Saturday, July 27, 2013

"I've been misquoted"

Its either our politicians and police are the greatest liars or we have the most crooked mass-media in history. 

The famous cry-line being ...."I've been misquoted".... rings far too often, by individuals in public office, for comfort. And or with what ethics  are our current journos indoctrinated with, you might want to ask, no ?

Professionalism and honesty are the last thing on one's mind when this acting top gun of the state police force was asked for a comment in a press conference and when reporting, the reporter either did not understand the context or subject matter and wrote in a language only he'd understand. Or maybe, just maybe, a cheeky sub-editor or editor decided to twist the already vague facts even more for personal reasons, to increase sales, seizing that one moment of madness  or doing his/her master's vile stupidity.

Whichever way you look, the person who actually spoke/wrote the lie must be reprimanded or even charged in court for sedition. This lie alone is enough for the courts ( if you want to call them that !) to pin the culprit with the greatest  lesson once and for all. After all there were other journos from other media too. Did the other papers carry the same story along the same lie as what this one notorious paper did ? Or do we have a lying acting police chief ?

But then again, who's got the balls to investigate and prove it, huh ? Its all a fcuking "sendiwara" to divert the simpletons from the actual issue of the shame brought on by our education administrative system.

Shalom !

Friday, July 19, 2013

"By the beard of Allah"

It is so sad that only in Malaysia, the name of GOD in any other language could stir-up so much hatred and anger by mere village idiots. Just about every half-baked politician who is a Muslim, is suddenly a champion and defender of his faith. While the entire Arab world have no problem with anyone including the Jews, using the word Allah, our politicians here in Malaysia are demanding exclusive copy-rights to the word Allah as if the prophet (pbuh) was born here in Malaysia.   

Why do these morons have to use religion in politics to pave their road to glory and eventually corruption and wealth. There is certainly  2 sets of laws, no, no.....3 sets of laws in this country. One for UMNO Muslims, another for PR Muslims. The 3rd. is of course for all infidels (non-Muslims). 
Corruption is never addressed in this country as a sin or crime. And so is sex, racism and these  have got express immunity laws specially designed for UMNO Muslims only.  

In my younger days me and my friends of all races, read many a war comic books in cartoons of WWII in some Arab country wherein Moslem (the old days they spelt it that way, and nobody went on a jihad to torch those comic books or kill the publishers) soldiers with swords drawn and on horseback in the desert, will scream "By the beard of Allah", if one was caught or taken by surprise. And "infidel" was tastefully added to curse and describe any non-Moslem invader in Arab soil.

And so we now have assholes like Ibrahim and Hassan Ali who with that corrupt MahaFiruans' blessing demanding the infidel from  the Vatican to vamoose from this land. Apology not enough. How soon have these simpletons forgotten that both Mahathir and Najib had pleaded for a private audience with 2 different pontiffs in the Vatican. What does fasting or "puasa" mean to these people in this holy month of Ramadan ? Sorry means nothing to these fools ? Is there no mercy and compassion ? (Read here)  

What saddens me even more is the silent "disagreement" of the majority of liberal Muslims. Nobody dares to stand  up to these idiots knowing very well what damage Perkasa and a host of  other Muslim NGO's are doing to the religion itself. If Islam is a religion of love, then where is that love ? These kampung fools have only shown extreme hatred against other religions and have got away with everything because they are "protected" by that UMNO Muslim law and the government of the day.

Elsewhere we have an attention-seeking raunchy couple ( now known as the Alvivi issue) thrown in jail for "their own safety" because of some halal-logo-on-a-pork-dish-inviting-Muslims-to-partake-and-in-bad-taste posting on their fb page charged under the 3rd. set of laws. While bible-burning, cow-head dragging in protest of Hindus temples, fatwah  prohibiting the usage of Allah by non-Muslims in Kedah and political   perpetrators take to the streets after Friday prayers to gain a few brownie points are protected by again, the UMNO Muslim laws. Sigh !  

What a shame !       

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Now everyone can suck-up ?

Authorities see red over Air Asia uniforms
For Tony Fernandes, it's always one thing or another !
Yes, Tony is always in trouble with BN/UMNO or their agents, and yes, if Tony wants them to stop this harassment and be in their good books he should just appoint the MahaFiruan or one his wimp sons to sit in the AA board. All will be looking bloody rosy thereafter.    

The maverick-owner of Asia's largest budget carrier got a dressing down yesterday by the country's Transport Ministry over the propriety - or the lack thereof - of the uniforms worn by his female flight attendants. 
So now somebody got an unexpected "hard-on" whilst staring at the exposed flesh of an attendant during a flight on AirAsia issit ? 

And the Transport Ministry seems to want a cover-up, or at least a review of the airline's dress code. All Air Asia female flight attendants, many of whom are Muslim-Malays, generally dress in bright red jackets over white blouses and slightly-above-the-knee skirts. It's the last item that seems to make the ministry see red. It told Parliament in a written reply yesterday that it would ask the budget carrier to reassess the uniforms to better "reflect the Malaysian culture".
And pray tell what IS the Malaysian culture, you bumbling moron for a minister ! 
Oh I know what that is. The Malaysian culture is to "tolerate" race-relationships, corruption is kosher in BN/UMNO and our way of life, having 2 sets of laws, one for BN/UMNO and another for the Opposition, living in denial that the crime rate is not alarming, robbing the Orang Asal of their  ancestral lands and rights is our  way of life, racism propagated via Mahathir, Perkasa, UMNO and Utusan is the Malaysian culture !  

The issue surfaced after a Kelantan lawmaker from the United Malays National Organisation, Ikmal Hisham Abdul Aziz, commented that the airline's uniforms were "sexy" and "did not reflect the national identity". He did not specify what the national identity was, or is. The MP then asked if dress code guidelines were imposed on an airline when its licence was issued. 
Okay, so this was the asshole who had that "unexpected" hard-on on that flight ! Hmmmm......even those hard-core PAS fellows with their beads in hand have enjoyed their AA flights without being distracted. It has to be an UMNO bloke. Is that all he can contribute as a lawmaker to discredit an airline company to promote our national carrier, MAS ? Why did he even fly AirAsia in the first place ? Cheap thrills ? National identity ? What is that ? Kebayas, songkoks and sarongs in batik for all occassion ?  Bleeding hypocrite this pervert lawmaker from Kelantan !

Ikmal Hisham Abdul Aziz memberikan tiket percuma perlawanan akhir Piala Malaysia kepada penyokong Kelantan di Taman Keramat, semalam. - utusan/Safrizal Azmi. Artikel Penuh: © Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd 
"Airlines have to abide by the safety standards, among others, and comply with emergency evacuation in the allotted time, as set by the Civil Aviation Department and the International Civil Aviation Organisation," acting Transport Minister Hishamuddin Hussein said, seeming to skirt the issue. "Airlines including AirAsia are free to choose their uniforms as long as it complies with the criteria set by the authorities." Again, he did not specify what the criteria is.
Groping for excuses over this infantile objection by a fellow mutt, the "acting" Transport minister has to bring up safety standards of ICAO, forgetting it'd be even more difficult to pull up a kebaya slit-type MAS uniform  in an emergency compliance time. Duh ! 
 Wonder what our BN/UMNO morons would expect or complain about if and when they board this airline !