Thursday, February 28, 2008

Change IS Good !

Your last chance to see that little flicker of hope at the end of the corrupt and gloomy Malaysian tunnel !

Vote wisely and with your heart !....not with your hands in your pockets clasping that little "gift" you received from your "all promising" and arrogant "wakil" who's only seem to be seen around election time !

Vote for change.......and for your kids' future ! Anything is better then the crap we already know of for 50 years now ! Change IS good or forever hold your peace !!

God Bless you and Malaysia !

Monday, February 25, 2008

David vs. goliath

Yes is David verses the goliath....not in the very text as for the latter, but this humble and people-orientated servant of the rakyat with little means BUT with a roaring passion to see a cleaner and more united Bangsa Malaysia, Badrul Hisham Shaharin or more popularly known as CheguBard is taking on the might and money of the "protected- one" Khairy of BN in Rembau this GE.

He needs all the help and assistance, mostly in cash, to crush the vulgarly cash-rich, "father and son-in-law dynasty" once and for all ! And he needs you to help him do go here and here to help him for a better Malaysia and a brighter future for your young ones !

God bless Malaysia !!

*pic. courtesy of rockybru

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Launch of the People's Declaration (23rd. February 2008)

This  bonus posting is a blast from the past. Just to jog your aging memory...See what has happened in just 5 years. you still see the people today the same way you saw them 5 years ago ? What happened folks ?
Original post. 

This morning around 11.30am. saw the launch of the People's Declaration or simply translated Piagam Rakyat by a group of concerned citizens calling themselves Barisan Rakyat at the Blog-House in Bukit Damansara !

The Piagam Rakyat, in a nutshell, calls for efforts to create a Malaysia for all Malaysians, to kill corruption, eradicate poverty, bring back genuine democracy, free Press, and an independent judiciary.(see here for rocky's updates)

Endorsing the the Declaration formally and with anticipated approval and continuous applause from a crowd of about 120 "like-minded" and deeply concerned citizens, were representatives from DAP, MDP, PKR, PAS and Pasok a party based in Sabah.

Haris Ibrahim- dubbed the "wild man of apolitics"- was as usual as passionate and vocal about the realisation of this pet project "Bangsa Malaysia" together with other "marked" friends in the Malaysian blogging scene like Raja Petra, Rocky, Zorro, Nuraina, Malik, Tony Yew, AminIskandar and Shar101 who put on a a  lot of effort working diligently "behind the scenes". There were other bloggers, spouses and friends too giving their Saturday time, voluntarily to make things as comfortable for the guests in the scorching heat in Blog-House!

Everyone from Wee Choo Keong to Chegubard, Nurul Izzah, Ronnie Liu and Dr Siti Maria spoke for a few minutes about the People's Declaration and their committed stand in implementing this as best as their party's stand for a really "united Malaysia" with Tony Yew as emcee !

By 1.10 pm. the attendees gave another thunderous applause to the "People's Declaration" bringing the event to a close and were then treated to a sumptuous "briyani" lunch and satay........

My kudos to the organisers of this really memorable day and my special thanks to all party representatives present, for working together for the Barisan Rakyat dream !

Long live Bangsa Malaysia and the People's Declaration ! Your vote has to be the one smartest thing you do for this country or otherwise "stop bitching" and forever hold your piece or peace or piss or whateveeeer  !!!!....... cos you deserve the government you voted for !!

Now the citizenry and I are watching you as you walk what you have talked..............Cheers !

(left to right)Wee Choo Kiong (torso only), Haris Ibrahim, Ronnie Liu and CikguBard
Cikgu Badrul (PKR)-Rembau
Wee Choo Kiong(MDP)-contesting Wangsa Maju
Dr. Siti Mariah(PAS)-contesting in Kota Raja
Wee Choo Kiong and Haris Ibrahim
Nurul Izzah Anwar and husband Raja Shahril
Malik Imtiaz
women power...and guests....below onwards
last but not least.... Zorro and SK Tiew
Cheers !

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Go Samy...just GO !

This man has no shame....

“If the Indian community in the whole country decide they don’t want me, I’m prepared to go even now. I’m prepared ... but that decision must be made by the Indian community and not outsiders, because I represent the Indians in the government,” (for the rest of the story read here !)

You don't represent me, my dear Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu....YOU don't !Period !
All you represent is your pompous bloody-self and the parasites around you and you have actually taken credit for things you never even lifted your finger that holiday for Taipusam !

And while we're at it I could go on and on about the little you have done for the Malaysians of Indian origin.......remember HINDRAF amongst others ?

Why do you think they took to the streets huh ? I might not condone "hidden" agendas of certain moronic Hindraf officials but the common Malaysian of Indian origins, having bottled-up frustrations over all the years had a birth right to march and demand their rights too and...why and where were you ? Nobody who is not "pissed-off" will brave against the might of the BN water-cannons and tear-gas....while you were in the comfort of your arrogant" high-horse" !

All that will change come this 8/3 elections and you, Datuk Seri, are not standing for the PM's post for the whole country to decide will only be decided by Sungei Siput ( where not just Indians live, you moron, there are Chinese and Malays too !) and if 8 terms as Sungei Siput MP and 27 years as MIC President is not shitty enough......then we'll have to wait till hell freezes over ! And you say that decision must be made by Indians and not outsiders huh ? I'm a bleeding Malaysian of "remote" Indian origin, Datuk Seri and I have no allegiance nor do I pay my taxes to India..... and I am not interfering, it is my right too.....kapish ?

Maybe this Datuk has too much skeletons hidden that if he left now every agency in town will be all over him and his family digging for dirt......and boy there'd be plenty !

And for now Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.... to save you the embarrassment, you have my vote to GET LOST !

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Devil in disguise-by comedy court !

Please "pump-up" the volume for this Elvis classic.....and enjoy ! I want to thank you ( you know who you are!) for sending me this clip !

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tear-gas and Chemical spray on children too ?- Al Jazerra latest 16-2-08 (2.48pm)


Hindu protest broken up in Malaysia

In the run up to elections any gathering of more than four people requires a police permit [Reuters]

Police in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur have used tear gas and chemical-laced water to break up an anti-government protest by ethnic Indians demanding racial equality.
On Saturday about 300 men, women and children were dispersed by about 100 policemen, including riot police with helmets and shields.

"Police were too rough" said S Manikavasagam, a spokesman for the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), the ethnic indian group that organised the protest.
"They used their power," he said.

Since Friday about 60 people, including two leaders of Hindraf who organised the protest, have been detained in a police crackdown, said N Surendran, a lawyer and Hindraf member.

Protesters were carrying roses to symbolise a peaceful demand for justice.
The Malaysian government is concerned about street protests in the run up to early general elections on March 8 and any gathering of more than four people requires a police permit.
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the Malaysian prime minister, is widely expected to retain power at the polls with his ruling party coalition, but with a reduced majority.
Many Indians accuse his multi-racial coalition, which is dominated by ethnic Malays, of racial discrimination.

Police crackdown
Hindraf first announced the protest in January to press the government to release five of its leaders who have been jailed under tough internal security laws.
The men were detained without trial after more 10,000 ethnic Indians marched in the capital last November to complain about a lack of job and education opportunities.
The protesters on Saturday planned to gather outside parliament to hand a protest note and roses to Abdullah, but they were halted by police a short distance away.
"I want the five to be released," Parvathy Raman, a 30-year-old accounts executive from Kuala Lumpur, said.
"I want the government to hear our problems. Everyone knows there is discrimination, but the government denies it."
Hindraf said the red roses symbolised love and peace, while the yellow roses symbolised the group's demand for justice and the release of the jailed men.
Protesters defied police orders to disperse, but scattered when sprayed with tear gas and water laced with chemicals.

Source: Agencies

Friday, February 15, 2008

I apologise...!

Sorry absolutely itching to blog about the many "hapenings" of late, but circumstances and a major project takes centre stage...for now !

Will be back in action next apologies !
Cheers !

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy New Year of the Rat !

Here's wishing all fellow Malaysians here and the world over, a happy and prosperous .....

Drive safely and go easy on the drink......okay folks !!!
Cheeeeers ! ............Yaaa
aaaaaaam Seng !

Best wishes
shanghaifish and family.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

"biadap" or insolent behaviour !

"It is extremely biadap (insolent) behaviour," Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said at a press conference yesterday after launching the Universiti Malaya Alumni Day: Homecoming 2008. (here)

So the good Prime Minister has condemned anyone who tears a photograph of the Election Commission (EC) chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman . Yes, Mr. Prime Minister, if you say it is wrong, we the tax-paying people of civil society are all supposedly going to stop, roll-over and listen to your sacred voice...right ? Wrong, my holy Prime Minister you are dead wrong to even come to the defense of this man who has over-stayed his welcome and who promised to quit if we can prove the Election Commission IS not clean ! (read here again )

Go on and tell me if this so called "registered voter" is not in the list anymore ? I just clicked on to the electrol -roll and he is still there !

When civil society tears photographs in frustration, adjectives like "biadap" are loosely used to their satisfaction and convenience but.......................
whilst YOU my fair Prime Minister, was inside a hall in meeting with the Secretary of State, Miss Condi not too long ago, your OWN son-in-law lead an UMNO Youth (a.k.a. mat rempits ) mob to protest against the American government, chanting slogans and making a fool of you and the rest of us ordinary and peace-loving Malaysians and burning the American flag too, then it is "semuanya okay" and is in line with our "Malaysian way" and remember the rest of the world watched too, via foreign medias, right?......yeeeaaah right Mr. Prime Minister !!

People in civil society in this country, apart from the ballot boxes have NO WAY to show their displeasure Mr. Prime Minister...NO WAY......with your infamous ISA and as you know by the instances you unleashed your brute police presence at all of the various instances as shown and...... here !!!

Have a good Sunday afternoon, my holy Prime Minister !
God bless Malaysia !

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Police arse !

Speaking of proffessionalism in our police force.....huh ?

Let me tell you an actual account that happened in my neighbour-hood a couple of months back .

See, I live in a double-storey house over-looking a playground which is also brightly lit at night and I, being the skeptic worrier and armed with full knowledge of the rot and rising-crime rate critic that I am, will always be on the look-out for anyone behaving suspiciously my neighbour-hood public playground.

This particular evening around 7pm, there was a group of 5 youths, talking loudly and behaving rowdily, and intoxicated with alcohol (hey, I can recognize drunks and beer cans !) when one of them, rowdies actually walked towards a big tree in the park and started peeing in full view ( it was still light !) while there were other kids with a few adults watching, playing nearby on the swings and slides !

This public display of "peeing" prompted me to immediately call the police, whose number is readily available on my cell-phone. After the usual "selamat petang encik" and me explaining in a hurried and urgent tone to the police personnel at the station the exact scenario happening in full view from my up-stairs room, he asked me for my address and promised to despatch a patrol car far so good !

30 minutes later (mind you... hmmmm....all that bull-talk of immediate response within 15 minutes !) 2 patrol cars, lights flashing but no sirens, cruised into position.....from opposite directions and I thought good, this was an impressive manouver...just like in the movies !

From my room up-stairs I watched 4 armed policemen alighting in great hurry and approaching the then now youths, also hushed, but with beer cans visible, seated on the table in the play-ground!

Good... I still thought and after what looked like a "telling-off" and inspection of their ID's (No, they were not foreigners, but definately not living on the same street as I !) and hands waving here, there and even to my direction for about 3 minutes.... my worst worry unfolded before me !....2 of the policemen actually walked towards my house and rang the bell on my gate !!!!!

I could have died...if not by the hands of the 5 rowdies on the park....but here they were, the police, responding on a tip-off by a concerned and cooperative citizen of civil society....being exposed to the very rogues whose actions I had reported on !

I rushed down, after telling my kid and maid to stay out of sight, to give these 2 morons a piece of my mind ! And sure.... yes I did call them a few damning names for approaching my house while the rowdies could clearly see, the one who made the report about them !

Both the policemen apologised to me( out of ear-shot) that they could not make any arrests as they did not actually witness the "peeing" and the youths had apologised to the cops that they were only having a drink in the park.... but yes ....for their stupidity BUT then the safety of my family and I was exposed for possible future attacks, right ? I also told the 2 cops to get out of my sight and promised I'd report their "fingering" of an informant to their higher authority, which I did later that night ! Guess nothing came out of that !

So much for tact and proffessionalism by our so called guardians of peace and my cooperation as a member of civic-minded vigilante ! Sheeeesh !!

And right before I left my house and after the morons in patrol-cars left, I walked over to the park, half fearing and putting-on a fake "macho" stance , lied in a frustrated tone to the 5 goons who were now more alert and sober...that this has happened twice before......some "coward" in the damn neighbour-hood actually calls the police and gives a false address...which so happens to be mine, cos I am facing directly into the play-ground.( a stroke of genius on my part !!) They were actually a bit angry at first then amused... and eyeing me suspiciously, they said, its good to know these police morons are actually responding to anything these days ! And they also told me not to worry about it at all and even to forget the whole episode and that they were actually "gearing-up" to go Bangsar to party later ! Wheeeeeeew !!!!!
Now read this..........(here)