Saturday, July 30, 2011

another "shiok sendiri" booster !

Huh.....another "pariah" (I will still use this derogatory term loosely to describe all Malaysians of remote Indian origins, yours truly included, as long as "Interlok" is used as a literature text book in our education system !) gets to be a full minister ! A guy who lost in the last general election but still ascended to be the president of the almost irrelevant Malaysian Indian community. The party that never protested against the usage of that derogatory term used in educating all future children of this nation. ( here )

Coming back to Datuk G. Palanivel's rise into PM Najib's department as a full minister, again it is not without
'conditions' imposed by the now infamous "deal or no deal" Prime Minister. Najib "Now MIC has to deliver and we (government) can deliver to show our sincerity." Again Najib thinks he is addressing the Indians of India and not Malaysians. Can you see MIC is said,"them" and we the "government" here referred to UMNO ?? Come on lah...does this sound like 1Malaysia to you ?? Is there nothing Najib will do out of love for the citizens of Malaysia without classifying them as races and without conditions ? What a shame it'll be when come election time and Palanivel cannot deliver. 1Malaysia....what a joke hehehe !!

The way the Prime Minister's ratings with the common folks is free-falling earthwards since the arrest of the PSM6, BERSIH, Ibrahim Ali and his
"bloody" brag of 709 and then after meeting the "yellow" Queen of England and the Catholic Pontiff offers a new deal again with Christians here demanding respect to religion, I think he has failed miserably just like his now abandoned and pathetic 1Malaysia crap.

So how is this
"Indian-man" going to make a difference to the PM's flagging ratings and BN in particular ? Surely sly Palanivel will be a mere "yes" man, window dressing the PM's colourful department together with that other discard from Gerakan, Koh Tsu Khoon. Have you noticed how silent they all were in all issues stated in para 3 above ? Can they even speak up against the "taiko" of the PM's department, the ever loud and brash Nazri Aziz ? And these are the goons who are representing the respective "immigrants" in their charges, yes ?

Increasing his cabinet won't guarantee a win in the next election when the PM speaks with a forked-tongue to his people. Making deals and
"brokering" with his component party leaders is totally unacceptable, dishonest and down right cheap.

Over to you Palanivel. Not that anyone's expecting anything new from you anyway !
Just enjoy the ride and the perks.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yellow phobia !

Xanthophobia.....that's the fear of the colour Yellow !
Our Prime Minister and the police have gone berserk !!!
You be the judge.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

SNAFU in Malaysia !

The recent deportation of the French lawyer William Bourdon, a lawyer engaged by Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) or Citizen's Voice Malaysia has set many a tongue wagging not just here in Malaysia but also internationally ( read here ) .

Although the reasons given by the immigration as Bourdon having violated his social visit visa by giving a speech at a fund-raising dinner in Penang, it is clearly understood by the thinking-masses it was the police who were directed to arrest him and hand-over to the immigration for deportation. And we all know who the police take their orders from, right ? The BN government of the day aka Najib !

Now if any of you traveled overseas and are invited by your host to speak at a forum/dinner there, would you be violating your visit pass ? Surely not unless you are in Malaysia and was speaking of a corrupt deal cum
"murder most foul" in a government defense purchase from France that could if proven true in a French court, implicate the very position of the man who holds the highest position in public office in our country......the Prime Minister himself !

If this French lawyer is a liar and Najib is not afraid of the truth why can't the government use the proper channel to refute those alleged accusations ? That is what is always preached by Najib's government to all angry and dissatisfied citizens like you and me, yes ? Sue this Frenchie
for all he's worth in a court of law. This act of deportation has increased the suspicions of mere speculators here and world-wide of higher level government involvement. Habis lah !

It seems this government is so fearful of the truth. Why...I speculate in knowing wonder !
There's going to be laughter in the French courts when the jesters get roasted and some big foreign VVIP wipes his sweaty forehead in the docks while getting fried and grilled by attorneys and then heads will rock and roll !

Our Prime Minister is making one blunder after another. The 2Bersih sweep by brutal police crack-down on his
"unarmed and tax-paying citizens" in yellow and the fate of the now famous Emergency Order 6 ( EO6) who were neither communist nor waging war against the King and still in limbo was the mother of all blunders our Prime Minister has bungled recently followed by that "slap" of a picture with the Queen of England mocking him in a rare choice of "Bersih" yellow in Buckingham. Who ARE his ill-advisors huh....pray tell ??? Democracy in Malaysia is but just a word from the English dictionary, nothing more, nothing less ! All hail the new Dictator....a prodigy of MahaFiruan !

Then came Najib's
"deal" to Christians to respect Islam to be respected. A request most unbecoming of a Prime Minister to his own tax-paying citizens so soon after his unexplained agenda and audience with the Pope ! Wonder what "suspicious" Archbishop Pakiam would have whispered in Latin into the Pope's ear for Najib to react in this unprofessional way. Another bad move and certainly does not go down well to the nearly 90% Christian voters in Sabah and Sarawak alone discounting those from the peninsular.

Beware the next GE, Mr. UMNO Prime Minister, but beware most of all those who are even closer to you......for somewhere therein LIES the TRUTH !

Well that's what it is like here in my lovely country Malaysia, on any given day....SNAFU !

Saturday, July 09, 2011

BERSIH2- sybas Malaysians !

I joined the BERSIH2 rally because I was at the first BERSIH walk in 2007 to demand the resignation of Pak Lah the then PM and now again join the thousands of tax-paying citizens who have had enough of the lies and bullying from the current regime which is corrupt to the core and sees simple reforms in the electoral system for fair and clean elections as irrelevant.

To say that PR politicians hijacked the first rally and again today is no better then saying Perkasa is not a racist group and Mahathir is not an Indian. So ? Then there are some I know who live in "ivory towers" and condemn anyone taking part in walks or rallies like they were born in lalaland. This walk is for and by the rakyat. Period.

A known fact is, politicians from any party, in any public rally love to steal the thunder from anybody. Today's chants of "reformasi" and "takbir" were quickly followed by "bersih" and "hidup rakyat" as the main chant through-out the 2 hours I spent with these thousands of ordinary and simple folks who braved the many salvos of the PDRM's tear-gas attack and were there for only one purpose. To send a loud and clear message to the lying and arrogant government run by Najib who under-mined the Kings consent to recognise the rights of his subjects and the use of the Merdeka stadium for the BERSIH organisers.

All credibility was lost on the BN regime today when the rakyat defied the many road blocks and threats of arrests just so they can exercise their fundamental right to walk where they want in their own country peacefully. Is that a crime ? And it is a pity to see the police bidding their political master's dirty work as they charged continuously at the hundreds of unarmed tax-paying citizens who actually pay their salaries every month. And the only violence evident today was the brute behavior of our guardians, the police force. What a shame.

Below are photographs I managed to shoot while I strolled alongside proud fellow Malaysians who are just as eager to see changes both in the electoral and the administration of this once beautiful country of ours. Enjoy !........ one, as Malaysians.....we walk...peacefully !

.....see any "dangerous" looking people wanting to wage war against the King, here ?

....or here.....

....or even here ?

.....but the ever present "eye-in-the-sky" is a menace to all below...

and the PDRM dreaded symbolic yellow....even a face towel will do ! the smoke billows from the tear-gas fired by the police at unarmed citizens....

.....tears stinging the eyes and skin, even tourists are not spared.....

...Sham and Nisha acted as

.....first time I see this cheese cloth Indian attire (vaistea) worn for a rally....maybe he knows something I don't ?......

Bersih steering committee member Wong Chin Huat ( not seen in pic) reads out the 8 points of reform.....ponder on it and vote wisely come GE13...

....running helter-skelter.....'s raining cannisters.....

....funny how the PDRM wastes tax-payers money by firing those shots. We, the rakyat paid for all those canisters of tear-gas, mind you morons ! I made my way back to my car parked 2 km away I saw how neatly the rubbish was gathered near a lamp-post. See how disciplined we the rakyat really are ? Who said rally goers throw rubbish everywhere ? 6pm all was back to playing badminton in a mixed neighborhood in the San Peng flats area. Maybe they don't have to worry now.......hopefully !

.......while this guy peacefully sleeps oblivious of all that's going-on around him !

Good night Malaysians....wherever you are !

and elsewhere in the world.....

.....this morning in Melbourne (Wan Ahmad Faiz and @pratamad )


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

jokers to your right and jokers to your left...

Drawing attention to oneself has to have noble intentions. But drawing negative attention for all the wrong reasons and making a fool of themselves seems to be what these clowns are getting. ( read here and here )
In the first link, 2
"suspect" Malays want His Majesty to revoke the citizenship of the BERSIH2 chairperson Ambiga thus making a fool of themselves as they too are masquerading as Malays without revealing their true identities and in the second link this "clown" as Nazri Aziz wishes to refer him as, needs no introduction for being the infamous "amphibious" politician who rants and raves for every body's blood except Malays in UMNO, is deeply hurt and embarrassed because His Majesty has out-rightly refused to grant him an audience. This so-called champion of /for Malay rights guardian and beloved protege of that old and senile racist Tun has become a household joke now.

So what is to become of these
"cheap-show stealers" credibilities now ? Have they in the first place any right to demand for His Majesty to revoke Ambiga's right as a citizen when His Majesty himself has graciously granted her his royal ear to hear her out ? And by doing so the King has indirectly given his stamp of approval that what this gutsy lady stands for has a case of merit and must be heard. His Majesty has also unwittingly legalised the BERSIH2 movement what the BN government had termed "illegal" from the offset. But His Majesty thinks otherwise.
What will these "jokers" think of next ?

So again, just to get a
"shiok sendiri" feeling to amuse the kampung folks, PM Najib has gotten himself in a tight situation. Allow the gathering in a stadium is to not offend His Majesty, deploying the police to instill fear will keep the crowd small, arresting those wearing BERSIH2 tee-shirts will weaken and demoralise the participants, and in the latest developments, police permits for the stadium venues are still within the PM's influence as government run televisions stations keep continuously playing clips demonising street rallies and glorifying to high heaven of his stellar rule even when we the rakyat have been looked upon in the King's favour.'s tough being a Malaysian, and even tougher being a "thinking" Malaysian......sigh !!!

Monday, July 04, 2011

The King has spoken !

KUALA LUMPUR, July 3 — The Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, moved to defuse tension tonight, advising the Najib administration and Bersih 2.0 to hold consultations over the issue of free and fair elections.

The constitutional monarch rarely issues edicts or statements but the heightened atmosphere over the past week has prompted Istana Negara's intervention.

“I urge that amid the political fervour of a section of the people to bolster democracy in our country, it must also be ensured that this demand on democracy does not bring destruction to the country.,” the King said.

He added that the people “cannot be following too much the practices in other countries, as harmony and stability are vital foundations for a country and which all quarters must protect”.

“I also urge the government to carry out everything that is entrusted to it by the people in a just and wise manner, and it is important that I as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong do not want to see this country with a plural society in a situation where there is animosity among them or a section of the people being enemies with the government, on whatever grounds.

“When any problem arises, we as a civilised society must resolve it through consultations and not follow our emotions, as the Malay saying goes, “Yang Dikejar Tak Dapat Yang Dikendong Berciciran (Not getting what we chase and spilling what we carry),” Tuanku Mizan added.

He pointed out that street demonstrations bring more bad than good “although the original intention is good, saying that the people should focus on “our main objective to develop this country, and not create problems that will cause the country to lag behind”

“Remember that there is no land where the rain does not fall, there is no ocean that is not turbulent.

“That is how important moderation and compromise is, which has been long been in practice by our nation’s administration,” he said, expressing confidence that Datuk Seri Najib Razak can handle the issue.


Sunday, July 03, 2011

Crackdown on Bersih sets alarm bells ringing abroad

Yes, bells are indeed ringing alarmingly 'loud and clear' from international communities on hearing of the atrocities of "comic excuses" for the many blatant arrests of citizens wanting reforms in an incompetent and corrupt electoral system in my country, Malaysia. ( read here )

It used to be "lit candles" a few years ago when civil society in Malaysia gathered at Sunday night vigils to abolish the 7th. century b.c. draconian law called the Internal Security Act but today the twist is 'waging war against the king' with yellow "BERSIH2" t-shirts and t-shirts depicting "Che Guevara" the icon for all things revolutionary but here mostly a fashion statement, are deemed as "dangerous weapons" and "communists" out to over-throw the monarchy. With that alone Najib's Barisan National led 1Malaysia "unity" government takes the grand prize for "comic arrests" !

But alas, I am really more ashamed of all the sneering international communities are having at our expanse and behind our backs of our bungling government's mockery of our Constitutional laws.

I've always maintained that the whole world is watching us and these dubious and cruel actions by a select few will not go unnoticed ( here ) when it comes to the crunch for 'foreign investors' and 'human rights' at large !

God help us Malaysians !

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Mamak Gang resurrected ?

These are the thugs and agent provocateurs that run against everything what BERSIH2 stands for. Remember this name: Mamak Association chief Mohamed Ghani Abdul Jiman .
( read FMT's story which will surely be played-down in the msm's issues, here ) Watch also in a video clip, antics of this same moron which I posted in March here !

These are also the same bunch of
rowdy "pariahs" ( read Malaysians of remote Indian origins or "pendatangs" like me, but now "constitutionally acclaimed" as Malays !) who'd not hesitate to create as much trouble to a peaceful and well governed state out of sheer frustration of losing out on past BN crony-created contracts. This is the behavior of ill-bred simpletons who'd hide behind a government who opposes a clean and fair electrol system to be in place but with all the irregularities and corruption that favours the BN government. And the delayed actions of the "by-standing" police force.....hmmmm-disgraceful !

Read the comments in the FMT article and see what genuine supporters of BERSIH2 have to say about
"suspect" commentors/cyber-troopers who urge others to bring along weapons for the rally on 9th. July. These "shit-stirrers" are so obvious and shallow their cover to create tension and fear of the really peaceful, non-political but deemed illegal by the PDRM march next Saturday has been blown wide-open.

Again while Ambiga, the organising chairperson of the BERSIH2 rally, has been negotiating for a PDRM (Police Force) suggested route for the BERSIH2 walk, BN politicians have stepped-in to counter that suggestion as
"no go". That's certainly a slap on the IGP's face that suggests that he has absolutely no control or power to make decisions. This also clearly shows who is actually in charge of the PDRM and what little powers the IGP has that he cannot function independently without bowing down to his masters- the UMNO led Barisan National government.

What a shameful state of affairs !
Ptuuiii !