Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is Mukriz the "light" at the end of the tunnel ?

"Malaysians should not be required to state their race in most official forms and documents....", said Umno Youth executive committee member Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir. (read the rest here )
Now this is what I have always waited to hear and I want to hear it echoed by the head honcho- the PM ! Now this is what I know will be an encouraging proposal if put to reality immediately ! And this is absolutely in-line with the now conveniently forgotten/ignored "Peoples' Declaration" bloggers demanded of political wannabes who gathered in consensus at a signing ceremony ( here ) at the then Bloghouse (now known as Rumah Anak Bangsa Malaysia) pre-March 8th 2008 !

Good for you Datuk Mukriz ! Make this a priority in your assent and shame the rest who have betrayed our trust in making this multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-coloured skined nation and mould it into one beautiful "Anak Bangsa Malaysia" ! Can you champion this to a reality, Mukriz ?

You have my attention !


Anonymous said...

Right on Mukriz. This is one of your few views I agree with. Make it happen. It will be an important milestone in race relation in Malaysia. Continue to think like a national leader for Malaysia and not just a leader for UMNO. These are the type of brave leaders that our country need to progress and compete with the world.

Anonymous said...

oh! please ,that'a con man ,playing the game of deceit.hooked?

shar101 said...


Can you independently verify this report to see if Haris wasn't twisting his arm when he declared this?

ahoo said...

Talk is cheap brother ! When one is born with silver spoon and given unfair advantage in businesses and contracts, obviously they talked differently now. But beware of politician who speak with fork tongue at different venue for different reason. We have heard enough of such rhetorics.

Don't just talk BUT just do it ! Leave both race and religion at home and let us view new Malaysia as one who cares for the people and address us first as Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

Fell for it didn't u?

Isn't he one of the proponents of the ISA which his father so thoroughly abused.
Didn't he also say that May 13 was a blessing in disguise?

Pinch of salt, please.

shanghaistephen said...

anon 3pm,
I won't be the one to "cast the first stone" at one for one's father's sins can I ?
But thanks for the "salt" as was written "tongue in cheek" .

nstman said...

Mukriz doesnt know what he is talking about. Let him have his fun.