Thursday, February 27, 2020

Syabas Tuanku!

It's good to know that the sultans are taking a more active role in managing Islam in their states. This multi-cultural multi-religious country does not tolerate "hate" to be propogated by a few rotten racists creating disharmony amongst us. It is instances like what the Sultans of Selangor and Johor did that is heart warming to the rakyat. 

We need education at the earliest ages to promote unity and acceptance of each other regardless of ethnicity, race or religion. We don't need politicians and their so-called "unity government" slogans which is only used for votes. No, we don't need a unity government but a good set of education system.

Let's hope the new government weed out all hate-mongers and preachers and bring them to justice. As for the actions of our 2 sultans mentioned above, I say "Syabas and Daulat Tuanku"!👏👏👏
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