Thursday, August 28, 2008

Anwars "must do" list.

"Anak Melayu anak saya, anak Cina anak saya, anak India anak saya." (The Malay child is my child, the Chinese child is my child, the Indian child is my child.)-Anwar Ibrahim

Well the above quote was uttered many times right till the last days of the 10 days of intense campaigning for the Permatang Pauh Parliament seat won by the Pakatan Rakyat's coalition candidate Anwar Ibrahim.

Now we the rakyat of " Bangsa Malaysia" are anxiously waiting to see if what was spoken and promised will indeed be converted to reality or just another poiticians lip-service and while I'm on the subject of "promises", I hereby am giving the "PM-in-waiting", Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim a " must do" list in order to restore the depleted faith, we, the Bangsa Malaysia rakyat, have in the current government of the day;

1.Abolish ISA
2.Independency of the Judiciary- and I mean absolutely independent
3.Scrap the National Service Programme
4.Revamp the entire Police Force- kick every and any police officer who is found to have abused his/her power.
5.Transparent government departments and government servants- who 's job is to serve the tax-paying rakyat who directly or indirectly pay the servants' wages and not act like they are doing us, the rakyat, a favor !!
6.Find Nini, Asmawi and Nurin's killers
7.Increase and balance the various races intake into universities, government departments and the police and armed forces
8.Review the printing and publication acts, no such thing as yearly approvals for KDN permits
9.Our education system is churning morons out into the streets every year - get real professionals as advisers and not half-baked and self-acclaimed academicians writing the school text books on all subjects
10.Bring back moral studies for ALL in schools from primary to secondary levels and make it compulsory
11.Shut down MCMC
12.Delete the word "bangsa" in all official govermnent and forms
13.Protect and vow to never arrest/harass bloggers
14.Reopen all files of past crimes/abuses committed and let your "independent judiciary" work on them
15.Slap all cheating taxi drivers and revoke their license/permits immediately as they are the scum bags of tourism promotion in this country
16.Sack the election commissioner
17.Sack the IGP
18.Shut down the football association of Malaysia and introduce beach-volleyball "ala Brazil"
19.Kick the arses of all occupants (past and present) invited to zorro's "fart" chamber and my "rogues gallery"
20.Level playing field for all in all sectors both private and public
21.No more bull-shit and flip-flops will be tolerated- kapish ?

And I WILL be watching very closely will a critical eye !

And that folks is my "wish" list and Anwars "MUST DO" list for all Malaysians this Merdeka !


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Anonymous said...

U just described heaven, if your wish list becomes reality.. says NaSTy Bob.

Lim K.Y said...

A list of mistakes done over the past 50 years of independant, change over night? I am not too sure, but, changes till the end of the term, I am looking forward it.. really look forward a better Malaysia tomorrow!

Shanghai fish keep up the good work!


#18 can't be serious??!

Knights Templar said...

Beach VolleyBall ala Brazil ? NOW YOU TALKING MAN ....

Anonymous said...

Another Malaysia-Boleh Nasty tip for U. Misbun Sidek was awarded a datuk for guiding Lee CW, what crap. Misbun is a known bankrupt, so how can he be awarded the title.
Ask your friend datuk James Selvaraj, he will confirm misbun a bankrupt datuk. The law has been broken with impunity again in bolehland... The MSM not touching story cos its embarrassing.

Pasquale said...

what are you some kind of a moron? BABI when he was in power told your bangsa "apa nak kuil lagi Samy, hang tak ada kerja lain ka" now he said all children of different colours, creeds and religion are his children?! The guy is a racist man and you better believe it my man!
What you are asking is totally impossible except for the volley beach ball ala-Brazil yum!

Anonymous said...

Can I add No.22 to the wish list?

Clamp down on all illegal money lenders or AH LONGS! Besides causing heartaches and breaking up families, they are a nuisance putting up unsightly posters and stickers all over the rakyats' premises.

Anonymous said...

whats wrong with pkln? Those places mixed people with different races. Unless you are also racist.

Anonymous said...

10.Bring back moral studies for ALL in schools from primary to secondary levels and make it compulsory
11.Shut down MCMC
13.Protect and vow to never arrest/harass bloggers
18.Shut down the football association of Malaysia and introduce beach-volleyball "ala Brazil"

I disagree with the statement aboves, especially statement 11 and 18. MCMC is responsible to take our internet facilities up to date and also it's 'suppose' to be a watchdog on ISP but sadly it's being helmed by incompetent officials,it can do better!. Moral studies ? come on, moral can't be teach, it's the parents/guardian responsibilities to ingrain those values to them, so stop wasting teacher's time and teach more meaningful subjects, and definitely longer physical activities period.
Regarding bloggers, certain bloggers do push the limit when it comes to posting, especially when it comes to privacy issues, imagined if your neighbor post explicit pictures of you without your absolute approval, so protect him/her while your picture is out there in the open?. statement 18 is downright offensive, although our football team is not as good, and some malaysian are even ashamed of their team but that does not justify shutting down the FA. The problem with the team is that we DON'T have good enough facilities, even facilities in school especially basketball court and football field are off-limit to the general public and to add insult you can't even used 'em during public holiday/weekend.


Edyes said...

I hope you do mind if there is only the necessary CHANGE would be implement while the unnecessary such as #18 would be KIV or demolish.

At least DSAI will bring a bright future for ALL of us without damaging the malay reserved right.

do you mind?

Edyes said...

sorry, I do MEANT #12, not #18 as I've mention previously.

Zainah said...

Now this is a very descent list of "must do"! I support it.
Yet few sound brutish and abuse of power.

19.Kick the arses of all occupants (past and present) invited to zorro's "fart" chamber and my "rogues gallery" - Nail anyone only on law, not because of your own grudges.

11.Shut down MCMC - I do Not AGREE

12.Delete the word "bangsa" in all official govermnent and forms - When you talk of balancing intakes and equalising wealth how can you YET remove the word Bangsa?

7.Increase and balance the various races intake into universities, government departments and the police and armed forces - Does that mean 25% chinese, 8% Indian, and so on? Nothing is so simple.

Anonymous said...

You missed the big one: How about only having one national school for the country, no chinese or indian school. Everybody go to one school. Then we study and play together to become one bangsa Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

The three kids are not the only ones whose killers are out on the loose. There is a major homicide case that has to be solved too and I'm sure we all know which it is...

Doesnt matter who he was before, as long as one can keep peace and order in the country there is something we can thank the heavens for on a national level. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks what happens in the future is more important than what had happened before...

Please please please do something about education...Students are now going after number of subjects and studying blindly instead of exploring and improving their talents and skills. It's not all about being book-smart D:

Political drama seems to be copied from Taiwan now; just pray that it wouldn't copy Thailand one day.

That's all I wanna add to the already great wishlist above...

ana said...

LOL look who is talking #1 Racist BarkingmadDOG Pasquale a moron

shanghaistephen said...

to the moron of 4.47 if you must know, it is the same parasites/cronies who benefit millions from national service programs and claiming unity and intergration amongst the races that at other times scream for "ketuanan melayu" at UNMO meetings and ready to spill the blood of others. High-lighting or exposing these hyppocrites does not make me a racist. Get it ? And as for # 18, why not ? Might as well dress them up in tutus and let them prance around the fields. They have 1st. World facilities and wear exactly what Ronaldo or Beckham wear yet they play like shitty faggots. So 2 pieced sweaty girls would be an absolute delight to watch on any given day. So there !

Anonymous said...

No need to do so much la!

No.1, must fulfill our merdeka wish... kick them bastards out of putrajaya!

And the no.2, 3, & so on, we the people will help him/pr as the go along.


shanghaistephen said..., be nice to 'morons' commenting on this blog ok. I respect everyone's right for an opinion. And this list here is a suggestive start for Anwar to comply and of course the rakyat will watch.

Anonymous said...

your reply to anon 4.47 doesn't makes sense. The important thing is PKLN does integrate togetherness among the participants. It's a step towards teachng them how to live in a multi racial environment. Who cares what goes on behind the scenes. If it is doing something good, then let it continue to go on. All the so called corruption can be eradicated with string leadership. You are just having political agenda. Maybe even vengeful. Being vengeful on a certain race is racist too. No? Take a deep breath bro. You mean to say, when the Umno leaders behind the PLKN are practising corruption, our children in it also become corrupt? Be more objective la bro.

And, if you are sincere in having bangsa malaysia, suggest closing down vernacular schools and absorb all the children of Malaysia into the National Schools.

Let them speak in one language so that everyone can really mix with each other since young.

-Racist Stephanov-

Anonymous said...

and to call your commentators as morons when they disagree with you? Maybe all Pakatan Rakyat followers are morons for not agreeing with the govt policy.

the point is, respect other ppl's opinion without getting rude. If not, then ppl will be afraid to express themselves. Everyone will become a yes man. And then, it would be no different from Pak Lah's regime.

-Racist Stephanov-

shanghaistephen said...

to reply racist stephenov, I must confess I do not call all commenters morons.I know most me them personally It was merely to reply to ana's comment on pasquale's comment. And commenter 4.47 is echoing the BN's justification of racial intergration which I (and that is my opinion and mine alone NOT Bangsa Malaysia's ! ) totally oppose with the high number of unnecessary NS deaths. Thank you for your frank comment as I still respect each and everyone's opinion BUT you must reserve my right to rebut my commenters opinion for the sake of an open end argument. Cheers !

Anonymous said...

haha ok stephen.. no worries. No hard feelings ok.

sexy stephanov

Kell^ said...

Hi Stephen,
I would agree with half of the list, but the other half, it would be hard to take seriously... I mean beach volleyball???
Anyway I blogged about the night I met you guys, you can read it at

orange said...

tolong tambah lagi?
- all government departments to run like proper and sane corporations (merit based, with performance assesment, disciplinary boards (sack the lazy or crazy ones) - mana boleh kasi standard bonus without yearly performance review??)
- all public works to be objective driven and managed intelligently (no more one lorry load of people to change a few blown street lights).
- either the dunking chair or community service for political bigots.
- jail time for animal abusers

John Weinthal said...



On Friday September 5, 2008:
Ramadan promo non—Muslim lunch RM40

Meal for two – sensational buffet
Service – faultless
Outlook – simply the best

The bill! 2 meals @RM40 plus ordered one Martini in long glass with ginger ale, one orange juice, two glasses of water – RM193!!!

Explanation: Double Martini (NOT ordered), 2 orange juice (one ordered and delivered), water ONE BOTTLE imported from Italy a staggering RM28 – we ordered two GLASSES plain water.

After monumentally embarrassing to overseas guest arguments with a) poor waiter and b) reluctant management tool Bill finally amended to RM134 – a superb event spoilt; a KL visit highlight destroyed


Cabs - both Limo and 'Budget' extortionate from KL Menara

Remedy - take courtesy bus to bottom of hill and hail a meter cab on street: save RM+++++

kulitpisang said...

Pas seronok, DAP bahagia bila Anwar menang. Kenapa?

Oleh Fuad Rahim

KEMENANGAN Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dengan majoriti 15,524 mengalahkan calon BN, Datuk Ariff Shah Omar Shah dalam pilihan raya kecil 26 Ogos 2008 yang lalu, menyebabkan Pas dan DAP melonjak gembira.

Kedua-dua parti pembangkang ini, Pas dan DAP gembira kerana mereka sudah ‘nampak’ bahawa mereka akan menjadi ‘kerajaan’ dengan Anwar sebagai Perdana Menteri (PM) dan mereka akan menjadi Menteri-Menteri Kabinet, dan mungkin Timbalan Perdana Menteri.

Maklumlah, apabila mereka berjaya menjadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri, kalau berlaku apa-apa kepada Anwar, merekalah yang akan menjadi Perdana Menteri. Jangan terkejut jika Lim Kit Siang atau Karpal Singh akan menjadi Perdana Menteri, kerana Anwar sarat dengan masalah jenayah di tubuhnya – sedang dalam pendakwaan di mahkamah.

Akhbar milik Pas, termasuk laman-laman web mereka, mendodoikan cerita kehebatan Anwar dan sokongan yang diterima Anwar, kononnya kerana ‘kerjasama dan kerja kuat’ yang Pas dan DAP lakukan terhadap kempen-kempen yang dijalankan sepanjang tempoh itu.

Ketua Penrangan Pas, Mahfudz Omar bukan main lantang bercakap, menulis dan berceramah, seolah-olah dialah ‘manusia di sebalik’ kejayaan Anwar. Dia buat-buat lupa, kemenangan besar Anwar mengalahkan BN itu tidak sebesar majoriti Anwar ketika mewakili BN dalam tahun 1990, mengalahkan Mahfudz sendiri yang mewakili Pas, dengan majoriti 16,150.

Di Parlimen, Mahfudz kononnya menyindir BN terpaksa menerima kekalahan walaupun cuba berselindung ‘di sebalik punggung Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan’ yang akhirnya kenyataan Mhfudz itu mendapat tentangan anggota-anggota BN.

Ada beberapa pihak mendakwa, Mohafudz tidak mempunyai ‘pelajaran tinggi’ setinggi suaranya ketika menjerit berceramah. Jika dia berada di dalam Umno, banyak pihak mendakwa, Mahfudz mungkin boleh bekerja di pejabat Umno tetapi untuk bertanding di dalam pilihan raya, dikhuatiri dia akan kalah teruk, seperti rekodnya terdahulu, ketika menentang Anwar.

Hari ini, ketika Anwar menang hanya dengan majoriti tidak sebesar majoriti Anwar mengalahkan Mahfudz, kalau boleh Mahfudz mahu memadamkan sejarah ‘hitam ketika Anwar’ mengalahkannya, dengan memperbesar-besarkan kekalahan Arif Shah di tangan Anwar supaya kekalahannya dilupakan. Harakah, menjadi alat Mahfudz itu dan sekaligus memainkan cerita kononnya BN tidak ada tempat di hati pengundi di Permatang Pauh.

Apabila Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi membentangkan bajet 2009, pembangkang kelihatan terkial-kial untuk menyerang kerajaan BN yang memberikan RM47.7 billion diperuntukan untuk untuk pendidikan dan latihan.

Jika Pakatan Rakyat di bawah pimpinan Anwar Ibrahim-Karpal Singh- Hadi Awang menuding jari kea rah kerajaan BN kerana tidak mementingkan pendidikan untuk anak bangsa, bagaimana mereka mahu menjelaskan peruntukan RM31 bilion yang diberikan kepada Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia untuk 5.8 juta pelajar tanpa mengira kaum?

Bagi meningkatkan kualiti pembelajaran di peringkat pengajian tinggi, peruntukan RM14.1 bilion di sediakan untuk Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi, yang tentunya boleh menampung anak-anak orang Pas, PKR dan DAP untuk belajar!

Naib Presiden Pas, Mohamad Sabu tentunya tidak akan melupakan dia pernah dikalahkan Anwar Ibrahim (ketika mewakili BN) dalam tahun 1986 di kawasan Parlimen Permatang Pauh dengan majoriti 10,479 undi walaupun hari ini, selain Mahfudz, Mohamad Sabu juga dilihat melonjak-lonjak gembira dengan kemenangan Anwar yang kononnya akan menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia dalam waktu terdekat.

Ketika Mohamad Sabu juga sukar mempercayai Anwar akan menjadi PM dalam waktu terdekat, dia terpaksa dengan berat hati mengajak rakyat supaya ‘percaya’ bahawa Anwar akan menjadi PM. Seperti kata Datuk Ibrahim Ali (MP Pasir Mas) bahawa dia tidak yakin Anwar akan jadi PM dalam tempoh terdekat, Mohamad Sabu dan Mahfudz Omar beria-ia sangat nampaknya menyokong hasrat Anwar untuk menubuhkan kerajaan persekutuan.

Lim Kit Siang yang semakin akur dengan Anwar, kerana anaknya Guan Eng kini adalah Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang dan menantunya, Betty Chew merupakan Ketua Pembangkang di Dewan Undangan Negeri Melaka, terpaksa menutup mulut dari bercakap soal Malaysian Malaysia kerana Presiden Pas, Datu Seri Abdul Hadi Awang masih menekankan bahawa ‘Islam mesti menguasai kerajaan’ jika Pakatan Rakyat memerintah.

Setakat ini, tidak dapat dipastikan, apakah Kit Siang dan Karpal Singh akan tunduk kepada Hadi atau Hadi yang akan tunduk kepada Karpal-Kit Siang, kerana ‘jambatan’ perhubungan kedua-dua parti ini (DAP-Pas) tergantung kepada Anwar dan Azmin Ali.

Ketika Datuk Seri Dr. Wan Azizah mengosongkan kerusi Ketua Pembangkang, yang ‘dinaikkan pangkat’ ialah Azmin. Ketika Anwar was-was sama ada kertas percalonannya di terima atau tidak oleh RO dalam pilihan raya kecil Permatang Pauh, 16 September 2008 yang lalu, bekas Setiausaha Politiknya, Dr. Mansor Osman diletakkan sebagai calon Bebas walaupun akhirnya menarik diri, setelah pasti, Anwar layak.

PKR, parti kroni Anwar, di kelilingi anak, isteri, bekas-bekas Setiausahanya (termasuk Azmin) yang pernah menjadi Setiausaha Sulit Kanan Anwar. Jika Azmin hilang kelayakkan, dipercayai, isteri Azmin Shamsidar Taharin akan diangkat menggantikan tempatnya, kerana isteri Azmin juga antara ‘nama-nama yang popular’ ketika Anwar menghadapi masalah dalam tahun 1998 dahulu.