Friday, February 27, 2009

"celaka" behaviour anyone ?

"I may be a disable...but I will not take any intimidation", warns Karpal Singh of the despicable action of 22 morons claiming to be Selangor UMNO Youth members, yesterday afternoon !

This is the worst show of arrogant and belligerent tactics of, if indeed, as claimed by UMNO Youth ! Shit man....what kind of barbaric behavior is this ? Attacking an old man in a wheel-chair ? How much lower can they go ? What protection is there for members of parliamentians when this august house is invaded by a bunch of rowdy hooligans ? Is parliamentary immunity not granted to it's members ? How can these vermins even be admitted into the sacred grounds in such large numbers ? Did they have a police permit to assemble there ? And I got a string of foul superlatives for the police and security guards manning the revered House !

Why is my holy PM and our clean PM-in-waiting and all other leaders in BN so silent on this disgraceful fracas right in the lobby of Parliament ? Are they all sitting back and watching "ketuanan Melayu" played-out at it's best ?
Come on people....this is the culture now by certain privileged quarters and making a spectacle in the grounds of the parliament, screaming threats and abuse at an old parliamentarian in a wheel-chair adds mileage points, come election time, yes ? And this kind of "biadap" behaviour has the blessings of all UMNO and Barisan component parties, right ?

Say something all you idiots in MIC and MCA .......the silence is deafening !......
or has the cat got your tongues ? And if no one is condemning this act, I take it that we have an elected government who is all in total agreement and encourages such damned ( celaka) behaviour ! We have courts, don't we ?

One only have to see the tape on the bravado of this loud 22 chest-thumping morons ( some even in suits ) to access their level of maturity and intelligence.
Sheeesh, sheeesh and double sheeeesh !!

*pics-courtesy of Sun2Surf.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

...all hail the king !

Kesh is king ! Or is it Singh is king ?

Whooaa ....wait a minute ! Here we go again ! Karpal Singh says "Singh is king" but my personal take in these global financial down-turning times would be "cash" is king, and the juicest choice in this new development of an already chaotic twist of events in the local political scene goes to Keshvinder Singh (right), ADUN of Malim Nawar, who will make a Statutory Declaration stating he has absolute proof of being offered a mind-boggling RM20 million to go "independent" ! Can you believe this ?

Kesh goes on to even claim he would name the Chinese newspaper journalist who made the offer ! But who is this " journo" and who he represent would be an important point to note. But the denials and threats of "hearsay" accusations are flooding in from all quarters already !

Time is running out for some and for some others it is, in sheer and utter desperation ! I'm waiting with bated breath to see who gets "crucified" and who gets "crowned" !

Life never got this exiciting since I had my first "go" at sex.......and that's a bloody long time ago !
In the meantime "cash" is still king !
Sheeesh !

Monday, February 23, 2009

Pete's habeas corpus hearing-(23-2-2009)

The inside of the Federal Court at 8:30am. The rule of "no photos" during court sessions the photos below are all after the sitting, in the foyer....guess nobody loves to be sitting in the docks of this room( foreground), yes ?
...the crowd milling around and exchanging notes after the hearing......recognise anyone ? professor Azmi Sharom having a private word with a lawyer....
...another view of the crowd....see anyone familiar here ?
....the defence team en route to the canteen for a well deserved drink and smoke, perhaps ?....
ahhh....even the recluse and elusive Antares, author of Magick River , made a "cameo" appearance and fully clothed too...... from the out-backs....
....and some came "with flowers in their hair"...... half of the support team armed with banners too....
....and the other half here..... the entire Pete's support team, mostly donning "free RPK" tees , with clenched fists, punching the air...
....and Wan Azizah came a calling after the with 2 friends.....
...Wan Azizah flanked by Pat and Mila....
....of course the ever present Bala too posed with Wan Azizah too...
Well, folks that was a photo run of the day's happenings at the Federal Court in Putrajaya this morning. For the story of the days proceedings go to Haris here.
**...and for a larger view, click on picture.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

endangered and protected specie ?

So this loud-mouthed man who heads the MACC and who is in the midst of an "expose" on the "wrong-doings"of the MB of Selangor regarding "cars & cows" and also soon aiming to investigate the "illegal actions" of the Perak Speaker is also actually the father of this "child-porn convicted" pilot who was charged in Adelaide last February in Australia, huh ?
(read here for the story from Adelaide). Hmmmmm....... ain't that interesting news, folks ?

When the whole nation is still waiting for information...any information on the outcome of the Nurin and Sharline and "god-knows-how-many-other" cases for so long, we have not a single shred of link towards solving these missing children's cases ! The police (our guardians of tax-paying citizens ) are just under-staffed( the IGP's all-time favorite excuse, but not the hundreds of personnel sent to monitor peaceful candle-light vigils every Sunday !) ) but are just too busy issuing parking tickets and safety-belt summonses, while mat-rempits continue terrorising the elderly and traumatising, rob and abuse the weak womenfolk in our society !

Has the police even questioned or investigated this blundering and big-mouthed MACC chief's son, yet ? Perhaps his son might know something about the missing Nurin, just....maybe, right ? After all he's been in the "kids-game" for a while now, don't you think so ? There might be a remote "lead" somewhere, yes ? Why couldn't he be a suspect too or is he an "endangered and protected specie" having "tight-connections" on daddy's account ?

My request to the IGP is..."leave no stones unturned and nobody is above the law".... that is ....if Mr. IGP understands what that means ! I've had those little angels posters on my blog since January 2008 and it's about time I had a good reason to take them down !

Sheeesh !

Friday, February 20, 2009

50 years after Merdeka....

Affairs we have in common By Jerry Francis February 20, 2009 Categories: News

DO we have a serious problem with racial segregation in Perak?

Certainly not! Then why do we need advisers to the Menteri Besar drawn from different races to exclusively look after the affairs of their respective communities?

I would have thought that 50 years after Merdeka, we Malaysians would have the confidence and trust that leaders, irrespective of race and religion, can be fair to everyone, not just their respective races.

Therefore, the appointment of the three advisers by Menteri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir in Ipoh last week appears to be a step backward in our efforts to integrate the races.

The advisers are Datuk Mohd Najumuddin Elias (Umno) for Islamic Affairs, Datuk Chang Ko Youn (Gerakan) for Chinese Affairs, and Datuk S. Veerasingam (MIC) for Indian Affairs.

What about the affairs of the others?

It was all right during the pre-Merdeka British administration to have Chinese or Indian affairs officers, but we are now supposed to be more moderate in thought and have a common language, i.e Bahasa
Malaysia, to bond us.

Therefore, there is no longer a need for us to appoint advisers on a racial basis, unless it is merely aimed at portraying that the State government is represented by all races.

If this is the case, we have been asked “to judge a book by its cover”, not the other way round.

If the racial composition of the State executive council is important, the duties of the advisers should commensurate with their experience and ability — not on a loose general term of “Chinese” or “Indian”

What can these advisers, who are equal in status to the State executive councillors, sincerely and honestly achieve? The common issues or problems faced by the various races would be similar in nature. As such, the role of Chinese or Indian affairs advisers would merely be that of public relations officers because they would, eventually, have to pass any issue or problem to the respective State executive councillor to handle.

The Menteri Besar, the six executive councillors, and advisers appear to share a common ambition that the Perak State government needs to win back the confidence of the people.

This being so, they must live up to it, not with mere words — and certainly not by keeping up appearances — but by deeds.

They have the next three years to prove they represent all of us, irrespective of race and religion.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

silencing Pete !

Go to the "man-on-the-spot" Haris for a sequenced report here.

Latest: 2:07pm
Court adjourns till next Monday(23-Feb. 2009)

Application to recuse from Justice Augustine Paul rejected. Panel back to 3 judges.

Updates:12:33:00 pm
RPK's counsel Malik has finished arguing his submissions in the habeas corpus case in the Putrajaya Federal Court with only 2 judges( Justice Zulkifli and Justice Nik Hashim) who insist on continuing with the trial. Judges adjourn till 1:30 to deliver decision on the recusal application.
Earlier at 11:07:00 Justice Augustine Paul recused himself.

Can man progress if the powers-that-be continue to throw every law in the book to shut away individuals and deprive them the basic right of "freedom of speech"?
Why would you fear mortal men if you had walked in the path of righteousness, huh ? Fear creeps-in when wrong-doings are challenged, fear creeps-in when corrupt practises are exposed, fear creeps-in when the skeletons in the closet are being pryed opened like a Pandora's box .

We all have, yes all of us, now...admit it, okay, have at sometime or other in our lives done something we ought to be ashamed off, if brought out in the open, yes ? We all have that same fear too, but does that mean we can stop anyone from exposing our best kept secrets ? Alot depends on the gravity of that sin that is being exposed and if you stand to loose everything you dreamed off, yes ? And if your sins amount to being punishable by imprisonment , will you not go to great depths and lengths and use every power in your privileged position to silence that person who might expose you ?

Think...we are, after all mere men and we can try to keep our best -kept secrets "safe" here on earth....but can we resort to the same "arrangement" when we meet our Maker ?

Monday, February 16, 2009

arch of silence....not anymore ! this is what became of what was earlier dubbed the "arch of silence" along the Federal Highway ! Now correct me if I am wrong, is this is going to be the shortest time of display for the holy Pak Lah's handsome face on a billboard this size...approximately one and a half months before it goes down, yes ? Remember my good PM is stepping down before 1st. April .......Or then again, is this gigantic billboard trying to tell us folks, something else.....erhhh ?

By the way, what did this, and I believe there are more all over the country, cost the tax-payers (read you and me )...huh ? Has anyone got some figures to share on this ?

Friday, February 13, 2009

"...without fear or flavor..oops...favor "

"....a brave young leader who is without fear or favor"... seem to be the flavor of the week for some in UMNO Youth from just being a pressure group, to lead in front, for it's main body UMNO ! (read here ) say them, of the young and flamboyant, up-start son-in-law, the movement's deputy president Khairy Jamaluddin !

I am confused for this accolade being poured in excesses, "
to be without favor" does not confine to Malay rights alone I hope.....lest these brigade of youths ala mat rempits, suck-up to their "patron saint" with ulterior motives, yes ?

Already getting on the right side of the masses means the other hopefuls, Jerlun MP Mukhriz Mahathir, a dashing son of a former premier, is loosing ground in the 3 cornered fight for the top post in UMNO Youth. The other is ex-MB of Selangor, Khir Toyo who, without a doubt seem to be the spoiler. Which of the favored ones is going to be dumped ? Your guess is as good as mine.

So whosoever can protest
(don't you dare ask if there is a permit, okay ?) everyday in front of Karpal's office ( did anyone see the angry mob/protesters stomping, tearing and burning posters of Karpal ?) until he apologises for showing disrespect to the Sultan of Perak, or burn national flags and demonstrates in front of embassies , shines high to be the the next leader to lead, UMNO Youth or the Malays now, yes ? One has to be seemed to be seen as up-swing and in good light of the youths, to win points !

Let us wait and see the antics and dramas unfold before our very eyes everyday in this "wonderful and exciting" land of ours, and maybe, just maybe if we can convince Khairy and invite him every Sunday to join us for the anti-ISA candle-light vigils we won't have so much bad luck with the cops, aye ? Sheeesh !

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Time-out !.....chill, and enjoy a classic !

Yes, folks...take a break and enjoy this classic aptly labelled "playing for change". And for best viewing, please put the volume down to zero and let the clip buffer-up for the full 5:27 and then pump-up the volume ! Somewhere in the chorus, I think I heard "tsunami" instead of "stand by me ".... enjoy and Godbless !
* Thank you Philip T.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009's them "pack of low-lifes" again !

Malay Mail has superbly summarised this cess-pit menace. Read just a few of my earlier , here , here , here, here and here which I have done in various "moods" over the last 3 years !!

I guess not many outside of the Klang valley are privileged to read this wonderful and informative paper so I'm reproducing the article in toto for your reading pleasure which appeared in page 2, yesterday.

Mat Rempit are not babies
February 10, 2009 Categories: News

MENACE: Mat Rempit are a scourge of other road users. Much more has been written about Mat Rempit over the years than is necessary to put an end to them; and we have failed, but not for want of using both carrot and stick—we’ve tried setting up drag-racing circuits, we’ve increased penalties for illegal street racing, we’ve even tried to rebrand them as Mat Cemerlang in the misguided belief that an imp by another name will result in a chubby-cheeked cherub.

We even conceived the ludicrous idea of sending them on the North Pole Free Fall expedition two years ago, prompting wags to speculate about letting them fall freely to the ground. Some of us even asked that they be recruited as transport-providers to help ferry voters to polling stations at the last general election.

Would you entrust your grandmother to the back of one of their kapcai?

What a splendid waste of time, money and credibility.

We are nonetheless enjoined to treat them as we do wayward children: Their feet need only be guided to the right path and they will turn instantly into stockbrokers in bespoke suits. We are exhorted to understand their frustration, their angst at being left out of the economic race, and to discover the root cause of their malcontent.

All this prolonged hand-wringing is tedious. What is the root cause? Simple: They aren’t so much running away from modern life as they are refusing entirely to engage it. To be sure, they get an undeniable kick out of thumbing their noses at the authorities, but theirs is not so much a rebellion as it is desperate resignation.

Their desire for speed, heroics and the constant proximity of death feed not some morbid sub-cultural fantasy of extreme urban protest, but the basic, primitive lust to be noticed by the world. They literally have nothing to prove, but like the mentally-deficient village bravo they wish to prove something all the same.

And we have responded in the past by trying to mollycoddle them, which is like getting hardened criminals to view basket-weaving as a fine source of income. Make no mistake: Mat Rempit are thugs and to treat them otherwise is to make a mockery of the law and civilised society.

Last week, a magistrate in Kuantan, Pahang, had enough of them and sentenced a 27-year-old Mat Rempit from Terengganu to 20 months’ imprisonment for reckless riding. The magistrate imposed an additional RM8,000 fine, and if the young man fails to pay it, he will remain in custody for an additional eight months.

We laud this strong action, late as it may be. We laud it not only because motorists are nightly endangered by these lunatics on the road. We laud it not because their crimes have lately escalated into highway robbery, rape and murder. We laud it because the people have had enough and may soon start dealing out a rougher kind of justice.

Such a case has in fact already happened: On New Year's Day in Baling, Kedah, the residents of Taman Mesra Kupang armed themselves with bamboo poles and catapults and attacked a gang of around 50 Mat Rempit.

The police arrested three illegal racers, aged 16 to 20, and the deputy district police chief Dept Supt Khamis Hamzah told the Press that police were “aware” of the areas favoured by the Mat Rempit.

If that is so, arrest them, for next time the residents may be moved to take more drastic action and who shall blame them?

Kudos Malay Mail...cheers !

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

...and these diversions are good for my "Bhai" brothers !

My friend Nick remarked today..."Punjabi voter turnout was unusually high in the Permatang Pauh By-election....they came out in full force thinking it was a "bhai"-election !

But coming back to the chaotic situation in my beloved "Silver" state, have you noticed the many diversions and "focus shifts" from the real issues suddenly ? And protests are held condemning Karpal Singh's attack on my Sultan which is considered by some "okay by our culture" but not the other protests organised by PR, and the calls for resignation of Anwar, Hadi and Kit Siang, with another moronic MP implicated for a "marriage" scandal paving the way for a "bhai"-election in Kedah, and yet another "sudden" death in Bukit Gantang leading to another "bhai"-election ! Don't forget the warrant of arrests issued to the 2 who leap-frogged to BN, one of whom has obtained an MC for failing to turn up in court for corruption charges BUT were they healthy enough to be at the swearing-in ceremony in the palace this morning ?? Can somebody tell me ? Hmmm.... and the predicament of the de-facto ex-MB Nizar's office in limbo !

My... oh, my..... what an interesting series of "irrelevant" issues.....but who's is minding the day-to-day running of Perak and the country itself, now ? While everyone from politicians to "political wannabes" are so busy drawing much needed attention to themselves and getting whatever cheap publicity then can garner for future political mileage......the whole world is grappling with the financial crunch, with prices of commodities are still on the up and up, and crime rate is escalating to dizzying heights, simple folks with families to feed are being laid off jobs and all eyes and talk is in Perak and the "bhai" factor !! Sheeesh !!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Listen to your subjects, Your Majesty !

This is the moment of truth ! Yes His Majesty, my Sultan of Perak has to make a decision and a wise decision His Majesty will make ! A decision for Your people of Perak !

His Majesty's people voted for one party to run his state, not expecting some self-serving and sneaky traitors who were caught with their hands in the "cookie-jar" and have impending court cases for "sexual favors" and corrupt practises, exposed to defect the party and for reasons they claim otherwise noble ! Surely my Sultan can see these "pirates" are holding His rakyat at ransom by this defection. And surely with these "mercenaries" jumping camp, and in the fold of the BN are going to be favored well by His Majesty's subject, as the trust given to them by His Majesty's subjects has been betrayed !

Now can His Majesty actually have the BN ruining his state with the likes of these crooks within ? No matter what My Sultan decides and I know it will be a wise decision, these turn-coats who have tarnished the people's trust and confidence, must forever be banished from Perak !

And I once again implore His Majesty to call for a fresh state-wide election and put Perak back on the right track once and for all by all Your people and for all Your people !!

This is a crying plea from a fellow Perakian !

Godbless and Daulat Tuanku !

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Perak govt falls, BN claims majority !

NOTE: This is a "cut and paste" post.

Updated: Wednesday February 4, 2009 MYT 5:22:06 PM

Perak govt falls, BN claims majority (Update 6)

Newsflash (5:15pm): Barisan Nasional now commands the majority to form the state government in Perak with the return of Bota assemblyman Datuk Nasaruddin Hashim and the support of three independents -- Behrang assemblyman Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi, Changkat Jering assemblyman Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu, DAP’s Jelapang assemblyman and Perak state assembly deputy speaker Hee Yit Foong: Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Najib said he would be seeking an audience with Sultan Azlan Shah in a day or two to inform him of Barisan's ability to form the new state government.

Newsflash (4:50pm): Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin is still in audience with Sultan Azlan Shah to seek his consent to dissolve the state assembly. He was seen entering Istana Kinta at 3:50pm. But sources says His Highness is in Kuala Lumpur now ? How now ?

Newsflash (4:30pm): Behrang assemblyman Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi, Changkat Jering assemblyman Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu, DAP's Jelapang assemblyman and Perak state assembly deputy speaker Hee Yit Foong and Bota assemblyman Datuk Nasaruddin Hashim spotted at the office of Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

**Now more so is a need to read my posting below again........

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Save Perak, Your Highness !

It makes me sick to the bone on hearing what's happening politically in my beloved state-Perak !

Twists and news abound.....the EC "doubts" the authenticity of the undated resignation letters and as such deems them on whose authority does the EC's take becomes a question of law in a state ? Can they first do their job to administer the smooth running of an election and keep a clean and clear electoral roll ? So no by-elections !

Only yesterday an SD by one PR state rep. Fauzi Muda alleging of a whooping RM50 million promise for defection surfaced ! Reports and denials have been lodged at the various authorities and investigations are under way....hmmmm....more flip flops in the horizon ?

And the meeting of the MB with my Honorable Sultan of Perak.....which was over in 10 minutes....not relevant huh ? Maybe my good Ruler of Perak should come down hard and put His royal foot down on these turn-coat politicians, who only about a year ago, had actually stood before Him,
( I believe, with right hand raised and another on the holy book), and sworn solemnly to uphold, serve and put the rakyat's interest before self....sheeesh !

In reference to these corrupt and unscrupulous mercenaries who have betrayed the rakyat and are only there to enrich themselves and masquerading as state representatives of Behrang and Changkat Jering, should we, as remarked by Pascual in disgust "send them to the Chinese restaurants where they can leap into the hot boiling oil in frying pans for frog dishes", yes ?

Surely a fresh state election will cost money, yes....millions upon millions of tax-payers ringgits but if you ask me, that is the only way to go by, at this point of time !

Here I, your loyal subject, implore Your Majesty, my Sultan of Perak to let Your subjects decide once and for all and hold fresh state elections to clean the entire state and redeem us from the pits we now are in ! Let Your people of all races, religions and culture decide, Your Highness.....let them decide and everyone else...back-off !! Your Highness holds the responsibility to keep Your state clean, safe and stable for your subjects !

I don't want to hear even a pip-squeak from any politician again !

Monday, February 02, 2009

my "city-day" lesson !

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ".
Mohandas Gandhi
I heard this yesterday during sermon in church.....and it got me thinking and pondering later that evening at a function I attended with friends in Kampung Nakhoda near Batu Caves at the invitation of Haris .

I must say it was a pleasant....well...actually a very pleasant evening that I learnt so much about this Jemaat Ahmandiyah group. So with the the original stance that All-Blogs took, I, in my capacity as a micro blogger, vowed to engage, learn and interact with anyone's who's right to free speech, assembly, practice, worship and very existence as fellow Malaysians, is threatened by powers or law contradicting to what is clearly enshrined as our rights in our constitution.

Thus I post below, photos I think you might also want to see for yourself of yesterday's "Majlis Mesra Rakyat" in conjunction with "city-day" !

....see that long banner below ?...."love for all, hatred for none".....fundamental trait of all religions, yes ?
...and the many "reports" of shutting down this "Baitussalam" plastered on a notice board....
...and the many who turned up for this fellowship, to listen to the friendly and grieving voices of this fellow Malaysians, and to also listen to their own hearts....
....the moderator or organiser, Ainul Yakin Mud Zain welcoming us to part-take in this "get-to-gather" evening for the rakyat...
....the National President, giving an introduction of Qadiani's existence in Malaysia....
...followed by Haris thanking the Jemaat folks for the invitation extended to "ignorants" me ....
.....a section of those present....attentively enjoying the speakers....nothing political though....
....and another section....listening intently to the introductions...
....and finally, "chow-time" and the ladies were served in another corner of the house.....away from the men...
....the gentleman with the white "songkok" is a Malaysian of Dutch origins who has lived here for 52 years and has happily embraced the muslim faith....
....while others resorted to inquire with keen ears for information....and knowledge...
.....ahhhh...the little kids and the "hope" of the future....
...and I am told, Mohamad Zain is the oldest person in this community at 89 !....

I came back with a renewed respect for these they of their right to any belief. Me thinks, if we do not "listen"( I mean really listen !) then we are thus much less educated !

p.s.....and that quote from the great Gandhi-ji can use it in any circumstance, context or subject you deem fit ! I did !

Cheers !!