Saturday, May 28, 2011

can't touch these !

I applaud the MACC for the arrest of 442 corrupt people who tried to bribe their officers and this weak clarion call to helping the nation towards "zero" corruption. ( read here for the full story ).

There are still a few good men amongst us in all levels of our society but there are more who are not, right ? But these arrests are in actual fact considered
"loose change" or "small fries".

So what happens now ? If only the MACC has the same scrotal gumption ( to quote my good friend Rokk !) to go after the bigger evils and bring them to book would be seen as doing the rakyat a big like the
"just discharged" Mahathir, Samy Velu, Taib Mohamad, Mohamad Taib, Toyo, Ling Siong Sek, UMNO, MIC, MCA, PKFZ and scores of others who have been reported by many concerned tax-payers but NFA ( no further action ) are taken against them ! Why this frigging double standards huh MACC ? No balls, no guts or granted untouchable by MACC ?

These men and others have ruined many innocent lives with their arrogance, greed, spitefulness, bloated egos and high political positions and have trampled on many laws with their corrupt power of money and greater harm to the nation as a whole but yet today allowed to walk shamelessly amongst us, preaching morals and values with forked tongues.

We have an even weaker and corrupt police force when it comes to protecting the rakyat but are ever ready on their knees sucking-up to politicians. BN politicians mostly anyway ! Again I say, we have the most corrupt police force money can buy ! And an equally corrupt Judiciary ! Thanks to the Maha Firuan and former PM Tun Mahathir who bred them well for 22 long years !

And so now I say, what's the deal with these 442 ? Big ?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"....tragedy waiting to happen....."

Much has happened since the last time I blogged as I was honestly out of town busy with work ! Summing-up the various major news that I have read via ahemmmm...the newspapers, I've come to the conclusion that the most commonly used "after-thought" phrase seen to be...."it had all the right ingredients waiting for a tragedy to happen" !

Yes, now everyone is a bloody expert to give an opinion with his/her views on the recent orphanage landslide tragedy ! Just like when it happened before the Highland Towers tragedy, yes ?

Yeah, sure they have a right to their opinion, but where the hell were they when this house was built at such close proximity of that laterite cliff face and on
"Agricultural" land too huh ? Sitting in some comfortable couch sipping their lattes' ya ? Come on lah, Malaysians have always been dumb and ignorant when it came to "protesting" for their rights and wouldn't move their butt to get involved in environmental issues surrounding their neighbourhood unless it involved their own house or family and will readily give their 2 sens worth AFTER something happens, right ? Maybe better still, blame that corrupt bugger Toyo and his corrupted Napoleons of the BN government then, yah ?

Even our highly educated PM offered to extend financial aid to the land-slide victims' families ! Duh ! Hello Najib.....these are orphans, if you must know....they have NO families, gettit ? Now every clown will claim to be a
"family" of any of the dead orphan just to "collect" !! And this statement came from our Prime Minister ? Get of of here !

Which brings us to the
"coming soon" tragedy called LYNAS !! Surely we "brownies" as the Aussies refer us to be, are suckers, right ? This Rare Earth company cannot even secure a contract in such a huge country with so much wilderness and small population for their mining activity not because they don't qualify but because Australia is a country that has a government that LISTENS to the voices of it's tax-payers and voters to stay in power, but also has the right people who'd advice the government to avoid a future catastrophe with their insane plan to dabble with unknown toxic. So "no-go" for this company in their own country but to come here as "foreign investors" and give our BN government a 'shiok sendiri ' feeling of great achievement okay ?

But they ( the Aussies) too know how corrupt our government is and how easily our government can be
"kow-thimed" or bought-over with their ASD's, and so, here they are in Pahang where many have gathered recently to protest the "stop the LYNAS project" but our BN government is as usual not listening to their pleas or their views. They seem to have made a confirmed deal to allow this renegade company from Down Under to have their way here on our shores because me thinks, these Aussies have "taken care of business" with the relevant state authorities.

And when "the shit hits the fan" just like in the Tasek Merah case near Taiping years ago, you too can come out and brag......' I knew this Lynas case had all the ingredients for a TRAGEDY waiting to happen'...............okay ?

And don't say you have not been warned, comprendo ?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

racists !

Now this is certainly the most dubious statement coming from a Oxford grad !! (read here )

Does Khairy expect the morons in MIC or the lapdogs in MCA to fight for Malays ? Certainly not, right ? UMNO, pardon them for still continuing to use an English abbreviation, IS a Malay party and can only champion Malay issues, dumbo ! The day UMNO decides to fight for the rights of all races UMNO dies. Just like our current prime minister Najib's Utopian 1Malaysian "sendiwara", yes ? This country's ruling government is so clannish and communal that a representative of a certain race is expected to favour only his kind......otherwise he's as good as dead in the next general election, no ? now you see why UMNO is so frightened and threatened by the new trend of young and thinking Malays who have shifted their preference to the wholesome appeals of parties like PAS and DAP or even PKR ? And we still have highly educated people like this infamous son-in-law of an ex-premier screaming for the "ketuanan Melayu" to score some "brownie" points with his own race. Wake up Khairy....and welcome to the era of change and anyone who claims to champions for their own ilk is most certainly a racist !

Get out of this damn way of thinking and start representing ALL or loose all respect your "other" voters have had for you during all those election "ceramas" where you lied and bullshitted through your teeth promising every race you'd fight to take care of their needs !

Don't you think so or are you too secretly a closet racist ??

Monday, May 02, 2011

"bapa borek...anak rentik"

......In PAPAR, International Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir has suggested initiating an 'Umno scholarship' and establishing an 'Umno College' to project the role of the party in youth development......

...He stressed that both institutions must benefit not just children of Umno members, but of every community "whom we also serve"...... (read the full story here )

I thought only the father was insane, now the son too seem to be headed that way. This "for UMNO only" crap. Now they take their dirty money politics into colleges and other places of higher learning, but it's okay because it's UMNO initiated, yes ? Imagine we'd have graduates with degrees and masters degrees in UMNO politics ! Hahahahahaha !

Is there not enough institutions of higher learning for Malays only in this country ? Let's see, we have exclusively MARA and IIUM, then we have University of this and that in almost every state and with a very small percentage allocated for the "pendatangs" and "pariahs" right ? And when Mukhriz refers to Bumiputeras does he mean all Bumiputeras or is he referring to ONLY Muslim Bumiputeras ? A good 100 percent of Portuguese Bumiputeras in Malacca and around 95 percent Indigenous or "original sons of this soil" Bumiputeras in East Malaysia are how now Mukhriz ?

Why stress for children of UMNO members only and then reluctantly add "but every community whom we also serve" as an after-thought which is sooooo bloody hypocritically shallow , Mukhriz ? Can't you be decisive and make up your mind ? If UMNO wants to rule as head of BN first scrap this "for Malays or for Chinese or for Indians ONLY" shit okay ! Don't you have an obligation to serve all without reservations, irrespective if the citizens voted for or against you ! Serve ALL as you morons without shame still collect taxes from all and sundry to keep this government running right ?

This is sadly what's become of Najib's 1Malaysia joke ! Every clown is inventing his own 1this or 1that shit ! Stop sabotaging poor Najib's 1Malaysia please lah. It costs us tax-payers millions that's been paid to APCO already !

Give the PM some face lah okay.....hai yah !

Sunday, May 01, 2011

The "hate" machine !

"It has even come to the stage where others are trying to say that the Malays are immigrants, asking us when we came to this country," he added. (quote Dr. Mahathir) (read more here )

Hello Tun Mahathir, personally that question, you should have asked Mr. Iskandar Kutty when he boarded the ship Rajula from Kerala, India to Malaya lah !

Of course every Malay is an immigrant just like the Chinese and the Indians. Which part of this sentence is so difficult to comprehend ? Just like every black or white man save the "Red Indians" in America IS an immigrant ! The Orang Asli and the various other natives like Sakais, Negritoes Semans and in East Malaysia the Ibans, Dayaks Kadazans and a host of others where the original people here and you want to again screw history repeatedly to give the immigrant Malays a "feel good" distortion via the frustrated racist group Perkasa and deny the Orang Asli that right ?......learn to deal with it Tun !

Stupid isn't he this ex-premier and father of all racists in Malaysia ? He dare actually warn us with this dubious question......"that forgetting one's history was detrimental to the race; that it was the very reason why the Malays allowed themselves to be colonised by the British".

Let me tell you this senile and livid mass of protoplasm is guilty of forgetting his own father's history ! I wonder how the gentle Malays actually can accept him as a Malay too. He has taken them for a long 22 year ride by ridiculing and labelling them with mischievous names and even then the older Malays of this country without names like Toyo or Tukiman but plain Yusof or Kamal or Hussain or Kassim allowed him to rule them ! This here is one clever Indian ! And dear Tun, remember nobody questions the Malay rights but only you and your morons in Perkasa are saying this to, as usual, instill unwarranted fear and instigate hatred among the Malays off all other immigrants like the Chinese and Indians!

His confession here clearly shows how threatened he is by the great split amongst the UMNO Malays and the thinking PR Malays. And this master manipulator of the Malays must be losing his marbles upon only being greeted with 800 instead of 33,000 people who'd care to listen to the rubbish and hate spewed by this venomous forked-tongue son of an immigrant.

Thank God the Malays are already wising-up to this now irrelevant Dr. Mahathir !
Maybe he should "punch" himself in the face for living a life of lies !
Jeez....does he ever stop ?