Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rogue's Gallery- my latest qualifier !

Hamidah Osman-DUN Sg. Rapat

Hamidah Osman (BN-Sungai Rapat) particularly earned the wrath of the Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen when she asked whether Perak State assembly Speaker V. Sivakumar “agreed to disagree” with the well-known fable of whether a snake or a man from a certain racial community should be killed first. (Star-Saturday 28 June 2008)
So this is the kind of BN leaders we have to lead us huh ?.....what was uttered can be retracted in the state assembly "dewan" but can it be erased from the minds of everyone who reads this ?? Racial remarks has become second nature to frustrated "losers"....right ?
Let's face it.... this is despicable language for any religiously "attired" and steadfast leader of any community !

The pain of a slap on the cheek would have eased by now....but these words..... ????? Sheeeesh !
Hamidah Osman you've made it to my "rogue's gallery" instantly !

Shame on you....Hamidah Osman and the "people of a certain race" in Sungei Rapat have been insulted of their intelligence in voting you in ! You're soaking and reeking of bigotry ! Is this what you teach your children, your family and is this what you have learnt in the "university of your pathetic life " ?

Hope you sleep well everyday from today, for the rest of your "slithery" life !

If you have no respect for life and all of God's creation, irrespective of specie(even a snake!), you are NOTHING-period !!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Are we beyond redemption ?

I feel terribly insulted to read this story of a poll carried out by the "Expat" magazine regarding the deploring state of one of our nations' front-liners....TAXI-DRIVERS ! read here for the full story and comments.

Now if only the powers-that-be had listened to the rakyat or had read my blog first back in September 2006 and again recently about 2 weeks ago and also in numerous other blogs ! Sigh......... read here and here !

Do we need to be shamed for our "short-comings" by foreigners and in a poll too ?? What would take the authorities to listen to the pleading voices of the simple man-in-the-street ??

Let's not get defensive but do the pro-active (this word has been generously used for all the wrong reasons !) thinggy and prove to these "expats" we can indeed change and bring to book by educating this disgraceful profession called taxi-services and their taxi-drivers
and redeem the faith of the "expats" in Malaysia !!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

what 100 days you talkin' bout....?

What percentage is 100 days of 18,250 days ?? You tell me ? With all these demands on the "performance" reports of the newly formed coalition of 100 days being questioned by certainly the past state government's ousted and frustrated hecklers, it is sad, when little or nothing was demanded off, of them all this 50 odd years or 18,250 days or so then....right ??

Do we also question the "hijacked" memorandum by the "advisor" of PKR when it was endorsed by all six parties in February 2008 for failing to absolutely, without fear or favor, up-hold the "Peoples' Parliament's" initiatives to the tee, the "Piagam Rakyat" proposal ? I was there ! (click here)

Am I surprised, PAS, a co-signor (represented by Dr. Siti Maria) of the "People's Declaration" has so soon started to show their natural and "idiotic" colors in the recent protest of "entertainers" in Selangor, then when chided by the rest of the coalition, decided to withdraw their threats ? What happened to a Malaysia for ALL Malaysians ? Are they such hypocrites ??

But the Barisan Rakyat or is it Pakatan Rakyat are only in office for 100 days now, you might argue.... okay, granted, for some came into their new offices, practically devoid of files, cunningly "shredded-out" by the then out-going state government, in a desperate last minute bid to leave no evidence of all and any malpractices during their 18,250 day tenure !

It is tire-some and time consuming to re-construct entire files, especially with alot of insubordination from some still "die-hard" personnel, warped in allegiance to the past or with much "vested interest" that by only being uncooperative, saves the hides of these subjects, the full brunt of such a "discovery", right ?

So maybe, just maybe, we should just back-off a little and give the "new" state governments some more space and time before being unreasonably demanding, with the exception of moronic, bigotted and fundamentalists' beliefs and views, okay ?

After all what is 100 as compared to 18,250 huh ?

So That Is Politics !

My dear friend John W. sent me this and me thinks is a classic "education" in everyday politics !!! So here goes, enjoy... and thank you John.

So That Is Politics

A son asks his father, "What can you tell me about politics? I have to learn about it for school tomorrow." The father thinks a little and says, "OK, son, the best way I can describe politics is to use an analogy. Let's say that I'm a capitalist because I'm the breadwinner. Your mother will be the government because she controls everything, our maid will be the working class because she works for us, you will be the people because you answer to us, and your baby brother will be the future. Does that help any?" The little boy said, "Well, Dad, I don't know, but I'll think about what you said."

Later that night, after everyone had gone to bed, the little boy was awaken by his baby brother's crying. Upon further investigation, he found a dirty diaper. So, he went down the hall to his parent's bedroom and found his father's side of the bed empty and his mother wouldn't wake up. Then he saw a light on in the guest room down the hall, and when he reached the door, he saw through the crack that his father was in bed with the maid. The son then turned and went back to bed.

The next morning, he said to his father at the breakfast table, "Dad, I think I understand politics much better now." "Excellent, my boy," he answered, "What have you learned?" The little boy thought for a minute and said, "I learned that capitalism is screwing the working class, while the government is sound asleep ignoring the people, and the future's so full of crap."

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Celebrating 100 days with our elected YB's (Yang Berkhidmat's ) !

DATE: 28 JUNE 2008
TIME: 8.00PM


YEW WEI KEAT (tel 012-2138257)
514011899314 (MAYBANK)



Friday, June 20, 2008

World Refugee Day- 20-6-2008

Pray no Malaysian child will be put in the shoes of this little boy ...that is if he does wear shoes !

Please light a candle/say a prayer for the safety of hundreds of children here in Malaysia and the world over....... who have dreams and wishes to being half as lucky as you.......yes YOU !!

God bless the innocents !

*click here for more.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Syabas Tan Sri !

Now... this man I like....yes, that is if he holds true his words, to clean-up the disgraceful state of affairs in our sports we were all once proud off !

Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) president Tan Sri Anwar Mohd Nor said “If there is the slightest truth in any of this, I will sack the whole lot... never mind if we don’t have a national team and we need to start from scratch. This is not our culture (budaya).......... (click here
for the full text)

Way to go Tan Sri......I will "sokong" that motion ! For far too long we have been hood-winked by these goons who alternate as players or/and officials and who think they are indispensable and God-sent to our sports of field hockey ! But as far as I am concerned they are nothing but "juara kampongs" with no pride and living-off the wrath of the tax-paying citizens ! Now they want to be entrepreneurs ?? How many games have they "sold" for profits, huh ??

It is appalling indeed and now we know why we are still stuck in this dire straits for so long while as far as the sports go, third world countries, once minnows and as poor as they may be and with barest of fancy equipment and sporting facilities, have surpassed us in terms of dexterity, quality, skillfulness and accomplishments ! For an in-depth study on field hockey go here and here !

Do the nation justice Tan Sri and walk the talk now ! Malaysia is right behind you, and so am I !
Cheers !

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

from blissed to pissed !

It was an almost perfect "expedition" that I was part off, from the 12th.-15th. June in Sabah and I was enjoying every minute there, that is, until I arrived at LCCT in Sepang around 1am on Monday.

I cannot help it but write I must , about what I think are 2 scams that needs urgent attention by the relevant authorities.

First off is, on board our return flight from KK, the pretty flight attendants were selling AirAsia bus tickets for RM9 from LCCT to KL Sentral to ease the passengers burden of queuing-up to purchasing tickets for the bus itself.Very good I thought. Okay, then upon checking out of the terminal, we boarded the waiting bus and journeyed on to the city.

What pissed me off was this bus conductor who collected a ticket from the passenger sitting beside me and instead of tearing the ticket along the perforated line, returned a torned portion of another ticket to her and turned to the next passenger who hadn't purchased a ticket earlier and who wanted to pay cash, sold him, her ticket for RM 9 ! Does the operators or the airlines and bus companies know about this ?? Imagine - here an employee is "screwing" his employer ! And this is corruption !

Okay then we went on to the KL Sentral and disembarked around 2am. And there were easily 30 taxis waiting and drivers touting for passengers. So I confidently asked one to take me home and he asked if I bought a coupon !

Wait a minute here ! These are city taxis and so I asked him why I should buy coupons when he's got a meter ! And I again demanded he use the meter and he told me it was "midnight charges" of RM 18 per coupon from KL Sentral to Happy Gardens off Old Klang Road.

Damnit, I know it only cost RM 7 in the day, so even if it was past midnight that cost should be topped-up 50% and should read RM10.50 ! Right ??

So I angrily walked over to the main road in Brickfields about 100 meters away, lugging my bags and hailed another passing taxi, who I demanded put on the meter and he replied, the charge was 100% over and above the meter amount ! I told that taxi to fcuk_off !! By now I was really pissed, until about 10 minutes later came this taxi who actually took me home. The fare showed RM6.70 and when I got down, he said the fare was RM10. ! Now that is good !

My question is, why is the government wasting their precious time and OUR tax-payers money, with meter calibration being mandatory ruling of the Motor Vehicle Licencing Board and all that shit when these corrupt operators are blatantly abusing the system? Where are the authorities ? Who are the real players in these corrupt companies ? In the night there vermins seem to RULE the streets ! No check...No balance !!

And these taxis drivers are the front-liners, foreigners see of our country while being fleeced and they speak to others of the corruption we, you and I, are so helplessly soaked in ! Shame on you cheats and even more ashamed when asked by my foreign friends who had paid these "hijacked" coupon prices ! Somebody do something before we further sink in this already shitty cess-pool, please !!

There you go almost perfect,yes it was an almost perfect holiday....but marred by corrupt fellow Malaysians.... ( or are they ??)

*pic. courtesy of tv smith.(click on pic for better/bigger view!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

apologies !

This blog is temporarily not up-dated because the blog-owner is preparing for an expedition to Sabah !

"Kopivosian Tadau Kaamatan"

Cheers !

Thursday, June 05, 2008

P.Ramlee... the Musical -my take !

Well, in all honesty, I am not one who actually fancies local stage plays and am quiet critical about the quality of local production but hey !....wait a minute here.... I was quiet impressed with this play based on my only favorite malay star, P.Ramlee, last night at the Istana Budaya Auditorium ! It was good !

The cast was excellent and the lively dancers displayed great choreographed discipline special mention goes to the "5 paparazzies" and the young man Musly Ramlee even impersonated and sang like the local legend himself, impressively !

Although the entire play was staged in malay, I was more then happy as "a sub-title" digital board was conspicuously placed beside the there you go folks, if you knew my "malay"... I could easily follow the whole show !

But I must admit there were flaws in the facts of the story-line itself as my hero in real life always enjoyed his drinks and his parties but for unwarranted reasons the producers (maybe begging to be politically correct !!) decided to paint an angel of this "hot-blooded" man while a "certain" wife is portrayed as a overly social party animal...... which I think was unfair to the adult viewing patrons as my admiration for this absolutely talented man P.Ramlee would not waiver anyways and with all due respect to his surviving members of his family, P.Ramlee when alive, never kept it a secret himself and for God's sake man..... this man actually enjoyed his drinks, so why the distortion, I cannot understand.

I really don't care if P.Ramlee enjoyed his Guinness and played mahjong with SB Loy in Princess Cafe', that's his private life !......he was a great entertainer and I loved hearing him sing and watching him act....... PERIOD !!

Who am I to blow against the wind and judge him......right ?

A story of any great man must be told in complete honesty.....and that is my opinion !

But the play per se was wonderful and I must take my hat off to the entire production for a splendid "up-grading" in terms of quality. You, the entire lot, responsible for putting this show together, have renewed my faith in the local theater scene. Syabas !

Monday, June 02, 2008

Wither the 5th safety-belt !

Another "quick-fix" idea that's bound to be exploited by certain quarters...that's for sure ! And with the present sky-rocketing rises in prices of fuel and all essential stuff borne by the lowly paid tax-payers ( read YOU ).......folks, just add this one as an additional burden to the already long list of your existing sufferings, you pathetic souls !(read here and here )

First let's see who's gonna benefit from this ! Yes.....there is the police who'd appear from "thin air" quickly to stop any car with 4 or more passengers ! Why not, as all Malaysian cars are fitted with only 4 safety belts (2 in the front and 2 for rear seat passengers) if you got 3 kids, forget the idea of a family "outing" cos surely any passing cop can stop you and cite (I'm sure by now they'd know it by heart !!) the "back-seat buckle-up" ruling and hoping you'd at least plead ignorance and quickly settle the matter...yes ? Whether the 3 months grace period is on or not, is irrelevant as if you have been so far ignorant of the ruling, it's a better angle for them to negotiate with...right ?....right again !

Then there are these local car manufacturers who are promising they'd fit the fifth belt for "free"...yes but at whose time and do you actually think you'd be bothered to take your car all the way to the assembly plants just to fit the extra belt and spend an entire day there ? Get real.... and when you call for an appointment with them they'd say they have a long waiting list lah and blah,blah, blah......till you get pissed off and so you'd opt to an accessory shop nearby to get it done....and guess who pays for the extras....right? I smell a conspiracy here ???

If you ask me, the implementation of this safety belt "thinggy" should have been made mandatory to the car-manufacturing companies especially locally made cars 20 years ago and then educating the public's mind-set on motoring and buckling-up for safety, a long, long time ago...and THAT this ruling should apply to only cars bought after 1st. June 2008 and not anyone else !!

Talk about
Wawasan 2020 ! Sheeesh !!

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Sunday June 1, 2008
Walk, 9.30 am to 10.15 am at Dataran Merdeka
Talk, 10.30 am at National Press Club