Friday, December 31, 2010

on the trail of the missing jet engine updates

I had to hire a car and go back for pictures again last night.
Go here for the original story...

There you go folks my last post for 2010 and to close the year that was !
Wishing one and all a Joyous and a Happy New Year 2011....remember now to go easy on the booze and drive safe !
Cheers !

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

of azans, crosses and carols...

Imagine the Pope going to a mosque celebration and his aides gave instructions to the mosque officials to cover the minarets and not reciting the azans or suras while in the Pope presence.

Two things would have happened. First someone would have just shot the Pope and secondly the rest of the Muslim world would have taken to the streets in protest over the instructions.

Let me make it clear here that comparing the Pope with Najib is like comparing Gandhi with Mugabe or the former old ex-premier the Tun but I said "imagine" because in reality, firstly the Pope would have kicked the asses of his aides and secondly he would not expect anything less other then partake in the joyous celebrations of any Muslims, azan and all and would have even blessed them with his papal signature of the cross in true Christian wit.

Najib, if he sincerely is ignorant of the actions of his over-zealous morons who double as aides should kick their asses and sack the whole lot now as they seem to be "fcuking-up" his oft heard 1Malaysia crap.

One thing's for sure.....the PM is surrounded by idiots and I'm wondering if they are actually planted and paid by the Opposition for screwing things up for him and with the elections looming near. If that don't happen soon, Najib can kiss his premiership away as the rakyat especially of the Christian faith are plain pissed-off with this latest bigoted demand on churches or any other place of worship of any other faith.

And as for Archbishop Murphy Pakiam's silence on this .......hmmmmm.....I'll save my comments on this "Tan Sri" for another day.

Was Najib not a former student of St. Johns Kuala Lumpur ? Read here for the disgusted prompt for this post.

Sheeeeesh !!

on the trail of the missing jet engine....

Ahhhhhhhaa !!! I think I just might know where to buy or sell a "jet engine" or any other plane or jet spare-part from engine to nose to wing and tail parts that the Malaysian government might need in the future.

No need to go looking or shopping to far away South America. By the way what actually happened to that case huh ? Sudah tutup or "settle" ka ?

Take a good look at the picture above. I did not get a clear or direct shot but I do know what I saw. on pic. for larger view.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thoughts control .

The very foundation of our earnestness as proud Malaysians is screwed prematurely in our education system. I'm talking of the bastardisation of our history. Since when or why should Islamic history take prominence in a plural society as ours ? Were we not once a part of a Hindu empire ? Or were we not once ruled by the English ? We can deny that too, I'm sure, no ? ( here ) Fine, we don't want to live in our not too long ago colonial master's shadow nor in the distant past but to twist and screw and distort history to today's' kids in school is like verbal masturbation get a "shiok sendiri" mental ejaculation. You cannot control our thoughts or stretch a lie about what never really happened. Erasing the truth and planting seeds of lies can be compromised with hidden political agendas. Don't we all know that a lie, if audacious enough and repeated enough times, will be believed by the masses, said Goebbels, right ? History is what victors decide what you must know and believe but to feed us with half-truths and fabricated bull-shit is a crime against truth itself. It is a sin. For God's sake, tell it as it should be told ! My generation learned with interest about the early cavemen, the Indus Valley civilisation, the French revolution, the silk route, Jesus, Buddha, Hinduism,  Prophet Mohamad, the many battles of the world, about Greek Gods and the origin of the Olympics, the Roman empire, the English battles, the Russian empire, Mongolia and Temujin, the two great World Wars and also of a Hindu "runaway" prince from Palembang who founded Malacca. What chance does a Form 5 or 6 student today know or has even heard of any of the above other then a Muslim prince founding Melaka ? And in 5 parts in 1 text-book too ! Zilch I'd say. We didn't turn out so bad when it came to engaging in "worldly" conversations with anyone from anywhere in the world. We knew a little bit of a lot. Why did my generation do such a sinful wrong now ? Arrogance over ignorance ? Money over ethics ? Power over morals ? Or plain bastards ? We also know now when we were students, we were never taught to research much, for the simple lack of electronic technology then, nor were we taught to question the notes the teachers taught kids through-out their teaching careers. Once in a while a rare teacher emerged with unorthodox teaching methods. Otherwise we repeated answers during exams verbatim to what was taught by teachers to garner marks and grades. While we're on the subject of compromising teachers and for good measure........copy and paste the link below and enjoy this classic !

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mikileaks- It's the season to be quiting....

Now Jeffery Kitingan is quiting PKR Sabah. So is he actually quiting PKR Sabah and heading towards Zaid's AKIM or hereafter KITA or is he going to start another "off-shoot" fraction in Sabah ala Zaid ? What happens to Baru Bian in Sarawak now ?

What is going on with our local politics ? It's pissing me off as much as BN has been pissing on us for the past 52 years. This time around, can we blame interfering PKR "semenanjong" or Peninsular Malaysia or do we blame Anwar and/or even Azmin Ali ? Don't even bother to ask Wan Azizah......she's as blur as the guy beside you right now !

A little bird also told me of the sudden increase of military presence in Sarawak. So is BN so blind they cannot even see the imminent and impending change of government come the 13 GE that even when the PM has to declare that he'd protect Putrajaya with his last drop of blood ? Is that democracy or is this another fake "jihad " ?? Is the good PM going to go back on his word on this 1Malaysia thinggy when BN looses in the next election ? No damage controls ?

What happened to our democratic transfer of power ? Just another "feel good" or shiok sendiri lip-service from our PM ?Another round of "file shredding" is in the cards ? What happened to BN's "fixed deposits"....Sabah and Sarawak ? FD matured already ?? Has the "fixed deposits" lost their flavour with the ruling and corrupt BN government ?

Answers man......answers. I need answers NOW before I start "leaking"!

Sheeeeesh !

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wiki-leagues !

Wikileaks seems to be the 3 syllable word political leaders past, present and wannabes dread or fear most.....these days ! Anwar has been cited as an active participant in an act he's denied vehemently in the past and resorts to convince us as being "fixed" ! I'm not surprised nor do I believe a word he says.....he is afterall a "jaded" product of UMNO, right ? Do you think I'm going to loose sleep over that ? No way !

But before any one else says "hey !...... what about Mahathir ?"....this old and senile ex-premier comes out blasting, saying "the (opposition) political parties were pretending not to be aware of Anwar's alleged sodomy activities.".....Why.... did Mahathir know all else , meh ? ( here )

Let me tell you before you hear it from anyone else.......This Tun who thinks he has always been the saviour who saved Malaysia from the "financial crisis" and coined the 2020 "blured" vision is ,more worried his name would be dragged through the shit of this universal "wikiscandles" !........ the way..... did you mention Mongolia ?

No.....don't be too sure who's name is going to be next and become "instant breaking news".....when Wikileaks blow the cover on first, the corruption and politics in UMNO and then the corrupt Tun Mahathir Mohamad !

Just you wait and see......for any news......or has Singapore already been "kautim" by certain untouchables ??

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

What took them so long ?

The title above is what has secretly been nagging on the minds of every decent, self-respecting citizen in our country for a long time now.

Yes, this "tempe" loaded former chief minister of Selangor and now ex-Opposition state leader has been plundering the state from the day he took office....and on the night he was ousted he shredded every shred of evidence and file, into the wee hours of the morning to cover his corrupt arse. And even with that obvious act of crookedness the public at large( not me.....but YOU !) especially those in UMNO had him still appointed to head the Opposition team until yesterday when he was charged in court for corruptly accepting 2 pieces of land from a crony developer. ( here )

This just goes to show how bandits are groomed and bred in UMNO. And what is more shameful is, such acts of wrong-doings are okayed by all within BN, without as much as searching their souls to admit they were lobbying for a bloody crook. If you knew such crimes of cheating of fellow citizens was wrong but yet you blindly spoke in his defense then you are no better then this crook, if not in action but in conscience.

There were very many allegations hurled against him, from misappropriation of state funds spent flying business class for his entire family, including an entourage of maids to Disneyland in the pretext of a study tour and at the expanse of the tax-payers to allegations of his wife's involvement in some RM10 million illegal transfers of association funds to private accounts to living in a palatial "malaghai" costing RM23 million and an endless list of other acts of deceit but then......arrogance ruled the day and was approved as kosher by UMNO and BN goons.

This rogue with his famous "semuanya ok" ( everything is okay ! ) phrase is finally brought to justice......but the bigger question is, will he actually be tried and charged "fairly" as civil society warrants ? "Fairly" here has nothing to do with his sudden "fair and lovely" complexion of his "tempe" face but will he pay the appropriate and just sentence for his heinous crimes against civil society without fear and favor by our "jesters" in court ?

Then again remember who is still the puppet-master of our questionable and "honourable" judiciary's strings ? Me thinks this is all a charade and this second generation son of a "pendatang" dentist will be let-off with as much as a "slap on the wrist". Wanna bet ?

Now if only this same investigations and humiliation were initiated on that old racist ex-premier...that would be something huh ?.......sigh !

Then we the tax-paying citizens in civil society can renew our faith and hope in the so-called "powers-that-be" !

Till then we have to get used to all this momentary "syok sendiri sendiwaras"

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Pay attention all Sarawakians.

Today I want to direct this post to all indigenous Sarawakians most especially those who have moved to the "Semenanjung" or the Peninsular and have lost touch with the reality back home.

There is total looting taking place in Sarawak by UMNO's key depositors....the Chief Minister Taib and his family... and worst off are other basic indigenous rights being robbed in the quest of "islamisation" of Sarawak wherein kids in schools are "unconsciously" converted from either Christians or "with no-religion" to Muslims ! Did you know that ? The PR Opposition is fighting a losing battle when cries for reform falls on or "blackened-out" by the corrupted BN machinery.

Sarawak has no "official" religion and English is the official language (has anybody actually got or seen the 18 or 20 point Sarawak agreement ?)......but today all that has changed... a plunderer for the past 30 years, called Mohamad Taib together with his family have altered all that and sold all of the native Sarawakians' rights to UMNO in exchange for a "licence to rape and plunder" an entire state so rich with natural resources and beautiful native culture and traditions.

I urge you to click on the rogue's face on the side-bar and listen to this SW radio station "Radio Free Sarawak" as it spills the beans on the shameful Taib and his Empire and forward it to your families back home. There's talk of a Sarawak state election happening this month.

This station updates news automatically every few days.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

"alamak......another Samy drama ?"

Indeed Samy Vellu prevented a "political conspiracy" within MIC ?? Hahaha....this is diverting the issue too far from the obvious truth. Samy was the "conspiracy" himself ! ( see here )

I am still not convinced this Neanderthal will actually leave on the appointed date he has promised or ever leave MIC in peace....even if MIC is but an empty coconut or
"tenggah", an expression known to Malaysians of remote Indian origins. He is going to come out suddenly saying "thar peeeple waan me to stayy....hask demm lah" and continue his unwelcome stay as the saviour of the "Yindians" for yet another decade ! Wanna bet ?

Have we not heard this man say that so many times before ? You think he's going to leave MIC with so many
"unfinished" business involving both him and leave his favorite son Vel Pari in the den of wolves ? Outside the vultures are also circling.....waiting when "papa" would be put out to the pastures, dethroned from his almighty position he has assumed much longer then that 22 year reigned ex-premier and laid bare and a sitting duck with nothing but his billions ! Samy has learned well from his corrupt "guruji'...."aneh" MahaFiruan himself how not to leave the safety and comfort of his "castle" without first plugging all the holes....I mean...every hole.......and boy there are many !

He is not expected to hand over the reins to G. Palanivel, another
"tenggah" anytime soon....that's why this one last drama is stirred....and that part he says about many Indians from the Opposition parties KEEN to join MIC......well...all I can say is............ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...choke......choke....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Good night Samy....pleasant dreams !