Saturday, August 01, 2020

Brother asks a very good question....

Recently my Grab-sharing and drinking buddy, brother Raman "the Bahman" KK asked me a very good question regarding the 70% discount (here) accorded to repeated law-breaking motorists with summonses for the entire month of August in conjunction with Merdeka by that idiot Wee again, of the Road Transport Ministry or JPJ? 
His question was, "What about those of us, citizens who are law-abiding and with no summons to show? Don't we get rewarded in any way? Like DISCOUNTS for every year on their Road-tax and Insurance renewals for being worthy citizens?" Why must this Wee, who incidentally also drafted that dubious "drink-driving" laws (here) with harsher penalties targeting drink drivers enforced recently, now offer such huge discounts to summons collectors? What's his shallow game plan?
What kind of message is this MCA stooge sending out to hard-core repeat traffic law violators? That they can break as many traffic laws as they want and if summoned the fines can be negotiated and reduced so long as he earns some "good-guy" brownie points, some bragging rights at ceremahs, a voter base and perhaps some mileage in his flagging political career, no? This type of pampering of rogue law breakers breeds corruption in a subtle form. How desperately pathetic! 
Instead this MCA goon should start arresting and jailing repeat offenders with more then a certain number of summonses, just as harshly as drunk-drivers are accorded or maybe worse. Now that would take some balls to do, right? And do you think he has? Laws are formulated and passed to be followed, not negotiated and discounted.
Like anything that is mandatory, only the corrupt in the various enforcement authorities get to gain in monetary rewards. And as for the righteous amongst us, sorry lah, you shall continue to be screwed with your eyes wide open if you were expecting any form of reward or discounts. 
                                .............Dream on lah, dude.  

Sunday, July 26, 2020


Today I feature a friend, blogger, renowned columnist and civil rights activist NATHANIEL TAN with his splendid view/wish/dream of a better Government in our beloved Malaysia.
Now if only someone can translate this post to Bahasa Malaysia, that would be great! A long post perhaps, but a must read for all agents of change for a better future for all Malaysians.
The future is now.It's time to throw out all the old ways of doing politics – and spearhead a new democratic movement driven by next-generation ideas.'S happening.I don't think there'll be any announcements around the corner, but it feels like things are cooking. Last week I wrote that Malaysia's future hinges on breaking with our past. Today, I hope to describe more carefully exactly what that might look like. I believe that the many problems with government stem from the way existing political parties are structured, and prevailing political culture. I for one am tired of trying to influence politicians from the outside. They don't listen. The older generation seldom does. It's not something either of us should lose sleep over. Significantly changing the way the government behaves requires being in government, but changing political culture can be done by founding our own democratic movement. I use the terms “democratic movement” and “movers” in this article to describe a movement and organisation that intends to contest in elections under a common logo, but otherwise leaves behind many, many aspects and characteristics of political parties and politicians as we know them. I'm certain many will say these ideas are hopelessly naive and impractical, but to paraphrase The Man of La Mancha, perhaps madness is seeing the world as it is, and not how it should be. To say ideals are impossible to reach is to give up before starting, and to hand Malaysia back to those who have bled it dry. We are all fallible humans, but that is no excuse to avoid building a strong moral compass – one that we can turn back to, even when we go astray. Coming back to the question at hand. If political culture and structures are indeed the root of the problem, then we must be clear about exactly how, and how we can do things differently. For today, I will sketch out three main areas: the role of core values ​​and ideology; internal structures; and replacing the zero sum approach to elections.
Old: Current major political parties here are effectively built around race, religion, individuals, or some combination thereof. In the era where Umno and the Barisan Nasional model were dominant, racial narratives driven by race-based parties were like a massive center of gravity which reshaped other political parties around them. Even parties that were not founded on racial ideology like DAP and Gerakan started being shaped fundamentally by the race game. This has become coded into their DNA to the point where changing how these parties operate and are perceived is fast becoming near impossible. If a party exists for the wrong reasons, it can never go in the right direction.
New: A democratic movement should be founded on clearly articulated shared principles and values. It should be a movement where the slogans are not just slogans, but something felt deep in each mover's heart. A democratic movement is not about'defending the rights' of any one particular subset of Malaysians; it must be about defending all our rights together. A democratic movement is not about making person X or person Y Prime Minister. People will come and go, but the quest is not about individuals; it is about ideals-and ideals endure. The first task then is to gather the right group of movers, and to sit down to hammer out exactly what those shared ideals are-no matter how long and difficult the process.
Old: Almost all political parties have similar structures. There are Presidents, Deputy Presidents, Vice Presidents, Women's and Youth Wings, and so on. People invest a lot of money into winning these'lucrative' posts because a Deputy or Vice President of a political party can claim that their seniority entitles them to become say Education or Defense Minister. Such ministers control massive budgets, which they often use to feed a patronage network within their parties, in order to ensure that they have the internal support to remain Deputy or Vice President. This is an extremely toxic cycle of money politics and feudal patronage that ensures that the Education or Defense minister is expert in neither Education nor Defense, but an expert in playing party politics. This single phenomenon and the ripples it creates may in fact be the biggest problem in our current system and structure of politics.
New: A democratic movement should only have functional posts, where internal competition is minimised. Instead of posts that are generally non-functional and exist to unproductively indicate rank and hierarchy, there should only be posts with specific, necessary functions and portfolios. The central committee that decides most day to day operations of a democratic movement can consist of a small group of individuals of essentially the same'rank', who have clear SOPs for resolving differences of opinion. Should these be designed well, then in the context of contesting elections, the only question that remains is to identify a candidate for Prime Minister (since this is unavoidable in our current electoral system). On this note, in a democratic movement driven by individuals that have bonded and built enough trust in one another over time by struggling for the same ideals, it won't matter whether person A or person B is chosen to be the leader, because we all are committed to the same goals. Besides functional portfolios such as communications, finance, and so on, another innovative idea is to found a movement that has something akin to a shadow cabinet right from the start. Shadow ministries need not be led by individuals alone, but can be led by committees of competent experts, from which the movement will commit to selecting future ministers from. The idea is to demonstrate a seriousness about new ideas for governance, rather than treating ministerships as political rewards to be doled out by the Prime Minister alone in a last minute process devoid of any transparency.
Old: In our current system, politicians are incentivised to tear down and demonise their political opponents at every turn, no matter what. This creates a toxic, adversarial, and most importantly, counterproductive zero-sum political atmosphere, where it is always a free for all season to'whack' one another. Indeed, the words 'partisan' and 'party' appear most likely to be related to the word “apart” – cementing the notion that old politics is in essence about divisiveness. Does it always have to be that way?
New: A democratic movement should recognise that everyone in Malaysia has a part to play. Yes, we may compete against one another in elections, but that does not mean we should spend every waking hour trying to 'kill off' one another. We could instead use that time and energy to talk about how all involved can do their part in contributing to a better Malaysia. I expect politicians will scoff and laugh, believing this to be impossible. As the saying goes, however, (wrongly attributed to Nelson Mandela)-it is always impossible, until it is done. I believe a young, fresh breed of democratic movers can move beyond this blind partisanship that overrides everything else, and practice a new way of doing things – one that doesn't involve tearing down future electoral opponents at every opportunity. All the above ideas will strike many as hopelessly naive. As the saying goes (correctly attributed to John Lennon), you may say I'm a dreamer. Whether or not those of us working on these ideas are in fact the only ones will pretty much depend on you.
NATHANIEL TAN is a strategic communications consultant. He hopes the human rights of Md Rayhan Kabir will be fully respected, and can be reached at The views expressed here are solely his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Sunday Star .

Saturday, July 25, 2020

What morals are you bitching about?

Sometimes when I hear speeches that begin with the recital of words and texts taken out of holy books or famous literature by mere men and women who portray to be ever so "holy" in dressing and sinless in speech and intelligent in position, I just want to puke! Not because of what they recite but how far away from the truth of what they utter they are, in their actions and in reality. In other words its utter lies that come out of the lips of these people. Such persons would claim to address everything that's to their advantage and may convert to more popular votes for the future. That's all. 2 things are never promised with absolute conviction. Corruption and Education. 

Now this post is not about politics or politicians alone although they are the real reason for everything wrong in our society but its about Education. A good emphatic  education on civics, morals and personal hygiene without including religious related studies of any one particular religion would make better human beings of us all first before better politicians. 
It is education about the fundamental core values of humankind that has to be studied and respected in order to evolve into better citizens. Not religion, not race not ethnicity. I know I sound like an idealistic prick but hey, if you don't start with honesty and morals you're doomed as the human race from the onset.
What gives rise to the many social ills in our society? From drug addiction to snatch thieves to gangsterism to baby dumping and for a more serious analysis read here. Its all in the education.  

For better effect the chart (courtesy of Raman KK) below is one brutally shocking reality you might still want to deny that occurred over a short period of about 3 months of "lockdown" and 4 cases this month alone!   

What about the future of our next generation, you ask? Who gives a damn about their future beyond their term of office?..... they answer secretly. Can we continue to be ignorant of such social ills? ask again. They tell themselves secretly, it does not concern their children and their position in government now, so that's your problem! That's how a politician's mind works, you  simpleton! Its ALL in the education my friend and only in education.

All these crimes mentioned in the hyperlinks above makes drink driving a juvenile crime and YET the focus is misguided by shewed and corrupt politicians who divert our attention from reality and crave for some cheap publicity instead! Go educate yourself.  

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Tonight I drink to that arse-lick, Wee!

In Malaysia when you rape your own daughter or mother or sister, the courts will sentence you to a jail term of not less the 10 years and not more the 30 years in addition to whipping. The terms rape and incest are also used interchangeably and this confuses everyone. At times families out of shame and reputation (whatever that is!) change the rape charge to consenting sex if the victim is over the age of 16 to save a family member a long jail sentence. Most times the perpetrator is also high on drugs and pleads for leniency. Perhaps a lawyer may be consulted for details.
Why are we talking about rape and incest, which incidentally  is very common in the PAS held east coast states of Kelantan and Terengganu wherein the numbers are perhaps on par with as many as their porn-hub viewers and drug users! 

Now picture this. A matured guy (read, like you or me!) goes out for a drink with his buddies and has a few rounds of his favourite "poison" at the end of a trying week. Has a great time playing pool or darts,  jokes and laughs about good times. Does not pick a fight with anyone and pays his bill and leaves the pub and drives his car, a little intoxicated maybe but steady enough behind the wheel and on his way home and is met with a road-block. Here he is told to take a breatherlizer test and the reading is a wee (that idiot Wee comes to mind!) bit above the permitted limit. 

Now remember he has not killed anyone yet neither has he raped his mother nor daughter nor sister but going home to his lovely family but instead he is dragged to the police lock-up to sober-up and the next day (if it is NOT a weekend) to court to be charged for 10 or 20 years jail and a RM150,000 fine, depending on the mood and the political leanings of the presiding judge!  
Which idiot can come up with such a stupid law, you may want to ask, no? Which is a bigger menace? Drug users on motor-cycles (aka mat-rempits) or happy adult drunk drivers or rapists who fuck their own family members whilst high on drugs? 

Well, only an attention-seeking arse-lick from an irrelevant political party like MCA  called Wee Kah Siong can! And in pushing for this law to be implemented, this moron Wee has also up-the-ante of the "boleh settle kah" line, which will in turn create more competition among the greedy and corrupt (if any) within the uniformed forces.  

*all images are nicked from Google images without permission and bears no relevance to any one dead or alive.             

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Out of the mouth of babes.....

I never thought much of this "smart-arsed kid" most times and I also detested his youthful challenges but most of all I never liked his sucking-up to that corrupt old racist MahaFiraun like he was a saint and saviour. In fact I really would not give a damn if I ever heard from this boy again.....hmmmm perhaps until now! 

What this Syed Saddiq (I used to casually call him SadDick!)  has revealed two days ago in the media and twitter, is sending shock-waves to every man and women in the street! His frank and open statement was opened the eyes of the public to ridicule the excesses of all current sitting parliamentarians and politicians and I hope it is not one said to spite of being bitter recently with his ousting from his ministerial position. In fact he has gone on to disclose in detail the vulgar proportions of dubious extra incomes accorded to ministers which the common tax-payer never knew of!

This young turk has had his fair share of controversies already in these last 20 months or so in power as a Pakatan Harapan, Youth and Sports minister. From criticism to scandals to demands of recovering the missing RM100+ millions from his predecessor of the former BN government to his hair-brained Go-Jerk rider project and ice-bucket challenge and being invited to all-night "rave" parties with sports equipment suppliers and more recently the break-in to his home and some missing cash of RM200,000+ stashed in his house.

All things considered now I still think this school-debating team champion has a lot to learn and earn his place of respect among his peers. Perhaps I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. And the last thing this boy can ever learn from that old racist MahaFiraun is about honesty, integrity, loyalty and decency! Zilch! Someday and in time he will know what I mean.

Do you think its time to CUT the excesses of tax-payers money paid to politicians and their pensions  thereafter and stop all the extras and keep it only to the bare minimum salary? Do you really think our politicians are worthy of being paid such large salaries? And do they declare and pay their income taxes annually?  
And IF they "hop or jump" camp, they forfeit everything from the government payroll and demand the new party to pay for his salary and sustenance allowance from their own coffers? Will anyone moot such an Act to be tabled in Parliament? Is there anyone with integrity to start with? We can learn from some Scandinavian country where ministers travel to Parliament by bicycle and trains and live in furnished government quarters, BUT will we? 

Now read the whole story of Syed's shocking revelation ( here ) that will blow your socks off!

Sunday, May 03, 2020

Do or don't and still be damned.

I am told a total of 7 states (Sarawak, Kedah, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan, Selangor, Sabah and Penang) as of this posting, have defied the PM's directive on lifting the Conditional Movement Control Order to resume business in all economic sectors starting 4th. May 2020. (here

Perhaps Muhiyuddin was too rash in implementing this order without taking into consideration of the factors that may back-fire but went ahead from pressure from his renewed-found allies in UMNO and PAS, a bloody mistake he may live to regret. These new allies have got Muhiyuddin by the balls and if not complied to, might even threaten to withdraw from his still unregistered PN Coalition and that would be disastrous to the setting-up of his "shotgun" or back-door government, no?

We have been a thriving third (or is it turd) world country even with all of our state-of-the-art first-world infrastructure for the longest time mainly because we lack people development. Yes, we never developed the mindsets of our young with simple education in health, civics and hygiene from an early stage in schools. In other word we have had a failed education system since the early 80s.
And who better to be held responsible for this degeneration of our education system?
It is none other the two-time PM and Grand-master of Abysmal Failures, the Mahafiraun.

Now imagine, while the whole world is running helter-skelter desperately trying to find a cure or vaccine, we here continue to blame illegal foreigners living in deplorable housing conditions and Tablige clusters for the spread of this pandemic. 
This PN government is pouring more money by the RMbillions for religion instead of science and medical research. Have we in these over 40 days of infectious spread of the Coronavirus even come up with a single laboratory test or do we even have a team of scientists working to find a cure? Now if only we can channel all that RMbillions  that's for JAKIM's annual budget instead to science and medical research?
Muhiyuddin's PN government is in a fix over this deadly Covid19 scourge, and none of them has the slightest idea what to do. And yet his 'new' partners from UMNO and PAS are making demands of appointments for "special envoys to dubious high positions in GLCs" at a time like this. Do you really think they give a rat's arse what happens to the ordinary citizen? (read you and me!)

And more importantly, do they know the second wave of the Covid19 is even more terrifying then the first? Do read about what's happening today in Yemen (here) and in the UK (here) and last, from the BBC on the measures countries are taking to combat this Covid19 (here

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Learnt nothing from our founding fathers?

Today is Covid19 "lockdown" Day 36. 

Its bad enough to know our PDRM is practicing blatant double standards against the "haves and the have nots"  wherein ordinary folks being caught, cuffed and brought before a court and fined RM1,000 whereas government ministers and officials gather for a tablige style (eating with fingers and 4persons-to-a-tray of dishes) feast in close proximity and birthday celebrations being pardoned because they said they were sorry to the PDRM but we're also seeing many UMNO and PAS muscling in on mainstream politics dictating terms on pm Muhiyuddin's weak and bloated shotgun government. If this is the best Muhiyuddin can muster for intellect in his backdoor government, God help us all. Its like an interview for jesters, with each candidate trying to outdo the other to get to perform in the king's court, with each new passing day.

And it looks like everyone in UMNO and PAS will be some "special envoy with ministerial powers" in any one of the "305" new countries, the PN's ''new'' Ahmad Mazlan or better known as Adham Baba has discovered among the other ground-breaking research he has claimed, in this blue dot  in space known as Earth!
And speaking of 'blue', Ismail Sabri has thrown in his request to turn the city 'blue' (it has to be BN blue, please as the colour red has been spoken for, by the Jalan Chow Kit  and Jalan Alor areas, if you get my drift!) in the city, in honour of all front-line workers. A commendable suggestion if I may say so myself. But who is going to appreciate this "night of blue" while we're all locked down at home? 

For a little over 20 months, we never heard of so many of UMNO and BN's former minister or leaders saying a thing for fear of having files oped up by PH's MACC for investigations. Today out comes their Rolls Royce and a short brag of their achievements as in the case of a video clip of one MIC youth head, in circulation. 
Another UMNO minister even proudly  displays his collection of a bumper Playboy issue in his library while claiming to have talks on Twitter, with regards to future economy and Covid19 control with other world leaders.
And elsewhere the kleptocrat Najib now wants to sue Sarawak Report knowing so confidently his 1MBD case will soon be thrown out from the courts, dare we say courtesy of the PN government. At the time of this posting, it has not been established which Tuesday he is going to sue as we are still waiting for that Tuesday of about 4 years ago, that he is to sue the DoJ of the USA after making America great again! 

While in the case of one who is crying foul against the double standards of the PDRM, may I also ask why this "accidental" PKR politician Prabagaran, had to only visit an "out-of-bounds" Sri Murni flats at such an inappropriate time? This fellow must be an idiot to have gone to that Covid19 hotspot like he never has a smart-phone to up-date the going-ons in the city. He was surely there to pick-a-bone with his former back-stabbing member turn traitor Dr. Santhara (now Dep. FT minister) who now also has defected to join PN, to garner some brownie points, no? 

This young accidental law student turned politician has a lot of learning to do or he'll go down the Gowe Burne way. (Does anyone even remember that hopeless "correct, correct, correct" cameraman turned politician?)  I am still waiting for this simpleton, who is now surrounded by local muscles to prop him up, to return to my church to say a simple thank you to the congregation, as he did the last time he came with Tian Chua fishing for votes, a few days before the May 9th. GE14. 
How soon they forget! But these idiots in PH forget, we the voters, won't!

This quarantine is a time to heal and ponder what went wrong in all those years! The years of our founding fathers and the wonderful and simple life they created for every rakyat then. A multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious rakyat living in harmony. Nobody spoke ill of another nor was there racism or hatred in our lives. And even if it was uttered, nobody took offence as it was always said in jest poking fun of each other as everyone lived in a very mixed neighborhood....happily. 
    I grew up in those times and by God I miss them!  

Friday, April 17, 2020

The dis-empowering of the voters choice.

  Photo "grabbed" from Maria Chin's facebook 

I wrote here first about 6 months ago how Pakatan Harapan or PH, then under the "on-sympathetic-grounds" wily and racist old Mahafiraun will be a one-term government! A few weeks later the Covid19 lock-down came. Today is Day 31.

The actors were the same and with a few name changes and horse-trading here and there...WOOOSH....PH died a little after 20 months in power! A ploy the then Opposition BN and PAS, marveled on with the race, royalty and religion cards to perfection... (after all, I admit, they DO have some 6 decades of experience at playing dirty and at pitting one race against another, no?

Amid all this chaos emerged a break-away Perikatan Nasional or PN. Only this time they are rejoined (after much secret negotiations and impunity guarantees, perhaps) by their then Opposition i.e. UMNO and PAS wherein many of whom still have active files currently under investigation by MACC for past corrupt and abuse of their past positions. 

And so now the PN government under the somewhat questionable "leadership" of Muhiyuddin is hell-bent on bringing back the glory days of UMNO that so many fought so hard to get rid off after 6 decades of "glorious" corrupt rule is creating one big circus again as the wolves are back in parliament and the witch-hunt on what the PH government has put in place for the past 20 months, has begun. Revenge must be sweet for some!

Don't you feel betrayed? Anyway I will always blame that old racist Mahafiraun for everything that went wrong. It was him and only him who betrayed the rakyat's votes and buggered us blind and with eyes wide open too! Nobody cared to believe me.

What PH did in 20 months in empowering more strong-willed and educated women (and then some men), in key positions of government GLCs is now being (using the "lockdown" as a red herring), removed from their positions and the good work these ladies have been doing thus far only to be replaced by "unqualified" cronies in PAS and other yes men of the old BN regime. 

Even private companies have joined in the lockdown fray in begging for government bail-outs without shame when they have constantly declared billions in profits all these years or were those audits just "shiok-sendiri" Quarterly Reports? 

By the way, we all read about the return of USD300 million or RM1.3 billion last week, BUT the report also goes on to say, the US DoJ has assisted Malaysia in recovering a total of USD600 million or RM2.6 billion from the sale of assets of the 1MDB case so far. Does anyone know what happened or where the earlier RM1.3 billion is "parked" right now? Just wondering. And its a shameless shotgun PN who is taking all the credit of this returned monies, I hear! Hmmmm!

Out of all this "lockdown" gloom and politics, comes one really happy news though. We are indeed proud and grateful to have the best Director General of Health, Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham and he's constantly being praised both here and the world over! Syabas Datuk! 👏👏👏  

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Presenting some Covid19 "kelakar" moments.

The USA has Trump and the UK has their Boris.
When it comes to laughter here in Malaysia, we don't have to look very far too for comics to throw-in their "words of wisdom". 
Below is a sampler of easing each stressful situation we all have to put up with from these ''brilliant'' minds that dictate our mundane lives as we remain locked-in during these unproductive times of the Covid19 pandemic.Enjoy.    

                                  Warm Water cure for Covid19 ( read here)

                             Ramadan Bazaar during MCO-Covid19 (read here)

Purr like a Doramaen during Covid19 (read here)

Haircut can bring down high blood pressure (read here )

Ramadan shopping hours between 3pm to  3am ( read  here)

Only 1% chance of dying from Covid19 (read here)

Saturday, April 11, 2020

The mansions the Indians stole...A Covid-19 tale.

Its Day 25 today of the Covid-19 lock-down and I'm pessimistic its just not going to end in the next 14 or 18 days for sure. What I can be sure off is, that we have got about 6,000 highly suspected individuals locked-down in the infamous Selangor and Malayan mansions of Masjid India (read the whole story herewhich is currently a hive of activity as the continuing contributor of the spread of the Covid-19 right NOW. 
It is from this converging hub "the Masjid India area" as we all know it to be, that they make a bee-line upon arrival into KLIA these foreign ''tourists" seek out and come to  live with in the dirty, over-crowded and cheap lodgings to thereafter merrily make their "pilgrimage" to places like the now known Sri Petaling mosque source. You will not be faulted if when there you mistakenly think you were in Chennai. Almost everyone in the Masjid India area converses in Tamil or Hindi. The Indian Muslim population has ballooned to bursting points and almost all businesses have been taken over by the cash-rich Indian traders. Any given Friday at noon will confirm what I write. As the name itself suggests everyone who gathers at this mosque is Indian. 

To house these hundreds of "tourist-workers"  employed by Indian traders, almost all of the local residents have moved out and rented their units to these business and their workers. And with the locals moving out, so too did the hygiene and health standards fly out the windows! Government health and enforcement authorities look the other way, perhaps some well "rewarded" for doing so and a nearby police beat-base is just there for some personnel to rest after a tiring day of patrolling and to write reports if indeed a crime has been committed. 
Across the road nearby on Jalan Munshi Abdullah is Wilayah Complex and City 1 complex which house even more business owned by Indian Traders and the Lucy Supermaket in Capitol Square sticks out like their Harrods. Only that most customers are either Indians, Pakistanis or Arabs residing in the Masjid India area. 
Now, with all that in place and these 2 Mansions are barb-wired around the entire perimeter, "can I advice the police something?" Now is the best time to strategise the next crucial move on these two mansions. 

In a concerted effort by the Immigration department together with the military and police to orchestrate the perfect crack-down, perhaps not today but with ample time till the 28th. April 2020 to plan and execute while nobody can move out, and to actually CLEAN this slum once and for all! You'd be surprised what else one might stumble upon when one combs these two mansions with a fine tooth-comb. I can confidently say I am only referring to the tip of a "huge iceberg" here. 
And perhaps also charge the landlords for harbouring these tenants and their activities in court. God knows this government needs the money most now.

It is in times like these 25 days lock-down that even the devil😈will be claiming "permanent resident" status in one's mind.🍺🍸