Sunday, April 24, 2011

the "untouchables" ( Pt. II )

Making police reports against DBKL is like telling the devil to go to hell ! What good are reports going to do in UMNO controlled police-stations ? We know the police would not lift their finger to take any action. These reports are not made by UMNO but by Malaysians of remote Indian ???...these reports are made by low caste or pariahs as far as UMNO and the Education Ministry is concerned ! ( here )

Yes I did say in my earlier posts that I will use that derogatory term loosely to describe myself and my race as long as MIC and all other suffering Indian parties suck-up to UMNO and do nothing about removing the school text book
"Interlok" from it's syllabus where it is now openly taught to all Malaysian students in Form 5 literature that all Indians who came to Malaya then were from the low caste or pariahs and to work in only estates ! If these pariahs continue to vote and die for BN with their lives, so be it ! Learn to deal/live with it. I have ! And so has Kamalanathan the Ulu Selangor chappie, who has not replied to my tweet to him congratulating him of his new "caste", meaning he's totally accepted to be called/referred as one ! Have they no shame ?? At least get out of BN to teach them a lesson, yes ?

Year after year right to the very last hour just before voting day be it GE or a buy-election, somehow it will be the damn Malaysians of remote Indian origins, living in rural areas and in estates who will be making an about-turn after receiving a kilo of mutton or an electric kettle from some MIC goon or even a nice Tamil movie treat on voting day just so these buggers stay home watching the high drama Tamil flick, sipping coffee made with water boiled in their new kettle thus miss casting their votes.
Trust me, I've been to enough buy-elections round this country to qualify making this statement !

These are the times I'd like to see what T. Mohan the MIC Youth Chairman and G. Palanivel, the succesor of that idiot Samy are going to do about these 41 marginalised families of Malaysians of remote Indian origins living at the Bukit Jalil estates ! UMNO will just give them a raw deal and some MIC mutt will
"broker" that deal to convince these 41 families to be calm and accept it as "fate" and it works well too ! "Fate" is a word the Indians will readily acknowledge/resign to if all other avenues fail, thanks to the "brokers" within MIC !

Remember we will still be called
"pendatangs" and "kelings" by UMNO no matter what level in society we try and slot ourselves in ! That's how UMNO thinks and rules.

Get out of this subservient mode and change. Be the change you want to see. Vote for change and rid these derogative shackles that has been implanted in the minds of the very young at schools via "Interlok" and UMNO in particular !

And about the part about the 84 police reports and the police coming to their protection....... good joke....and dream on !

**p.s. heard what the squatters in Kg. Buah Pala in Penang got for compensation from the current PR government after the old BN government messed-up their lives ! That should be good enough a lesson, right ?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

from 1shit-stirrer to another !

The country's biggest shit-stirrer with a "temporary" memory lapse has betrayed the country's largest racist group ! What a disappointment to the ill-plans of Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali !

Maybe this photograph above might help jolt the senile memory of this father of all racist
"nyanuk" ex-premier, the corrupted Tun Mahathir. And this bunch of bigots in Perkasa cannot make up their puny minds if they actually want a 1Melayu or a 1Bumi or plain Malay supremacy launch. What an irrelevant joke Perkasa has become ! And the meeting's in PAS led state of
Kedah too ? here !

Ibrahim Ali or Ibrahim
"katak" (or frog) is a very jealous and frustrated man torn between the success of the Chinese and into thinking the "real bumis" ( indigenious or rightfully original races here such as the Orang Asli, Sepois, Sakais, Negritos, Dayaks, Ibans, Melanaus, Kadazan-Dusuns, Eurasians of Portugese decent, the Nyonas and Babas and the Thai Malaysians in Kedah, Perlis,Pahang and Kelantan before the Minangkabaus, Javanese and Bugis claimed part of that title !) are going to give this moron a rat's shit consideration in joining his stupid and selfish keris brandishing movement ?

Issues such as curbing the massive
"free-for-all" corruption in all sectors of BN governance and UMNO politics, the mat-rempit menace, sky-high costs of living, raping of the enviroment, pollution, economy in dire straits, dubious religious fatwas decreed nowhere in the Muslim world but uniquely only here in Malaysia and racism is the last thing on the agenda of this shallow outfit called Perkasa. Instead they are always screaming of one or the other utopian "ketuanan Melayu" dream and how to disrupt the existing harmony and blatantly laughing at Najib's 1this and 1that crap with disregard to the billions of tax-payers ringgits already wasted on and now their favorite "puppet-master" Mahathir too has distanced his patronage leaving these headless chickens in Perkasa running amok !

My question is why isn't Najib's weak government taking any action against this shit-stirrers ? So many times these mutts in Perkasa have created so much tension and put fear in all peace loving Malaysians and yet Najib seem to be blind and deaf to all these threats to take this country into turmoil and chaos and in total head-on collission to his 1Malaysia tag ! Is Najib actually the captain of this
"sampan" we call home to the very many diversified fussion of races and cultures who have lived in absolute harmony ( save for one major race-related clash back in '69, which was also stirred and spear-headed by UMNO !) and which was once uniquely ours ?

Arrest this frog Ibrahim and throw him and his band of brainless racists in UMNO's infamous Kamunting holiday-camp and let them have a taste of their own UMNO medicine and then maybe...just maybe we'll know if Najib is sincere of his 1Malaysia crap and not giving us mere lip-service only !

We ARE a mature people Mr. Prime Minister..if you must know !

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

how low.... J Lo ??

Launch 1Melayu, 1Bumi screamed the assistant chief editor Datuk Zaini Hassan of Utusan Malaysia to their pay-masters UMNO ! Read the rest of his unsubstantiated views and rubbish here !

First of all Zaini has to ask for a name change of this racist paper to Utusan Melayu instead ! Secondly I am also convinced that UMNO is Perkasa and Perkasa is UMNO! And now UMNO with help from this paper is mocking Najib's 1Malaysia knowing very well that Najib is absolutely powerless to control these mongrels who so brazenly hide behind their political agendas and churns out such hate provocation and inciting racists' remarks in their daily columns in their now dwindling readership ! That's how low journalism in Malaysia has sunk to....from the gutter into the cess-pool !

How can Najib sit back and allow his pretentious 1Malaysia to be trampled upon so blatantly while the very paper that is supposed to be is propaganda tool is destroying what little dignity and credibility he has left with his 1Malaysia crap ? Is Najib acknowledging his failure as a Prime Minister in uniting the various races and accepting his 1Malaysia garbage as a hypocritical
"shiok sendiri" failed slogan ?

I'm sure the man can already feel the daggers are out for his blood and he'd be recorded as the shortest serving PM this country ever had !

Sad...really so sad for journalism.....sigh !

Thursday, April 14, 2011

coming to RPK's defence ? No way !

The main stream media is having a field day spinning ! Good, after all that's what medias are for, right ?

Who cares about journalistic ethics. It's there for the gullible, naivete's and simpletons and anyone else who wants to swallow it hook line and sinker as the gospel truth ! As longggg as it sells ! Sensational news is what every one's hungry for in their otherwise mundane lives ! And the dirtier and juicier the story you spin, the better ! Today's hot story in all the major UMNO
"friendly" papers and blogs carry the RPK story. A man who's got more pages then Najib on Google image search !

Well I too am guilty of not going to the defence of my dear old friend Pete or better known both in Malaysia and now globally as RPK.

I can't find one good reason to defend him or his good name, simply because I know him maybe a little better(not intimately, mind you !) then most and hey.....he's too big and and famous both locally and globally for me to handle. And moreover, the
"thinking" man or woman will not believe anything that's being said in this government controlled medias about Pete. Sure the media spins for the good of the BN agenda and to make the government of the day look like saints and virgins and sure why not, it theirs, right ? After all everyone knows which side of the bread is buttered and by who's hidden hands, no ?

So to say that I did not run to Pete's aide is wrong. I don't have to lah ! He don't need my reassurance or help. He's a tough cookie and seasoned enough and can and will weather any shit this corrupt and scheming government throws his way. He's been to hell and back and he's got Marina by his side ! He surely don't need me to come to his defence.

You have all heard the warrior cries of fanatics who would kill a fellow human being just to protect his God's /Allah's / Swamiji's name, right ? Have you ever stopped to wonder IF indeed God/Allah/Swamiji needs our protection ? We mere bungling mortals defending the Almighty's name ???...hahaha. You gotta be kidding me if you think the Almighty ever needs US.
HE is THE ALMIGHTY, YOUR MAKER, THE SUPREME and we are !....and you think we must protect HIM ? Or HE needs our assurance in protecting HIM ??? Hey !...wake up morons....please wake up !

Now wait a minute. I know what you're get that stupid notion off your silly head to think if I'm equating and glorifying RPK to God/Allah /Swamiji ! Hahaha.....all I'm saying is RPK is a mere mortal just like you and me, sinful and with many human weaknesses and it would be blasphemous and ridiculous to compared him to any God, but he's a good man and my friend. And he's got Marina ! And he sure don't need me, a small fry-blogger coming to his defence !

Now again stop.......and think ! Why this spin on RPK and all this hype from so many UMNO paid media and bloggers. You got to get the people's attention off the real issues NOW ! Yes Sarawak's burning and soon Sabah's falling and all this "ceramah" walk-outs is looking bad and while the pariah, Allah, Al Kitab, Taib, land grab, corruption, forest-rapes and BN popularity issues are stinking to high heaven and getting UMNO into deeper shit election-wise and you got to divert the attention away from all that bad publicity.

So very quickly spin something....anything ! Just drag this RPK fellow's name through shit and let the people feel they should not make the mistake of voting or romancing with the Opposition. And who else is the people's favorite and UMNO favorite fall guy, only second to Anwar ?....RPK of course !

Get real folks....stay focused on the numerous blundering UMNO issues and vote wisely ! RPK is not raping or buggering you blind but UMNO has for all your lives, ok ?

p.s. Cheers Pete......and Marina wherever you are !

Sunday, April 10, 2011

hey fat mama !

"....... because the Malays were recognised by the British as the original inhabitants of the land."..... hahahaha ! An idiotic statement only a moron from Perkasa can perfect ! I am totally stumped by her biased and retarded ignorance of reasoning our "real" history !

Read the rest of the above crap here first and then can somebody drag this well fed imbecile Datin Paduka Professor Dr Ramlah Adam to read what I am going to show and teach her for the last time about this country's origins under
Etymology and History of Malaysia.

Perkasa has a generous supply of such morons who constantly come out and share their "shitty" thoughts in public and rile everyone up and that is why this country has sunk to a pathetic cess-pool level. Does she know anything about the origins of the country ? She's never been to a national school before 1972, I guess. Maybe she had her education in some "sekolah agama" in some Indonesian kampung, right ?
Oh....and then there's also that other racist Ibrahim Ali in Perkasa, championing more "ketuanan melayu" crap, yes ? Read his warning to all Christians here ! Guess nobody told this idiot that Bahasa Malaysia is the official language of this country, huh ?

Why oh why do we have to constantly put up with such fools who spew nothing but SHIT ? Has she been to the "Tugu" or our National Monument to see the names of fallen warriors of yesteryear defending Malaya and who now have been totally erased from our history books. You'll find a whole list of.....and in Nazri's words, "Punjabi boys" with the exception of one Pakistani soldier and one English commander. You don't find any Malays names there !

Has this woman even heard of the Reid Commission from the times of our founding father the Tunku ? Does she know that Islam is NOT the official religion of Sabah and Sarawak ? Does she also know that my forefather did not come here from India 200 years ago to be a "kuli" ? Can she say the same about her father's recent arrival from Indonesia ? Sheeesh !

With this latest comic relief, Najib has his work cut out for him and can actually cut short his stay in East Malaysia. Sabah and Sarawak are as good as gone from his grasp and straight into the Oppositions' hands. And he's only got Perkasa and "plundering Taib" to blame and nobody else.

Thank you fat mama, thank you Perkasa !

Thursday, April 07, 2011

20 cents in the House !

RM 27,227.20

Pheeewit......Yes that's the right figure above, we the tax-paying citizens of this country pay as allowance to maintain a totally irrelevant washed-out ex-minister. And to add to this wastage there is also a monthly salary for him and his excess baggage of 6 staff plus "other amenities and allowances"! Guess the government also pays rental for his office in prime Plaza Sentral, in the city, right ? ( see full story here )

Has he not raped the country blind and his kind (read "pariahs" as encouraged by his UMNO buddies for allowing "Interlok" to be a part of the school teaching syllabus !! ) for over 3 decades enough ? Has he not siphoned enough ? Has not enriched his kins and cronies to wealthy positions ? Of course it is never enough to keep up with his bloated ego ! Heard also that there's a "Kampung Samy Vellu" in his native village in his motherland, India ! As far as I'm concerned and curiously too he's not even worth 20 sens ! Funny how the government conjured up that magical 20 sens !

Speaking of wasting tax-payers funds I wonder also how much is paid to yet another totally irrelevant yet vulgarly rich ex-premier, the father of racism and grand father of corruption
, the Tun ? Are we also subjected to pay for all the excesses he indulges in ?

Hmmm......this no longer relevant ex-minister really has no shame in continuing to live off like a parasite off the citizenry when he has all that stashed loot accumulated somewhere now to enjoy ! Wonder what's so "special" about him !

And we the tax-paying fools continue to give him that immunity and protection too !
Sighhhh !!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

well it's too late it's too late !

Now BN is really running shit scared of losing Sarawak ! Just look at this 10-point solution released by cabinet as announced by Idris Jala ( I've met this guitar strumming singing dude and he's a regular decent guy ) here ! But remember this is only a solution....and not a law yet ! Don't be too quick to buy this "proposal" as yet in the wake of the up-coming Sarawak polls. Let's hear it from the mongrels of UMNO....i.e.Perkasa first !

But the damage is done and beyond redemption so Taib the "pluderer of Sarawak" and Najib are pulling out all their aces to convince the people of Sarawak that BN is their savior and champion in saving their lives and stay in power ! When I say BN please read it as the "ketuanan" championing Malays of UMNO. Parties in the BN coalition like MCA, MIC, SUPP, SPDP, PRS and all others are but mere excess baggages and "persona non grata". UMNO is the real decision maker and that decision becomes law ! Anything anyone else says are shot down and ridiculed by the "racist and gangster" arm of Perkasa and Perkida !

UMNO is begging the Christian majority peoples of Sarawak to re-think their position by suddenly coming out with these "goodies" as though the Sarawakians are so stupid to fall for this hypocrisy and bullshit and vote for them ? Too late babe , for vulgarly rich and plundering Taib and Najib, it just over 50 years too late !

The FD has matured and the game's gone into sudden death - check-mate UMNO !!
See you in hell !

"pariahs" to the fore !

As long as the Najib administration allows garbage like the "Interlok" to be used as a text book in national schools I would from now on without malice, loosely and as often refer ALL Malaysians of remote Indian origins as "pariahs"...yours truly included !

My forefathers (I'm 5th. generation on my paternal side and 3rd. on mother's side ! ) came to this great country as
"pendatangs" ( and certainly NOT as estate labourers ! ) in the 1800's and from Kerala too...and even more sadly just as that Kutty family). Not that I give a rat's ass what caste my forefathers belonged to back in India, but as far as I'm concerned I'm Malaysian first . Period ! Do I not qualify ? Anything else this equally "pendatang" UMNO government wants to label me is their reason for their imminent down-fall !

Coming back to pariahs, here in this article the 1Prime Minister by his own admission has confessed that the pariahs are slowly
"returning" to BN and it curiously helps to note in particular, Penang. And the poor and innocent Najib is with arms wide open, welcoming them ?

So my question is...
"how many left BN in the first place Mr. 1Malaysia sir ?" You say over 3000 return 'en masse' and hopes that happens also at the national level, yes ? No, better still, tell us what percentage is this 3000 pariahs as compared to those "mat sepits" and "pariahs" who left BN ? And pray also tell us how much was paid to these cheap pariahs to "return" ?

I don't mind if someone resigns from a party and forms an entirely new party, but to return to a party that was and still is after 50 years of arrogant rule, dabbling in racism, corruption and littered with Napoleons, only money and a promise of
"other" such benefits can be a sure lure, no ? After all this is UMNO, renowned for all that is wrong in this once beautiful country of ours !

Let me confidently say here that Penang and Selangor are gone to the Opposition for good and no matter what damage control Najib tries to win them back, the
"pariah and allah issues" will always be haunting BN come election time. In fact 1Najib Tun Razak can soon say adios to Sarawak and Sabah too !