Do we ever learn ? Noooooo....! The whole NS and all other "projects" is only created to satisfy some crony's thirst for money. Shoddy and hurried workmanship is the result of these ever on-going tragedies, always !

But these are 12 year olds, for God's sake ! Why do they have to attend these camps in the first place ? Fostering unity must come naturally in house-holds by parents, teachers in schools and the media, from the time the kids attain schooling age. I say NO ! to this stupid 1Malaysia and NS unity-camps ! It's a total waste of young lives and not to mention tax-payers money !!! No way is this government taking my kid for any "unity" camp......comprendo ? I'd gladly see them in court !

Somebody's "hare-brain" idea to make more money ? Surely somebody must have whispered of this "great money-making" idea into the minister's ears, for him to have initiated this program, yes ? Now who's hands are tainted bloody with this death of yet another child ? Who's going to tell the parents of that child that RM 10,000.00 is the price of her life and that everything's going to be okay soon and that their lives will return to normal soon, huh ? The Education Minister, the Chief Minister or the Prime Minister ???

Just looking at the above picture of that suspension bridge and I, as a layman, can tell you how shallow the foundations are. Is the contractor, the contractee and all involved in awarding the bridge contract arrested yet ? And the finger pointing begins....of course so....just point a finger sky-ward and say "act of God" yes ?

I stop here cos I'm "pissed-off"..... in the meantime you listen very carefully to the lyrics with Katie Melua singing the Dylan classic.....again ! Sheeeeesh !

Sunday, October 25, 2009

only 20% chance of suicide, huh ?

Now this is interesting ! Teoh Beng Hock's family will request for his body to be exhumed, enabling a second autopsy to be carried out by Thai pathologist Dr. Pornthip Rojanasunand.( here )

Stranger things have happened with the good doctor now declaring of a 80% homicidal death of Teoh Beng Hock and my worry is, what if they can't find the body ? We have known of disappearing private investigators and non-existent entry records of Mongolian models in Malaysia, yes ? So brace yourselves if they don't find the body of Teoh Beng Hock there upon digging into his grave. Can we then exclaim "Alleluia....he has risen ?"

Now this doctor is "notoriously" popular in Thailand. She has single-handedly brought the police there to their knees in some very revealing autopsies of mysterious deaths in police custody. She has "scientifically" managed to put the missing pieces of evidence in an otherwise "open-and-shut" case of deaths in police detention. And she has certainly "ruffled alot of feathers" and got some very high level police officers shaking in deep shit ! But of course she's a darling to the families of victims, with her bizarre punk-rockish image !

But not to worry, here in Malaysia she won't be able to do any of that ! We have our courts and police aligned and might even give her a "friendly" caution if she was digging too deep to embarrass the powers that be, right ?

I can't wait to see what theories, evidence and revelations this doctor unearths from her autopsy and to once and for all put Teoh Beng Hock's body to finally rest in peace !

Amen !

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

of morons and prince-asses !

There is an estimated instant 30,000 or even maybe 3,000,000 people who WILL vote against PAS in the next GE !

Yes, these estimated 30,000 could multiply by the hundred-fold in time to come if the head-honchos in PR sit on their arse and do nothing ! Trust me, word gets around fast and every time someone asks any of these 30,000 if they watched the Beyonce Live show in KL , their immediately and frustrated reply would be ..."ahh fcuks....these bloody PAS kopiah buggers with instant hard-ons at the slightest show of flesh, have screwed us up big-time by protesting and calling for a banning of the show here and pretty soon they'd be banning more of this and more of that", yes ?

I'm saying this because that's the about the 30,000 number of educated urbanites who had paid an average of RM300.00 each for the tickets and are now waiting for their refund from the organisers. How very disappointing for the rest of us free-thinking citizens. Just what do they think they are doing, these PAS fellows huh ? Stupid is the word ! And they still want to "control" the independent wishes of us all, whether muslims or non-muslims ? Playing the "high moral police" shit again ? These ass-holes are giving a bad name to the rest of the coalition and trust me.... they'll be the main reason for the down-fall of PR, come the next GE ! In fact it may even be a "tsunami" of votes for BN !

Do they know every selfish action and screwed-up remark they utter from their vacuumed head is converted to a loss of the all-important votes ? Do they even care if they are supposed to fight for the rights of ALL the peoples, as in the "PAS FOR ALL" tag ? Wake-up stupid !

Only consolation is elsewhere in BN there is another bunch of morons, apart from MIC, PPP and MCA....the Puteri UMNO's call for the ban on "horror" movies is taking top-billing this week !

Puteri UMNO themselves are a "cringing horror" show and if these Puteris' even stopped to think of the huge revenue grossed from such movies ? Yes, "Jangan Pandang Belakang", a horror flick was the highest ever grossing local movie in this here Malaysia and these "princesses" have no idea whatsoever of the impact these types of movies have with the local audience. Think of all those who's very livelihood depends on this industry !

We all grew-up watching horror movies, didn't we ? Do we have to have these half-baked political wannabes spewing more shit when more pressing "bread-and-butter" issues begs their attention ? If you Puteris' got nothing constructive to say , just shut-up ! Okay ? Take entertainment as entertainment and leave it at that ! Period !

Monday, October 19, 2009

we were 1Malaya....once !

The most over-used word today here in Malaysia is "1Malaysia" ! Everyone's cashing-in on the 1 factor. Why must it be so ? Have we never been so ONE-kind one before Najib came up with the brilliant 1Malaysia concept ? Why not....?

If you were born after 1969, you might get all excited and embrace this 1Malaysia phenomena as the "eureka" of all things good and only hope for the ONEness of being Malaysians, yes ?

But not the rest of us ! See we were "ONE" long before politicians decided we were too happy living in almost perfect harmony totally being conscience of our unique racial and religious back-grounds and I site below of just one such significant example.

Remember the times in the old days (meaning 60's ), during festivals of the various religions, how the little kids in any given neighbour-hood dressed in their festive best, carried trays of cookies ( every cookie on that tray, subscribing to their ethnic and religious back-grounds was home-made by the female members of each house-hold ) first thing in the morning of the auspicious day to all the neighbouring houses and the neighbour in return accepted the tray of goodies and in return would pour a cup of sugar ( which in later years turned to small "ang-pow" packet for the bearer of such trays) as a returning gift on the same tray as a gesture of the sweet acceptance of such neighbourliness ? Do you ? Now that was the time we were all 1Malaysia or even 1Malaya ! ( from tales of my early days in Taiping here)

What can I say now but sigh... with regret and long for the good old days and am dumb-founded and cannot understand the current concept of 1Malaysia, 1Toilet , 2 National days (this is the latest.....Najib declares 2 National days for 1Malaysia ) .....hmmm...still baffles me as to why you had to pay people to come together as 1Malaysia ( here) !!

Siiigggh !

Friday, October 16, 2009

Deepavali Greetings !

Here's wishing all Malaysians a "Joyous and deLIGHTful Deepavali !"
Godbless !

From shanghaifish and fly !

Thursday, October 15, 2009

PR-damage control or on auto-cruise ?

Where do you think the PR went wrong recently ? If you asked me I'd say almost EVERY WHERE !

Things are beginning to crack in the PR, at least that's how I see it . Renegade's are opening their big and silly mouths and saying all the wrong things and "run-away" half-baked religious bigots are allowed to impose and get away with their personal "fatwahs" when their tag-line says other-wise.

The recent Bagan Pinang by-election is one example. The "beer" issue of that idiot Hassan Ali was played-up to the hilt by the BN to their advantage in this holiday resort town where tourist from all over come to spend their holidays. PAS and entertainment don't gel, huh ? Even the "cow-head" issue became a PAS thinggy ! Can PAS actually deliver to the people ( here I mean ALL cultures and races !) with their "PAS for ALL" tag-line, when someone whispered casually that at every ceramah where there was a substantial mix of races, the speaker begins with a good 2 maybe 3 minutes reciting verses from the Quran ? Don't get worked-up now or get me wrong....we're talking about politicians here, okay !!

Lets be real and honest here and with all due respect and no offence to any particular religion, okay? Can PAS tolerate say, at a DAP ceramah a speaker shoots-off with a recital of the Buddist or Hindu or even a Christian prayer ? Can they honestly stomach it ? Maybe a simple "assalumualikum" a "vanakam" and a "nee how mah" or "sieh-sieh" would suffice if you are speaking to the rakyat at ceramahs and then ramble on with the "dirty" business of dragging the opponent's character through shit ! See the prayers recited earlier sounds so hypocritical, yes ? Do we really want that ? Yes or No ?

Again I heard from a "friendly" politician of the PR regarding Hassan Ali's fate and future within the party. Seems he (Hassan aka moron) is to be put in "cold storage" and that he would die a natural political death ! What ?...what I don't understand is, if he was to be avoided like a plague, how is he going to be pro-active with his constituents and how well is he going to represent in the "show and tell of achievements" segment in the next GE ? When the next GE comes, that same constituents are going to swing their votes to the other side, because this moron could not get anything done because all this moron's request for his constituents to the PR were ignored or side-lined. Think ! That seat will also see the BN having the edge in the next GE, right ?

The thing about elections and by-elections is the wanna-be candidate only "turun padang" at the 11th. hour. How much can he achieve in a few days ? Reports of PAS's "no go" to the estates or touching base with the local Malaysians of remote Indian origins are a point some admitted they never actually went into the interior of estates to meet the voters. These people who are just as important in deciding the candidate's fate in a by-election are really left behind....and can you imagine these estate workers have not ever heard of KUGAN ? The same is happening right now in East Malaysia too, yes ?

That's how isolated they are. Low pay, hard work and long hours and detached from current news and with only "tamil movies", alcohol or an occasional illicit sexual tryst is a welcome escape from their miserable lives...don't you think they need your expertise, sincere presence and willingness to educate them...all the time and not during the crucial election time only ! Think out of that "political" box once in awhile, please !

Just because the vacant seat is a certain party's strong-hold and a certain majority rules does not mean someone from another fraction cannot be tried or be tested. It takes a truly sincere and dedicated man to really rule ALL the people. Not tag-lines !

Anwar has to make some hard choices and changes and make them he must.... or other-wise loose the plot !

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bagan Pinang-11-10-2009-(random photoplay...)

UPDATES: 13-1-2009
...umbrella girls from both divides...?
...a smiling doctor with a very good reason, perhaps ?
...and the foot-soldiers hurling abuses across the road.....
..and with equally matching verbal retorts from the other side....
...time out...take a smoke-break, SPR boys...
...FRU in action....push...push...
..."I kenal you dari that kampung bukan, ka?".... "takdelah"..seems to the exchange between the cop and the fat-boy..
...more protest from the PR over some BN big-wig driving straight into the compound of the polling station...
"dei thamby...last warning tau.....jangan main-main sama saya, saya polis tau...nanti I tangkap you tau, wokay ?"
......ahhhh... the arm-over-shoulder conspiracy between BN and DAP ?
these are the KKBN supporters. They refuse to admit to belong to MIC nor Makkal Sakthi....and they claim to be only from 1Malaysia, meh ???

....FRU in action....

...the police pacifying the sides from going for each other's neck....
and followed by a thumb's down....
ordinary people of Sailiua, Bagan Pinang..
an officer running to stop the LSF personal from the crowd.....
....a wee bit young, ain't he, to be in a big man's world, yes ?
ahhh....the old "show me the money" trick to lure the other side....
more money to flash.....
this is Officer Selva.....who demanded this YB and her entourage to get back behind the police line......and get back she did sheepishly.....
hmmmm.....ghost from the past, perhaps.....??
....and UMNO's Isa Mohd....the "giant" contender....
see that pole at the back......with ringgit notes in the now familiar "line & bait" waved before the other side.....
...this is Pas' Zuklifly........the under-dog..
and in Ladang Bradwall......

There you go folks, by now you would have known the results and Isa won . Good for him. But this was a foregone and expected win in his favour from the on-set.... another battle fought and won for BN and another battle lost for PR. So let's move on. And as Bernard says in his post "let PR bend it's knees in humility and arise with dignity to fight another day"! The war isn't over the key words to remember and remember well is "think" and "learn"

Cheers !

Friday, October 09, 2009

1Malaysia....crap !

My 12 year old brought this form home from school last night and told me to fill-up the form and return to the school ! I was shocked and pissed-off beyond words at the questions/contents of the form . What is going on ?? On one hand we have a PM claiming we were 1Malaysia and integration should start at "an early age in schools so that our kids would be able to grasp the true meaning of 1Malaysia" and on the other, the Education Ministry sends out these "borong" which smacks and stinks with race and religion !

Is there any chance for school kids to be united as ONE if they are subject to such blatant classifications ? Our popular PM is stressing on "UNITY" and "ONE" while the Education Ministry is hijacking the PM's clarion call and continues to tag students at this tender age. So what gives Mr. Education Minister ? You not paying heed to your boss's directive ? Or you are not aware of such practice ? Then even your ministry is sabotaging you, yes ? Or you too think integration of the various races can be achieved in the 3 months of NS stint and all will be dandy, issit ?? Sheeech !

There's a column for "Kaum" "Agama" and "Warganegara" for both child and for the parents ! Even intimate questions of the parents marital status and income details and contact nos. have to be submitted ! For God's sake stop this damn practice Mr. Education Minister ! This is a shameful 3rd. world practice of labelling the kids. Even orphans in orphanages and adopted kids are not spared. Have they not enough heart-ache being who they are but you Mr. Education Minister, have to get them to declare their sad status to the world ? Where is the apathy ? If this is your idea of 1Malaysia....then we are doomed and millions of tax-payers money has gone down the drain in all those fancy 1Malaysia bill-boards and campaigns to-date !!!

I confronted the teacher this morning and she too was disgusted with the ministry's directive of this crap questionnaire BUT she replied her "hands were tied" ( you'll notice this line is the usual SOP for all government servants ) BUT if she had her way, she'll quit from teaching altogether and get out....but I reassured her not all is lost as yet ! The next GE is around the corner and told her to vote wisely with her heart and then maybe she can continue doing the noble job of "teaching" for the sake of the children's future as ONE ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA !!!

Sheeeesh !

*click on form for larger viewing.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

"pog mo thoin......"

Yes that's the word ! This post is directed to the many Malaysians of remote Indian origins in the Bagan Pinang by-election electrol, who have decided to "jump" the BN way, thanks to a moron called R.S.Thanenthiran ( here ) and another "partyless" idiot T. Murugiah ( here ) ousted from a party that was not even recognised by the BN in the first place, and thus further dividing the so-called "minority" Malaysians of remote Indian origins.

But these "marginalised" Malaysians of remote Indian origins in Bagan Pinang who are in limbo as to their leader's political allegiance and blind faith HAVE an avenue.....if they dare give up on race-based politics !

Yes I'm talking of change ! Changing mind-sets of simpletons that have long been drummed and drilled with so called race issues and caste issues by the likes of the now irrelevant Swami Velu and Kaveas is indeed a monumental and up-hill task ! The idea was to keep these "foot-soldiers" foot-soldiers ! Nothing more, nothing less and too much "insider knowledge" lead to the birth of the 2 racist morons mentioned in the first paragraph above.

These 2 "monkeys-kings" have observed and learnt well from their now irrelevant "sifus" mentioned in the second paragraph and have bloated into ego-maniacs just like their "sifus".....helping themselves first ( by conspiring and "selling-out") and spewing rubbish( of boasts and threats) just for the sake of attracting attention to their irrelevant selves.

Where does that leave the simple "foot-soldiers"...... do you really need these kind of leaders ? Ones who'll sell you out and compromise with the very people whom you marched against in protest for that very basic rights denied to you and challenged their mighty chemical-lased water cannons and tear-gas strikes ? Forgotten already ??

Principles you promised you will not compromise and taught your kids to up-hold and cling to, to be recognised as an equal in this great land your fore-fathers struggled to build but now to only enrich a select few ? Think....people of Bagan Pinang, think......cast your race based inhibitions and vote a party that respects your views and rights and accepts you as an equal partner. It is indeed a tragedy being an "Indian first" then being a Malaysian first ! Sigh !

And as for the title of this post, pronounced "poc mo hon"'s old Gaelic and an invite to the persons mentioned in para 1 and 2 and all who think like them !

Vote wisely or forever be damned !
Cheers !

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Dare to change ?

This is perhaps the most appropriate song for today...the nomination day for the Bagan Pinang by-election !

So now begins the hazy crazy days of campaigning and ceremah's and the sudden convergence of many "big-wigs" in fancy batiks and suits and with a large entourage to boot, like leeches, parading around in this sleepy sea-fronting town called Port Dickson, with their fake smiles, hand-shakes, bear-hugs and promises of the stars, sun and moon ! We have seen it all before ! The familiar shallow theatrics by some that makes your head spin and and work you up in a political frenzy. The media helps to register these dramatic moments too ! have seen it all before, yes ? 52 years is a damn long time....right ? What would they know what's good for you until this week, huh ? Do they really care ? Of course....for this week only...these "prophets" with their false promises will convince you they really DO care . But what about the rest of your miserable days thereafter after they've won and gone ? You have been screwed before because you thought you were wise in your choice of candidate to represent you and take you out of the depressing abyss you have sunk into but now are you going to continued being screwed by these people again and again ? Perhaps you enjoy being screwed, yes ?

Think hard....change is good ! Change is always good.

So you have to get off that "fear factor" zone to exercise your right to vote and vote wisely you must this time, not for yourself but for your kids sake ! Or forever be damned.

In the meantime enjoy this "prophet's" clip but more importantly pay extra attention and deep meaning to the lyrics of this timeless classic !

Cheers !

Thursday, October 01, 2009

So how now, brown cow ?

Now let's take a look at the PAS candidate for the N.31 Bagan Pinang state seat. A virtually unknown man ( as far as I'm concerned !) Zulkefly Mohamad Omar is taking on the might and power of the BN and also the PM's choice , the tainted and former MB of Negeri Sembilan Tan Sri Mohd. Isa Samad.

Looking at this Zul guy's impressive credentials and past records, what chance does he have against Isa ? Although this state commissioner for PAS holds a Masters degree in Science and an unblemished "corruption" record, this fellow had contested and lost in the Lenggeng seat to UMNO's Mustapha Salim in the last election. And this time he has to be absolutely convincing to the voters there against the BN's cash filled war-chest ( add the head-spinning "lucky draws" every week to it too !) coupled with the already 5,000 odd "in-hand" postal or better known as "army" votes as a "given" advantage to Isa, yes ? Then there is even a proposed promise of a name-change to one of the last colonial town-name from Port Dickson to "Bandar Askar", perhaps, if BN won ?

Yes, for now this Zul bloke comes-up squeaky clean.....but what IF he won and then start to do a shit-stirring ala "Hassan Ali" or a "Zulkifly Nordin" ? Many may jump to his defence but PAS and PKR has a lot of house-cleaning to do as yet ! I'm still dissappointed of the inaction of both and am watching their every move !

His blogspot has not been up-dated since 8-8-2009 save to say he's running for the state seat on the side-bar recently....hmmm !!

But people of civil society demand representatives who are accountable, intelligent, fair ( not the color of the skin !) trust-worthy and with morals, yes ?

Here we're dealing with a good fraction of enlisted men who I'm afraid have no access or power to think/decide for themselves as has been pointed out in comment boxes in other blogs by some very high ranking ex-servicemen who have themselves watched from the side-lines unable to do a thing themselves before ! And yet another percentage of the non-Malay voters ( Makkal Sakthi ) whose leaders have suddenly pledged allegiance/bartered/traded/sold themselves to the powers-that-be ! Now taking the above into consideration, what percentage is left of the 14,000 odd eligible voters to eat out of this Zulkefly's hands ?

A "tough" decision indeed awaits the simple and ordinary but crucial voting citizens of Bagan Pinang between an intelligent and clean "green-horn" against a rich, powerful and seasoned rogue !

So how now, brown cow ! (opps... no, not that "no-no" word again !)