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Friday, January 17, 2014

Malaysian Book of "Shiok Sendiri" Records.

We have spent millions of tax-payer's money to send one man into space and the rakyat came out yelling at such squandering on a non-profit, non educational venture except to go down proudly in the Malaysian Book of "Shiok Sendiri" Records. 

Then there was another clown in UMNO youth with much zzzz's for a name, who decided to escort a bunch of mat rempits go free-falling  in the North Pole. Again it was a no brainer  and a total waste of tax-payers money even further. Then there was this planting of 10,000 Jalur Gemilang flags 5,000 feet above sea level on the slopes of  Mount Patthar in Katmandu, Nepal. 
There was another lady doctor who went "solo" to the Antarticas but she posted beautiful photographs of her skiing and trekking on snow from many angles and distances on her facebook page. Going solo, she was also talented enough to take "selfies" from 50 meters too ! Can we list that in our Record Book ?  

Apart from some idiot profiting from organising these hare-brained outings in strange lands, did we learn anything from all these and many many more frivolous and half baked "expeditions" like for example, that infamous Disneyland trip by an opposition ex-mb and his family which included his maids and on business class too ? And if you think we did, how is this benefiting us now ? 

Can these tax-payer sponsored adventures profit us as a nation ? Will these silly "belajar sambil pelancong" (education while touring) attract tourists dollars to Malaysia ? And boy....there had been so many of these useless government trips which neither bore fruit nor profit except  as a fully paid holiday for the select few, courtesy of the citizenry. 

I hear our prostitution industry alone has a RM3.2 billion annual turnover.(here) And that's a mighty attractive business to venture in after software piracy, don't you think so ? While every government enforcement agency is corrupted to the core, why not huh ? And that too can be ear-marked for another "shiok sendiri" entry in our Record Book. Or we can send a team to Amsterdam for "case-study" and fine-tune our prostitution business back home. Surely aBung can lead a group of horny parliamentarians and 4 credible but frustrated religious police along, no ? 

All that we have heard from our "de-quiet-o" pm is how to be prudent, how to cut-costs and how to brace ourselves for hard times and encouraging the rakyat to go green...(as in veg.). 
With the prices of essential commodities smashing through the roof in every household we are unsuccessfully coming to terms and bitterly adjusting.......when suddenly I read this shit ! (read here )

Damn !

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