Saturday, March 30, 2013

MIC for ALL Hindus, eh ?

To know that Hindraf has been compromised is as expected but this Hindu Sangam, a religious meeting house for Hindu youths
Hello....something is surely not right with this picture sent to me via email by a staunch a protesting one himself, Mr. RKK. He questions the use of this premise for other reasons than whats clearly written on the board on the left (pic above) ? He also asks how come  Hinduism as a religion has been hijacked by some idiots to be part of a political party ? 
MIC the party that has been washed-out since the last GE in 2008 and periodically used as a lap-dog by UMNO to garner votes to stay in power in exchange  for a few scraps and bones thrown their way. Yes , MIC the shameless party that sold its soul to UMNO and have even been labelled a pariah by UMNO in their education system. 
Perhaps this same MIC will not even lift a finger in defense of their religion being mocked and ridiculed by Perkasa's most fervent Hindu haters as below, on a daily basis, no ?
For the benefit of all innocent Hindus who were unknowingly dragged into this "collaboration and compromised" situation by a few fucktards ( I like this nice cocktail of 2 words-fuckers and retards- that best describes these MIC morons.....and see !.....these here blog posting is edjucaxion itself  !) here are the links ( here and here ) for you to read and hope you can see the video-clip, before you go and question the motive of this Hindu Youth Sangam's reason for allowing their youths' religious clubhouse to be converted into a filthy MIC Samys' politician's private  agenda in Kampung Kasipillay, off Jalan Ipoh. 
Stand up all good men and women of the Hindu faith and cast these hateful and evil politicians out, pronto ! 

Have a "Happy and a Blessed Easter" to you, you and you ! 
Shalom !

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Damn, its always about Indians !

Yesterday I up-dated my face book status with the following.....

Okay, so P.I. Bala died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital and a photograph of PKR'S Vice-President Tian Chua is floating on the internet, as being DEAD and his "remains" was left outside the PKR office in Malacca.
Let's not be hypocrites and say these are men loved by all. Luckily Tian Chuah's is an act of some sick mischief by enemies.
In fact I dare say, more will rejoice and heave a sigh of relief then those who actually feel sad for them. P.I. Bala has died for real and soon conspiracy theories will emerge re: the ambulance driver to the hospital staff's integrity. Even more will attend the funeral of P.I. Bala to verify and confirm it is really him dead in the coffin.
That is the truth of someone who dies suddenly and with a lot of enemies.
Me, I make no bones to say I'm saddened by this fellow's death. Let's move on....unless you also want stay and blame Bala's death on Anwar too !...... ( and continued on the comments column...)

If this Bala had indeed received what he demanded for to change the SD ( some say it's RM 5million others say RM7million of which he only received RM 750k) this bloody fcuker would have disappeared into thin air. Plans changed and suddenly he was basking in the attention PR morons are showering him with planned road shows and all. As usual some half baked event manager would have advised Anwar and co. Bala would be good for the Opposition and he was sold to the idea of selling his story to get votes ( I'm sure for a fee !) And you think I'd trust a moron like him ? Sorry....don't expect any sympathy from me.P.I. Bala was a fucking moron then and will always be in my book of losers.

Seems like this P.I. Bala does have new found support from some monkeys in the Opposition. I encountered 2 of them today unfortunately. So what if you 2 mutts thought this opportunist was an asset to the Opposition ? Does that change the fact that this moron only came back to collect the balance of payment due to him from the agreed RM5 or RM7 million SD scandal ? He needed all the machinery available to realise that. Then if he succeeds, he still would have absconded, no ?  You mutts who now think P.I.Bala could have been vital to see change in this country must either be plain idiots or must have never met a politician up-close to suddenly hero worship this cowardly lying P.I. Bala. We are a matured people and we can change anything without the likes of running dogs.

Oh and if a person dies I must be sensitive and say nice things, huh  ??? Helloooo, just because he's dead does not change the fact  the kind of person he was alive. Listen up you 2 morons, my stand and opinion stays. Deal with it, okay !
By the way, heard this on the grapevine another "Yindian" called Waytha of Hindraf  had spent the entire 2million Pound Sterling ( approx. a whopping RM 11 million !)  that was collected via donations from well wishers for his 5 years self imposed exile in good merry olde' England. 
How about that ! 

Monday, March 04, 2013

After all, they are Muslims, and we are Muslims.

BAGAN SERAI, March 3 It is time to take drastic action against the 
Filipino armed men after their intrusion turned deadly in Lahad Datu and Semporna, Sabah, said former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

"There is no way out other than launching a counter-attack to eliminate the Sulu group.
What ??? But most of them are Malaysians and have been issued with a MyKad  during your tenure lah !
"Although many of them will be killed, this cannot be avoided because they had attacked Sabah, and not the other way round," he told reporters after addressing a gathering organised by the Perak branch of Perkasa, a Malay right group, here today.
Yes....Perkasa.....your mangy mongrels to create hate and chaos in case you needed a distraction to flee the country.

However, Mahathir (picture) cautioned the authorities to be prepared for retaliations from remnants of the group after they were decimated or got rid of Sabah.
Hello...Mr. case you forgot, you have already given out half a million citizenships to these Muslims who were illegally there in Sabah, just so they vote for your government in return during your  22 years term. Sudah lupa kah ??

He said the Royal Malaysian Navy needed to tighten its surveillance on Sabah waters and check on boats from Tawi-Tawi and Jolo islands that could be smuggling in intruders or arms.
But these were the very rogues you embraced and aided them to become citizens of Malaysia, yes ?

"We cannot underestimate them, even though at first we think that their attempt to capture Sabah is a futile act, but they can become guerrillas and launch sporadic attacks in future," he said.

On adverse reaction over the government's decision to allow the police to move in first, instead of the armed forces, Dr Mahathir said the country's security threats were based on whether they were internal or external threats.
Yeah right ! Cos you knew they were all in possession of identity cards issued during your Ops Durian Runtuh. And that will make it an internal threat, right ? 

"External threats are handled by the armed forces while internal threats are dealt with by the police.
Then why didn't you send in your Perkasa and butt-swinging veterans to deal with them ? 

"At first we did not think the intrusion was as an external threat for they were on our shore. However, when it is clear that the invasion is an attack from outside, the military was ordered to move in," he added.
Funny you should say that Mr. MahaFiruan. As far as I know about the laws in Malaysia, anyone in possession of even a live bullet, the sentence is mandatory death. And these guys were armed to the hilt with M16 and grenade launchers....and yet the police treat them with kid glove negotiations, why ? 

On claims that the government appeared to be soft in dealing with the intruders, he said the government did not want to kill them because they also have families and friends in Sabah.
What a load of bloody cockamamie rubbish !

"That's why we acted cautiously at first. After all, they are Muslims, and we are Muslims. We do not want to be hasty, but they acted in bad faith by gunning down two of our policemen. Now, the stalemate can no longer be resolved through negotiation," he said.
That's all it matters right, Mr. Corruption ? Being a Muslim was all it takes. Is there no equality to all races in BN ? It is definitely a Muslim issue. Had they been Filipino Christians, you would have blown them to kingdom come the minute they set foot on the beaches of Lahad Datu, no ?

On foreign media reports that intruders made their way to Lahad Datu at an "invitation" of an opposition politician, Dr Mahathir said the politician promised a lot of things for Sabah including giving autonomy if the opposition were to win the next general election. — Bernama here from who that "invitation" came from. Funny how even the Moro Muslims leader Nur Misuari (MNLF) already knows who the "opposition" politician will be in the next GE ( here )

Friday, March 01, 2013

Beware the Ides of will soon dawn on us.

So the worms are finally crawling out of the woodwork eh ? These post is for all the losers. Losers now because they were once promised riches but along the way someone and/or circumstances robbed them from getting their paws on fortunes promised. Losers because they would jump, squeal and sing like a canary if anyone now offered them an avenue or paid any attention. Now IF only plan A had gone on as planned.

Deepak the carpet-bugger ( here ) and PI Bala the moron ( here ) would still be clinking glasses, partying and rubbing shoulders with the ultras and elitists of UMNO. Instead now they are ready to spill the beans on the very people who feted and feasted them. And I hear these two idiots have become part of the PR entourage at ceremahs ( political road shows ) all of a sudden and Anwar and PR are certainly courting danger being seen with them. These are hardened mercenaries.....and only money drives them to do what they are doing. It's March now and soon we could witness the Ides as stabbing in the back is their favorite pastime.
Elsewhere Ridhuan "the ex-Chinese now Malay" Tee ( here ) is inciting high tension amongst Hindus like he was the chosen one in Islam. This racist simpleton "preaches" about hate. Of course that's because like me, he too has had the best teacher on that subject HATE, the great MahaFiruan Mahathir himself. And so this has got fellow bed-mate Vell Paari A/L Samy Velu all ruffled-up. Suddenly Vell Paari ( with personal baggage/scandals  firmly attached ) is seen coming out as a "new"champion of the now defunct MIC and basking in his 2 minutes of fame. Who really gives a rat's ass what the fcuking Indians think anyways huh ? Ask UMNO, ask Najib, ask the rabid Perkasa mongrels. ( here )
And for PR, not all roads lead to Putrajaya. It has to be a detour as UMNO  is surely "burning" (actually collapsed ) all bridges linking there. Now the grand father of corruption and Purtajaya "visionary" of Malaysia the MahaFiruan Mahathir will just wave off this bungling screw-up and utilise his infamous escape clause of having temporary amnesia.  Maybe a tight slap or a good "dooku" on his head will help bring back the memories. It might also jog his memory of selling our country when issuing citizenships to about half a million illegal aliens in Sabah or the reason for the "friendly invasion" of Lahat Datu ( here ) by armed men from the Philippines. Maybe these armed men want revenge for being laid off work from the San Miguel factory in the Philippines citing religious taboos related to beer handling jobs. Or is there another reason ?

We Malaysians, on any given day, are never short for comedians and as the days get closer to the GE, its gonna be a free-for-all circus ! 
Enjoy the ride fellow Malaysians and laugh while you still can.......the best is yet to come.