Saturday, August 09, 2008

Protest...protest...protest !

Well.... another protest was held today in front of the Bar Council building here in Kuala Lumpur at 9 am. where a "Conversion to Islam" forum organised by the Malaysian Bar Council was disrupted and cut short at 10 am. by the timely intervention of the police fearing rising religious tension by the angry mob on the verge of storming the building ( here )

Midway through the forum, Bar Council president Datuk S Ambiga took to the stage and told those present that the police had advised them to wrap up the forum by 10am.

Yes the protesters have a valid right to "agree to disagree" and gather outside and protest but would it not have been of the Bar Council's better judgement to have had invited the leaders or representatives of those in disagreement to sit-in and engage in a healthy discussion rather then stopping a forum. Why do the people in power always warn of stirring race/religious tensions even before anyone is allowed to form his or her own opinion ?

Similarly any other protest by anyone else would have had the wrath of our ferocious and brute police force up in arms with water-cannons coupled with numerous road-blocks and deemed illegal for not having a permit. But when it comes to religion we, I mean all Malaysians, irrespective of religion, have this nagging feeling of suspiciously "eye-balling" each another. Why ? Should we not be strengthened by our knowledge in our respective religion to be steadfast in our beliefs ?

What irks me is, when are we ever going to discuss anything in a matured fashion about any subject without having to fear a protest ? Are we Malaysians so shallow, as to be so insecured of our faith wavering ? No I'm sure not ! Whatever their reason is, I truly and fully support the groups' right to protest peacefully even if I don't agree to the cause. We have to be matured about everything and to embrace and engage in discussion with each other on every issue and not just of selected issues only.

For God's sake, this is the 21st. gregorian century !
Hidup bangsa Malaysia !


Kelong Jimmy said...

I asked a wise old man what advise he'd give a foreigner wishing to live in Malaysia.
" 1.First you have to question everything;
2. Then never agree with any answers given to you;
3. Never trust anybody but yourself;
4. Always believe that everything is a lie until proven to be true;
5. Always believe that everybody is a racist just pretending not to be;
6. Never trust the police as they're just like private hospitals;
7. Never trust the private hospitals as they're just like the police;
8. Ready yourself for battle on the protest grounds. Learn what you can about it, try to be creative. Malaysia wants to overtake the Philippines in terms of number of public protests per year. Right now, we're 311 behind if you count only the protests held in Manila in a year.
9. Don't believe what the newspapers and other mainstream media tell you.
10. Don't believe what the bloggers tell you.
On top of all that, if you're a bit sagging at the waistline or are battling the bulge, Malaysia is the ideal place for you as you can join hundreds of thousands of people (although nobody seems to be agree on the exact numbers) in the various walks to and from the King's palace."

I love Malaysia. Don't you just love Malaysia!!!

John Weinthal said...

I ask again, has Bernama not one trained journalist? Cop this Olympic story
- everything revealed, except no mention at all of what bloody sport is involved.
NEVER assume your reader's pre-knowledge on specialist subjects!!!!

Anonymous said...

mr. fish
I oso bluurrr lah.What sports ah ?

By Tham Choy Lin

BEIJING, Aug 10 (Bernama) -- National top doubles pair Chin Ee Hui and Wong Pei Tty were shown the exit by South Korean fourth seeds Lee Hyojung and Lee Kyungwon in the pre-quarterfinals round of the Olympics today.

Despite putting up a brave fight, the Malaysians were beaten 21-14, 21-19 at the Beijing University of Technology gymnasium, the battling ground for the sport's five gold medals.

Ee Hui and Pei Tty have never won over the Korean pair which had whipped them in straight games in their last previous meeting before the Olympics, at the Korean Open quarterfinals.

In the second game, the Malaysians tied at 10-10 and closed the gap from 13-18 to 18-18 before they succumbed.

The Olympics doubles competition are confined to 16 pairs only. Ee Hui and Pei Tty were the sole Malaysian challenge.

Tonight, Wong Mew Choo takes to court against unknown Kerry Lee Harrington of South Africa in the women's singles second round after both having gained first round byes. It should be no more than a warm-up match for the eight-seeded Malaysian.

Mew Choo is the dark horse in the contest, with China's trio -- world number one Xie Xingfang, defending gold medallist Zhang Ning and world number two Lu Lan.

The Malaysian had proven that she can tilt the scales, having upset Xie for the China open last year and a 2-3 record against Lu Lan. All three contenders are in the upper-half of the draw.

Zhang Ning, who is the number two seed, struggled in opening her title defence, losing the first game before coming back to beat Salakjit Ponsana of Thailand 21-23, 21-17, 21-7 in the second round.

"Everytime I play Ponsana is hard. I didn't get my strategy right and was very cautious in the first two games," said the 33-year-old Chinese whose next opponent is Jun Jaeyoun of South Korea tomorrow for a quarterfinal ticket.


i not sportwoman so help me pleeze.can you .


Anonymous said...

Mat Salo said...

Bro' fish...

Long time no see. Am a bit depressed at the turn of developments recently with the big R-word rearing its ugly head again. I'm ashamed, Sir, that I've finally begun to discover that many of my own kind are R's in whatever clothing. Sadly, some of them even run in our hallowed circles under various guises. I'm appalled, frankly, to have rubbed shoulders with them. The dream of a truly Bangsa Malayia might be long in coming...

You take care, bro'.

-an R too (roughneck).

bennyloh said...


J. D. Lovrenciear said...

The signs seem to appear all too often on the wall: Malaysia is sliding backwards -- unless if a reformation takes place urgently.

At the rate this country is being governed (or rather 'controlled'), it is no surprise if Malaysia sinks permamnently into the wedge of fanatism.

We are all only taking a symtomatic approach. The problems are far more deeply rooted. There is an 'unseen' hand from certain quarters at work in all likelihood.

shanghaistephen said...

absolutely 'ditto' to your 3 para !!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen,
Tell me you have not seen this before ok.

From : Yellow Rose of Texas

nstman said...

Shanghai, close your stupid blog. It is only read by about 10 people daily.

shanghaistephen said...

maybe you're ignorant to the "sitemeter" or the "live traffic feed" on my side-bar (try clicking on it sometime,please.) Come now, you don't say an average of 350- 600 people world-wide( including you !!) are stupid to get into my blog daily now, would you ?? Though I apologise if I'm not posting everyday, cos I am a working man, bro and I need the money !
Chill man, and cheers !

John Weinthal said...

Silly prat NSTMAN. If 10 a day that is still more than the number who treat your rag as more than comic and future fish 'n chip wrapper.

EdiÁ•ě said...


tak bertamadun

shanghaistephen said...

more advice to nstman, you are probably used to visiting the "heavy-weight" blogs daily, but I sure am not forcing you to read my blog. A choice is granted here and that is your choice. Just as in an "ideal" life- you choose to visit whose blog you want to surf. So, there's freedom of choice here and I or any blogger have no control over those site meters. Comprendo ?

the witch's broo said...

hey mr fish,

perhaps a dose of my very powerful potion -- LOVE potion -- will do everyone some good.


peace, brother!

Anonymous said...

blur blur ladyRP wondering....

what is the difference bet the protesters of 09.08.2008 and the protesters of 25.11.2007

xonar said...

am one of the 350-600 visitors to ur blog.
keep writing and have a good day.

Soft-Pee said...

nstman is a piece of shit with no balls. Always talking cock all over the place, hiding behind the bloody nstman thing. If he dares, he should just allow us to identify who he is...

Knights Templar said...

Shanghai, Pls dont waste your time by replying to nstman's comments Bro.He's probably just like the Crap paper he works for.Its your fucking Blog you can bloody well do what you please man!
Cheers Ol Chap.

night temple said...

Take it easy,

We live in Malaysia-, even in heaven, resources all limited.

Next time, choose another topic;
for this matter.

Embrace Islam- involves billion people, like Muhammad cartoon.
For justice & good business & no cut head- choose nice topic.