Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jekyll and Hyde

If you like to watch fire-works, Malaysia is the place to be. Come to my country where everyday is fire-works day. Most nights during the run-up to so many colourful festivals, the skies are lit up with sparkling colours bursting in sparkles of fire as people look in resounding awe at the splendour of the fireworks display.  

And in the day, you get fire-works in the form of faces being blown-off or trigger happy assassins ticking off targets on their to-do hit list quiet often. Yes, we have a very sick society here in our country. Foreigners with fake ID's issued gun license and given employment in high-risk place of work. The recent shooting cum robbery of a bank officer is testimony of an intense lack of responsibility by the authorities. They show no duty of care as to who they employ in their company. As long as they keep the cost low, anyone is "gainfully" employed in some company.

In this premise, we are at a total loss as to who might turn out to be that serial rapist, or that innocent murdering fb "friend", or a nice bank security officer turned murderer  and robber or a nice young man turn "jihadist" targeting victims with a "Allahhu Akbar" war-cry before stabbing and killing them or  a good cop turned crooked and looses his gun in a toilet. 

It has become so hard to trust the person standing next to you. I have been a victim once and since then I still view any stranger near me, a little suspiciously. Our failed education system is the result of this very sick and fearful society we live in. And those responsibly have to bear the full responsibility of creating such monsters within our society.   

Compared to all this unpredictable characters roaming our streets, I might be a saint ! And  the next time you are in a crowded place and you get ugly stares from a person standing next to you, don't stare back. He just might kill you !  

I am not linking this post to any news source today. You already know of  the above related gory tragedies of this past week and what I'm talking about, right ? 

Have a pleasant weekend and avoid all eye contact with strangers. 

Shalom !  

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

PR lied to its voters in Ulu Klang.

I have written 4 times since 2011 regarding this very special "community" field which has been fondly cared for by this man Andrew Gopal, as president and his "merry" men of Ulu Klang Recreation  Club or more popularly known as UKRC  for as long as I've known Andrew. I've been there many times and so have my other blogging buddies like Rocky and Bernard and also Yushaimi of the Malay Mail. One thing all of us readily agree on is the camaraderie amongst the residents there. Its what you'd call a close-knit sporting family.
After years and years of much "fighting" with the then Toyo government for "residents' ownership" of the UKRC field and clubhouse, PR looked like a welcome and promising change. That was just before the 2008 GE. The PR guys were all over the place promising to move heaven closer to earth with their g-strings, et cetera et cetera.

But sadly all that changed. Selangor under Khalid Ibrahim was not just bad but looks worse now, then BN's Toyo. What two-forked tongue speak is this Khalid, damnit ? And pictures of the MPAJ mongrels' invasion of the UKRC field  made me sick and spurred me to write this post.    

For a refresher read here,  here here and here. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, so listen up all you fucking PR morons in Selangor, fuck this up for the UKRC residents now and PR will be butt-fucked in Ulu Klang come the GE14 !

Tomorrow members of UKRC will be staging a protest against this blatant coup' of the residents field especially targeting mb Khalid , Shaari Sungib ( sounds like a cousin of Toyo !) and MPAJ itself for its gangster-like manner when handling this take-over. 

Andrew invites all friends, supporters and concerned citizens to join in at the clubhouse. He also promises dinner....but who actually cares for food, right ?
Something is not right. We the citizens have a choice to kick out anyone who behaves like or worse then the ones we last kicked out  ! Kapish ?  

Take note and be there :  
Date :Wednesday 23rd. October 2013 at 6.30pm

Monday, October 14, 2013

I command you to stand in attention !

Now this is going to be a double edged sword for Malaysians. 

With Putrajaya banning Catholics and The Herald (the Catholic church's news publication)  from using the word Allah, I am very curious why nobody thought about also banning or rewriting our Negaraku ? (with all due respect to our King !)

Our National anthem refers to Allah/God as Tuhan ! Pray tell me how are our Muslim brethren  then going to stand in attention and sing this anthem henceforth without praising Allah BUT Tuhan the infidel's God, not once but twice 

The "learned" judges have again screwed it up for all Malaysian Muslims. My apologies !

Now will you please stand up in attention before you click on the link.... here !

Selamat Hari Raya Haji to all my Muslim friends ! 
Shalom ! 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

News goes viral....

Its amazing how fast news travel these days. Its all at the touch of a keyboard button and the internet instantly carries a story almost in  real time. 
Take for instance last week's bloopers (  here ) and ( here ) and ( here ) which were whoppers for netizens around the world. You just cannot hide secrets any more. We can only cover-up so much. Then again how much of what we read over the net is doctored and how much of it is for real ? 

You decide how you want to interpret the news in your own way.
Shalom ! 

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

CAUTION: Not for the weak hearted.

When  read this news  here  my thoughts immediately went back to the phrase " jump, I'll jump too....." from that one time hit movie The Titantic.

But coming from the IGP's mouth that "missing guns could have fallen into the sea" is indeed a very hilarious statement for a man of his credibility. Of the 37 of the 44 missing firearms none were used by criminals, he claims. Now how would he know if any has actually been used in robberies ? Are our ballistics guys so good as to guess which bullet came out of which "missing" gun ?

I paste here the Auditor-General's 2012 Report, but must warn you, its lengthy and in 3 segments namely Federal, States and Federal Statutory Bodies and you may face the risk of your BP shooting up and/or an imminent heart attack. Health Ministry is another joke as you may encounter along your way too. 

The Auditor-General's 2012 report is one report that will have a very short live span and before you can say will be filed under NFA gathering cobwebs !

Take care.