Saturday, July 15, 2006

Letting off *&#$^% steam !

I have to blatantly use this *&*%$*# language in this post as this is the ONLY way I can express myself today !
You, on the other hand, are allowed the use of any other adjective to replace the &*%*#%, so as to not offend anyone. I beg of you, forgive me for these here *#$&@ explicits.

This very popular tourist attraction called Cinatown or Petaling Street or PS by our locals,nestling in the old and historical part of Kuala Lumpur!

Have you ever had the *%^$&# exprience to walk thru this #&*$^# street ? Ever noticed how ^&*$%# rude these *&%^$* traders are ? And if you were to stroll down this *#%&*@ street with a foreign friend of yours ,ever notice how %*&#$@ angry these *^&%$# traders and their #&*%& assistants get, if you, advised your foreign friend,in terms of negotiation, to help secure a bargain ? We, Malaysians, according to these *#$&#* traders, are seen, to spoil the market for these &*%$* traders in making a %*&#$ killing in the fleecing of these gullible tourist/foreigners with %#$&* fake goods!!

Why are we jumping in defence of these *&^%$#^&%*# ???..when we, Malaysia ,as a country, are reported in a foreign press that we are RUDE!!
Of course we ARE *&#$% rude , and I can $%*&# well affirm this by just casually walking down this &*&%$# Petaling Street!

And now I hear, the Banglas are back! (Look here ,with all due respect, I've got nothing against any one race or religion on this good earth!) But in #$*&@ Cinatown you should see the #*&%* arrogance displayed by these Banglas(Probably knowing that their #&*%^ actions will be backed by the &*&%$ thugs running this *&%^$# joint) who,when talking to me, actually imimate with a funny foreign accent, assuming I, the %*&#$@ foreigner, hoping and thinking, he, the #$@*& local !! Oh.... the*&%&*$# gall of it all !!

Again I ask these *&*&%$# so called authorities.What the %&#$@* are they doing about all that #*&%&* contrabrand products that is OH.. so publicly displayed for sale??Should't the #$*&$ authorities clean this &*#$% place up and arrest these #*&@ fake traders ? Should we warn these tourist/foreigners about buying only "ORI"?? And why is the &*&%$#* government telling us over and over in the various media to buy only #$*&^ ORI.. whatever that means in Bahasa Malaysia ?

Me thinks the %#&*$#* authorities think,WE... &*&$%# morons!!!

Stop preaching what you &*&$%# well won't practise Or as it is nowadays fashionably spoken on most of the blogs........ Walk the#*&%* Talk, brudder!! (this line has to be spoken with a rap-drawl fashion) that feels so #&*&#$% good already, letting off steam to calm my nerves... heh..heh!!

Good day and Cheers Brudders !!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Excuses.excuses... and excuses !!

There has been much tension over the recent murder of a discipline teacher near my "taman" by 2 snatch thieves last Sunday morning @ 7 and an even more daring robbery the very next morning(Monday) by 2 guys on a motor-cycle, who, whilst trying to grab her handbag containing an astounding RM2,000.00, cut the wrist of the woman, on her way to the market, some 400 meters from where the murder took place the morning before.(incidently this lady only moved into this taman about a week before and I'm still wondering as to why she was carrying such a large sum of money or then again maybe that was what she thought the living standards was ,here in Happy Gardens !!)

On Tuesday morning, as I was driving towards the market, I saw (and honestly I could'nt believe my eyes !) 2 guys in police uniform, actually standing at the junction not far from the place of the 2 incidences! My or my......What does that tell you?

Does it take a murder and an assualt before we see the presence of uniformed personel patrolling our streets, and that too, at a rather predictable time ?Come on lah it looks so phoney.....!

I called the police headquarters that evening and talked to an officer, offering him suggestions as to help curb this social disease called mugging or snatch theft or whatever you want to call, and you know what ?.... his response was the same as before. Not enough manpower ! What is being done about it ?Stop giving this same excuse to us, private and tax-paying citizens.We're tired of hearing this same old excuse.Try something else.

Anytime you want to contact the police ,it will be easier to drive to the nearest 'mamak' stall and there you can see these personel having their food. And when I told that officer about that he said "they must eat too lah sir!" Why is the officer always ready to cover-up for the laziness of his charges ! Even when he does'nt even know that his charges are sitting in 'mamak' stalls most of the time.

Malaysians, all of us in particular, we must learn to accept any remark or critism hurled at us with positive tones and admit we can err as humans and can shrink in our responsibilities, and only then we can be able to sort our short-commings constructively.We can't always scream "Malaysia Boleh" and pretend to get by in life, now, can we ? Get real, all you people in the government, remember your duty towards the public and the solemn oath you took when you lifted up your right hand when you were first employed to be government servants. To serve God ,king and public. THATS US !!

Arrogance and complancency gets the better of you after a while and we have to beg for your services to keep our neighbour-hood safe and secured ,yes.. yeah, right!So stop giving excuses and feel honestly justified when you collect your pay-checkstarting right now, go kick some asses, please, starting with your underlings!