Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm in Royal shock !

Police will take action against any groups or individuals causing trouble or chaos during the ‘Green Gathering to Putrajaya’ organised by PAS at the Darul Aman Stadium in Alor Setar tomorrow.
Kedah deputy police chief Abdul Ghafar Rejab said the police would also stop any attempt by other parties to hold provocative demonstrations at the same location....(continue here )

All this is certainly coming as a major shock to me. Since when did our ROYAL police moved their asses to help any Opposition organised gathering ?? Or even came to the aid of victims cornered by morons from Perkasa or UMNO ? Or where were these cops when Ambiga's neighbourhood was turned into a "pasar burger malam" when one idiot even offering her, a vegetarian and devout Hindu, beef-burgers or when aging ex-servicemen came mooning with their stinking asses in front of Ambiga's private residence one morning ?

Where were these mongrels-in-blue when Nurul was rudely interrupted and mocked at a Pantai Dalam ceramah and again when at a Anwar gathering a stone thrown by a hooligan from UMNO bloodied an elderly man in the crowd ?

Where were the cops when a bunch of the lowest life-forms imaginable went visiting the chief minister of Penang with bras and panties, cakes in the shape of human shit, and even a coffin to make their frustrations heard. Or where were the police when these same mutherfarkers held Hindu death-rites at the entrance of Lim Guan Eng's residence ?

And last but not least, we now have an ex-IGP with an obvious hatred for anything Opposition, heading a probe into the Bersih3 fracas ! Do we honestly have any faith or trust on our brute police force to do the needful at such Opposition gatherings ? The police are now famous for turning a blind eye to any misdeed done by any hackling UMNO mobster in any Opposition gathering. Just give me one reason why we should trust the words of this copper !

I would rather believe and place my trust on Unit Amal, the T-shirted boys-in-maroon and security arm of PAS any day, when it comes to discipline, respect and crowd control. Guess we the rakyat have seen enough police inaction online and on YouTube to draw our own conclusion, yes ?

Just out of curiosity, why did this Kedah deputy police chief Abdul Ghafar Rejab particularly say
"....such as an explosion” ? Am I wrong to be worried of that remark, all of a sudden ?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Farewell Vic....!

Just heard of the passing of this dear good friend and bro Tengku Vic. And I'm still trying to come to terms with such sad and shocking news.

My sincere condolence to MissMo ! Yours was an amazing man with right "royal class" ! Will surely miss his wit !

Rest in peace brother....until we meet again.....God bless your soul ! Farewell Vic.

Friday, May 25, 2012

meet Dr. shaman....

This man hates everything associated with Israel. This man hates anyone who is seen as a threat to exposing his corrupt ways. He hates the West and all things White. This man also hates anyone who criticises or stands in his way. In fact this hate he breeds and breaths is actually the only outlet for his own insecurity and in his failed state of matters. He's a corrupt racist and an evil fascist rolled in one. A poor and frustrating excuse for being a human. A man with a black heart ! The only difference between him and Satan is, this man's for REAL and Satan is an "imaginary" character out of holy books !

Perhaps he is not reading the news on the ground or is too scared to allow new changes for fear someone will expose his corrupt ways( now that is an open secret). His failure for not positioning his favourite son to succeed him in politics was his biggest regret as he jealously eyes the power hand-down situation from father to son, in that little red dot south of Johor.

He is soon, like everyone of us, going to meet his Maker and yet won't try an atone to all his past and present wrong-doings but continue to spew hate among the races and speaks like a shaman on the future of this country. He single-handedly destroyed this country in his 22 long years of dictatorial rule as prime minister. And he now talks of violence if the Opposition did NOT come to power.

Can someone tell him of the many violent attacks by the police against citizens at civil society rallies or the many attacks by his thugs in UMNO at Opposition ceremahs or personal attacks and protests at Ambiga's house that is becoming the UMNO norm ? Was it not the current prime minister Najib, who said UMNO will defend Putrajaya with their last drop of blood ?

Is this man not the one who dons a "keris" and is Grand Master of Perkasa ( another "hate-all-things-non-Malay" group and the "shit-stirring squad" of BN ) and still pulls the strings or call the shots of the BN and Najib's government ?

Can somebody please make him SHUT-UP ???
Now read the whole story here.

p.s. wow ! after writing this post.....I'm feeling just as good as this old man at "hating" ! Phew... that's good therapy for anger management ! woot....woot !

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

puny traders vs. the mayor of KL !

If there is one man who must resign immediately, it has to be the mayor of Kuala Lumpur, Ahmad Fuad Ismail !

But wait...of course you'd argue, why stop with the mayor .....let's sack the entire DBKL and all of BN, no ? Relax thing at a time, okay ! Cos for now this very mayor of Kuala Lumpur who only recently, like a bitch-on-heat was giving directives to his men to rid peaceful "sit-ins" by students at the Dataran Merdeka and made that all-time blunder by declaring the public Independent Square, as Dataran Merdeka is also known "out-of-bounds" for the mother of all "reform" protest, the Bersih 3 on 28th. of April 2012 despite applications for the intended rally being applied weeks before !

His "not-so-clever" executive-decision to bar 250,000 peaceful citizens from occupying a small patch of green resulted in the entire city centre painted with yellow, the official colour theme, for demanding reforms in a corruption tainted "electoral" roll and the resignation of the Election Commission chief.

Then all hell broke loose when some over zealous politician did the now infamous "coup" to cross the barbed-barricade and barge into the Dataran Merdeka, despite the Bersih 3 organising chairperson Ambiga's repeated appeal to disperse before the targeted time. This in turn, turned utterly ugly when the our guardians, the police, started attacking innocent protesters and journalists both local and foreign with a vengeance we shall remember for generations to come.

These attacks came simultaneously with jetted showers of chemical laced water from the police cannons and rounds and rounds of tear gas to drive the crowd back. But it is sad to note that the many scenes not printed in the msm about individuals and journalists, surrounded by cops kicking the daylights out of them will never be forgotten by all those who witnessed it first-hand.

Now comes the government's "paid" stooges under the banner of UMNO, who after nearly a month from that faithful day in April, started demonising and harrassing the private home of the Bersih3 organising chairperson, Datuk Ambiga. This was pushing the terms of "fair-play" and decency to new heights. But this very same idiot for a mayor Ahmad Fuad Ismail is now totally deaf and dumb dishing out "peony-decisions" saw the pea-brained "Petty Traders Association" and the dubious "butt-arse" Army Veterans setting up hawker stalls in protest and vandalise the street of an affluent and residential part of Kuala Lumpur where Ambiga lives.
Today on the street where Ambiga lives, sees the first of 2 days of some very "pasar-malam" types of illegal stalls set up by low-life from the Petty Traders association who incidentally claim lost hundreds and thousands of ringgits because of Bersih3 and backed by the ruling party, pushing their luck and challenging this moron of a mayor's authority without a permit, as to who really RULES Kuala Lumpur. With 'stoopids' like these, they'd remain "petty or puny" for the rest of their lives, I guess ! No originality whatsoever even in their choice of colour theme or name, i.e. Bersih4 ! Hahaahaha ( see pic below) !
I'm watching and so is the world at large. Let's see who's got the balls to "up and oust" the other.
Cheers !

Saturday, May 19, 2012

a child-hood story comes to mind..

When I was a "naive" little bugger, in the early 60's, a not so popular uncle of mine used to tell a story about how, long ago in a land far away, as the sun was about to set on a certain village sitting on the coastline, was threatened by marauders with an armada of ships with cannons aimed at the tiny village.

The village headman was in a predicament as the villagers pleaded with him to find a solution before dawn as to defend their village from certain doom and plunder. In the midst of the imminent invasion in the morrow, the village-folks huddled and whispered with fear amongst themselves, when the village drunk staggered over to the now frightened headman and whispered a stupid but bold plan in his ear. Immediately the headman gathered all the menfolk and told the women and children to go into their huts for safety and pray for divine intervention.

That night village head taking a chance on the drunkard's nonsensical advice the told all the menfolk to strip naked and with a brush and some chalk powder painted white circles on their buttocks. Under camouflage of darkness the headman lined the entire beach with the men with painted buttocks bent over facing the ships at dawn. With the break of dawn and the sun behind his back the captain of the ships through his primitive achromatic lenses atop his watch-tower was shocked to see the entire beach lined with "cannons" staring back at his fleet. Immediately he barked an order to stand-down and retreat as he knew for certain his flotilla was no match to that many "cannons" the villagers had assembled in retaliation.
Thus the village was spared, thanks to a certain village drunk who saved the day .....and the people lived happily ever after....!

Moral of this silly fictional rubbish story churned out by my late and always "inebriated" uncle of mine....makes me now want to believe this story was for real and being drummed again and again into the heads of those "butt-teasers" in front of Ambiga's house recently. In all their years in the military that butt-mooning was a sure-proof way to defend king and country ! Hahahaha ! What imbeciles !

Have a fruitful Sunday now folks....I dunno if I'll be able to stop laughing till Monday !!....hahahahahahahaha....hic...hahahahahahahah..hic...hahahahaha...hahahahahaha...choke...hahahaha .....hic...hic....choke...hic........

46th. World Communications Day

“Silence and Word"

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

there's an idiot born every minute in Malaysia.

Just watching this moron Mohd Ali Hj. Baharom and his aging goons makes me wanna puke. This very same low-life president of the "malay" armed forces veterans, admits to buying his "Datukship" back in 2006, for RM250,000 ( read here )and the big shameful question is he still greedily collects a monthly pension from the tax-payers' coffers via the government. Now watch the entire video.....

Question time:

Where the hell did he get that much money from ? Anybody's guess.
Does he look like an enterprising gentleman of high ranking ? No.
Does he speak any other languages other then Bahasa Malaysia ? No.
Do we the tax-paying citizens have to pay for these excess baggages ? No !
Does he give his allegiance to the King the commander-in-chief of all forces ? No !
Is he a paid foot soldier of UMNO ? Yes.

Has he any self respect ? Definitely a big No !
Have these so-called veterans seen any real action in a battlefield ? I doubt they have.
This idiot claims that malays only drink plain water ? giddoutahere ...damnit ...hahahaha !

You heard it yourself. This village simpleton and his equally stupid bunch of morons only "hormat" (respects) and loves the PDRM, PMNajib and UMNO. Period ! He never mentioned that he must respect the Agong or King . Why ?

I take my hat off for Ambiga as she calmly and clearly sees the veiled threat and intimidation conveyed by this idiot and yet offers them a canned drink, and she coolly adds "let the public judge for themselves."

What a shameful picture these mongrels have given to the armed forces of the country.

Shame, shame, shame, shame, shame........shame on you Mohd Ali Hj. Baharom shake your booty !

Sunday, May 13, 2012

the common factor that you have viewed the above pictures....can you pin-point the common factor in all the characters ?

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Kevin Rudd's son marries Malaysian....

Kevin Rudd's son marries Malaysian, Zara Shafruddin at St. James Church, Sydney, Australia.
Date: 02-05-2012(12:09pm)

FRIENDS who could not attend yesterday's Sydney wedding of Kevin Rudd and Therese Rein's eldest son were kept informed of the special day by regular tweets. As Nick Rudd, 25, and Malaysian Zara Shafruddin exchanged vows at St James' Church in King St, Sydney, 
Mr Rudd, his wife Therese Rein and their daughter Jessica all tweeted throughout the ceremony. "Had a beautiful, joyful morning yesterday going to Flemington flower market and then preparing the church with the St James' flower ladies," Ms Rein tweeted, while pregnant Jessica followed with: "Zara is breath-taking"
The wedding was attended by close friends and family of the couple. St James' Church was filled with roses, lillies and stephanotis, all chosen with care by Ms Rein. After the ceremony, the couple were escorted in a limousine to Catalina in Rose Bay for the reception. "Lovely day today here. A little scattered cloud, 24 degrees. Perfect for their wedding. Big smile," tweeted Ms Rein, while her husband paid tribute to his million or so followers: "Thanks for the kind wishes". 
The Telegraph

p.s. On a curious note to Perkasa and UMNO and Hassan Ali too .....must organise a delegation of "mullahs" immediately to fly to Australia and "rehabilitate" this lovely Malaysian lass, no, perhaps ?

editor's note: Under normal circumstances, this blog-owner would refrain from this such posts but would wish this beautiful young couple a long and blessed married life together. 
It is the state of "religious affairs" in our bigoted country with frogies like Hassan and Ibrahim Alis that prompts me to publish this post. Again my apologies to Mr. and Mrs. Rudd Jr.