Friday, January 29, 2010

Take 5 !

Today I want to direct you to a posting by my blogger-buddy that's worth reading, surely more then once. How true !

click here and enjoy !
and for some refresher on history read here !

Thursday, January 28, 2010

dead man walking !

While the PM (here) and a "PM-in-waiting" (here) are washing dirty linen in the Wall Street Journal, back home a little "rat" seem to be basking in the lime-light for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, Zulkifli Noordin the Bandar Baru Kulim MP seem to give a damn and daring the party heads and every right thinking Malaysian's right to out-law the court granted approved usage of "Allah" as "exclusive to muslims only".

This skull-caped man is wrecking the PR party unity by masquerading as a champion of Islam. He has to be reprimanded and kicked out of PKR to save the deterioration of a fledgling PR coalition. And Anwar must listen to the rakyat's demand to rid him from PKR or face certain death of his dream to Putrajaya, come the next GE.

And the other 2 parties in the PR coalition, namely PAS and DAP must give an ultimatum to Anwar for Zul to be sacked or else immediately pull out of the PR coalition. There's no 2 ways about having a mutt like Zul as a team player, who was also instrumental in trespassing, mobbing and stirring shit in the Bar Council forum last year. He relishes with glee, the cheap publicity he garners through being a trouble-maker from within. Why is Anwar so quiet ? What grip has this moron got over Anwar ? Is he an active contributor towards a peaceful nation ? All he does is challenge his own party members in public. He is no team-player ! Has he done anything constructive ? Is he an UMNO friendly and "planted" to distract the tax-paying rakyat from knowing the out-come of the many awaiting court decisions from missing jet engines and corrupt Balinese styled palaces of ex-dentist turned ex-MB, and "fixing" lawyers and to the numerous other mega project swindling scandals ? As if the "tit-for-tat" cow-head, pig-heads and Molotov exchanges are not distractions enough ?

So I suggest DAP and PAS must declare immediately their intentions to pull out of the PR coalition if Anwar is so bent on keeping this loud-mouthed brownie recalcitrant running loose in his party. It's got to be either "him" or "us" two ways about it........or Putrajaya will be yet but an elusive dream. Don't mess with the rakyat, Anwar....not now not ever ! Pay heed to the rakyat's voice now.

Just sack that Zulkifli Noordin NOW !

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

as a curious matter of fact !

**The following post was forwarded to me and I am reproducing here in toto , courtesy of Lita.
"Guess how much this 'IPOH' signage cost?

According to
Malaysian Insider, Ipoh City Council confirmed that a total of RM800,000 was spent on 2 of these giant signs.

That's RM400,000 per sign. Or RM100,000 per letter.

The Pakatan Rakyat (PR) ex-state govt said that the palace proposed the signs (and proposed 4 signs rather than the current 2). PR rejected it. BN usurped the state. Signs were then built and RM800,000 changed hands.

Look... I'm no construction engineer or signage expert, so I'm just pulling assumptions out of my ass. But I'm pretty sure RM800,000 can put a lot of stuff on the slope of those hills. Even if these signs were made of virgin marble, it wouldn't cost that much. Heck.. even if they were made from virgins, it wouldn't cost that much.

So, I'm asking. PR should be asking. The people of Perak should be asking...


Sunday, January 24, 2010

No "Christian haters" here .

A fish won't get caught if it never opened it's big mouth, yes ? Seems like the Tun now has to justify his "earlier speech" at a dinner in Penang recently even if he admits he's got nothing to gain by stirring up sentiments of Christians with this publicity stunt and affirms that he's surely not gunning for the PM's post again.

Sure I am all for free speech, and it his prerogative to pen his opinion but please la try and let good sense prevail when as a "statesman" comments on issues that are sensitive and will create "hate" amongst the various races that are trying so hard to be ONE and also cunningly taking a swipe at the current PM's pet "utopian" 1Malaysia dream !

Reading the full text here and my earlier post here, I am inclined to say that this former premier who is as irrelevant as your appendix, surely confirms his open hatred for all things linked with Jews.....and in other words Christians too. Let me tell you his denial is a mirrored quote to the real great Mahatma's saying "I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary, the evil it does is permanent " unquote.

Then again it is his given right to say that openly now, but as least be honest about it. Don't tell us about being influenced and convinced for sure just by watching a 3 hour movie and believing it to be the gospel's all pure entertainment....and in a good old fashion Hollywood spin ! The Tun had said so himself earlier, right ?
And why now ? Is there any hidden agenda, you might want to ask, right ? It's funny how this nation is led to believe and curse the Jewish race while the very same people who disseminate such advice would trust no one else to manage their loot stashed away in a faraway banking nation in Europe controlled mainly by Jews !!
What crap !
In the meantime read here what the world is reading about us !

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

so we are all actually cartoon characters, yes Tun?

Looks like Malaysia is certainly into high gear to be "sanctioned" by the USA , if we so continue to listen to the great Tun ! His take on the never ending Middle Eastern problem here is really "unbelievable" !
It sure sounds like a bad joke, and I sure hope this "statesman" knows his Hollywood better. ( read the whole Malaysiakini article here )
The Tun seem to hate the Jews so much that he opined "Until the creation of the state of Israel on Palestine land, the world was a secure place", huh, really Tun ? And went on to say that 'the only way for the west to make the world a secure place again for themselves is to eliminate the primary causes of the current Middle East conundrum.....' that "primary cause" is actually Israel, yes, Tun ?

Why ? Are we not all made equal and in the eyes of God/Allah the Creator ? Why is so much venom spewed against any one particular human race ? Are we so blinded by prejudice that we wish for a particular race of people to be completely wiped-out from the face of this earth ? Why would any men of good religious up-bringing wish for this ? Would you ? Is that what our religions has since taught us ? in any race there are bad and good people, right ? Surely everyone deserves a right to find his safe place to live and grow and build his future on, right ? If all our fore-fathers had not ventured out of their homelands long ago we would not have found this safe place in the sun to call home, yes ? Only the indegenious peoples would be here living in Malaysia. ( hmmmm......I wonder if this here country would even be called Malaysia !)

So I cannot imagine the Tun dishing out so much generous bashings of hate for the Jews......the Jew problem is not ours but certainly is now and is being created by this former premier......a bad move for a man who in his twilight years should build bridges of peace and not add "hate" to his atonement records ! "Hate" is the most despicable word on record for anyone to preach ! It breeds every other deed contrary to the teachings of God/Allah.
Now not only is the world at large watching us since the numerous screw-ups we have recently become so infamous for,especially the jet-engines and church fire-bombing incidences............... but so is God/Allah !

Sunday, January 17, 2010

"7.0 Haiti Crumbles".....nice catch-phrase, huh ?

This photo with the words "7.0 HAITI CRUMBLES" seem to be splashed all over the various msm print and electronic media daily, yes ? What have we done about it ? We are definitely not going to wait for this government of ours to lift a finger and start any "Haiti Disaster Fund", yes ? The rest of the civilised world have mobilised aid in the form of water, medical supplies, food and most importantly humanitarian presence and rescue dogs there from day ONE .
(Go here to just see the heart breaking pictures and videos here - no words needed ! )
Ask yourself what you can or care to we Malaysian are indeed a "caring" lot, are we not, right ? This earthquake is the worst natural disaster since the tsunami, ever to befall any nation where the death toll may run well over 200,000 and what has this government been doing ? Nothing much, I'd say. Guess you have to be of a certain privileged type of peoples before you get this government's attention and interest, I guess. We have been very helpful before at giving relief and aid to such "disasters" even if some were created by man himself, yes ? So why is the government so silent on this catastrophe ? We have rushed with food and supply aid to the fore-front to Bosnia, Palestine and Acheh, with so much enthusiasm before and that is so commendable, right ?
I will now starting the ball rolling here and would like to pledge RM50.00 . As ex-President Bush who is also heading the US humanitarian effort with Clinton said last is the only form of aide they need right now from around the world. Anyone with me ? Or maybe you can bank-in your donations into my account and I will forward it to the right body outside of Malaysia through the American Embassy here in Kuala Lumpur. That way it WILL reach the right people who are buying the right ( not expired or near expiry food ) foodstuff and supplies for the people of Haiti !
So does anyone cares ?

Friday, January 15, 2010

a ray of hope....TAKBIR !!

PAS spiritual leader and Kelantan MB, Tok Guru Nik Aziz, is a much respected adviser on issues of Islam has taken a bold step to unifying the various faiths by a simple gesture of a late breakfast meeting. ( here )
Now that's a bold and pro-active step taken by an old and simple man ( incidentally I've met Tok Guru "up-close" a couple of times...) whose heart is in the right place and before anything else, the interests of the nation that has recently gone mad in being champions of religions !

Didn't any other leader think of this ? Can they even dream or come up with a simple gesture of hope in finding or making a stand in restoring the peace and harmony in this once peaceful country ? Of course they can't, can they ? Because most of them are but arrogant, power-crazed and self-serving parasites protecting their own arse and that of their cronies, yes?

And the police are still "collecting data and evidence" before anyone is brought to book on the recent burnings, stone and paint throwing episodes by unknown morons on places of worship of the "other" faiths !

So there you go....Takbir Tok Guru Nik Aziz !!......
or am I, a non-Muslim and an "infidel" not allowed to even utter this ?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

and a church in Indonesia......

UPDATES: MALAYSIA :14-1-2010 and on graph for larger viewing. (stats courtesy of Malaysiakini )

This is just one of the many churches in Indonesia where a quarter of the world's Muslim population live !

Now, can somebody tell me why the big fuss here in Malaysia ?

And the world continues to watch our "progress" on this isue. ( here )

*pic courtesy of YNWA.

Sheeeeesh !!

And now all hell is breaking loose ! The latest 'Palestine style' stones thrown at a Gurdwara in Jalan Haji Salleh in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur is simply despicable. And these idiots don't give a damn to the call of the Agong, the PM or the police ( here )

I hope everyone knows the origins of the word "Allah" and its usage long before Islam was founded. ( go check in wikipedia !) It also prohibits every non-Muslim Malaysian from proudly singing certain state anthems now !

I beg of the authorities to take stern action...and the Home Minister and the PM who actually gave their blessings to the protests initially and quickly used the "misquoted" escape-clause in denial, are not doing enough to STOP this madness ! And the police are STILL gathering information and evidence before making any arrests and warns the tax-paying citizens about listening to smses and on-line internet posters !
What have we become ? The world is watching us even more intently and I want to quote this AP report to stress a point to the political and economic future of this country before any sanctions are decreed by the world at large;

"How Malaysian leaders settle these matters will determine that
country's political and economic future",
said Leonard Leo, chairman of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom. ( read the rest here ) So we are being given fair warning now , is it ?

Do we really need to draw so much attention to our dubious claims and arguing frivolous language usages of our "little" selves ? Is this merely a clever diversion from other pressing matters ( we all know what 'they' are, right ?) that need addressing ? Do we need the international community to avoid us like the Myanmar, Libya, Afghanistan and Zimbabwe ? What about the "tourist and investor" dollars ?

Will be the Buddhists be next, yes ? The police are all talk.....and the religious teachers are not doing enough to stop this individuals running amok on a "jihad"......and against their fellow brethren too !
The majority of Malaysians are by nature a peace loving people and are rendered helpless as these unknown morons go on a rampage in the still of the night, to rock the very foundations of an unspoken mutual respect and unity we had aways had from the time of Tungku until someone smart alec PM had to point it out to us that we "should" be united as 1Malaysia ! Were we not before ??? Of course there were disagreements on political, social and religious issues....BUT it did not constitute cowardly acts of never happen then and even if it did happen, it was quickly contained and isolated. And we lived happily ever since......until about 25 years ago......damn !

Sheeech on Malaysia !

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"....a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet..."

It was all part of a bigger plan and to divert our attention but instead got us yet again confirmed as bigger fools in the eyes of the world. Yes, when the rest of the world is struggling to keep up with the financial crunch, jobless situations and failing stocks....we have here some dubious scandles like the the raping of the PKFZ billions, stolen jet engines, dead Teoh Beng Hock and Altantuya, a failed judiciary and rising fuel and commodity prices still begging for review and justice, when some dirty scheming morons decided to fire-bomb religious places of worship. It has worked so far....but at whose expanse...may I ask ?
Like I said, the world is watching us and we continue to humour them in these lean times with our petty claims in the Almighty's name ! For a good laugh of quotes from our "top guns"read here . And in the meantime and after 9 molotov incidences and still counting, the Home Minister is raising to the defence of our cops by
Enough lah ....let's get on with the business of the day and bring to book all those involved in the above SINS ! And that means an awful lot of people out there, right ?

Saturday, January 09, 2010

the FD has "matured"....time to withdraw !

Are you sure your 1Malaysia is "intact" Mr.PM Sir ? You're not saying this in denial of the real truth of events that took place in the last 48 hours ?
People who had voted your government in and held you in high esteem before are now shaking their heads in disbelief of your stand in the "Allah" issue since the night before yesterday. Simple people who have voted your government in and placed you up on a pedestal are today feeling betrayed !

Just 13 days ago in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, you Sir, were saying you will change BN into an exciting party with an "ump" and be seen as the voice of the people ( here ) and the day before yesterday in Pantai Dalam you said....( here )

Alot of damage has been done since ! Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise, no ?

Just in case you're wondering what I'm trying to say very vaguely here "in between the lines", and as a matter of interest, Sir, just read what one anonymous commentor replied in my last posting ( here ) and pay special attention to the key words "matured" and "withdraw":

Anonymous said...

Nationwide Christmas celebrations were held in Kota Kinabalu, the PM
gracing the event....12 days later he 'condoned' the gathering of protesters(we cannot stop them if they want to protest) which escalated into the burning of Christian Churches ...Sabahans, the "1Malaysia" does not include you his 'fixed deposit'!!!

The FD has 'matured'....time to withdraw.

......from anguished Malaysian in Sabah

1/8/2010 09:31:00PM

Friday, January 08, 2010

"forgive them Father for they know NOT what they do....."

Great balls of fire came striking down from the sky last night in some 4 churches around the Klang Valley, huh ? (read here ) And the PM has come out to strongly condemn these dastardly acts of cowardice by "agent provocateurs" BUT only last night said he cannot stop these demonstrations today in the Kg. Baru mosque ! But in the night before the demonstrations these acts were committed !

What good is a PM if he cannot even issue a firm order to his people to STOP the atrocities of burning churches ? Do something NOW and stop talking of that 1Malaysia crap ! That is history as you are now skating on very thin ice with the trust and hope of the rakyat ! I pray God help you now, Mr. PM !
The damage is done Mr. PM and Mr. Home Minister, BUT trust me, the Christians will NOT retaliate....for they have far more respect and understanding of the various religions as LOVE is the very foundation churches are built on ! Remember Jesus' last words on the cross in the biblical verse; "forgive them Father, for they know not what they do....." ?
Well what do you know ? I also got these smses from 3 different friends urging all Christians to remove crucifixes, rosaries and all christian articles displayed in cars as "they" were smashing cars displaying these religious articles in the Bangsar area while more protests ( with the PM and Home Minister's blessings ) are gong on in PJ and Shah Alam !
I am not one who listens to rumour and I don't know how far this is true, but if it is please, I beg you ....please stop this ! This is so unMalaysia !!! This is so stupid and surely the work of ignorant fools with no proper religious up-bringing what-so-ever ! Can the IGP make anything out of this ? Where are your boys-in-blue NOW ?
In the meantime I appeal to the PM and the Home Minister to go "turun padang" and IF they can muster some respect, tell these morons whoever they are to STOP doing what they are doing !
Shame on Malaysia !

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Oh my GOD !

Perhaps the most unbecoming decision taken by a Home Minister is to give his blessing and encourage a street protest such as the one that is to take place tomorrow "after Friday prayers" from the Kampung Baru mosque over the "Allah" court decision rule ! (read here )
Just what is going on Mr. Home Minister Datuk Hishamuddin Hussein Onn ?
Quote:“If you do not allow the protest, it will cause a lot of emotional reaction. But if you also allow it, it might turn into a security threat,” Hishammuddin had said. “As long as it does not affect national security, we will not stop it." unquote.
You say "if you allow it, it might turn into a security threat", yes ? Then you go on to say "as long as it does not affect national security, you will allow this protest to go on ?" May I ask how is a security threat any different from national security threat, Mr. Home Minister ?
It looks like our Home Minister is alone in this and going against the very foundation of our PM's and the DPM's 1Malaysia unity project and urgent call for calm from all quarters ! And this double standard set of rules for UMNO muslims is indeed shocking as compared to the more pertinent abolishment of the ISA protests and the numerous well behaved "candle-light vigils" where we were so rudely and aggresively man-handled by your infamous men-in-blue and their mighty water cannons ! Is this another way to bring the UMNO muslims to join forces with the PR muslims ? That's what we have become....2 sets of muslims with 2 sets of rules !
Afterall the "spiritual leader" Nik Aziz and Haji Hadi have both unreservedly given the okay for the Heralds use of the word Allah which is by the way ONLY for the benefit of the indigenious and malay speaking Catholic brethrens of East Malaysia who incidently have been using this term from the 60's, right ? So why the fuss now ?
And even the Herald is silent about this and not putting into print while the "champions of Islam" have filed an appeal to over-throw the earlier High Court decision and on the advise of the PM's how come Hishamuddin is throwing a "spanner ( or for all right thinking Malaysians...a Kris !) in the works", huh ?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

will the real SlimShady ..please stand up ?

Is this really Alan John 27, the only son of the late Judge "Dread" Augustine Paul ? (see Star report on Sunday here ) Sources tell me otherwise and that this is a "red herring".....and the person in this picture is actually a Sikh guy. Now why all this secrecy and the "double" protection of the real McCoy ?
Anyone care/dare to confirm or refute ?

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Oiuu...MACC buat kerja la !

This is ridiculous....simply stupid for MACC to lodge a police report against someone from doing an honest day's WORK ! (read here )

Oiiuuee..... MACC get off your lazy butts and buat kerja lah....idiots ! Go after all those hundreds of reports lodged against that corrupted former MB "Mr.Tempe" aka Khir Toyo lah....stop harassing and intimidating this Dr. Pornthip Rojanasunand from telling us the truth ! Typical police tactics is being used ! Drag your feet when it comes to rogues in UMNO and BN, right ?

Remember how that corrupt dentist shredded file after file late in the night and morning of the day Selangor lost in the last GE ?? Any innocent and decent man will not do what he did to cover his arse from all the dirty and corrupted work from being found out ! Maybe he could go to jail for life if he hadn't shredded all those files....and now the PR government seem to be in a quandary because they cannot fit/find or from the lack all those missing fact and figures yes ?

Simple arithmetic's lah...orang can an ordinary son of an immigrant, dentist who later became a menteri besar own and live the life he lives even till today in his "malaghai" and with a MB's salary too, huh ?? Go figure, morons !

I wonder what became of this dentist's predecessor......the fellow who walks around with 2 million dollars in a suitcase for fun !