Monday, April 14, 2008

of sins of their fathers ?

Well, well....well, what can you say about son's coming to the defense of their fathers ? ( here )

It is very sad indeed when a son has to be the one who has to clear the name of his own daddy even if that daddy is a rotter and is standing accused of an awful lot of misdeeds. Reasoning becomes blind and family name has to be redeemed..... at any cost ! Yes.....on one corner we have a former premier and on the other a stalwart of the opposition and who have both seen better days and coming to their defense are their sons !

Both respective sons, distinguished in their own right..... are blind to reality, and will swear on their fathers and will see no evil in their father's past sins, but of course, pray tell me, which child would speak ill of his father more so when "such prestigious family" name is at stake ? Hmmmm....maybe unless they are disowned ! Why would these sons also risk their "budding" political careers and be dragged through mud for their father's sins ? Even now as they continue to stand on opposite ends of their political beliefs and camps they are not letting-up where their father's left-off !

I see no end to this "accusing/defending" bickering by the 2 sons and only God can judge their fathers, when that time comes......and the rest of you back-off !

With all due respect, both these sons should just shut-up because their arguements here in the Malaysian context is obvoiusly very biased and won't convince us tax-paying citizens...right ?? And we the long suffering rakyat know the better of the 2 evils ! Don't we ?


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