Wednesday, June 29, 2011

yellow is the new black......huh ??

Malaysia is one big circus and our "clowns" here have given stupidity a new meaning ! It's crazy how paranoid the ruling government has become by criminalising it tax-paying citizens' one wish for a clean and fair election system and to peacefully walk with that memorandum to present to the king.

Fearing the worst, the police force, a subservient and obedient lap-dog of the BN are getting jittery of anything "yellow" ! What is going on in our country ? We have been a laughing stork for a long time already but now anyone wearing yellow t-shirts, yellow shoes or driving a yellow car can be arrested for supporting the BERSIH rally scheduled without a permit for 9th. July ! Can you beat that for stupidity ? (read here )

In any first world country when a certain aggrieved group has any grouses against a certain party, the police will issue a permit and line the street leading to the point for the group wanting to present any memorandum to a representative of the party in question. Then everyone marches peacefully and hand-over the said memo and then they go home after fulfilling their agenda. That happens in a first world country.....opps I forgot we only have first world infrastructure and filled with third world morons !

Despite being elected into the United Nations Human Rights Council last year, the Malaysian ruling government is still behaving like a bunch of village idiots. What a shame and now the whole world knows how babaric our police force really are and we're nothing but simpletons and "juara kampungs" as far as laws go ! ( read here )

God help this country !

** I cannot seem to up-load any pics....anyone knows why ah ??

Saturday, June 25, 2011

BERSIH 10/11....revisited

Why must anyone worry if BERSIH 2 is apolitical or political ? Is not what the organisers of BERSIH 2's demand from the Election Commission all about clean and fair elections ? Elections determine politicians and parties and ruling government. And is that not politics ?? For those who have forgotten how the first BERSIH walk was back in 10/11 2007 go here and see my personal account of how that fateful day unfolded in living colour !

Of course we also know how Anwar
"hijacked" that walk by taking a short-cut via riding pillion on a motor-bike to be at the palace gates to hand over the memorandum then. Sure Anwar stole the "thunder" then but this time around we have Ambiga ex-president of the Bar Council and a strong leader for issues concerning human rights and a good orator who was also instrumental in the "Penguin Walk". Did she not, on behalf of BERSIH 2 invite both BN and PR parties to walk with her this time round ?

So why should this walk not be a political one ? Anything that concerns human rights and fair-play has to be an integral part of civil society and the government and that means the use of politicians to get the message across into parliament to make it a law.....that surely makes this walk political, no ?

It is comforting and clear that all politicians walking with the organisers this time are in total agreement that we have a corrupt and dirty Election Commission who are nothing but lap-dogs of the ruling government and only a dirty and corrupt government would oppose/refuse any such changes, yes ? That is what we want changed, amongst other demands.

I am surprised too why everyone must politicise the very essence of the walk itself. We walk again because we want change and knowing so well that there are so many fraudulent discrepancies concerning and involving the EC itself which was never addressed or reformed since the first walk so surely the only decent thing, right and tax-paying citizens will do is walk again ! Is that too hard to understand for all those who walk in the corridors of power ?
Can Najib actually afford the citizens to accuse him of running a dirty government when he is so close to calling for a snap election ? And as Ambiga herself has announced...."the time for talk is over"....(citing the EC of the BN government of not welcoming changes since 10/11 2007, for clean and fair election process, independent of interference by their paymasters and devoid of corruption.

As long as politicians can use their platform in parliament to demand and pass laws that are good and beneficial to the tax-paying citizens I don't care which party they belong, they are welcome to walk beside us, us meaning the Third Force or read you and I, the man/woman with that all important right of a single vote to decide who shall represent him/her in parliament.

But it is sad that the very people who are against this BERSIH 2 walk, are still there representing us when we know that they are NOT for a clean and fair voting system and that is a haunting thought, right ? In other words these people are ALL for a dirty and corrupt government !!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

liar, liar pants on fire !

What a bloody coward this Ibrahim Ali is ! Shot his big mouth without engaging his brain.....hmmm....wait a minute....this bozo has no brains in the first place, yes and now is purging in his pants in denial mode and trying to worm his way out of the cess pool where he belongs by blaming journos for "misquoting" and "spinning" !!! ( here )

Talked so big in a Malay majority gathering beating his chest in ape-like bravado sans the "keris" and screaming seditious and racial slurs warning the Chinese to stay home and stock-up on food and now that even the meekest of Chinese, riled-up by his empty threat is ready to meet him head-on come Bersih 2 on July 9 2011. Now we see the true Ibrahim Ali. The braggart who's nothing but a grand funk ! Wonder how his children will face the neighbours having an ultra-racist for a father !

In other areas this sorry excuse for a Parliamentarian had quiet a handful with reporters as they cornered him for explanation at the lobby of the august house'....

And Tony Geee sums up Ibrahim Ali's so-called "misquote" best with .............................."hahahahahahahahahaha and I'm Kate Middleton's lover ! "

Monday, June 20, 2011

Arrest this clown now, Mr. Home Minister !

If ever anyone has to be arrested immediately for spreading hatred and racism against all of Najib's lip-syncing 1Malaysia this and 1Malaysia that, it is this ugly "frog" who goes by the name of Ibrahim Ali, president of the Perkasa ! Read here for the rest of the story. This is the same uncouth belligerent who was recently waging a "jihad" against the Christians and now is screaming "riots" and warning the Chinese to stock up food and curfews and has become a threat against the nation's security !

But why is he so dastardly provoking and so violent against anything non-Malay ? Is it because he has the assurance, backing and financial aid from the father of all racists the old and senile Tun ? Or maybe even UMNO ? Malays by nature are a peace loving lot, just like the rest of their fellow Malaysian brothers of Chinese and Indian descents. I know this for a fact because that was what it was like back in the 60's and 70's,.........until a certain and sinister Malaysian of remote Indian origins took over the helm from our founding fathers to send this country's united and peaceable people into going for each others necks with venom and hatred while playing the race card game ! A whole new generation emerged viewing each other with suspicion and jealousy ! Soon this trait grew to hatred and each race that once lived peacefully united side by side began to move away to live with their own kind. Arrogance and one-upmanship was the order of the day. And out of the shadow of this long 22 years of dictatorship by a ruthless tyrant saw the birth of ingrates like this Ibrahim Ali.

Most right thinking and peace-loving Malays think he is an idiot, to Nazri a clown, to everyone else a fake who jumped from party to party like I would crawl from pub to pub on a good Friday outing ! Having lost his platform to be heard because of party-hopping and his questionable character of masquerading as a political brigand he had to resort to kicking up a ruckus over any and every issue that concerns the Malay race thus drawing some cheap publicity and attention to himself and what he claims to profess for all the wrong reasons. And that folks, is Ibrahim Ali ! A dubious moron with no responsibility and an equally idiotic mentor/master to boot !

So now to stop this village idiot from further damaging the very thin ice of peace we can barely survive with, I urge the PM and the Home Ministry to immediately arrest this joker and deport him to Indonesia or anywhere else but to Kamunting,( as I too oppose the ISA ) and save this country we call home. Malaysians have totally rejected this bigot and his hateful remarks and would soon start ignoring him all together !
Then he'll find some new antics to amuse us !

Sunday, June 19, 2011

there's shit in our backyard !

2 articles in the Star riled me up so early in the morning to start this posting.
It's silly and shocking to know that our DPM Muhyiddin Yassin has finally seen the light ! His take on Bersih 2 Rally as being reason to "topple the government" was spot on. Hello Mr. DPM, where have you been ? Sleeping like Pak Lah kah ? Of course you are stating the obvious and I'm baffled it took you this long to understand the reasons behind any protest rally ?
( here )

People take to the streets only if they are absolutely pissed off. If you can answer to all the crap your BN government has accumulated over the years, 52 years to be more like it, and the hundreds and thousands of scandals that your BN is directly involved in by your arrogant and corrupt cabinet, dirty election committee, corrupt police and judiciary and the thousands of little Napoleons scattered all over the nation and cronies collectively have directly or indirectly siphoned-off the billions of the rakyat's hard earned ringgits and bring to "book" that grand-father of corruption and the racist Tun to our equally corrupt courts to answer to all the "sins"
he's committed against his citizens then your surprised short-comings of Bersih rally would be understandable Mr. Muhyiddin ! Really !

And the other story is about the DPM's boss Mr. PM. While this country is still crawling with so many people still below poverty line and many having nothing to eat ( if you took a drive without your fancy entourage of blaring sirens of the motorcade and out-riders to parts of this city like the Chow Kit or Jalan Silang areas) but scavenge into dustbins and garbage dumps....and don't be too quick to dismiss them as drug addicts.....they are human'd be better off then trying to save the world later ! ( here )

I have nothing against those who want to "save" the Palestinians but hey....we haven't even considered saving our own shit in our country and it's hitting the fan already ! Why so much focus on the Palestinians who know nothing about peace but throwing rocks at each other all their lives. We've here had this "soft" spot only for Palestinians and not the Ethiopians or Somalians or Ugandans or East Timorese or Burmese who are also in dire need of help both financial and politically ?? The answer lies again with that Tun who saw only the Palestinians as a people worth saving. I'll never understand if there was an ulterior motive or agenda. This ex-premier and dictator campaigned solely to save the Palestinians and we after 22 years are still caught up in making good that old and senile Tun's wishes. Has Naji
b no choice BUT to fulfill that egotistical old man's dreams ? I'd say Mr. Prime Minister, as much as I respect the volunteers' humanitarian stand to save the Palestinians, cut the crap and deal with saving Malaysia first as stated in the 2 para above.

The MahaFiruan Tun is trying to make you the "shortest serving PM" by coercing you into his devious master plan. Money spent into buying vessels and food and medical equipment could well be spent on "soup kitchens" here first for fellow starving Malaysians....before saving the world !
Be careful Mr. fact be very careful of the many Judases' and Brutuses' within and many with knives already drawn and ready to strike !!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

the best "Father's Day" ad message !

I've posted this ad a few years ago on Father's Day....and certainly still think this is the best Father's Day ad. message ever.

I too concur with Durex to wish you the same again !

Godbless all ye merry papas !
Cheers !

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hindraf compromised ?

It's always about me ! me ! me !.....why ? It's always about what's in it for me ? It's always about what is there for my people when we change ???

This country is so caught up in racial and religious issues but never about CHANGE itself !! How can you demand for change when it is always about race and religion-based issues and never about for the greater good of the nation ? The phrase
"big picture" means nothing ! Nothing changes if you are not the agent of change you so want it to be !

It is with these human weakness that politicians recognise and that they can so manipulate our emotions ! Politicians being the crooked master manipulators they are by nature, cash-in armed with this
"weakness" trait of the masses, for their personal gratifications. (read the whole story here )

Now we have this so-called
"human rights" leader of another washed-out and outlawed party Hindraf Makkal Sakthi threatening to pull out of the Bersih-2 walk ! What happened to the "fire" in him ? Doused by flagging power ? Or is there a "compromised" story behind this threat ? No one will know. Excuses and disgruntled reasons don't sell anymore. What happened to the millions of "Sterling's" he's supposed to collect from the Queen on behalf of his people ? How can he say his 18 point demands were not met by the PR when there was NO real change in the Federal government ? He says his party had no choice but to back PR back in 2007 but he still wants to see the end of BN in Putrajaya !! What ???.....and how can that ever happen ?

Is this guy real or what ? Sigh......I'm getting tired of our politicians lah !

Sheeesh !!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

fish rots from the head down...(pt.. 2 )

How can you stop the rot when the rotten are sent to stop the rot ? ( read the rest of the MalayMail scoop here)

This is how this man ( pic ) must feel every time
brothels are raided in Little India or Brickfields. Surely these brazen operators of vice dens have no fear for the law or anyone else for the matter ! Why ? Because I guess these vice-den operators have got the whole police force of Brickfields in their pockets ( read payroll !) How dare they resume business as early as a week after the authorities shut them down ? They dare only because they are "managed" and "tipped-off" by their moles within the police force !

I must say the Deputy Minister of FT is fighting a losing battle against a corrupt police force who'd not hesitate to do their
"master's" bidding ! I've seen this man making his rounds at odd times around Brickfields and that's a healthy sight. To know that a Deputy Minister actually goes down to the ground and stop to chat with the various traders and businessmen who come directly under his watch ! But there is only so much one man can do...with death threats and all !

Coming back to the I've said before and I will say it again, we have the cheapest police force money can buy despite the rare fact there are a handful of righteous cops scattered here and there BUT that is no bloody excuse !! And as usual this top cop of Brickfields
has an escape clause to pass the burden to the City Hall authority of all his boys-in-blue's ineffective policing of the area ! That's how efficient our police force are in general !

While we are on the subject of vices, the situation is equally bad in other parts of the city too like in the Pudu
and Old Klang areas. Rumour has it that top cops are entertained in certain "posh" clubs with young and beautiful girls to a point that they become "charmed" and go limp like sotongs !
......the COW or Club for Obedient Wives have to visit these joints for their "field" study......."belajar sambil pelarcur " type of study !

Go ahead and read the article again ! Have a good week-end !

Thursday, June 09, 2011

coming full circle !

This is the face of a man who despite have robbed the people and the state and had lied continuously during his corrupt tenure right up to the last day in office, shredding all files into the wee hours of that faithful morning, files that might be pieced together in the hope of not leaving any evidence of his dirty business transactions and total abuse of position as Chief Minister, can still muster a smile with confidence in the hope that the equally corrupt judiciary will dance to his "pocho-pocho" and not find a shred of evidence to implicate him to prison. ( here and here )

Such is his confidence that all the corruption during his term as Chief Minister of Malaysia's richest state will be filed as NFA (No Further Action) ! He was an ordinary dentist and the son of an Indonesian immigrant who's stellar rise to power and riches made good by being in the right and inner circle of UMNO and subsequently became the blue eyed boy of the godfather of corruption itself....the great Tun !

How could anything go wrong ? How did he lose his state to the then Opposition pre-8 March 2008 ? He was an untouchable and his tight control of many Napoleons in each district who enjoyed as much power and wealth, if not more ( the late ex-gate-keeper who lived in a "mahligai" or palace, comes to mind !), while together they plundered the state and siphoned the millions and billions of tax-payers ringgits to their personal and family accounts and invested more overseas ( remember Toyo's predecessor............Mohamad son of Mohamad comes to mind !). And nobody could touch them.....not even the top guns in UMNO because in BN........"you squeeze my balls....I'll sing like a canary on heat" motto still reigns supreme !

Then again to start with his Balinese styled villa worth well over RM 24 million while living off a Chief Minister's salary alone ( can somebody tell me how much a Chief Minister earns ?) and flying business class for his whole family including his maids to Disneyland in the guise of "belajar sambil pelanchong" ( Study Tours) and belly dancers up the Nile at the tax-payers expense, is certainly a good start anyway !

In the meantime we the poor damned citizens will watch and murmur in awe of all that will be revealed in court !

I bet RM100,( that's all I can afford to bet.....that's hard earned ringgits ya ! ) that he will NOT be jailed. Anyone wants to up my wager ?

Sunday, June 05, 2011

randy husbands and prostitutes !

Yes, today I will write about the world's oldest profession-prostitution (definition: a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money; whore; harlot.) and about randy husbands !! ( in response to this here article )
Obedient Wives Club eh ? What a bleeding Middle Ages or a Dark Ages club this is ? When this country is pissed off and struggling with the government's announcement of unwarranted price hikes on basic commodities and feeding hungry mouths, this bunch of sex-starved house-wives have nothing better to contribute constructively to the nation but to offer SEX better then high class prostitutes to horny husbands ! And with free sex lesson thrown in too !

They want wives to be better then prostitutes so that they can curb socials ills like prostitution et cetera et cetera ! Does that make any sense ? Duh !

Just what do these stupid women think of their fellow womenfolk and their daughters ? Mere objects with orifices for men to stick their dick into ?? Have they not heard of equality before God's eyes ? These idiotic women are still living in the Dark Ages ! I hope this "sex doctor" Rohaya is not talking about 1st. wife's only, otherwise even our First Lady Of Malaysia (FLOM) will be "disqualified" from being a member/patron and you know where that can lead too, yah ?

And their husbands must have mastered and sworn to abide by the phase "men cannot live on bread alone" to stray into forbidden and new "crevices" too, yes ? All this is not making any sense to the modern times we live in ! Where there is a demand.... supply is inevitable.

Giving your husband great sex is not going to stop him from going out there to compare and assess if indeed he gets better sex at home ! Most men stray at any given opportunity. It's only up to them if the want to only just "flirt" or engage in "solicitous" contracts and no amount of "great" sex at home is gonna change that ! At any given time men are flirtatious as long as they are given the attention and time by the opposite sex and at times their own kind too !!! And for Muslim men it is also their God-given right to marry 4 ! So how now ???

And next time you meet a friend who's got a great happy family life, you can proceed to inquire if his wife is better in bed then some prostitute okay ? Damn these BN morons ! Wonder how much government grant was given for operating this silly club ?

What a bunch of losers......these OWC !

Saturday, June 04, 2011

....while my guitar gently weeps....

While the rest of the country is reeling in anger with spiraling price hikes in our bread and butter issues and Najib's 1Malaysia bullshit, elsewhere a very small bunch of morons from Perkasa and Khairy's boys (UMNO youth wing with Mahathir's blessing !) were seen waging war against anything Christian and non-Malay and non-Muslim in Jalan Chan Sow Lin, Kuala Lumpur, near the Utusan office on the 24th. May and as usual after Friday prayers !!

Surely these images below were never published or this story ever mentioned in the main stream media. You tell me.....I don't subscribe to the hard copy !!
You'd think Najib does not know anything about this 1Perkasa rally ? Think again !

......strategising the who's actually "killing" the Malays ? UMNO or Perkasa ? UMNO IS Perkasa and Perkasa IS UMNO, period !!

.....and the "hate" march begins......

...more media coverage......more theatrics by "wannabes".......but unfortunately they were "played down" ?

hmmm....just curious, but I can swear the 2 guys in the left of pic were from the
Penang branch MIC fighting for Indian rights !....1Perkasa ?

...."a sea of protesters"......for as far as you eyes can see.....

...same SOP, but this top-cop can do nothing when meeting with the "MIC rep from Penang" in the same rally. Why ?......because Perkasa is watching !

...a clear show of BN in cahoots with Perkasa as seen with the logo on shirt of the guy with clenched fist in the air at right of pic. Najib will deny any BN or UMNO involvement....keep lying to the rakyat Mr. Prime Minister...keep lying... !

....and this is the guy (above) who's sworn give his life for Malay Rights but was shit scared of a certain "yellow powder" that came in his mail (read here) !

and our "tax-ringgit paid" boys-in-blue and in riot-gear too but who did nothing as this was an "approved" BN "semuanya" okay !

...bored and well-fed "mamas" to the fore !

....nobody complains of "business disruption and wages lost" in this neighborhood here, huh ?? Why ? Because Perkasa has the divine right "in the guise" of representing the country's entire Malay population and their rights, to block entire roads and without a police permit too !

...and is this fellow in t-shirt and in the centre holding the "Hidup Utusan" banner from the same Penang branch MIC member too ??

Read the rest of the circus here

**all pics above reproduced here without Malaysiakini's permission.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

from the Herald Sun

REFUGEES in Kuala Lumpur's suburban slums say they have been tortured in Malaysia's detention centres.

Gruesome personal accounts include claims of beatings with rattan canes and whippings - a fate that could await the 800 refugees the Federal Government intends to send to Malaysia as part of its controversial detainee swap.

Lay Maung, who was caned three times, said he was tied up and made to turn his head away from the prison officer so he could not see his face during one ordeal.

With the refugee's arms and legs extended, a man wielding a 1.2m rattan cane, pulled back and sliced the stick into his bare buttocks.

Like the 55,000 Chin Burmese refugees, Mr Maung's crime was that he wasn't a Malaysian citizen.

His UN Commission on Human Rights refugee card expired the day before he was arrested on the street in late 2009.

"I fainted after one cane," he said through an interpreter.

"They make you turn away from the man who canes you so you don't see his face. You can't sit or lie down for days.

"I spent a year in prison after that."

Pa Khau, 47, wanted in Burma because he is from the Christian minority, says he was whipped three times. And, pointing to his scarred, crippled hands, he told how soldiers broke his thumbs and fingers.

"The police and (paramilitary civilian corps) RELA pick on us because they want to make money from us," Mr Khau said.

"When they took me to the Thai border, after a year in prison, there were refugee agents waiting to meet us. Those men pay money back to the Malaysian immigration officers to let us back in."

The Herald Sun unearthed dozens of alleged brutality cases involving Malaysian authorities.

While human rights groups criticise the tactics, RELA, immigration officers and police are supported by Malaysian law.

That law will apply to the 800 boat people to be shipped to Kuala Lumpur by Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

go here:

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

much bitching about nothing !

Anything and everything could be considered as wrong or as a fault and it's so very easy to be critical of another without first engaging the brain to be in sync with the mouth. Read here and here to get a full picture.

Take for example this criticism from this Wanita MCA's secretary general Senator Chew Lee Giok (pic). Does she not know that when anyone from the public visits any government building in Putrajaya or any other government office, ladies wearing short and revealing attire whether Muslim or non-Muslim are turned away ? Why does she not kick up a fuss there then ? Afraid of her "masters" ? This ruling by PAS is no different from the ruling in force by UMNO from way back then, so why bitch now ?

Does she only find her puppy voice to criticise a dress code ruling only when it comes from PAS ? What has she to say about the UMNO ruling when visiting government offices ? And this dress code does not apply only to journalists who at most times are appropriately dressed and are fully aware of such dress codes but to everyone, foreigners included. So there !